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Love Lesson ____________________________________
Love Lesson
I.D. dvd_8314, Adult
2017, TBD
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Director

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5-Star Film! 

Anina Silk, Ivana Sugar, Gina Gerson, Henessy A

Ships approx 4/18/17. Witness these beautiful ladies give each other love lessons of complete pleasure and ecstasy. Watch as they are taught to submit to desire and explore their sensuality further than ever before. Real orgasms await, and these are love lessons that they'll never forget.

This I enjoyed every second of with this being a totally delightful and charming movie about two lesbian couples sharing a holiday home for the weekend. Directed by Sandra Shine once a legendary Viv Thomas model this is both well-acted, well made and with a most excellent script with the dialogue being in English. Filmed in the Czech Republic at a mountain resort this has four scenes of total charm and marvellous love making.

The plot concerns one couple Hennessy and Gina Gerson who are having problems as Hennessy is always working and has no time for fun. Gina has managed to extract a weekend away where they find they have to share with a fun loving lesbian couple in Anina Silk and Ivana Sugar. After a day hiking with a cable car ride up the mountain the four become friends and that evening inadvertently swap partners as the fun loving couple help the other couple by bringing happiness back.

By the time you come to the last scene where Hennessy is totally hungry for Gina and they make passionate love you know you have seen a wonderfully enjoyable movie. All four girls were enchanting and the lovemaking in each scene was just a joy. Sandra Shine please make more movies like this.

My only complaint was that I did not know the name of mountain resort where this was filmed as it looked the perfect place to visit. The house, the cable car ride and the mountain views added immensely to this film making the outburst of love so natural. For me this was a special movie.

Finally No toys to make this perfection indeed.

I completely agree with how good this video set is. My favorite is the third with Hennessy and Anina because: 1. Theyíre both gorgeous and 2. Itís wonderfully videoed just perfect with the lighting, angles, camera work. Donít get me wrong, all four scenes are worthwhile, with the first a close second place.

I understand why Peter and Anonymous were impressed with this. I wasn't. The girls' poor English was hard to understand. The film would have been better with subtitles, but I know many buyers don't want that for some reason. I learned to follow subtitles from a very young age, so no problem. The scenes were very predictable. I've seen better...

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