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Women Seeking Women 119 ____________________________________
Women Seeking Women 119
I.D. dvd_8119, Adult
2015, TBA
Girlfriends Films

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India Summer & Krissy Lynn, Elle Alexandra & Lily Carter, Amber Chase & Elle Alexandra, Mindi Mink & Anikka Albrite.

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Restless Hearts Searching For That One Perfect Woman

6 Time AVN Award Winner, Best All-Girl Series

Beautiful Woman-Woman Sex Which Is Sure To Excite You!

Over 2 Hours

DVD Features

While this is not as good as no 118 of this series something that would be extremely difficult it is still never the less very good. Crowning this volume must one of the greatest girl girl scenes ever filmed the Anikka Albrite Mindi Mink scene.

Scene one has Elle Alexandra collecting for the local lesbian centre and visiting an old married friend Amber Chase. Yup hubby is not performing in bed and so Amber is unhappy. Well Elle shows her real lovemaking is like between girls and Amber has it in mind to send Hubby on his way.

Scene two has Elle Alexandra and Lily Carter doing study together when yes sex rears its wonderful head and the books are put aside for some really great girl girl sex. Scene three has the always superb India Summer talking to innocent cheer leader Krissy Lynn about why she does not have a love life. Big boobed superbly hyped Krissy is like meat and drink to India who soon has her moaning and groaning with pleasure and thanking India for seducing her. India you are a marvel.

Scene Four is the scene. Anikka Albrite is a young married woman who married young and is now repenting her haste as she thinks she likes girls As she tells best friend Mindi Mink her first tentative steps at finding a girlfriend have led to nothing. What to do?

Mindi has been her best friend for years and is in love with Anikka but does know how to say the words. Bit by bit these two blunder into love and lovemaking. This is just so well done with both giving the performance of their lives. Anikka might have started in boy/girl but she has turned herself into one of the best girl girl performers there has ever been. Mindi keeps on amazing me as on initial sight I did not like her. In this she is just magnificent.

A must have movie for this must have scene.

Anon in Bama
One area where I believe that the folks at Girlfriends Films began their precipitous decline in quality was in attempting to write increasingly intricate plots that went NOWHERE as far as overall eroticism was concerned. And then they''d follow-up these lame intros with bland sex scenes.

1) Amber Chase & Elle Alexander - This one opens with beautiful Elle, looking HOT in short-shorts, showing-up where Amber lives. Once she is invited in, she confides to Amber that she is now a lesbian, and is asking for clothing donations to benefit the upcoming "Girls in White" pageant. Amber is understandably intrigued, because (as we all know) in the world of really crappy scriptwriting, when one woman announces to another woman that she is a lesbian, both women must now have sex with one another. They talk for seven-minutes before then engaging in mechanical, formulaic sex.

set-up: F, casting: B+, sex: C+

2) Elle Alexander & Lily Carter - The scene opens with Prinzzess and a girlfriend shown hiking outdoors, after which they get together with Elle & Lily to discuss school. Lily reveals that she cannot concentrate in the classroom because she cannot keep her eyes off of the enormous breasts of their female professor. Then Prinzzess and her friend depart, leaving Elle alone with Lily, and (as we all know) in the world of really crappy scriptwriting, once one girl has revealed that she has lesbian desires other girls will immediately have sex with her! Frenzied I-do-you-then-you-do-me lesbianism follows immediately!

set-up: F, casting: B+, sex: C+

3) India Summer & Krissy Lynn - Two pretty stewardesses are shown talking together in their hotel room. I have seen this particular part of this intro before on another GFF DVD. The two girls want to eat sushi for dinner, and one of them asks if we should invite India. The other says no, she saw India going into her room earlier with a pretty cheerleader. Next, we see India with the cheerleader (Krissy). India has NEVER been particularly good as a seductive older woman, and that will not change here. She actually asks the girl if any of her cheerleader-friends are lesbians? About the hottest thing about this scene is when Krissy reveals that a female teacher once promised her a better grade if she would begin wearing shorter skirts to her class! The lezzie-encounter that follows between Krissy and India is bland and un-erotic.

set-up: D, casting: C, sex: C

4) Mindi Mink & Anikka Albrite - These are the two DVD cover-girls. They are planning a birthday party for the brother of Mindi, who is married to Anikka. Anikka reveals that she and Trey (her husband) will soon be separating because she (Anikka) has discovered that she is attracted to girls. And (as well all know) in the world of really crappy scriptwriting, such a discovery means that Mindi must now have lesbian sex with her! Their scene is predictably dull and lifeless. I mean, how is it even POSSIBLE to mess-up an encounter with these two hotties? But somehow the writers & directors at GFF always seem to find a way!

set-up: F, casting: A, sex: C

Girlfriends Films is a company that hires beautiful women, untalented & incompetent directors, and some of the WORST writers ever to work in the adult entertainment industry! My grade for this one: C

Humble Opinion
This edition of Women Seeking Women had four excellent scenes, each with a slightly different flavor or atmosphere to it.

