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Fantasy Factory ____________________________________
Fantasy Factory
I.D. dvd_8253, Adult
2017, TBD
Directed by Stills By Alan

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Alexis Fawx, Serena Blair, Kenna James, Adriana Chechik, Cadence Lux, Brett Rossi

Begins shipping approx. 3/21. Starring Alexis Fawx, Serena Blair & Kenna James. Featuring Adriana Chechik, Cadence Lux, Brett Rossi.

Fresh out of studio comes the newest Girlsway sci-fi thriller about a patented technology that brings Member Fantasies to life through next generation virtual reality, and the lesbian android who becomes sentient. Trouble starts for android Alexis Fawx when Ms. Maverick (Brett Rossi) orders a custom Mommy Talk experience during her sex scene with teen Kenna James. Alexis malfunctions again when her client Morgan Cain (Cadence Lux) pairs Alexis with squirt queen Adriana Chechik. Finally, Alexis seduces technician Serena Blair, her only hope to escape the pleasure park intact.

This is a movie I have tried to watch over the last couple of weeks but have found it so bad and have thus put it aside to watch in the future with the hope that I might like it. No such luck as this is a real disaster. It is about a company that offers to fulfil people’s sexual fantasies by having androids looking most human re-enacting the fantasy with the client being able to join in. Scene one has Brett Rossi as the client being involved in a mother daughter scene with Alexis Fawx as the mum android and Kenna James as the daughter android. This was so bad that if I could have I would have strangled Ms Rossi and gone to jail happily. God was she annoying.

In this Alexis malfunctions causing computer analyst Serena Blair to wonder why. The answer is easy for this movie has quite the worst script ever written with some of the dialogue just beyond belief. In the credits Stills by Alan is listed as the screenplay writer. Oh Stills what a total disaster.

Scene two descends to depths I never thought possible with the client Cadence Lux wanting a squirting scene then have Alexis seduce her. In this, Alexis malfunctions again, a not unsurprising act given what she is asked to do and say. I know she got paid but doing a scene that bad. Oh dear.

In the last scene Serena is still attempting to find out why Alexis is malfunctioning only to have Alexis seduce her in the midst of these deliberations. I think I can say never in all the years of watching girl girl have I had to persevere so much in getting to the end of a movie. Quite honestly I thought somewhere along the way this film must improve but instead it got worse and worse.

Stills by Alan you have your good movies but as I am finding out when you are bad you are truelly bad. Talk about this not being your finest hour well this was much less than that. If I was Alexis Fawx I would seek compensation for being forced to participate in such a movie.

seize magazine
ALEXIS FAWX/"Queen of Lesbian Film". I haven't bought a American lesbian DVD in 6-7 years. I have over 700 Japanese lesbian adult dvds. They are prized the World over for their story driven plots, great passionate beautiful actresses with slow build-up, 2 hours plus length, passionate kissing and volcanic sex. I saw the cover of "Fantasy Factory" with Alexis Fawx on the cover and knew I had to buy this DVD.

SCENE ONE/Yes, I too found Bretti Rossi painful to watch-her acting was very poor. The director made a mistake in casting her. But seeing Alexis-how could one not fall in love with her! The Scene was weak. Kenna James was another poor choice has very ordinary looks-no great shakes. I see many young women in my coffee house each morning that have 10 times her looks. Of the three women cast - two of them were a poor choice. Alexis deserved much better women....

SCENE TWO/In my opinion this three way is the BEST in my entire lesbian DVD collection! CADENCE LUX is completely comfortable in her being a lesbian and talking to the lesbian programmer/SERENA BLAIR about her "lesbian/android" fantasy to include her girlfriend/Andriana Chechik. I loved the way Cadence "thought out loud" on the various scenario paths the sex would follow. She was so honest, upfront and real describing her "Dark Fantasies". Her choice of "all the action taking place on the BED" was perfect! She stated she LOVED SQUIRTING! Now on the bed explaining to her somewhat uptight girlfriend how the action/scene was to play out. ENTER ALEXIS!!!!! Cadence eyes are glued to the BUSTY, mature android Goddess! A slow build up follows and thank God Adriana "wakes up" from her uptight thought and totally surrenders to the lesbian madness!!!! To say the action is "very wet", is a understatement of the Century!

Its like Niagara Falls is squirting out of the pussies of Candence and Adrianna! All three women are crazed dykes! All three women have found themselves in "Lesbian Heaven"! They can't get enuf of each other! They are squirting into each others open mouths, on each others bodies, each others hair! Its like a "lesbian bodywash" on that very wet bed! Oral sex that is "out of this World"! Grinding facesitting that will blow your mind! The three women are having the BEST "Lesbian Honeymoon" ever filmed!!!! The "Contuctor" of this Lesbian Madness is CADENCE-she is in a "lesbian World" she NEVER wants to leave! Cadence pauses several times and gives a "fist pump" as if to say "Thank you Girlsway" for making this wet, wet scene possible! The scene gets wetter and wetter-the sheets and mattress have be to thrown out after this scene to much pussy juice! Alexis at some point dials into a "mommy mode" and Cadence going apeshit in her "Mommy Fantasy" with Alexis! So HOT!!!! I have no doubt after this scene the three women heading over to Alexis' house and continued the Wet Lesbian Madness deep into the Night! This scene Id pay $50.00 for!....

SCENE THREE/Alexis Fawx and "mousey Cute" Serena Blair! Perfect contrast-Busty, older Queen" and young "mousey/shy woman-Serena. I LOVED the fact Serena wore those sexy glasses and how she SLOWLY was pulled into the evil web of lesbian predator/Alexis! My favorite casting is "old/young women", with one the "Dom" and the other the "Sub"-and this fits the bill perfectly! You could have a two hour DVD of Alexis and Serena in a storyline of many themes... lesbian gym, lesbian teacher and student, lesbian bar etc. Their sex together was so passionate, REAL-Alan, lets see you cast Alexis, Ariella Ferrera and Jewels Jade in a "Lesbian Triangle" theme DVD. Ariella and Jade are RIVALS for the love of Alexis! At the end one WINS Alexis-the other is the LOSER! Give it some thought-three hours. I would urge ALL to buy this DVD! I disagree 100% with the other viewer. Maybe they prefer to view boring, DULL DVDs of Viv Thomas over ones like this. Again, Id pass on Scene one... but Scenes two and three are not to be missed. Just look at the faces of the women in those two scenes - they are all in "Lesbian Heaven".

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