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Lesbian Massage 03 ____________________________________
Lesbian Massage 03
I.D. dvd_8708, Adult
2018, TBD
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Dana Vespoli

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Jenna Sativa, Alexis Fawx, Charlotte Stokely, Scarlett Sage, Maddy O'Reilly, Victoria June, Darcie Dolce, Kayla Kayden

Erotic massage reigns supreme as eight stunning lesbians become entranced by the seductive power of body work. Kayla is nervous during her job interview at a new spa, and hot spa manager Charlotte Stokely is part of the problem…TV show celebrity Alexis Fawx orders an at-home-massage, only to discover beautiful Jenna Sativa is her masseuse for the evening…college student Maddy O’Reilly gets suckered into helping novice masseuse Scarlett Sage practice some acupressure, and finally, Beautiful, self-centered Victoria June can’t stay off her cell phone. Even on the massage table! Masseuse Darcie Dolce has had enough, and schools Victoria in the best way possible…

Anon in Bama
When director/writer Dana Vespoli unleashes her full-erotic-potential, the woman can put together an incredibly hot video. But that does NOT happen very often anymore, and when Ms. Vespoli instead allows her camera-crew and/or actresses to write & direct their own scenes while she is busy on her computer, the end-result is often a porny, un-erotic mess. Sadly, THIS particular video is one of those times.

1) Kayla Kross & Charlotte Stokely - These two actresses are both very pretty, very femme, & naturally-submissive young girls. In other words, NEITHER one is right to take-on the dominant role in this encounter. But if you are NOT going to make a serious effort, and your goal is simply to churn-out some XXX-garbage-porn, then I suppose it does not matter.

Charlotte (who has cute blonde pigtails just like Harley Quinn) has passed her job interview at a massage parlor, and now simply needs to show manager Kayla that she knows how to give a massage. But the girl gets all nervous when Kayla climbs up atop the table completely nude. Neither woman has shown any attraction for the other, but Kayla suddenly flips onto her back and demands that Charlotte rubs her boobs. Then, without warning, Kayla undresses Charlotte so that they can have lezzie-sex together, under the guise of teaching her how its done. Basically, we watch as two femme girls clumsily go through the motions. This is some VERY POOR direction! There is a nice brief moment where Kayla massages the ass of the pretty blonde, unfortunately followed immediately after by mechanical analingus, complete with lots of lame porn-speak. A complete waste of two otherwise gorgeous young women!

set-up: F, casting: A-, sex: C+

2) Maddy O''Reilly & Scarlett Sage - Maddy & Scarlett are studying together in their sorority dorm room. We learn that Maddy is trying to pay off her credit card debt by giving massages, and she now wants to practice her technique on Scarlett. And so that is what happens. Maddy begins rubbing the vagina of the other girl over her short-short bluejean-shorts, which will immediately trigger instant lesbianism between the two. Both girls giggle and get naked. Quality writing this is NOT! When an intro is performed this badly, it inevitably reflects negatively on the entire scene. Again, a serious waste of two hot girls who could have sizzled together except that nobody with any talent was working behind the camera on the day when this was written and/or shot!

set-up: F, casting: A, sex: C-

3) Darcie Dolce & Victoria June - Victoria shows up at a high-class massage parlor to get a professional massage, and manager Dana Vespoli refers her to Darcie. "She has been called the ''messiah of massage''!" Darcie then appears to escort the girl back to her massage table. We then watch as Darcie rubs oil onto the back of the dark-skinned girl. Victoria is on her cell-phone pretty-much non-stop, and this momentarily annoys Darcie. At one point, she directs Victoria to turn over so that she can begin massaging her front, having only barely touched her butt! Eventually Darcie begins rubbing the enormous man-made boobs that Victoria possesses, leading to Victoria immediately returning the favor so as to trigger instant lesbianism between the two. Again, who wrote & directed this crap? What follows is some predictable I-do-you-then-you-do-me porny & completely forgettable lesbianism.

set-up: F, casting: B, sex: C-

4) Alexis Fawx & Jenna Sativa - These are the two attractive DVD cover-girls. Pretty young Jenna is broke and desperately needs to make some money, and so she goes to the luxurious home of wealthy blonde movie-star Alexis to give the older woman a private massage. Alexis quickly strips and climbs atop the table as the star-struck younger woman begins rubbing her neck. But the older woman is unhappy with the massage that she is getting, and angrily snaps at Jenna, with the younger girl angrily snapping back. Instead of immediately firing the girl, Alexis instead gives her one-thousand dollars to thank her for her honesty. Jenna hugs her, and they begin kissing. I cannot believe that Dana Vespoli wrote this garbage! Younger girl Jenna assumes the dominant role, which is just as well, as Alexis is one of those older women far more interested in flaunting her own body for the camera rather than in exploring that of beautiful younger Jenna. On the positive side, I definitely liked the loving attention that Jenna gives to the curvy derriere of the older woman.

set-up: F, casting: B+, sex: B

Again, who scripted these crappy, un-erotic intros? And do the folks at Sweetheart Video ever bother to screen these things before they are released to the public? Do they not care? And could it finally be time for the folks at that company to find a new director with some talent or at least desire to produce a quality product? This DVD has eight beautiful women in it, but NO quality/dedicated-people working behind the camera! My grade for this one: C-

Two scenes were the best among this video:
1. Maddy O'REilly/Scarlett Sage. Maddy is always sexy and she is with a hot brunette and this is a really HOT Scene! Grade: A-
2. Jenna Sativa/Alexis Fawk This is the 3rd at least I've seen Jenna in a lez scene and she is VERY HOT in this one. Grade: B
***Not that OTHER two scenes are bad, but every video. Two shine ABOVE the REST***

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