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Make Her Submit 03 ____________________________________
Make Her Submit 03
I.D. dvd_8657, Adult
2017, TBD
Team Skeet
Directed by Director

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Blake Eden, Ellena Woods, Lily Adams, Lola Faye, Nina North, Samantha Hayes, Sara Jay, Sarah Vandella

Ships approx 1/4/2018

Anon in Bama
As I am not all that familiar with Team Skeet, my expectations for this video were NOT very high to begin with, and therefore I was NOT particularly disappointed with this DVD. After all, when the so-called "quality" productions houses (e.g. Sweetheart Video, Girlsway, & Girlfriends Films) all put such a low-priority on imaginative, creative direction & writing, you can hardly expect Team Skeet to do otherwise, can you?

The set-ups for this one were mostly weak, and the sex scenes not all that impressive. For example, all four scenes included mechanical, formulaic INSTANT ANALINGUS, which is my definition for when a woman completely IGNORES the beautiful derriere of a pretty girl so that can can instead concentrate entirely on sticking her tongue up her ass-crack. It is both lame and un-erotic, and a clear sign of a weak director behind the camera!

1) Ellena Woods & Nina North - It all begins with pretty-girl Ellena inviting pretty-girl Nina over to her southern California home to share her swimming pool. Apparently, Nina is visiting from New York, as her parents have sent her away to stay with her California grandmother because the girl is too "boy crazy." Ellena is clearly attracted to Nina, as she ogles the body of the other girl in a tiny green bikini. Ellena wants to rub lotion on Nina, but limits her efforts primarily to her stomach. Why not her ass? Then she strips off her own swimsuit, and asks Nina to oil up her own nude body. It was all needlessly awkward and uncomfortable, as Nina has shown no indication of being in any ways a lesbian.

This overly-long, overly-convoluted intro continues with both girls then moving to the hot tub for some nervous giggling, with Ellena suddenly asking: "Have you ever hooked-up with a girl before?" Seriously, Team Skeet? You are stealing the same stupid-ass intro-lines perfected by GFF? Both girls begin kissing one another before then engaging in some predictable I-do-you-then-you-do-me lezzie-sex, including tribbing and 69ing.

set-up: D+, casting: B, sex: C

2) Samantha Hayes & Blake Eden - Scene two opens with beautiful Samantha opening her hotel room door and inviting pretty blonde Blake inside. Apparently, Samantha is a sex-therapist, and Blake is having "issues" with her domineering husband. Samantha decides that a BDSM therapy-session is what is needed here. I am sorry, but that is an incredibly LAME intro-idea! These two will only be having sub/domme sex to help Blake deal with her domineering husband?

Samantha strips Blake down to her bra & panties, and binds her wrists. The camera-angles and audio are both poor. Samantha slaps the ass of the pretty blonde, even kissing it affectionately, except that we the viewers can barely see it happening. Who was running the camera? Who was directing? Whomever you are, you did a terrible job. Samantha was far too tentative to be playing the dominant role, in any case. Eventually they move the action to the bed so that they can take turns going down on one another, along with tribbing & 69-ing.

set-up: C+, casting: B+, sex: B-

3) Sara Jay & Lola Fae - Older woman Sara is supposedly tutoring pretty younger girl Lola. She is shown cleaning up in the kitchen where she discovers a cell-phone belonging to the younger girl, filled with racy pics. Sara decides to use this discovery to blackmail the pretty girl into surrendering her body to her. When Lola arrives home, Sara scolds her, saying she needs to be punished, and proceeds to spank her sexy little ass. One the negative side, Lola immediately says: "harder... harder" during the spanking - making it clear that this is a porn scene!

I really liked the older/younger contrast here, as well as the SIZE-CONTRAST between the two, along with the attempted sub/domme efforts, although Sara was not particularly well-suited for the dominant-role. I would have loved seeing Magdalene or Cindy Craves opposite Lola Fae instead! The sex that follows is needlessly porny, as Sara breaks out a dildo, along with loud yelling and silly-sounding porn-speak. Still, this was easily my FAVORITE scene on this DVD!

set-up: B, casting: B+, sex: B-

4) Sarah Vandella & Lilly Adams - These are the two beautiful DVD cover-girls. Lilly has a boyfriend named Jake, and blonde Sarah is his mother. The mom is angry at Lilly for being such a slut, and decides to punish her with angry lezzie-sex. She pulls the dress off of the younger girl, licking her ass crack. I liked how Sarah remained in charge, but the writing for this scene was needlessly weak. Sarah sticks a butt-plug up the ass of the girl, along with dildo-usage, tribbing, & fingering.

set-up: D, casting: B+, sex: C

This could easily have been a MUCH BETTER video than it turned out to be, but the folks at Team Skeet opted not to make the effort. They would rather churn-out everyday porn, just like everybody else is doing. My grade for this one:

Two scenes were really good in this one:
1. Sarah Vandella & Lily Adams: They are in the room when one is being seduced. She wants to teach her a lesson to love being a lesbian and NEVER with another guy. Grade: B
2. Blake Eden & Samantha Hayes: This one was better. Starts off kind of slow but at 17:28 mark. Once in bed. It gets to be WORTH it! Both are VERY SEXY!

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