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Lesbian PsychoDramas 17 ____________________________________
Lesbian PsychoDramas 17
I.D. dvd_8127, Adult
2015, 166 min.
Girlfriends Films

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India Summer & Shyla Jennings, Kate Kastle & India Summer, Prinzzess & India Summer, Prinzzess & Jenna Sativa.

Drama To The Highest Degree

Tainted Passion Turns To Obsessed Lust!

DVD Features
chapter index, trailers [g/g & hetero].

If you are an India Summer fan this is for you. In this, she is in three of the four scenes and is superb in each.

The plot of this film concerns India who is a school teacher visiting Prinzzess at home as her marks are really bad. Prinzzess does not want to study but instead tries to bribe India to change her score from an F to an A Her first offer is sex with her mother, then sex with her best friend Shyla Jennings with a massage thrown in for free.

“Do you realise that 95% of massages end in sex” replies a shocked India

Well there is no massage but Prinzzess and India are soon upstairs having extremely good sex but it seems no regrade of marks.

Scene two has Shyla Jennings coming to India’s house with a bad back, the effects of a car crash and the shock of being cast aside by her lesbian teacher lover. India proceeds to give Shyla a nice hot bath then it is off to the bedroom for some more lesbian sex which seemingly cures all her ailments. Unfortunately Prinzzess gets no regrade of marks.

Getting desperate in scene three Prinzzess enlists young Jenna Sativa to have sex with India. Jenna is willing but it seems knows nothing about lesbian sex. Really. Anyhow Prinzzess volunteers to show her about lesbian sex and another very nice scene occurs. Unfortunately Jenna’s training counts for nothing as in scene four India finds on answering the door Prinzzess’s mum Kate Kastle willing to “do whatever it takes” to have the marks changed.

If you are an India Summer fan you will know when someone makes such a statement to India it means only one thing “SEX”. Yup up to the bedroom goes Mum and India, Mum unwilling and India malicious. Anyhow once they start having sex Mum changes her mind and enjoys it simply because hubby has not had his dick up in years.

As the fade out occurs on another classic India Summer scene we are still left wondering if mum’s sacrifice was in vain as there is no mention of a mark regrade for Prinzzess.

I loved this with the superb double edged dialogue delivered so expertly by India and the four really good sex scenes.

India Summer is a marvel and this movie must be one of her best as it is India Summer too at her best.

Anon in Bama
I wholeheartedly agree with Peter (see above review) that India Summer is indeed a beautiful older woman. I''m just not sure that she is the right actress to cast as a PREDATORY-DOMINANT lesbian who desires pretty-young-girls with whom to play! I seriously believe that Cindy Craves in this same role would have completely blown the doors off of it!

This one opens with a promising start, as incredibly-hot-younger-girl-Prinzzess arrives at the door of India, asking if there is anything she can possibly do to earn a better grade in the class apparently being taught by India, which Prinzzess is apparently failing. A younger girl begging her teacher for a passing-grade is ALWAYS HOT, right? Well, not-so-much when Girlfriends Films writes it...

1) India Summer & Prinzzess - Instead of offering India her own gorgeous body, Prinzzess says she will give her MOTHER to India instead! They she adds: "How about Shyla?" WTF? Prinzzess then says that she would like to have lesbian sex with her friend Jenna. HOW IS THIS EROTIC? Of course, despite this incredibly lame dialogue, these two eventually retreat into the bedroom and begin going at it, with younger girl Prinzzess soon taking charge. At one point she even spanks the lovely ass of the older woman, but I still thought it was ASS-BACKWARDS more than anything else! India SHOULD have had the dominant role, but that did NOT happen!

set-up: C, casting: B+, sex: C+

2) India Summer & Shyla Jennings - These are the two DVD cover-girls. Shyla shows up at the house of India. Apparently, the girl was caught having sex with a lesbian celebrity, and now she is hiding from the paparazzi. India will comfort the distraught girl with lesbian sex, first offering her a bath. Once again, India is TERRIBLE at playing a predatory-dominant lesbian, as the bath she gives to Shyla is hugely platonic! (Cindy would have knocked this one out of the park!) After the bath is over they get into bed together, and I DID enjoy the attention that India eventually gives to the body of the younger woman, including some NICE ass-kissing!

set-up: D, casting: A-, sex: B

3) Prinzzess & Jenna Sativa - Prinzzess explains to her friend Jenna that teacher India has promised to give them both good grades, but ONLY if they have lesbian sex with one another. Jenna is understandably skeptical, asking: "Why don''t we just SAY we did?" But Prinzzess insists they go through with it, saying that India probably wants to ''fantasize'' about them being together. And so that is what happens, as Jenna reluctantly goes along with it. Prinzzess is in charge, and she does a pretty good job in the more dominant role, as well, at one point kissing the lovely butt of the other girl and possessively grinding her from behind!

set-up: C-, casting: A, sex: B

4) India Summer & Kate Kastle - Prinzzess has sent her mother (Kate Kastle) to India, but the woman arrives not realizing the bargain that her daughter has made, selling her body for a better grade! This is the ONE SCENE on this DVD where India is actually pretty good in the more predatory/dominant role! In exchange for passing Prinzzess in her class, India orders Kate to slowly strip for her! It was NICE! Once the pretty blonde woman is completely nude, India then orders her upstairs to her bedroom where she then slowly ravishes her! I LOVED IT! I also loved the way that India remained in charge the entire time, and I especially enjoyed the loving attention that she gives to the long legs, thighs, & derriere of the beautiful submissive blonde! I believe that Kate enjoyed it, too!

set-up: A, casting: A, sex: B-

Those last two scenes made this a pretty decent DVD. My overall grade: B-

1. India Summer/Shyla Jennings B+

2. Prinzzess/Jenna Sativa A-

There are two scenes that I enjoy is how I review the videos. The two I listed are the highlights of this video. They are really into making a lot of sequels. #21 is the most recent? WOW!

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