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Lesbian Triangles 31 ____________________________________
Lesbian Triangles 31
I.D. dvd_8271, Adult
2015, 180 min.
Girlfriends Films

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Scarlet Red & Blair Summers, Dani Daniels & Kenna James, Alix Lynx & Simone Sonay, Charlotte Stokely & Lena Nicole.

Seduction Romance Cheating

The tawdry story continues….
As women seduce other women, make love to them and leave them for others!

DVD Features
chapter index, trailers [g/g, solo & hetero].

Girlfriends Films clearly have improved for recently all the films I see of theirs are good. This is certainly that as in scene one where young Blair Summers is talked into trying girl-girl sex and dumping her loser boyfriend. This she does in a truly superb scene with Scarlet Red. This by my count lasted 70 minutes and was good all the way. Scarlet Red I am warming too for she really seems to enjoy her scenes.

Downstairs College Counsellor Dani Daniels is talking to would be students just finishing high school. At the end of her talk she wisks sweet young thing Kenna James to her bedroom and gives her a master class on lesbian sex. Dani is just spellbinding in this while young Kenna is the pefect teenage girl to enjoy the attentions Dani.

Elsewhere Mum Simone Sonay is convincing her step daughter Alix Lynx that College will be a whole new ball game and she needs to be prepared. Yup it is up to the bedroom for some lesbian sex. These two combine well together to make this a good scene.

Meanwhile downstairs Lena Nicole is pressurising Dani to supply her best gil girl fuck buddy for her pleasure otherwise she will tell her Principal about her having sex with a high school girl. As such Lena scores Charlotte Stokely who it seems is keen and eager for Lena’s attentions. I always like Charlotte Stokely and yet again she is excellent as is Lena.

An excellent Lesbian Triangles episode and is one really worth having. Then of course it does have Dani Daniels in my opinion the best girl girl model at the moment and certainly one of the greats of all time. I know she does boy girl but at lesbian she is unbeatable.

Anon in Bama
Back in 2004 I purchased my very first Lesbian Triangles video, volume ONE in that series - I did not like it, and vowed NEVER get another one, so it is my own fault that I ended up with this copy!

This volume begins with a scene lifted off of another GFF video, showing two pretty cheerleaders walking through a room, with one of them (Kenna) smiling at a girl sitting on the couch. The girl on the couch later asks her sister (Alix) to tell her about Kenna. Later we see her offering to give her sister (Alix) to older lesbian Simone in exchange for an introduction to Kenna. It is all really LAME and UN-EROTIC!

Next, there is a brief cut-a-way of two nude young women going at it in bed together. Was this part of the story, or just sloppy editing on the part of the crew at Girlfriends Films?

After that we see four girls sitting together on a couch and talking about lesbian sex. They discuss the lame-ass Mother-Daughter Exchange Club, with one girl even remarking that: "we have a lot of lesbians in our family!" These beautiful young women continue talking lezzie-porn for a good seven-minutes before the other two depart, leaving Scarlet and Blair alone together.

1) Scarlet Red & Blair Summer - These two then head upstairs and immediately begin going at it. Scarlet appears to be the one in charge, at least initially. They engage in I-do-you-then-you-do-me sex, complete with instant-analingus & tribbing. They both have incredibly gorgeous bodies, but it was STILL not all that great!

set-up: F, casting: A, sex: C-

2) Dani Daniels & Kenna James - Four girls are next shown sitting together and discussing the Thornhill University softball team. We then watch as Dani takes Kenna into her bedroom so that she can have lezzie-sex with her! Both women are incredibly HOT - I only wish that they had somebody directing their scene! Dani strips and climbs atop Kenna. There is some fingering and tribbing, and a GREAT moment when Dani lovingly smooches the gorgeous butt of Kenna, and then grinds the blonde girl from behind - but that was about it.

set-up: D, casting: A, sex: C-

3) Simone Sonay & Alix Lynx - Older woman Simone has been promised "Alix served on a platter," and now she has the pretty blonde girl alone with her in her room. But instead of a hot, sub/dom-seductive-intro, Simone instead explains to the younger girl about how Thornhill University encourages lesbian experimentation, and starts kissing Alix. Really, really lame! She fingers and goes down on the girl without even undressing her first! It is yet another poorly-written, poorly directed scene.

set-up: F, casting: B+, sex: C-

4) Charlotte Stokely & Lena Nicole - Blonde Lena waits in bed for Charlotte, who soon joins her for some mechanical, formulaic lezzie-sex. On the positive side, I REALLY LIKED that one moment when she admires the gorgeous butt of the other girl, caressing and covering it with kisses (as opposed to instant-analingus). But once again, the horrible writing-style employed by GFF in setting-up these encounters really does have a tendency to drag everything down.

set-up: F, casting: A-, sex: C+

There is no doubt in my mind that Girlfriends Films has some of the HOTTEST girls in the business, but when you disrespect your customers with such consistently horrendous writing, it shows something inherently wrong with what is happening behind the cameras! My grade for this one: C-

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