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Lesbian Anatomy ____________________________________
Lesbian Anatomy
I.D. dvd_8875, Adult
2018, 2 hrs
Directed by Stills by Alan

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Cherie DeVille, Sarah Vandella, Whitney Wright, Kenna James, Charlotte Stokely, Chloe Foster

Kenna James asks Dr. Cherie DeVille's next patient to fill out a form an tells her that she'll be right with her. Kenna is then called into the office when Dr. DeVille needs some help and asks for a hand. Chloe waits patiently for her gynecologist as she plays with her phone. When her doctor, Sarah Vandella, walks in the room, she's eager to get to the bottom of why her stomach's been hurting. After a couple of questions, Dr. Sarah has a pretty good idea of what she needs to do. Charlotte wears a spare stethoscope and proceeds to seduce Whitney who is confused by her new doctor. Listening to Whitney's chest, Charlotte makes sure to grab a handful of her breast. Her shirt might get in the way.

I usually don't go for the hospital routine. I feel there's nothing sexy about a doctor's office or a sterile examination room. However, I truly wanted to check out CHERIE DeVILLE & KENNA JAMES together. I must say in spite of the clinical setting these two exceptional ladies did not disappoint. The sex performance these two incredible starlets deliver is positively on fire. I even loved the set-up! I found it erotic as well as original and to a certain extent believable. Instead of the old doctor/patient bit Cherie plays the doctor and Kenna is her receptionist. It's certainly plausible to become attracted to someone you work with and to act on it, sometimes even in the workplace. I particularly liked how the ladies worry about being too loud during their passionate lesbian tryst. To me that kind of realism makes the sex scene that much hotter. Unfortunately, what was not hot were the two cameos by the director Stills By Alan and a male production assistant. On two separate occasions each of these guys enter the lobby looking for assistance while Cherie and Kenna are having (toy free) sex in the examining room. I really hate it when directors do that kind of stupid shit. Even so, these annoying occurrences didn't ruin this scene because it really is that good!

The next scene with CHLOE FOSTER & SARAH VANDELLA was to say the least "garbage"! I don't know which was more annoying the relentless squeaking hospital bed the girls have sex on (which you hear throughout the entire scene) or the caterwauling fake orgasms of these two actresses. In all fairness, Sarah does give some pretty decent analingus but other than that there is very little else to recommend about this scene. The set-up is completely stupid and confusing. In the previous scene, Chloe is Dr. DeVille's patient and Sarah Vandella has a non-sex role also as a patient. Here she's a doctor (I guess you can be both but whatever)! There's absolutely zero chemistry between Sarah and Chloe. Unfortunately, what follows is a junky lesbian scene that is neither erotic nor inspired. Both actresses have done much better work in the past. This was a true waste of time better off forgotten.

The final scene is with CHARLOTTE STOKELY & WHITNEY WRIGHT. Although the sex is better between these two girls it's pretty much the same dumb set-up as the previous scene, right down to the same set and the same annoying squeaky bed. At least here we know that Charlotte is not a real doctor, just posing as one in order to have sex with Whitney. If you can get past the squeaky bed, the oral sex in this scene is pretty awesome (especially from Charlotte)! Unfortunately, there is hardly any kissing in this scene except at the very end.

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