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Cheer Squad Sleepovers 27 ____________________________________
Cheer Squad Sleepovers 27
I.D. dvd_8802, Adult
2018, 3 hr
Girlfriends Films
Directed by Director

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Shyla Jennings, Zoey Bloom, Sabina Rouge, Gracie May Green, Prinzzess, Elsa Jean, India Summer, Scarlett Sage


Humble Opinion
Because Girlfriends Films tends to shoot scenes that have real sex in them, as opposed to director choreographed sex, the quality of the sex scenes depend a lot on the chemistry and connection that the performers generate between each other. I thought that this edition of Cheer Squad Sleepovers had partner- terrific chemistry in all 4 scenes.

Shyla Jennings is the team captain of the cheer squad, and she is concerned about newbie cheer leader Zoey Bloom hanging out with plain, dyke looking Gracie May Green. Shyla proclaims that it reflects badly on her if Zoey is seen as a lesbian. But really, as we learn when Shyla gets Zoey alone in a bedroom, she is more concerned with trying to steal Zoey away from Graciewho Shyla insists is not worthy of Zoey.

Shyla, unlike her usual shy character, is playing a stuck-up, pretty girl who is used to getting what she wantsand Shyla plays the part beautifully. Zoey, a long-legged, thin, pretty girl, is not, in fact, dating Gracie. But as Shyla boldly "comes-on" to her, Zoey is clearly curious about girls.

Sabina Rouge is clueless about Shyla''s intentions toward Zoey, but Gracie May Green is not. More to the point, she has her eyes on Sabina. Gracie does a nice job of being slightly forceful, but sweet with the intrigued Sabina, who has never been with a lesbian before.

The next two scenes revolve around India Summer being married to Prinzzess, but because India is a teacher, she is trying to keep the marriage a secret from the school board. Elsa Jean and Scarlett Sage are both cheer leaders and students of India's

Prinzzess has Elsa Jean alone in her bedroom and is "coming-on" to her. Elsa Jean, who plays sweet and innocent very well, is reluctant to violate the trust that India has in her. Prinzzess assures Elsa Jean that her and India have an "open relationship". After being slowly coaxed and convinced by Prinzzess of this, Elsa gives-in lusciously to her.

Scarlett Sage plays a bold and determined girl, who sees the opportunity to bed the teacher she has a crush on, and grabs it. Scarlett leads a slightly unnerved India to her own bedroom, and after sitting India on the foot of her bed, proceeds to strip off her cheer leader blouseto India's gawking amazement. When Scarlett gets India to admit that she is India's favorite student, she considers that a "green light" to take things to the next level, with India putting up only slight and futile resistance.

With all four scenes, the role playing mixes well with the beautiful sex that eac couple engage in.

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