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Women Seeking Women 157 ____________________________________
Women Seeking Women 157
I.D. dvd_8883, Adult
2018, 3+ hrs
Girlfriends Films
Directed by Director

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Ariana Marie Scarlett Sage Jade Nile Isabella Nice Vienna Black Lexi Luna Sami Parker

Beautiful Woman-Woman Sex Which Is Sure To Excite You!

Humble Opinion
I thought that this was a really good edition of WSW, with 3 scenes that had interesting set-ups, role-playing that felt natural and believable, and very hot looking girls.

Ariana Marie (one of the prettiest girls in Adult, imo) plays Isabella Nice's exercise trainer. Isabella was overweight, with low self esteem when she first started training. Isabella, always a lesbian, fell in love with Ariana during that time, and amazingly learned that Ariana felt the same way. But one careless night at a bar, and Isabella has ruined everything between her and Ariana.

Part of what makes this scene work is Ariana''s visible offended pridethat SHE would be cheated on.

Isabella tackles Ariana, who is walking away from her on the exercise mat. Climbing on top of Ariana, holding her down, Isabella cries out desperate things like, "You're going to miss sitting on my face." and "You're going to miss hearing me scream your name!"

It''s that last cry that seems to get to Ariana. Ariana stops struggling, and stares up at Isabella. Isabella takes that moment and leans down to kiss Ariana. And what follows is mad, passionate make-up sex. When it is over, about 25 minutes later, Ariana, on top of Isabella now, growls into Isabella's face, "You better never do that to me again!" Isabella sweetly pleads, "I promise!"

Vanna Borgot is in her kitchen drinking her morning orange juice. The front doorbell rings and startles her, and she spills orange juice onto her tank top. The doorbell rings impatiently, so Vanna hurriedly pulls off her top, and scampers to the door in her bra and shorts.

Vanna''s now ex-girlfriend, Scarlett Sage, is at the door, and slyly remarks, "I like the look!" Vanna rolls her eyes and storms away, leading Scarlett to the walk-in closet where all her belongings are packed.

Vanna is convinced that Scarlett cheated on her with Scarlett's former girlfriend. No matter how much Scarlett pleads innocence and protests, Vanna will hear none of it. After a bit of arguing, Scarlett slyly slides her index finger onto Vanna's gleaming chest and licks it, "It''s sticky and sweet!" Vanna angrily retorts, "You can lick me all you want, I'm not gonna have sex with you!"

Vanna growls this as she climbs onto her bed, (decidedly sending mixed messages). Scarlett follows Vanna onto the bed, and slyly murmurs, laying herself alongside Vanna, "Okay. Well, you just lay there then, and relax. And I'll do it myself."

A delicious love scene follows in which Scarlett, in particular, cums very hard several times.

Lexi Luna is a statuesque brunette who is on an island vacation. Having just been sun bathing at the pool, she is now in her cottage room bathroom about to take a bath, to wash off her sweat and lotion. The doorbell rings. Hurriedly putting on a fairly sheer cotton robe, and only wearing her bikini bottoms, Lexi answers the door. A cute girl is smiling, standing there with a bouquet of flowers. The girl announces that she is Jade Nile. Lexi Luna is visibly startled. The two went to college together, but this enticing girl in her doorway looks nothing like the Jade Nile that she knew.

Jade happily explains that she has lost 75 lbs. went vegan, and worked out aggressively to get her body in shape. And she owes much of that to Lexi, and that night long ago when the two of them almost consummated a love tryst. That night changed Jade's whole view of herself. Jade, who always knew she was lesbian, realized that she could actually attract a gorgeous girl like Lexi, if she put a little effort into self improvement.

Jade wants to take advantage of this lucky coincidence of seeing Lexi again, to thank her in person, hence the flowers. But also, Jade want to try to finish what they started that night, that she has never forgotten.

Lexi softly protests that is was just a one-night spur of the moment thing, and that she is completely straight. Jade doesn't believe her, particularly since Lexi is doing such a poor job of keeping her robe closed. Jade impulsively pulls off her clothes, asking Lexi to see how hot her body is now. Lexi is startled but also finds herself in lust for Jade all over again. A hot, sexy scene follows between these two brunettes with gorgeous bodies.

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