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Adoration ____________________________________
I.D. dvd_8872, Adult
2018, XX minutes
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Dana Vespoli

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Isabella Nice, Cherie DeVille, Dana Vespoli, Ivy Wolfe, Scarlett Sage, Eliza Jane

When businesswoman Cherie DeVille reunites with her former lover Dana, after almost a decade, a lot has changed. Both women have teenage daughters, and both have gone on to have successful careers. But, while both women attempt to pick up where they left off the problems that they struggled with in the past resurface, only now their daughters realize that they have a stake in their mothers’ relationship as well.

Cherie’s daughter Ivy is a wide-eyed bohemian who admires Dana’s artwork, while Dana’s daughter Isabella resents what she perceives as her mother’s feigned free-spritedness, and empathizes with what Cherie has endured. Will Cherie and Dana find a way to stay together, or will their daughters pull them apart forever? Starring Cherie DeVille, Dana Vespoli, Ivy Wolfe and Isabella Nice. Also featuring Eliza Jane and Scarlett Sage.

Anon in Bama
I wanted to purchase & watch this video primarily because of the implied older/younger contrasts. I mean, look at that DVD-cover-pic showing two older women pairing up with the pretty young teenage-daughters of the other. And with naturally-dominant Dana Vespoli cast as one of the two older woman, I was fairly certain that her encounter with beautiful younger Ivy Wolfe was going to be YOWZERS HOT, even if the other scenes were not. I mean, why would director Vespoli want to tamper with such a perfect opportunity? WHY?

Art gallery owner Dana & her pretty daughter, Isabella Nice, are awaiting a visit from Cherie & her daughter, Ivy Wolfe. Dana & Cherie were lovers before the two younger girls were born, but have not been together since. Once the visitors get settled in, the two older women meet in the living room to talk about how they went their separate ways.

1) Dana Vespoli & Cherie DeVille - Dana is dressed in bluejeans, while Cherie has on a short black skirt. Dana says: "We can start over now," and begins fondling & kissing her friend, and just like that the two women begin going at it. I liked how Dana pulled-off the clothing of the other woman while remaining fully-clothed herself. Cherie then goes down on Dana, with Dana then slapping and then kissing the gorgeous ass of the other woman. At one point, Cherie remembers to remove her high-heels to avoid it looking excessively porny. Basically, however, this scene is of two older women simply getting re-acquainted with some everyday lezzie-sex.

set-up: C+, casting: B+, sex: B-

After the sex is over, Cherie reveals how the business of her husband collapsed, and that she was left on her own to rise from the ashes and put together a new business while raising her pretty daughter. Dana feels guilty that she was not around to help her friend in her time of need. Meanwhile, the two younger girls are talking together, lying poolside in bikinis. Isabella tells Ivy about a time when she threw a party while her mother was out of town, and how she caught two varsity cheerleaders having sex up in her bedroom...

2) Eliza Jane & Scarlett Sage - These are the two young cheerleaders Isabella was talking about. They both just begin kissing and having lezzie-sex. There is a considerable amount of fingering and instant analingus, as NO EFFORT went into making this encounter erotic. What we have here are two young actresses laughing and going through the motions, including some tribbing and lots of loud yelling to show us all how hot it actually is.

set-up: F, casting: A, sex: C

3) Dana Vespoli & Ivy Wolfe - Ivy is intrigued by Isabella''s tale of mechanical cheerleader lezzie-sex, and so she visits the art studio where Dana works to ask the older woman to advise her about travelling abroad. "I feel like you could teach me so much!" Ivy then asks Dana to explain to her about having sex with girls. This scene SHOULD have been really hot, but because Dana allows the younger woman to play the aggressor-role it ends-up looking FAKEY & FORCED instead! Instead of dominant Dana seducing a naturally-submissive younger girl, it is the other way around. I-do-you-then-you-do-me sex follows. Later, Dana somewhat takes control, kissing the beautiful ass of Ivy, but the damage was already done. The was a needlessly-POORLY-WRITTEN scene that should have been so much hotter than it was!

set-up: C, casting: A, sex: B

That night, Cherie shows up in bed wearing some skimpy black lingerie, but Dana appears uninterested. Cherie is unhappy, and wanders into the bedroom of Isabella, where she acknowledges to the girl that she and Dana were once lovers, but that it is all over now. The next morning she announces that she and her daughter are leaving to go stay in a hotel.

4) Cherie DeVille & Isabella Nice - When Isabella learns that Cherie is leaving, she hugs & kisses her, initiating lesbian-sex because they are both angry at Dana for being so aloof. There is 69-ing and instant analingus. There is NO CHEMISTRY between these two. The writing & directing were both REALLY WEAK.

set-up: D, casting: B-, sex: C

As Cherie & Ivy drive away, Isabella reveals to her mother: "I f*cked your girlfriend!" It was all so incredibly STUPID! Is there nobody at Sweetheart Video capable of helping director Vespoli to write these things? And WHY is Dana Vespoli so against showing dominant older women initiating sex with beautiful, submissive younger girls? My grade for this one: C+

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