My favorite scene would be the one with the pair featured on the cover Mindi Mink and Anikka Albrite.

Anikka is married to Mindi's younger brother, and the two are terrific friends. Anikka confides in Mindi that she is dissatisfied in the marriage, and wants to seek out another life for herself, possibly including exploring relationships with women. Mindi is visibly distraught at this news, even though Anikka assures Mindi that they will still remain close friends.

Mindi confesses that since her husband died a couple of years ago, she has been quietly exploring her own lesbian tendencies. Worried about losing touch with Anikka as well as seeing her brother devastated, Mindi desperately suggests that she provide Anikka with the female sexual companionship that Anikka is seeking.

So unfolds a beautifully tender and passionate love scene between two voluptuous women. A good example of the passion between these two women occurs early on. With both Mindi and Anikka naked except for their pantyhose, Mindi, laying on her back, beckons and urges Anikka to lay her body on top of her. Anikka buries her face into Mindi's neck and shoulders, while hugging Mindi tight. Gradually, Anikka begins pushing herself into Mindi, and Mindi grips Anikka harder as she starts to whimper. Mindi soon cries out a shaking orgasm, and holds Anikka tight to her not letting her rise up. Mindi desperately whispers that she wants Anikka to feel what she just felt, and pushes her hand into Anikka's butt cheeks. Anikka soon begins to grind herself into Mindi and starts whimpering herself. Mindi gasps, "I can feel your wetness!", and Anikka kisses Mindi frantically as she cums.

The India Summer/Krissy Lynn scene has the feel of forbidden lust. Krissy is a cheer leader, who India, a flight attendant. has "picked up" in the hotel lobby and brought up to her hotel. India is seductive and sly, while Krissy is wide-eyed and excited she knows what India wants and is flattered, but a little scared at the same time. Krissy is wonderful with dialog that starts out nervous, but gradually becomes awed, as India begins to give her experiences that none of Krissy boyfriends were ever able to bring to her. India at one point murmurs that she will stop anytime that Krissy wants, but the swooning Krissy doesn't want India to ever stop!

Elle Alexandra is in two scenes playing different characters. In her scene with Amber Chase, Elle is a recently avowed young lesbian who has come to housewife Amber's kitchen to get clothing donations for an upcoming "Coming out" party called the Girls in White Ball.

Amber is withdrawn and stiff as the exuberant Elle delightedly talks about her new life as an upfront lesbian. Elle can tell that Amber is both tired and dissatisfied with her longtime husband, and that she is visibly curious about lesbian sex. But Elle can also sense that Amber would never do anything about her "curiosity". When Amber takes Elle to the bedroom to gather up some items for the clothing drive, Elle makes her "move" and kisses Amber impulsively and passionately. Amber kisses Elle blissfully but then pulls away, ashamed and afraid. Elle simply ignores Amber's hesitancy, and soon the older Amber is moaning, naked, on the bed as the younger girl eats her out for the first time.

In Elle Alexandra's second scene, she is sitting against the headboard of her bed, while her girlfriends are sitting and talking on the bed. Lily Carter is breathlessly repeating and reliving a dream she had the night before, that had to do with a beautiful female teacher that they all have. Adriana Chechik is "creeped out" as Lily whispers the sights and feelings of the dream. Prinzzess is less disturbed than Adriana, but when Adriana abruptly announces that she has studying to do, Prinzzess leaves with Adriana.

With just the two of them now on the bed, Elle leans forward and tells Lily to continue. Lily's eyes sparkle at this invitation, and she pushes herself closer to Elle on the bed, and begins whispering her own imaginings of what it would be like if this female teacher started to "come-on" to her. Elle lifts herself from the bed, and crawls, kneeling, to Lily. Excitedly, Lily, who is now kneeling on the bed as well, whispers, "Do you dream about her too?" Elle shakes her head, as she leans in closer, murmuring, "No, but I dream about you!" The unbridled sex that these two young beauties then have is amazing to watch.

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