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Please Make Me Lesbian Part 17 ____________________________________
Please Make Me Lesbian Part 17
I.D. dvd_8801, Adult
2018, 3 hr
Girlfriends Films
Directed by Director

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Mercedes Carrera, Jade Kush, Prinzzess, Harmony Wonder, Victoria June, Brooklyn Chase, Jessica Rex, Isabella Nice, Avi Love

Humble Opinion
"Please Make Me Lesbian" has always been one of my favorite Girlfriends series. This edition has three very good scenes.

My favorite scene is the last between long-legged and very pretty Avi Love on an island vacation with her best friend, a gay Isabella Nice, who is a cute, fit girl, in her own right. Avi's fiance, Sam, is supposed to meet them on the island later that day, but flights have all been canceled due to a tropical storm/possible hurricane approaching the island. Upon learning from a phone call, that Sam is not going to be joining them.

Everyone in the hotel has been ordered to stay in their room, by management, until given the "all clear". When Avi goes to Isabella''s room to give her the terrible news about Sam not coming, a sharp, loud crack of thunder and lightening has both girls grabbing each other and tumbling onto the bed. Afraid, on top of Isabella, Avi stares at her best friend briefly before bending down to softly kiss her.

What makes the scene work so well is the dynamic between these two performers. The smaller, less pretty, gay Isabella has clearly had a crush on Avi for a long time, which Avi has also clearly known but never acted on. We witness the moment when Avi decides to act on that attraction, and it is electric.

Jade Kush, a sweet, statuesque Asian girl is set to marry a guy, who she likes but feels no real sexual attraction to. Jade has been meeting, twice a week, for several months now, with Mercedes Carrera, toso Jade claimsto acclimate her to vaginal penetration sex. But it is not working, she still cannot get herself off with a dildo.

What is obvious immediately is that Jade gets off very easily and constantly from Mercedes soft, experienced touch and this is why Jade keeps meeting with her. Mercedes gently asks Jade how long this can keep going on, and Jade silently answers by giving herself to Mercedes yet again. A very sensual and sexy scene with Mercedes excellent as the nurturing older woman, and Jade as the younger, needy girl.

Harmony Wonder, is pretty much of a newbie to adult films, and she is wonderfully cast as a young college junior who is set to spend a year studying abroad, partnered with a male student who she has begun a relationship with.

The problem is that Harmony has developed a crush on her dorm mother, Prinzzess, who is openly lesbian. Harmony has never voiced her attraction out loud, but is desperate, and afraid, that if she does not reveal it now, as she is ready to leave, she will never have the courage to do so.

Harmony hesitantly admits her attraction for Prinzzess, and says that she doesn't want to go away, she wants to be with Prinzzess. Prinzzess is sweet in accepting the compliment, while telling Harmony that she has to go on her sabbatical, but as . Harmony buries herself into her body, Prinzzess weaken. And when Harmony whispers, "Please make me lesbian", Prinzzess succumbs and makes delicious love to the young girl. Both performers play their roles beautifully.

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