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MILF Massages ____________________________________
MILF Massages
I.D. dvd_8322, Adult
2015, 138 min.
Fantasy Massage
Directed by Stillsby Alan

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Veronica Avluv & Catie Parker & Amia Miley, Ariella Ferrera & Sara Luvv, Ariella Ferrera & Belle Knox, India Summer & Zoey Monroe, Raylene & Kiera Winters.

AllGirlMassage.com brings you MILF Massages. Have you often fantasized about a budding innocent teen being seduced by an experienced MILF? Or have you wondered what would happen if a hot over-confident teen tried seducing an experienced MILF only to realize she’s in over her head? Well this DVD is a one-stop shop! See the most beautiful experienced women get some sensual, eye-opening oily massages from inexperienced curious teens and some confident young ladies discovering the secrets of hot lesbian sex. See Ariella Ferrera as a hot and horny business woman, spoiling teenage farm girl Sara Luvv the well-seasoned Raylene abolish Kiera Winter’s self-conscious attitude and two beautiful lesbian lovers Catie and Amia discover that they are going to get a lot more than sopping wet when they try their hand at seducing super-soaker Veronica Avluv. This film has something for all MILF fans, and something for the rest of you horny beasts too!

An original Fantasy Massage series.

Scene listing:

[1:39] Fresh From The Farm -

[38:48] Show & Tell -

[1:06:28] The Self-Conscious Client -

[1:31:53] My Babysitter -

[1:55:00] The Valentine's Gift -

[2:19:39] END CREDITS

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, photo galleries & trailer [hetero].

Humble Opinion
I assume that for those who truly like girl/girl massage movies, of which I count myself, picking this up would be a "no-brainer". Ariella Ferrera is in two scenes, and as usual with Ariella her scenes are superb. Ariella’s scene with Sara Luvv is my favorite. This is their second scene together, and it is just as explosive as their first pairing for Digital Sin.

Sara, wearing pigtails and a pair of white short-shorts, is a shy country girl who has come to the big city to try to make a living at what she used to do in Nebraska, give full body massages. In Nebraska, Sara’s clients were mostly farmers, and their wives sometimes. But here, the nervous Sara is applying for a position as a personal masseuse for a haughty, dismissive businesswoman, Ariella Ferrera, who is allowing Sara one "trial massage" for the possible position.

Stripped down totally naked on the towels that Sara has so carefully laid out for her on the bed, Ariella is utterly obnoxious as she orders the poor girl on how to rub her. What begins to make sweet Sara particularly nervous is WHERE Ariella is starting to order Sara to massage her, places that no one in "farm-country" Nebraska EVER asked her to massage! What makes it even worse is that Ariella keeps brazenly demanding that Sara strip off parts of HER OWN clothing, because Ariella claims that they are interfering with the massage. Sweet Sara really wants this job, so she puts up with all these outrageous demands. But she is not THAT naive. Sara knows what Ariella wants of her, and by the time Ariella is lying on her back, having Sara rub her "down there", she knows what comes next. So when Ariella inevitably orders Sara to "massage her pussy with her tongue", Sara "gives it her all". We watch Ariella pant and groan, humping herself on Sara’s face.

But the "pleased-with-herself" Sara is surprised when Ariella then takes Sara and lays her down on the bed. Ariella immediately begins voraciously licking Sara’s clit, and Sara tries to twist and pull away from the intensity. But the stronger, dominant Ariella just pulls Sara into her harder and holds on tighter, burying herself deeper into Sara’s pussy. Sara wails and cums through her first orgasm, and then groans and cums again in sweet agony.

Ariella’s scene with Belle Knox is a more sensual affair. Ariella is the masseuse, and before the massage begins Ariella realizes that years earlier she had babysat for the now "grown-up" Belle.

