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Sisterly Love 02 ____________________________________
Sisterly Love 02
I.D. dvd_8182, Adult
2015, 93 min.
Digital Sin Tabu Tales
Directed by Jacky St. James

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5-Star Film! [Toy-Free]

Scarlet Red & Karla Kush, Casey Calvert & Shyla Jennings, Sabrina Banks & Roxanne Rae, August Ames & Ryan Ryans.

When it Comes to Family, There's Nothing Like Sisterly Love.

Casey finds herself unable to resist her stepsister, Shyla's advances in the aftermath of their steamy one night stand. Vulnerable and disappointed after losing out on a coveted modeling contract, Ryan seeks comfort in the arms of her seductive stepsister. Karla's burning desire for her stepsister, Scarlet explodes when she realizes that their feelings for one another are mutual. After discovering her stepsister's deviant side, Sabrina realizes that when it comes to sex, she might not know everything.

Scene listing:

[3:05] August Ames & Ryan Ryans

[29:00] Scarlet Red & Karla Kush

[55:45] Casey Calvert & Shyla Jennings

[1:14:27] Sabrina Banks & Roxanne Rae

[1:35:46] END CREDITS

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, cast interviews, photo gallery & trailers [all g/g].

Another winner to follow up on the first one. I absolutely LOVE everything about the bath scene with Shyla and Casey. The story, the girls, the setting...even the lighting is superb. The other great scene is the Scarlet/Karla scene. I like scenes that start out with one of the girls narrating, and this scene does not disappoint in the anticipation dept. The Sabrina/Roxanne scene stretches the roles the characters are meant to play a bit, but the contrast is still portrayed in an enjoyable way. I can feel Eddie Powell behind the scenes here for sure!

1)Buildup/Seduction: Good backstories to each scene here. As always, I could use more foreplay and kissing once the action starts for real (so quick to oral!).

2) Kissing: There’s nice kissing in each of the scenes, but it really shines in that Shyla/Casey scene.

3) Attractiveness of Women: Not only is this cast of younger girls very attractive, but they’re shot in a variety of tastefully lit settings, and without an overbearing amount of makeup.


I loved this video. The first three scenes are great and the fourth scene was very good. Because of the cast I had high expectations for this film and they were exceeded. First rate production all the way. I felt like I was watching a mainstream movie about lesbians.

Humble Opinion
At the moment, Jacky St. James is the master of erotic set-ups, especially her attention to narration and dialog.

My favorite scene is probably the Karla Kush/Scarlet Red one. The narration, by older sister Karla, opens the scene with Karla and Scarlet sitting facing each other, cross-legged on an ottoman. They are not talking, they are simply staring at each other. Karla narrates:

"I liked staring contests with my sister, Scarlet. I liked getting lost in her beautiful face. I liked imagining that it wasn’t just a silly competition about who could keep their eyes from blinking the longest. Instead, it was the moment just before a kiss, where our eyes locked, we’d move toward each other, and something dangerous would come unhinged inside of us."

The sisters have played this game since they were kids, and Scarlet always loses. Karla’s deep, serious stare always outlasts Scarlet’s soft, tender one. But in the last year or so, Karla’s stares make Scarlet nervous, even when they’re not playing the game. Karla’s narration continues: "If she didn’t want me, why did I make her nervous? Maybe she sensed how desperately I wanted her, and THAT was what made her nervous.....But then, one afternoon, when we were watching TV, and I was barely paying attention to her, everything changed."

Scarlet is wistfully looking over at her older sister on the couch. Scarlet’s hand reaches over and touches Karla’s bare skin that lies between her denim shorts and knee high socks. When Karla looks down, Scarlet quickly pulls her hand away, and hides it between her legs. Karla quietly asks, "Why did you do that?" Scarlet blushes, "I don’t know." Karla pauses before responding, "Yes, you do." Scarlet softly whispers, not looking at Karla, "I just wanted to touch you." Karla quietly reaches over and takes Scarlet’s hand, saying, "Then touch me". Karla places Scarlet’s hand on the crotch of her shorts, and holds it there, and stares at Scarlet. Scarlet gasps anxiously, "We could get in big trouble for this!" Karla leans into Scarlet’s body, softly growling, "No worries, just DO IT!" From that moment on, these two young beauties are on fire for each other.

Shyla Jennings and Casey Calvert are stepsisters who appear to be around the same age. Shyla narrates: "I guess you could say that I had an obsession with my sister, Casey, after that one day..it just happened! She had just broken up with her boyfriend, and I was horny....and things just got completely out of hand!" We see Casey and Shyla "mauling" each other’s faces. Shyla continues her narration: "But that’s the trouble with spontaneous hook-ups.....everything’s awkward afterwards."

