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Becoming Elsa, A Coming of Age Story (2 Disc Set) ____________________________________
Becoming Elsa, A Coming of Age Story (2 Disc Set)
I.D. dvd_8778, Adult
2018, 2+ hrs
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Ricky Greenwood

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Elsa Jean, Charlotte Stokley, Ana Foxx, Cherie DeVille, Abella Danger, Jade Kush, India Summer.

Sweetheart presents a coming-of-age story of innocence lost and lust awakened, when young and inexperienced Elsa Jean arrives in Los Angeles, seeking a place she can be her true self as she starts college.

Welcomed by her new landlord, gorgeous older woman India Summer, and two very devious roommates (Abella Danger and Jade Kush). Elsa is soon on a wild path of self-discovery with a sexy and elusive sidekick (Charlotte Stokely) that pulls her into new experiences and awakens her secret desire for women. Experience her powerful firsts while Becoming Elsa.

Written and directed by Ricky Greenwood and starring Elsa Jean, India Summer, Cherie DeVille, Abella Danger, Ana Foxxx, Jade Kush.

Anon in Bama
Two take-aways from watching this video: 1) Elsa Jean is a very pretty young blonde girl with enormous erotic potential and 2) Ricky Greenwood lacks any kind of serious talent for writing & directing erotic lesbian videos. This is a long & convoluted production that was all-around poorly put together.

Elsa Jean plays a pretty young thing leaving her Arkansas home to attend college at UCLA in southern California. She ends up rooming at a house owned by older woman India Summer, whom Elsa falls for and begins wanting to have sex with almost immediately. But first she meets fellow-students Abella & Jade. One day India invites Elsa to join them all in a game of Truth or Dare. When Abella is dared to dance for them, she responds with an amazingly UN-EROTIC & ultra-porny/crude ten-second lap-dance. Then it is Abella daring India to kiss Elsa, which she does.

1) Abella Danger & Jade Kush - These two young women are already lesbians and already in a lesbian-relationship with one another. Neither one expresses the slightest interest in beautiful young Elsa. When India smooches the pretty blonde, they immediately begin having lezzie-sex with one another, right then & there. Elsa & India promptly leave the room. Abella over-acts, while Asian girl Jade simply goes through the motions. There is also lots of un-erotic fingering.

set-up: C-, casting: B-, sex: C

Elsa lies in the bathtub thinking about India kissing her in that game of Truth or Dare. She wonders if she is in love with India. Meanwhile, India is in her bedroom with her lesbian-lover Cherie DeVille, talking with her about new girl Elsa...

2) India Summer & Cherie DeVille - These two older women just begin going at it, with Elsa now listening on the other side of the wall. Soon the pretty blonde girl is joined by "free spirit" Charlotte, another young lesbian student who also enjoys listening to other women having sex. This was really, really LAME! We watch India & Cherie going at it, and then see cut-a-ways of Elsa & Charlotte masturbating in the next room. Did Ricky Greenwood come up with this stupid-ass idea all on his own, or did he have help? Either way it was AWFUL.

set-up: F, casting: B, sex: C-

The next day Elsa asks India if she has always liked other women, and India responds with a long & rambling story about her first lezzie-encounter. Later, Charlotte invites Elsa to join her on an upcoming date, with Elsa agreeing to come along.

3) Charlotte Stokely & Ana Foxxx - The date Charlotte has scheduled is with black girl Ana. Again, both women are already lesbians and already in a relationship with one another. Elsa watches them go at it for a while, before eventually getting bored and leaving. Normally, I really like watching interracial black/white lesbian sex, but director Ricky Greenwood somehow finds a way to make it all look bland, uninteresting, & boring. Seriously, I was NOT impressed!

set-up: F, casting: C+, sex: D+

4) Elsa Jean, India Summer, & Charlotte Stokely - Elsa joins India in her bedroom, with the older woman soon perfunctorily rubbing lotion on the legs of the pretty blonde. Then Elsa kisses India. Charlotte suddenly joins them to make it a lesbian threesome. Charlotte did not belong, adding absolutely NOTHING to the eroticism of this older/younger encounter. But since India is not a particularly good dominant older woman, I suppose it mattered very little. This entire video was a huge bust.

set-up: D-, casting: B, sex: C-

The second disc included in this two-DVD set gives you five scenes from other Sweetheart Video productions that I was mostly unimpressed with. I wonder why they even bothered. "Becoming Elsa" was, in my opinion, an ENORMOUS DISAPPOINTMENT which I will grade a dismal: C-

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