The massage has a comfortable, soft, slow-moving feel to it. When, for instance, young, naked Belle is on her stomach early on in the massage, Belle keeps murmuring her appreciation for Ariella’s slow steady pressure, especially when it lingers on her soft butt cheeks. When Ariella’s hands slide up to Belle’s shoulder blades though, the pressure gets rougher, deeper. Belle lets out a soft "Oh!" and Ariella leans down, nuzzles the back of Belle’s neck and whisperingly asks, "How does that feel?" Belle manages to open her eyes, as if awakening from a dream, and murmurs back, "That feels fantastic!"

Ariella playfully swats Belle on her butt cheeks, telling her to roll over onto her back. Belle’s eyes bristle, "Just like you used to do with me, when I was little." Ariella grins back, and wags her index finger, "Yes, but you deserved it back then!" Belle stares shyly and remarks, "I’ve been a bad girl lately." Ariella’s eyes flash, "Oh really?" The mood is playful for a while then, but gradually becomes sensual again.

Ariella’s hands have massaged down to Belle’s thighs. "How is that?" Ariella asks softly. Belle dreamily responds, "I love it." Ariella answers, "I could show you some other things you would love." Belle looks up innocently, "Like what?" Ariella squints at Belle and then purrs, "I think you know." Belle smiles and lays her head back down. Slowly, as if mesmerized by Belle’s beauty, Ariella pulls Belle’s legs apart, and then raises one leg up to a kneeling position. Ariella lowers herself, and licks Belle’s pussy with the tip of her tongue. Belle twitches, and raises herself up to stare at Ariella, who stops, stares into Belle’s eyes for a beat, and then lowers herself again to Belle’s pussy.

Early on, Ariella has stopped briefly to adjust something, and Belle brings her hand down to play with herself. Ariella encourages her, but sees Belle’s fingers frantically rubbing herself, and Ariella gently pushes them away, softly admonishing Belle in a whisper, "Okay, that’s enough." Ariella then lowers herself again, and begins softly kissing and licking Belle at her own slow deliberate pace. Later, Belle will be eager in her own attack on Ariella’s gorgeous pussy, and Ariella will groan and shake in glee.

The Raylene/Kiera Winter scene is also terrific. Kiera has never had a massage and is nervous and self-conscious about being naked in front of Raylene. Raylene is very "matter-of-fact", but sweetly comforting, in her approach toward the young beauty. Early on, with Kiera on her stomach and a towel covering her butt cheeks, Raylene announces that she is going to remove the towel to make the massage easier. Raylene hesitates though and politely asks, "Do you mind?" Kiera innocently murmurs, "No, I guess not." Raylene proceeds to spend a long time delightfully kneading and rubbing Keira’s ass cheeks and later rubbing and sliding her fingers along Kiera’s gorgeously thick, firm thighs.

But when Raylene asks Kiera to turn over onto her back, Kiera’s shyness takes over. Kiera awkwardly drapes one arm across her breasts, while the other hand covers her pussy. Raylene softly laughs, "It’s okay, it’s just me, I’m a girl. You can uncover." Raylene steps toward Kiera’s still covered torso, "This is not the first time I have seen them. I have breasts too!" Kiera is still reluctant. Raylene’s hands wave over Kiera’s barely hidden upper torso, as she patiently explains, "I have to get to this area".

This last plea has finally made Kiera lower her arms to her side. Raylene tenderly massages Kiera’s upper shoulder blades, gradually inching down to between Kiera’s breasts, and then kneading the breasts. Kiera offers no resistance. But when Raylene’s hands trail down toward between Kiera’s legs, Kiera suddenly raises up on her elbows, "I’m not comfortable with you down there. I let the "boob thing" slide, but I’m not comfortable with you touching me down there." Raylene sweetly explains, "It is just part of the massage. Relax." After a little more simple explaining, Kiera relents and lays back down.

Raylene’s fingers slip around and between Kiera’s pussy lips, and then INSIST on rubbing Kiera’s clit. Kiera’s breathing quickens, her eyes squeeze shut, and Raylene softly explains, "See? I know what I am doing. I’m a professional." Raylene almost masturbates Kiera to an orgasm, but not quite. So Raylene carefully climbs onto the massage table, and begins licking Kiera’s pussy with the tip of her tongue. There are long, awesome shots from the head of th

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