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Make Her Submit 4 ____________________________________
Make Her Submit 4
I.D. dvd_8850, Adult
2018, 2 hrs
Team Skeet
Directed by Director

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Jayden Cole, Liv Revamped, Natasha Blue, Nicole Ray, Silvia Saige, Simone Garza, Tiffany Rain, Xandra Sixx


Anon in Bama
When it comes to QUALITY, this company (Team Skeet) remains inconsistent, causing me to believe that perhaps they use more than one person to write & direct their scenes. I thought that half of this particular video was POORLY put together, but the other half was surprisingly GOOD!

1) Silvia Sage & Natasha Blu - It all begins with older, dark-haired-lesbian woman Silvia gently waking-up pretty blonde Natasha, who is asleep in her bed. Apparently, Natasha has been a houseguest for the past few days, and Silvia now wants her to begin helping out around the house if she plans to remain in residence any longer. Silvia then directs the blonde girl to strip nude and join her in the bathtub. I liked how Silvia was in charge right from the very beginning.

Natasha is pretty, despite having a couple of huge tattooes (which I would have preferred otherwise). The blonde girl begins bathing Silvia, with the older woman fondling and eventually kissing the girl, before then making Natasha perform instant analingus on her. They then move it into the bedroom for some 69-ing & tribbing, with Silvia eventually donning a strap-on so that she can take Natasha doggy-style with it! That part was GREAT! There was a very nice nice sub/domme feel throughout this encounter!

set-up: B-, casting: B+, sex: B+

2) Tiffany Rain & Nicole Ray - These are the two DVD cover-girls. Tiffany is supposed to be the stepmother of Nicole. We watch her in black lingerie, touching herself. Then Nicole enters the room, also wearing sexy black lingerie, with Tiffany motioning for her to come closer. Tiffany orders the girl to begin kissing her legs and then go down on her. Yes, these two are already in a lez-relationship with Tiffany calling the shots. The stepmom strips first, showing little interest in the body of the younger woman, before eventually breaking out a dildo.

But then we suddenly see Tiffany now wearing a strap-on, and proceeding to use it on Nicole, doggy-style, making her stepdaughter call her "master," which was kind of hot. Overall, however, not a lot of erotic chemistry between these two. They close their scene with some tribbing.

set-up: D, casting: C+, sex: B-

3) Simone Garza & Liv Revamped - Liv is an attractive younger woman who has been renting a room from an older & more-dominant lesbian woman named Simone. But now the girl is facing eviction, and she BEGS Simone to give her a second chance. Simone decides to take full advantage of this situation. First, she bends the frightened girl over a couch, pulls down her tights, and spanks her on her gorgeous ass! This encounter had some all-around excellent CONTRASTS, as Simone is both larger & older than Liv, and her tattooes give her a sort of dominant biker look. She strips the girl completely nude before removing any of her own clothing. Simone is in complete control right from the start!

If there is a negative side to this otherwise excellent sub/domme encounter, it would be that Simone appears more angry than turned-on by making Liv her pretty slavegirl/plaything. Also, when she puts on her strap-on she makes the younger girl suck on it for nearly four minutes, which is WAY TOO LONG! Still, I loved it when she eventually gets around to taking Liv doggy-style! That was HOT!

set-up: B+, casting: B+, sex: A-

4) Jayden Cole & Xandra Sixx - Jayden is taking a shower while using a sex toy. Xandra is the pretty blonde daughter of her boyfriend. Anyway, after spying on Jayden, Xandra gets her own sex toy and begins masturbating with it. When Jayden catches her doing this, the two have a competition to see who can cum first. This whole scene was GARBAGE. They begin kissing and having I-do-you-then-you-do-me sex. At one point, Jayden dons a strap-on for some mechanical-looking doggy-style action with Xandra. Nobody is in charge. We simply watch two pretty women going through the motions. This was my least favorite scene on this DVD.

set-up: F, casting: A-, sex: C

I applaud Team Skeet for keeping this sub/domme series alive. Yes, it could easily have been MUCH BETTER, but that first & third scene were both quite good. I grade this one a: B

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