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Lesbian Playmates (Provocative) ____________________________________
Lesbian Playmates (Provocative)
I.D. dvd_8234, Adult
2017, 90 mins per studio
Provocative Productions
Directed by Director

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5-Star Film! 

Teresa, Tereza, Ines, Lenka, Zuzana, Milena, Anna {Tracy Lindsay, Tess Lyndon, Bailey Ryder, Kari, Amirah Adara, Cayla Lyons, and Paula Shy}

Ships approx 3/10/17 or earlier.

For those that love high quality European Girl girl these are a must. With beautiful models such as Tracy Lindsay, Tess Lyndon, Bailey Ryder, Kari, Amirah Adara, Cayla Lyons, and Paula Shy, superb photography, passionate kissing, and breathtaking oral these are for you.

Each DVD has five scenes of breathtaking lesbian love making with the kissing and oral simply superb. No toys, no strap ons, just beautiful natural love making that is just majestical, Made in the Czech Republic and while Tracy and Tess are billed as Teresa and Tereza you will instantly know who they are as you will with the rest of the cast. This is literally Europeís finest at their very best.

Comparable to Lesbea and Viv Thomas and I mean the real Viv Thomas and not Metartís Viv Thomas they are excellent high quality European girl girl. With passion and feeling these are movies not to miss.

If ever there is a superb Girl Girl DVD this is it with five scenes so good it is hard to believe. This has literally the best European models all at their very best. Looking at the cover you will see it has Teresa and Tereza. That should read Tracy Lindsay and Tess Lyndon. Similarly the next scene lists Veronica and Karolina and this should read Naomi Nevana and Cayla Lyons. I love these two and watch all they do so I know who they are.

I have checked the website Euro babe Index which lists all European models and the names on the DVD are other names used by these models. As such you will find each scene has European Super Stars in it. What however excites me is the sheer quality of the scenes and if this had Viv Thomas on it and I mean the real Viv Thomas you would think this one of his best films. This is however produced and Directed by an Ivan Tofuk and he does a masterpiece job at making a Viv Thomas movie.

All scenes except the first are twosomes with superb kissing then unbelievable oral and finger sex beautifully filmed with each of the models looking totally stunning. This has no toys and no strap ons thank goodness just beautiful natural lesbian passion and sex. The first is a foursome but in fact really two two some and is one of the Tracy Lindsay scenes on this. All the models in this have done Lesbea scenes with Ernie Sweet in this as well. I still have to check out the other but have seen them in many Lesbea and Viv Thomas scenes.

All I can say for me the great Viv Thomas has been recreated as this I totally loved. The Tracy Lindsay Tess Lyndon scene is just so good and must be one of the best scenes filmed by these two.

Not to be missed.

Often, I disagree with some of Peter's high praise for a given DVD. But I'm sure with him on his comparison of "Lesbian Playmates" with the better DVDs by Viv Thomas, back when such productions REALLY WERE done by Mr Thomas.

Honestly, the main reason that I'm also inclined to like "Lesbian Playmates" so much is because I'm a really BIG fan of Tracy Lindsay (especially after I have already been looking at her terrific body, for a minute or 2!)
As Peter mentioned, the first scene features 4 women, including Tracy, but actually consists of a pair of twosomes, for most of the scene's length. Though there is some nice action wherein the woman of one couple will kiss one of the women, of the other couple. But it's because of how amazing that Tracy appears in this scene, that IMO, makes it the most delicious scene on the disc. And naturally, I also really like Tracy's other scene on the disc, which features her with a dark haired beauty, which forms such a nice contrast with Tracy's blonde look.

A most tasty European production, indeed!

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