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Lesbian Babysitters 15 ____________________________________
Lesbian Babysitters 15
I.D. dvd_8739, Adult
2018, XX minutes
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Dana Vespoli

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Brandi Love, Abella Danger, Aubrey Sinclair, Phoenix Marie, Jessica Rex, Silvia Saige, Cory Chase, Sofi Ryan

Teen babysitters have their hands full with the hottest moms on the block, in the newest volume of Sweetheart’s popular older/younger series. Babysitter Abella Danger is uncomfortable telling Brandi Love how Brandi’s husband has been hitting on her. Overworked babysitter Sofi Ryan is caught sleeping on the job by boss Silvia Sage.

Babysitter Aubrey Sinclair is caught talking smack about boss Phoenix Marie, and she's in big trouble. Finally, babysitter Jessica Rex is caught playing with boss Cory Chase’s vibrator.

Anon in Bama
On the positive side, it would appear that the folks running Sweetheart Video have finally decided to give director Dana Vespoli some help with the writing (as erotic scripting has hardly been her strong point of late) - the bad news being that they picked Ricky Greenwood for that job, and he wrote stupid, mostly porny & un-erotic intros. But YOU be the judge...

1) Brandi Love & Abella Danger - These are those two DVD cover-girls. The whole thing begins with pretty younger girl Abella (wearing shorts-shorts) sitting on a small black couch, clutching her stuffed animal, and looking all nervous. When older blonde mistress-of-the-house Brandi arrives home, Abella immediately confesses to her that the husband of the older woman has been repeatedly "hitting" on her, and even sending suggestive pics of himself to her cell-phone. Upon the realization that the pretty girl is telling the truth, Brandi assures her that she is not the least big angry at the girl, and hugs her. And yes, this platonic hug will quickly lead to kissing & lesbian sex.

Brandi Love is one of those older women who finds it difficult showing any sign of physical attraction for the gorgeous bodies of younger women. She is far more interested in flaunting her own body for the camera, although there is a nice, very brief moment when she kisses & licks the sexy round rump of the younger girl. Afterwards, the two women taking turns going down on one another, along with some 69-ing & scissor-tribbing.

set-up: D, casting: B+, sex: C+

2) Silvia Saige & Sofi Ryan - Pretty young dark-haired Sofi is fast-asleep on a small red couch at the home of her employer, Silvia. When the older woman arrives home and awakens the girl, Sofi is alarmed that she has completely forgotten to pick-up the little girl that she is supposed to be babysitting. Not a problem, Silvia says, it has been taken care of. Sofi then confesses that she was kicked-out of her house by her parents after she told them that she is gay. Silvia is sympathetic, and invites the pretty girl to stay with her her. Sofi gratefully hugs the older woman, followed by kisses, followed by lezzie-sex. No seduction required. Silvia fingers Sofi from behind, followed by some formulaic instant analingus, and then some I-do-you-then-you-do-me everyday lez-sex on that same small red couch.

set-up: D, casting: B, sex: C-

3) Cory Chase & Jessica Rex - These two attractive young women look just about the same age. That is just BAD CASTING, considering that this is supposed to be a babysitter video! Dark-haired Jessica is cleaning-up in the bedroom, picking-up clothes & toys, when she discovers an electric vibrator on the floor beside the bed, which she proceeds to try out on herself. Of course, she is caught by Cory, who decides to punish the girl with lezzie-sex. Stupid, porny, and not the least bit erotic. At least this encounter takes place on a bed! The two women undress simultaneously, and go at it, using that same electronic vibrator a whole bunch. LAME!

set-up: F, casting: B-, sex: C-

4) Phoenix Marie & Aubrey Sinclair - Beautiful young blonde babysitter Aubrey is folding laundry on a white couch when she discovers a strap-on amidst the clean clothing. She immediately phones a girlfriend to tell her about it, but is caught in the act by older blonde Phoenix, who decides to punish the girl with lezzie sex. (Again?) On the positive side, at least older woman Phoenix seems to know how to act dominant! She slaps the girl on her gorgeous behind, announcing: "You are now my toy!" There is a great moment where she pulls the pretty girl over her lap for a spanking, before then repeatedly kissing her on her yummy derriere! The best part of this entire video occurs shortly after, when Phoenix dons the aforementioned strap-on and does Aubrey from behind on that same white couch! On the negative side, Phoenix is perhaps a bit too "vigorous" in her strap-on usage, which tends to look excessively porny. Aubrey is quite good in the more submissive role! Again, this was easily the hottest scene on this otherwise so-so DVD.

set-up: F, casting B+, sex: B+

I cannot blame Dana Vespoli for the weak writing in this one, as Ricky Greenwood gets full credit for that. And despite the somewhat overly-fast & mechanical strap-on usage in that fourth scene, it was still pretty decent. Note to director Vespoli: Babysitter videos NEED an older/younger dynamic in EVERY scene. My overall grade for this one is a C.

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