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Massage Rooms Special Edition 02 - Lola ____________________________________
Massage Rooms Special Edition 02 - Lola
I.D. dvd_8337, Adult
2015, TBA
Massage Rooms

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Lola with Jess West, Billie, Mona, Eve and Lily.

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DVD Features

I have to admit that I am a Lola fan (or Dido Angel when she films for 21Sextury or Lola Myluv on the internet). I have watched her scenes since 2007 when at 18 she became an erotic model. She is just totally fabulous.
As the masseuse in Massage Rooms (one of the Lesbea companies) she has made this role her very own with her unbelievably erotic massages. Scene four is the total masterpiece of her scenes in this series as she massages Mona, then fingers her to glory then has herself cum before doing the most amazing oral finger seduction on Mona (who is literally moaning all the way). To finish off the scene Lola then does the face sit to end all face sits with her hips pounding like pistons as she cums all over moaning Mona’s face.
What a scene Lola who is just fantastic. I have replayed this scene a number of times and it is just totally awesome.
If you like this you must have Vol One which LezLove Video does not stock because I imagine of the one boy girl scene it. The four other scenes are girl girl and are just fantastic.
How can I get a Lola massage?
A must have movie.

Humble Opinion
I am going to give this a pretty quick review since massage scenes are often similar, and the set-up either turns you on or it doesn't.

For me Lola is one of the best masseuses in adult film (off the top of my head, I would rate only Asa Akira higher on the scale).

What makes Lola special is that she is a very pretty, small breasted blonde, who is also small in stature, 5'3" who often gets her whole body into the massage, climbing on top of her female client and using every part of herself to get her client "off"

The best scene on this DVD is Lola's scene with Mona, a statuesque brunette. In many Massage Room scenes, the female client tends to lay still until well into the massage (typically when Lola is starting to play with and explore the female client's pussy). In this scene, Mona starts to moan fairly quickly and early on she raises her front half off the table and rests on her elbows, pushing herself into Lola's exploring fingers.

But Mona is not content for long with just that, and suddenly sits up on the massage table. Lola looks surprised, but quickly smiles as Mona lays back down, on her back, and beckons Lola to come lay on top of her. Lola, who is fully clothed wearing a sleeveless white tee shirt and white exercise pants, rubs herself on the naked Mona, paying particular attention to making sure that her small breasts rub against Mona's luscious firm breasts. This satisfies Lola only for a while. Eventually she pulls back and removes her exercise pants and sits on top of Mona briefly rubbing her bare pussy on Mona's oily stomach.

But Lola is looking for something more, and moves herself up to Mona's lusciously slick breasts and begins tribbing on them. For about four spectacular minutes we watch Lola arouse her pussy and clit on Mona's breasts and nipples. When Mona begins to use her own hands to help with Lola's movement the scene transforms to one of the finest face sitting scenes that I have ever had the privilege to watch. Lola''s frantic sliding onto Mona's mouth is matched by Mona's hungry mashing into Lola's pussy, and a truly epic sexual explosion is the only possible outcome.

Lola's scene with Eve is a good scene as well. Eve (not Eve Angel, btw) appears to be an employee of the massage parlor, and an idle Lola brings Eve into the room for a personal massage. This massage becomes sexual fairly quickly, as Lola has Eve lay on her back, and using a squirt can to spritz the massage oil Lola is almost immediately fondling Eve's squeezable boobs, to Eve's obvious pleasure. Eve squirms when Lola keeps continuing to squirt massage oil down between her pussy lips. And like Mona's scene, Eve begins to reciprocate in the arousal. Eve reaches over and grabs the squirt can and begins squirting lots of oil on Lola's white tee shirt, making Lola's erect nipples shine through the material. The massage pretty much is over then, and the lovemaking begins in earnest between these two.

Finally I also thought that Lola's scene with Billie deserved some mention. Billie, another statuesque brunette seems to be a bit of a tomboy, frisky and ready for some action. Lying on her stomach, Lola uses the massage bowl to drizzle out the oil, first on Billie's firm muscular back, and then down her ass crack, trailing down between Billie's pussy lips. Billie doesn't move much at first, but her breathing is short and stuttered. Lola''s fingers slip inside Billie's slippery pussy, and she lays herself on top of Billie, nibbling her neck and shoulder. After a bit, Lola raises up, pulls off her oiled up tee shirt, and tells Billie to turn over onto her side. Lola then climbs back onto the table, behind Billie, pouring more oil onto Billie first on her exposed thigh and legs, then on her already gleaming pussy. When Lola then straddles Billie''s leg, and begins humping Billie while she finger f*cks her, Billie loses "it" pretty quickly.

If you like massage scenes, I would recommend this movie.

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