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We Live Together 36 ____________________________________
We Live Together 36
I.D. dvd_8166, Adult
2015, 180 min.

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5-Star Film! [Toy-Free]

Malena Morgan & Asa Akira, Malena Morgan & Adrianna Luna, Malena Morgan & Melody Jordan, Malena Morgan & Shae Snow & Dani Daniels, Malena Morgan & Natalia Starr, Valentina & Alaina Fox & Auriellee Summers.

The #1 Girl/Girl Reality Series!

Scene listing:

[0:17] Malena Morgan & Adrianna Luna

[28:50] Malena Morgan & Melody Jordan

[1:01:02] Malena Morgan & Asa Akira

[1:26:58] Malena Morgan & Shae Snow & Dani Daniels

[1:58:07] Malena Morgan & Natalia Starr

[2:28:46] Valentina & Alaina Fox & Auriellee Summers

[2:59:41] END CREDITS

DVD Features
chapter index, photo gallery.

T Hawk
This series is on a serious roll!! We Live Together 36 is yet another 5 star release in this series!! Five of the six scenes in this volume star the ever-so-hot Malena Morgan, and all of them are extremely good! While I donít dislike Ms. Rhodes like some of my fellow lesbian connoisseurs, she seems to be a distant memory in this series.

It is very hard to pick just one scene because all of them are very good to excellent. But I have to mention the two threeways. I like threesomes more than some, so I was excited to watch both of them, and both were excellent. But the Malena, Dani & Shae outing was definitely the hotter/better of the two. Auriellee, Alaina & Valentina were all pretty (my fave of the three is Auriellee), but the scene lacked the sheer star power that Malena and Dani brought to their threesome, and Shae was no slouch either. It really does go to show what girls who really are into other girls can bring to a scene! :)

We Live Together 36 is yet another must-have from this series, in fact all volumes since #27 (with the exception of #30, which I donít own) fall into this category. To reference the immortal clip from Spinal Tap, We Live Together has turned up the heat to 11 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Fans who have seen any of Malena Morganís previous appearances in the We Live Together series, realize that Ms Morganís warm personality, beautiful face and body, as well as the ladyís obvious comfort and ease in engaging in highly enthusiastic lovemaking, probably rank her as the hottest star to be added to the g/g galaxy in many, many years. WLT 36 continues Malenaís tradition of showing that she is as natural and comfortable making love to other women as any of the Euro babes that Viv Thomas used to film.

There are some scenes in We Live Together 36 that can only be described as Ultra-Hot. One such scene has another woman making Malena a little more juicy by dripping some saliva in her butt hole. Then, when the young woman is in the process of stabbing her tongue into that saliva soaked hole, the scene had gotten so vividly hot that I was on the edge of coming, without yet having even touched "ole Dick." Thatís pretty damned good, because one doesnít get as easily turned on as he used to, when he has reached the age of 63.

Suffice it to say that in five years of taking advantage of the LLV site, Iíve never gotten better value than what Iíve derived from the We Live Together 36 DVD. Any fan of woman-with-woman erotica is really cheating himself by not checking this title out.

I agree with the previous review about Malena, but with some reservations. Malena has become somewhat monotonous after doing so many of these films. She does the same thing over and over... cunnilingus, followed by licking the butt, then having the girl go doggie style.. spit on the ass.. then the licking starts.. there is very little variation to these motions. It has become too predictable. I just watched #37 and enjoyed it primarily because of some fresher faces and more genuine enthusiasm by the actresses.

I hope it''s okay if I sort of add an amendment to the earlier review of WLT 36 which was probably written about 18 months ago.
When I first had WLT 36, the outstanding Malena Morgan scene I mentioned in that earlier review must have grabbed my attention so much that I had kind of overlooked the ultra hot and beautiful example of eroticism embodied in the gorgeous 3-way scene that features Malena, Shae, and Dani. IMO, that terrific scene is every bit as great as the way that my fellow g/g fan, T Hawk, described it.

Hope it's permitted for me to now amend the already amended review of We Live Together 36 that I previously posted here.
Just wanted to provide my fellow LLV members a more complete description of what really makes that 3-way scene on WLT 36, such erotic gold.

As has been already mentioned, the 3 lovelies in that scene are Dani Daniels, Malena Morgan, and Shae Snow, a very pretty auburn haired young lady who was not familiar to me before I purchased the WLT 36 DVD.

In one section of this scene, the lovely Miss Snow and Malena are engaged in a lot of very hot, slow, French kissing, and deep kissing, while at the same time, Dani has her lovely face behind Miss Snow and is licking, and sucking on, Shae's clit.

And something that I find to be especially hot about the scene, is the sound that the tongue of Miss Daniels makes, when the camera shows Dani licking and sucking Shae's wet clit, are very clearly heard by the viewer. And I like that the excellent camera work often frames the scene so well that while the viewer sees and hears Dani Licking and sucking, Shae and Malena can also be seen kissing. But Shae's face sometimes shows that she enjoys Dani's tongue so much, that Miss Snow is compelled to occasionally cease her kissing with Malena.

And it does seem quite believable & realistic for Shae Snow to occasionally have to briefly interrupt her own kissing with Malena, as Shae then looks upward, and softly moans for 5 or 10 seconds, in response to the tongue treat that her clit is enjoying from Dani's well practiced oral skills. Seeing Miss Snow''s pretty face expressing such apparent pleasure from Dani giving her pussy a tongue bath, is quite enjoyable to see, itself.

Yeah, I just have to say to any of you 3-way fans, who might bother to read this amended review, that the Malena/Dani/Shae Snow scene on the We Live Together 36 DVD is pure erotic nirvana, and that's definitely no exaggeration. I've viewed thousands of women loving women scenes since 1986, and I can honestly say, that to me at least, the level of erotic heat in this scene sure compares well with the best g/g stuff that I've seen. To me, just that scene alone, made the WLT 36 DVD a very good buy for me.

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