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Lesbian Adventures - Older Women, Younger Girls 11 ____________________________________
Lesbian Adventures - Older Women, Younger Girls 11
I.D. dvd_8632, Adult
2017, TBD
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Dana Vespoli

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Elsa Jean, Jasmine Jae, Sarah Vandella, Casey Calvert, Anna De Ville, Karlee Grey, Brandi Love, Nina Elle

Beautiful, older women continue to seduce gorgeous girls in the 11th volume of this award-winning series. Cute, blond Elsa Jean is dreading a blind date with stepmom Jasmine Jae's friend's son, and when Jasmine finds out why, she takes full advantage! College student Karlee Grey has it bad for Professor Brandi Love, and is consumed by fantasies.bookish Casey Calvert has had enough of her flamboyant stepmom Nina Elle, but she is in for a big surprise when she confronts her. Finally, fetish photographer Sarah Vandella has to find a way to calm new model Anna DeVille's nerves.

Anon in Bama
I thought that three of the four scenes on this DVD were poorly written & directed, but the final scene was actually decent. The problem here seems to be that director Dana Vespoli isn''t really into older/younger girl/girl encounters anymore, and so she only makes a half-assed effort putting them together, and nobody at Sweetheart Video seems to either notice or care.

1) Jasmine Jae & Elsa Jean - These are the two DVD cover girls. Older woman Jasmine is the stepmother of pretty blonde Elsa, and she wants the younger girl to look pretty for her date tonight with a boy named Charley, as he is the son of the business partner of her father. Elsa says she does NOT care for the name "Charley." There was no effort made at quality writing here - none whatsoever. Eventually older woman Jasmine apologizes for being so pushy, before then asking Elsa: "Have you ever kissed a boy?" And yes, in the world of REALLY CRAPPY scriptwriting, such a question means that the older woman will now be giving the younger girl a kissing lesson, which ALWAYS results in lame lezzie-sex.

Jasmine is one of those older women completely UN-INTERESTED in younger girls, and so she spends far more time flaunting her own body than in showing any attraction for the beautiful young blonde in this scene. The two women kiss and then have incredibly bland lezzie-sex. To make it appear hotter than it is, Dana has her actresses yelling really loudly as they mechanically finger one another. This scene was a piece of crap and a complete waste of Elsa Jean (who is usually always worth watching!)

set-up: F, casting: A, sex: D

2) Brandi Love & Karlee Grey - Blonde older woman Brandi is a college dean responsible for disciplining students, and she has pretty dark-haired Karlee in her office. Apparently, the girl drew a childish picture of Brandi making her look like a dominatrix, and Brandi wants to know why she did it. The younger girl suddenly blurts out: "I have a crush on you and I fantasize about you dominating me!" The older woman LIKES what she is hearing!

The problem here, despite that very promising beginning, is that Brandi is NOT very good in the dominant role. Like Jasmine Jae in that opening scene, she is far more interested in showing off her own body than in exploring that of a beautiful younger girl. A good director would have shown Brandi immediately stripping Karlee completely nude, but instead we get some fingering followed by a lame bout of I-do-you-then-you-do-me everyday lesbianism, with the older woman showing absolutely no interest whatsoever in the luscious derriere of the submissive younger girl.

set-up: B, casting: B+, sex: D+

3) Nina Elle & Casey Calvert - Shy bookworm Casey writes in her diary about how her new stepmother Nina embarrasses her by walking around the house topless. Nina then enters the bedroom of the pretty younger girl without a top on. She thinks that her stepdaughter is overly prudish, and decides to prove her point by forcing clumsy lesbian sex on the girl, even asking Casey - and I am NOT making this up - she asks her: "Have you ever been with a girl before?" No joke - she REALLY asked that! Does ANYBODY besides director Dana Vespoli find that line of questioning in any ways erotic? What follows is fingering, instant analingus, and lots of really loud yelling.

set-up: D, casting: B-, sex: D

4) Sarah Vandella & Anna DeVille - Sarah is a fashion photog and Anna is her model. Two negative things I immediately noticed: 1) they both look about the same age - this video is supposed to be older/younger, am I right? And 2) the photographer is wearing less clothing than her model - I''m sorry, but that is just ass-backwards! Sarah finds fault with everything Anna does, with the pretty model asking her if there is anything she can do to make things better?

Unlike Brandi Love in scene #2, Sarah Vandella actually KNOWS how to behave like a dominant lesbian. She is quick to strip Anna completely nude and demand that the girl surrender her pretty body to her! At one point she bends the now-nude girl over onto her elbows & knees to further explore her, touching & kissing Anna aggressively! I really enjoyed the overall sub/domme erotic chemistry between these two, despite the needless loud yelling added thanks to sub-par direction. This was far-&-away the hottest scene on this otherwise weak release.

set-up: B+, casting: A, sex: B-

Those last two young women (Sarah Vandella & Anna DeVille) saved this video from being a complete bust, but that is NOT to say it was particularly good (because it was NOT). Again, director/writer Dana Vespoli is bored with making girl/girl videos, and it shows. And Sweetheart Video has nobody else who can do it. My grade for this one: C

Humble Opinion
I would give a counter- to the previous reviewer’s remarks on this movie. There are better older/younger girl/girl movies out there, and Sweetheart has done better. But this is hardly an awful film.

The best scene, by far, is the Sarah Vandella/Anna DeVille one. Part of what makes it such a good scene is the contrast between Sarah and Anna. Physically speaking, Sarah is blond with a fit, tanned body. Anna, meanwhile, is a redhead with beautiful porcelain skin and a slim, lanky frame. Demeanor-wise, the contrast is even more striking. Sarah is sexy and sly, with a mischievous glint in her eyes that promises tantalizing possibilities. Anna has an innocent, slightly awkward look, which suggests waiting, and wanting to be taught. The sounds of the scene, Sarah’s soft growls of instruction and prodding, coupled with Anna’s sweet moans of longing and consent add immeasurably to the scene.

What makes the Brandi Love/Karlee Grey scene a stand-out is the almost constant physical contact between these two performers. The set-up is a little lame, but once the sex begins this is a pretty explosive scene. As is usually the case, Brandi plays a nurturing dominant woman. Karlee, who can play a range of roles, here plays eager and awed by Brandi’s physical presence. This scene has a nice hungry, “abandoned to lust” feel to it.

Unlike Brandi Love and Sarah Vandella, it feels to me like both Jasmine Jae and Nina Elle only want to dabble in girl/girl, rather than really commit to it. The intensity is not there, that I feel with Sarah and Brandi’s scenes.

Having said that, I still enjoyed the Jasmine Jae/Elsa Jean scene quite a bit. What Jasmine lacks in intensity, Elsa Jean brings-on in abundance. Jasmine, with her tall, voluptuous frame and British accent, is good playing the “proper” lady who is a “smoldering cauldron of lust” underneath the surface. While I might not always be convinced of the sincerity of Jasmine’s moaning, the sight of these two beauties rolling around on the bed is very well filmed.

The Nina Elle/Casey Calvert scene was the least interesting scene on the disc, as far as I was concerned. I adore Casey Calvert, with her porcelain skin and sleepy/seductive eyes. But I didn’t feel any connection or chemistry between Casey and her partner here. Nina Elle—who I have no doubt can be dynamite in guy/girl scenes—feels out of place here, especially with her inch long pointed finger nails that must have made Casey Calvert a little bit cautious.

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