The scene is the bathroom. Casey is lounging in a bubble bath, with her eyes closed. Shyla quietly enters the bathroom and stares at her sister from the doorway. Sensing something, Casey opens her eyes and is startled. "Oh my God! You scared me." Shyla winces, "Sorry," and pauses, "Did you want to talk about it?" Casey frowns, "Not really. Did you?" Shyla softly admits, "I’m not a big fan of talking." Casey sighs in relief, "Well okay then. Let’s just chalk it up to a moment of weakness." Shyla is suddenly firm, "It was NOT a moment of weakness. You know that THIS is something we both have been wanting for years!" Casey stares with a mixture of surprise and pain. Shyla stares back defiantly, and begins slowly pulling off her shorts and panties. Casey blurts out, "What are you doing?!" Shyla ignores Casey. Casey sits up in the tub, pleading, "Please don’t. Shyla!....I was coming off a break-up, I was vulnerable. PLEASE!"

By now, Shyla’s clothes are off, and Casey simply watches as Shyla climbs into the tub and sits in front of her, in the warm soapy water. Casey quietly remarks, "This may come as a surprise, but I am not gay." Ignoring Casey, Shyla shakes her head, "You could have fooled me!" and kisses her sister. Casey returns the dreamy kisses. When Shyla finally breaks away, she softly pants, "I can’t stop thinking about you!" Casey cries back, "I wish you WOULD!"

Shyla stops, briefly stares, then shifts onto her knees. Casey looks up at Shyla, pleading once more, "I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS!" Shyla bends down, and softly, but hungrily, kisses her sister, bending Casey’s head back. Shyla growls into Casey’s ear, "I remember how much you liked it last night...how much you BEGGED for it!" We catch a glimpse of last night, Casey groaning, "Oh PLEASE! Make me CUM!" Shyla’s last words, her slick firm body and soft wet lips, are breaking Casey’s resistance. "I...I don’t think we SHOULD!" Shyla murmurs, "Don’t think", and Casey yields, moaning into her sister’s mouth and wrapped in her sister’s arms.

Sabrina Banks is the younger stepsister to the bookworm, black-rim-glass wearing Roxanne Rae. Sabrina narrates: "For most of our relationship, I thought my stepsister, Roxanne, was just another virginal, boring geek with a blah personality"

Sabrina walks into the kitchen wearing a slitted, half top with no bra underneath. Roxanne, studying at the counter, stares, "You’re wearing that to class?" Sabrina challenges, "Yeah. So?" Roxanne continues to stare and Sabrina barks, "What!!" Roxanne shakes her head, "You can see your nipples." Sabrina rolls her eyes, "Yeah! That’s kind of the POINT!" and grabs her backpack, shaking her own head in disbelief.

Sabrina narrates again: "It wasn’t until one summer afternoon that everything changed. I heard a noise coming from a nearby room.... There was Roxanne masturbating, and sniffing my panties like a closet freak! MY PANTIES!..... Sure it was weird and bizarre, and I couldn’t really make sense of it. But a part of me envied her, how private she kept her deviant side, how dirty and kinky she really was. I spent years assuming that unless you flaunted your sexuality, you didn’t have any. And the fact that, when she got off, she was probably thinking about me, or at least the smell of my pussy...that PUSHED ME OVER THE EDGE!" For the next couple of days, it is Sabrina who is staring at Roxanne.

Sabrina is in the front hallway, rummaging through her purse at the counter. Roxanne comes up behind her, and runs her fingers along her bare leg. Sabrina stiffens and turns, facing Roxanne, "What are you doing?" Roxanne calmly shrugs, "I know you want me. I saw you watching me the other day." Sabrina squints, "The other day?" "The day I was masturbating with your panties." Startled, Sabrina blurts, "Oh! THAT DAY!" Roxanne leans closer, "I know you liked it." Sabrina timidly tries to challenge, "How do you know that?" Roxanne whisper/growls, "Because you haven’t stopped staring at me. You can’t get that image out of your head!"

Sabrina nervously clutches the counter behind her. Roxanne reaches under Sabrina’s short skirt. Sabrina gasps, "What are you DOING?!" Roxanne doesn’t bother to reply, she simply pulls off Sabrina’s panties, and then pushes herself and the panties into Sabrina’s face. Roxanne softly snarls, "H

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