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Prison Lesbians 02 ____________________________________
Prison Lesbians 02
I.D. dvd_8282, Adult
2015, 101 min.
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Dana Vespoli
* $24.99 *

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Vicki Chase & Bree Daniels, Jay Taylor & Chanel Preston, Rizzo Ford & Vanessa Veracruz, Dana Vespoli & Veruca James.

Sweetheart proudly presents the second volume of this new, intriguing series about hot ladies in trouble with the law. Eight gorgeous ladies work their way through some sticky situations in 4 hot and heavy scenarios. Vanessa Veracruz is a drug dealer's prissy girlfriend, who has taken the fall for her boyfriend's bad deeds. When she discovers that she's sharing a cell with tough, lesbian prisoner Rizzo Ford, she begs her for protection against the other inmates. Human rights vigilante Jay Taylor finds herself in the clink after a protest gone wrong. She's dismayed to discover that her cell mate is legendary Madame Chanel Preston. After Jay spouts off about the horrors of sex trafficking & objectification of women, Chanel seduces her with the idea that sex and money make the world go 'round...confused inmate Bree Daniels can't remember what landed her in her cell, and ghostly Vicki Chase appears like an angel, promising Bree her freedom...but is Vicki a benevolent or malevolent presence? Finally, Arabic Airlines passenger Veruca James has trouble explaining to homeland security agent Dana Vespoli the reason why she was in and out of Dubai in less than 24 hours. Ms. Vespoli doesn't appreciate Veruca's bad attitude, and makes it abundantly clear...

Scene listing:

[1:40] I Don't Belong Here - Rizzo Ford & Vanessa Veracruz

[26:36] Suspicious - Dana Vespoli & Veruca James

[51:40] Vanity - Jay Taylor & Chanel Preston

[1:16:04] Second Chance - Vicki Chase & Bree Daniels

[1:42:33] END CREDITS

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, behind-the-scenes footage, photo gallery & trailers [all g/g]. Shot in HD

Anon in 'Bama
If youíre going to produce a DVD about girls engaging in 100% consensual lesbian sex then please DONíT call it "Prison Lesbians," as that title suggests lesbian guards and butchy inmates preying upon newly-incarcerated pretty girls delivered into their midst as their unwilling playthings.

On the positive side, the first two scenes in this video had an excellent butch/femme feel to them, although the sub/domme dynamic in all four scenes was needlessly weak, as were most of the set-ups.

1) I DONíT BELONG HERE - Rizzo Ford & Vanessa Veracruz - Itís nighttime in prison, and pretty dark-haired Vanessa is crying, which awakens her cellmate: tough, butchy Rizzo. Vanessa explains about how she fears lesbians, with Rizzo responding: "Donít worry, youíre not my type." This dismissal offends Vanessa, who immediately demands that Rizzo make her her bitch. Iím serious. Of course, Rizzo acquiesces, with instant lesbianism following. They kiss and get undressed simultaneously. At one point the butchy girl performs INSTANT ANALINGUS on the pretty femme girl, which means that she ignores Vanessaís gorgeous round butt so that she can concentrate instead on the girlís ass-crack. Thereís also a considerable amount of fingering. The otherwise excellent butch/femme contrast between these two was largely wasted by weak scripting.

Set-up: B-, casting: B+, sex: C

2) SUSPICIOUS - Dana Vespoli & Veruca James - Tough police interrogator Dana wants answers from pretty Veruca, just back from Dubai, where the minimum-wage-earning waitress has just spent a fortune traveling to and from the mideastern emirate. Also, the girl is apparently pregnant for some reason. Anyway, Dana breaks out the rubber glove to give her a cavity search, which instead turns into instant lesbian sex! Seriously? Is that the best you can do? Again, itís all 100% consensual, along with some more uninspired INSTANT ANALINGUS. Dana does slap the girlís ass once, which I enjoyed, and she also somewhat grinds her from behind a bit, which was certainly nice while it lasted. But overall, it was great butch/femme casting with a non-existent sub/domme feel!

Set-up: D, casting: A, sex: B-

3) VANITY - Chanel Preston & Jay Taylor - Chanel is in jail for running a prostitution ring, while Jay accidentally killed a cop during a protest. They get to talking. Chanel tries to convince the other girl that if she sold her body for sex she could non-violently raise money for her political causes. Yep, thatís really what happens. Of course, soon theyíre both making out, complete with 100% consensual instant lesbianism. Chanel is simply recruiting a hooker to work for her, and isnít having sex with Jay because she finds her gorgeous body particularly attractive or desirable.

Set-up: C, casting: B, sex: C

4) SECOND CHANCE - Vicki Chase & Bree Daniel - Pretty, dark-haired femme Bree suddenly discovers dark-haired Vicki sharing her jail cell. We then learn that Bree is behind bars because she killed another girl in a DUI car accident. Vicki comforts her, saying: "Everybody makes mistakes." They then predictably begin having lesbian sex, 100% consensual, of course, complete with 69-ing and scissor-tribbing. Later, we watch as Bree then awakens from a dream. Apparently, Vicki is the ghost of the girl she killed with her car. Nice "Twilight Zone" storyline, but hardly erotic!

Set-up: F, casting: A, sex: C

Why title your series "Prison Lesbians" if itís all about everyday girl/girl encounters between willing women? Somebody at Sweetheart Video needs to explain to director Dana Vespoli what this genre is supposed to be about. The casting is great, but the writing doesnít appear to grasp this simple concept. My grade: C

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