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Obey & Surrender ____________________________________
Obey & Surrender
I.D. dvd_8617, Adult
2017, TBD
Met Art/Viv Thomas
Directed by Director

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Dolly Diore, Sasha Rose

Ships approx 11/28/17.

Anon in Bama
Okay, with a title like this, it is CLEAR that we have a video all about sub/domme lesbian sex. It is directed by Sandra Shine, apparently written by somebody named Rose, and brought to us by the talented folks at MyErotica.com. But, instead of using any type of a quality plotline to introduce each scene, they have instead opted to simply show dominatrix Dolly Diore explaining on camera what will happen next, and I am sorry, but that is just LAME.

1) DISCIPLINE: Dolly Diore & Misha Cross - Dolly opens this video explaining on camera what a dominatrix does. We then see her sitting at a kitchen counter. Blonde Misha enters the room, her hair pulled-back in a tight bun. She prepares a sandwich for Dolly, but Dolly does not seem to care for it. Punishment follows. First, she spits the gum out of her mouth into the mouth of Misha - DOES ANYBODY FIND THAT EROTIC? Then Misha pulls up her dress so that Dolly can spank her ass some (which was nice). Later, the dominatrix smacks Misha with a whip before then fingering her ass from behind. Later still, she makes the girl go down on her.

set-up: D, casting: B, sex: B-

2) OBEDIENT: Dolly Diore & Sasha Rose - Dolly is then shown on camera explaining how a good dominatrix always knows how to keep her slaves obedient & submissive. We then see beautiful dark-haired Sasha, wearing only a black bra and matching black thong panties, serving a drink to her mistress, Dolly. The dominatrix orders the girl to begin touching herself, but not to cum until she gives her permission. Dolly reads a book, appearing more amused than turned-on. Later, she begins gently caressing the girl, running her hands up her legs. And then she squeezes & slaps her ass some, fingers her from behind, and finally orders Sasha to go down on her. Then she goes back to reading her book while the girl continues to touch herself.

set-up: D, casting: A-, sex: B-

3) PLEAD: Dolly Diore & Delia - Dolly again appears on camera, explaining how she likes to teach her submissive slavegirls to beg for it. We then see beautiful dark-haired Delia, clad only in black panties and a blindfold, leaning against the wall while Dolly sensually strokes her slender body. The dominatrix then removes the blindfold and runs a small vibrator over the breasts of the girl, before going down to her pussy. She then strips the pretty girl and slaps her beautiful ass. Dolly then dons a strap-on to take the pretty girl from behind, standing up. This was easily my favorite scene on this entire video.

set-up: D, casting: A-, sex: B+

4) WATCH US: Dolly Diore, Anina Silk, & Jenny D - Dolly appears back in front of the camera, explaining how she likes to help out other girls with their sexual fantasies. We then see her kissing Anina, before then telling the girl that she has found a partner for her to have sex with while she (Dolly) watches. They then walk into the next room where Jenny awaits, fully-clothed, sitting on the couch. The two girls simply begin going at it, with lots of kissing & touching. It is not porny, just kind of bland. At one point Jenny flips Anina over for some instant analingus, at which point Dolly kisses the upturned ass of Anina some, which was probably the best part of this scene. Also, Dolly remains fully-clothed after the other two get naked.

set-up: F, casting: B+, sex: B

I guess the best part of this video is that Dolly really does appear to like girls, and is NOT in it for the punishment sex. On the negative side, who are these women, and WHY are they even here? With all of the so-called quality writers involved, I expected much better. My overall grade: B-

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