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Women Seeking Women 117 ____________________________________
Women Seeking Women 117
I.D. dvd_8117, Adult
2015, 175 min.
Girlfriends Films

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5-Star Film! [Toy-Free]

Elexis Monroe & Hana Black, Julia Ann & Tweety Valentine, Shyla Jennings & Natalie Nice, Cherie DeVille & Syren De Mer.

Restless Hearts Searching For That One Perfect Woman

6 Time AVN Award Winner, Best All-Girl Series

Beautiful Woman-Woman Sex Which Is Sure To Excite You!

DVD Features
chapter index, trailers [g/g & hetero].

Girlfriends Films are a curious film company for they produce some films that leave you wondering while others are just simply superb. Their practice of pulling scenes from the vault, and banging them together to make a movie, as in Imperfect Angels 12, Budapest 11 and Lesbian Legal 9 causes this puzzlement. Quite frankly some of these scenes should never have seen the light of day.

Women Seeking Women 117 is a movie that is made up of scenes from the vault but as is the way with Girlfriends Films comes out a quality that no other studio can match. This put simply is a truly superb edition of this excellent series. Scene one has the great Elexis Monroe meeting Hana Black a girl she meet on Net skirts the internet Data site. In this Elexis mentions she has just returned from Budapest and would like to visit Prague where Hanna comes from. I had not seen Elexis for some months and I had forgotten how good she is. In this she is at her very best as is Hanna and this is a good scene. It seems that Girlfriends Films despite their argument with Elexis still need her as she regularly appears in their new releases in a scene from the vault. A real shame that they did not put one of these in Women Seeking Women 100 for me Elexis is Girlfriends Films the performer that put this company on the map.

Scene two has Julia Ann and Tweety Valentine with Tweety being the young housekeeper for high powered lesbian couple Julia and Veronica Avluv. Normally I do not like Julia but in this is she very good as is the young Tweety. Obviously from some other series this scene however fits nicely into this film.

Scene three is a fun scene between Cherie Deville and Syren de Mer and must have been shot for Girls in White as Cherie is telling Syren about taking a debutante home from the ball. Once into the sex it is great fun and this is a most enjoyable scene.

The final scene however is the best, a truly superb piece in which I think Shyla Jennings gives her very best performance. Shyla and Natalie Nice are best friends and are suffering the pangs of exam stress. Also Shyla is having an anguish over her sexuality and what she should do about it. In expressing this Shyla is superb as is Natalie Nice who as her best friend having had one experience with a girl seduces her. These two are just really great and it is hard to express my admiration for this superb scene. A truly superb piece of work and Shyla you were just fantastic.

I have watched I think most of the Women Seeking Women series over the years and for me this is one of the very best. In their most recent efforts there have been good scenes but also ones that are duds.

This is all class with no dud scenes so well done Girlfriends Films.

Anon in Bama
I was NOT particularly impressed with this one. The set-ups were incredibly weak in all four scenes, and those weak set-ups were able to drag down the whole thing, at least I certainly thought so!

1) Elexis Monroe & Hana Black - These two women have been online friends for a long time, but are meeting in person now for the first time ever. Hana is a dancer from the Czech Republic. Elexis talks about her visit to Hungary, and about how she would like to return someday. Hana suggests that Elexis get a job dancing to make money to fund her future travels. At one point, Elexis pulls her pants partway down so that Hana can check-out her body, but then she pulls them back up. They continue talking about dancing for a LONG time. Eventually they begin dancing together, then kissing, and that leads to all-out lezzie-sex, with Hana going down on Elexis along with some tribbing, and afterwards they shower together. Not a great scene, but the BEST one on this DVD, at least in MY opinion!

set-up: C-, casting: B, sex: C+

2) Julia Ann & Tweety Valentine - This scene is a perfect example of the long & convoluted writing style of Girlfriends Films that goes nowhere and accomplishes nothing. Julia Ann & Veronica are an established lesbian couple, looking to hire a housekeeper. They end-up hiring BOTH Tweety & Jessica for a one-week trial period. The next day we see Tweety cleaning-up in the kitchen, with Veronica then passionately kissing Julia good-bye before she departs for work in the city. Next, we watch as Tweety brings Julia a cup of coffee before then flirting some with the older woman. At one point, Tweety even begins giving Julia a sensual lap-dance! So far, so good! But then they break it off for some unexpected reason. The next day, these two meet again in the kitchen. Tweety says that her friend Jessica is jealous of her interest in Julia, with Julia then announcing that Veronica confessed to having had sex with Jessica! And, of course, in the world of really crappy scriptwriting, such a revelation means that these two can now have sex with one another, which they do! But first, for some unexplained reason, they need to set-up for a sexy photo-shoot! It was completely stupid! And, of course, as is always the case, Julia Ann is TERRIBLE in the role of a more dominant older woman. WHY do they keep casting her as such?

set-up: F, casting: B, sex: C-

3) Cherie DeVille & Syren De Mer - These two are sitting together on a couch. Cherie apologizes to Syren for her behavior at the last ''Girls in White'' pageant, when she behaved rudely and also went home with one of the pretty-young-debutants, a violation of the rules of that lesbian-based-social-club. She then reveals that she ended-up having sex with the woman sent to investigate her illegal behavior. Is THAT supposed to be erotic? No matter, Cherie is now going to have lezzie-sex with Syren to smooth things over. I found the whole thing to be exceptionally mechanical & formulaic.

set-up: F, casting: B, sex: C-

4) Natalie Nice & Shyla Jennings - These are the two pretty-young-DVD-covergirls. Natalie & Shyla are shown studying together for their upcoming exams. Shyla talks some about her cat. She asks Natalie what are her plans for Saturday night, and Natalie says that she has to babysit, but maybe they can get together on Sunday? Jump ahead to Sunday. Shyla appears nervous and does not feel like talking. Natalie then learns that Shyla and another girl apparently had sex on Saturday night, and now her friend is troubled by it. But, of course, in the world of really horrendous scriptwriting, such misgivings can always be cured by her having lezzzie-sex right now with Natalie, which is what happens. They head for the bedroom and engage in I-do-you-then-you-do-me sex.

set-up: F, casting: A, sex: C

What is so hard about scripting erotic intros? I really cannot understand how a company can be so consistently BAD at it as is this company! My grade for this one: C-

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