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Mia Loves Girls ____________________________________
Mia Loves Girls
I.D. dvd_8261, Adult
2015, 122 min.
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Dana Vespoli
* $24.99 *

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Mia Malkova with Kenna James, Whitney Westgate, Bree Daniels and Aubrey Star.

Sweetheart Video proudly presents "Mia Loves Girls"the latest star showcase in its top selling series. Best new starlet Mia Malkova undulates her way through four heart-stopping, sensual scenes with four beauties of her choice: Whitney Westgate, Kenna James, Bree Daniels and Aubrey Star. Enjoy her candid interviews, and see why this stunner is an enormous favorite amongst fans and co-stars alike!

Scene listing:

[3:37] Mia Malkova & Whitney Westgate

[35:25] Mia Malkova & Kenna James

[1:03:22] Mia Malkova & Aubrey Star

[1:32:59] Mia Malkova & Bree Daniels

[2:05:36] END CREDITS

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, behind-the-scenes footage, photo gallery & trailers [all g/g]. Shot in HD.

You already know you want this.

For the record, I think Mia Malkova is just about the hottest girl in the biz right now. So Mia + Loves Girls + Sweetheart Video? Slam dunk, right?

Well, the first scene is kind of clunky, partially because of the setup. Mia talks about how much she wants to work with Whitney, and there she is. And then they get all giggly until they start making out. Which is fine, and kind of fun, but it’s pretty obvious that neither is that into things. The knock on Mia has always been that she’s drop dead beautiful, but not that into girls. Whitney doesn’t help. They’re both gorgeous, and they do make a decent attempt at a good scene, but it was pretty much cute girls making out.

The second scene is where things get going. Kenna James is obviously into Mia, and once Mia realizes it, things take off very nicely. Kenna (who I will be looking for in future) knows what she’s doing, and where Mia got away with sort of phoning it in in the first scene, Kenna has Mia’s attention in the second. It’s actually fun to watch the lightbulb go on in Mia’s head that she’s making out with someone who means it.

The third scene starts with an interview with Aubrey Star, who, like Kenna, likes girls. There’s another nice moment where Mia realizes this is for real.

The fourth scene is with Bree Daniels, who has too much ink for my tastes, but they have nice chemistry.

One thing I’m this close to calling it a knock, but it’s not totally bad, is that the director (Dana Vespoli) kind of butts in near the end of a couple of scenes to ask how great was the scene they just did. It’s not terrible, but it does bring the scene to a screeching halt.

So, long story short, if you like Mia Malkova (and who doesn’t?) this is a great one. Don’t get discouraged by the first scene, tho.

This is a series I always enjoy, and this was no exception. Also I am quite a fan of the very cute and lovely Mia Malkova, who in the girl-girl scenes I have seen has been very good. However, this movie had a number of irritants, the main one being Dana Vespoli asking stupid questions at the end of each scene and ruining the magic they have.

Each of the four scenes, in themselves, is very good, with the Kenna James one being truly superb. Each of the girls who appears in this combines very well with Mia to make the scenes really worth watching. However, there is Ms Vespoli, who I think is a good director, ruining the ambiance of the scenes by making you realize that these are just performers. In one of these chats, Mia and Whitney Westgate admit to one being married and the other engaged, and only now doing girl-girl because it appeased their husband/fiancé. Frankly I wish I had not known these facts.

Yet I must stress that the scenes minus all this are really good, so you might want to fast forward past this unless this sort of gossip is your thing. Well photographed and well directed, this should have been a really good film. For me, the irritants reduce this to a good film that could have been better.

The take-away: Of the 4 scenes, 3 are good to excellent. Of those 3, one is absolutely positively stellar!

Initial thoughts: Cautiously optimistic. When she nails it Dana Vespoli''s SHV work has generally been superb, with well-paced, sensual scenes that have been a welcome improvement over some of the frenzied scenes that characterized that studio''s earlier years.

Cast: Mia Malkova is a pretty and appealing performer with a charming presence and, importantly, an instinctive feel for pacing in a scene. She keeps it sexy and feminine and projects sensuality. This performer is an ideal choice to be in every scene on a disc. A couple of my favorites, Bree Daniels and Whitney Westgate, are also here strongly encouraging. Kenna James is a new one on me, and if the photos are any indication, I won''t be disappointed.

Whitney Westgate and Mia: I could look at Whitney Westgate all day. With her freckles and innocent look, she gets me every time. If she and Mia reference male partners, so much the better for this viewer, as my fantasy is straight or bi girls playing with each other. Whitney gives a sweet performance here, surrendering to Mia''s skillful pleasuring. Her own performance could use a little more passion, but that''s ok. This viewer hopes that may come with more practice and experience. (Remember Karlie Montana''s early work?) However you judge Whitney''s performance, she clearly is enjoying Mia''s attention, and the visuals of her with Mia are eye-poppingly hot. A beautiful scene.

Kenna James and Mia: Magic. Mia makes skillful love to Kenna, eliciting a passionate response from the latter. Two beauties, both highly feminine, in the throes of passion. I was surprised at how good it is, and it''s a testament to Mia Malkova''s skill and Kenna''s willingness to let go. Excellent! It''s great how the scene has a slow-burn sensuality about it so much hotter than the frenzied pawing that used to be common in SHV vids. The smoldering intensity of the Mia/Kenna performance illustrates how so much more can be conveyed by stillness, slowness, and silence, as opposed to histrionic gyrations. Easily the hottest scene on the disc, it will be one you want to watch again and again.

Aubrey Star and Mia: There''s energy here, but none of the excitement of the Kenna scene or the tenderness of the Whitney scene. I''m sure she has her fans, but Aubrey doesn''t particularly grab me with her looks or her performance. More annoying is that the scene takes place on a hard table, and Aubrey keeps her shoes on. A bed is ideal, a sofa would be acceptable, but sex on tables leaves me cold. These details contribute to the overal stagey, porny effect. For me this is the weaker scene on an otherwise solid disc.

Bree Daniels and Mia: As a performer-driven consumer, I find Bree Daniels not merely attractive but also interesting. If she''s in something, I will check it out. She can be sweet, or edgy. I think her performances and specifically her performance range have increased over time. Both ladies look great, with Bree sporting her striking red hair. There are issues of pacing, as I felt that there could''ve been more foreplay and slow stripping before Bree still wearing pants! went down on Mia. Of course a bed would''ve been better than the sofa (but at least it''s not a hard table). This scene gets better as it continues, including some very hot fingering from behind of Mia and overall nice chemistry with Bree.

Final thoughts: SHV has been back on my radar in the last couple of years, thanks to more sensual scenes and better casting. Mia Loves Girls has a great look overall. My first Kenna James scene has left me highly impressed by this pretty fresh-faced performer. Mia Malkova''s confident sexiness really anchors this. I hope SHV does more installments of this, as Mia Malkova really does know how to do a scene.

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