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The Lesbian Experience: Women Loving Girls 3 ____________________________________
The Lesbian Experience: Women Loving Girls 3
I.D. dvd_8896, Adult
2018, 90 min
Digital Sin
Directed by Eddie Powell

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Dana DeArmond, Abella Danger, Ivy Wolfe, Mercedes Carrera, Reagan Foxx, Carolina Sweets, Ryan Keely, Gina Valentina

Reach the pinnacle of lesbian eroticism in experience vs. youth. Ravishing older women and budding beautiful girls (Abella Danger, Dana DeArmond, Ivy Wolfe, Mercedes Carrera and more) cum together in fresh new tales of lesbian seduction The Lesbian Experience continues.

Anon in Bama
It would appear that SOMEBODY must be complaining to g/g video producers about older/younger lesbian videos showing more mature lesbian ladies seducing pretty, younger, & not-necessarily-lesbian girls without their permission! Such scenes are now being labelled as OFFENSIVE, and the latest director/writer to buy into these garbage accusations is Eddie Powell! This ''Digital Sin'' release has an AWESOME DVD-cover-pic, but looks are deceiving. It is a piece of crap!

1) Mercedes Carrera & Ivy Wolfe - It all begins with pretty young blonde Ivy showing up at the house of her friend Amy, who is not home. But Mercedes (the mother of Amy) greets Ivy, and invites her inside. Ivy stares transfixed at the behind of the older woman, because we all know how much younger girls lust after mature gals (SARCASM). Mercedes shows no interest whatsoever in Amy, but eventually the younger girl just starts kissing the feet of the older woman for no good reason, looking every bit as FAKEY & FORCED as it sounds. Suddenly the two woman are locked into all-out I-do-you-then-you-do-me lezzie-sex, with Amy performing mechanical instant-analingus on Mercedes, which means that her tongue will zero-in on the ass-crack of the older woman. A really POOR job of writing & directing to signal what we can expect from the rest of this video!

set-up: F, casting: B, sex: C-

2) Dana DeArmond & Abella Danger - These are the two women on that HOT DVD box-cover-pic. Older woman Dana runs a Bed & Breakfast Inn, and pretty younger girl Abella arrives to spend a few days there. Dana is immediately smitten by her beautiful young houseguest, and so retreats into her bedroom to masturbate. Abella follows and listens to Dana masturbating from the other side of the door, and then begins masturbating herself. After three days, as Abella prepares to depart, they hug & kiss, and begin going at it for no other reason than that they are in the same room. The sex that follows is nothing special. There is mechanical analingus, and both women use a pink dildo on the other. What a HUGE WASTE of otherwise great casting!

set-up: F, casting: A, sex: D

3) Reagan Foxx & Carolina Sweets - Older dark-haired Reagan is interviewing pretty younger blonde Carolina to be her personal assistant. Carolina is only 23-years old, newly arrived from Nebraska, and... she is MARRIED TO ANOTHER WOMAN! Now WHY would they include her already being a married lesbian? Answer: because in the world of really CRAPPY scriptwriting, such an admission guarantees lezzie-sex, and Eddie Powell DEFINITELY qualifies as a really crappy scriptwriter! While the two are going at it, Carolina actually announces: "I have never been with another woman before," seemingly forgetting that she is a married lesbian. Why could Reagan not be the aggressive lesbian instead, flirting and seducing the pretty younger blonde girl? But no such luck. TERRIBLE writing & directing here! Just awful!

set-up: F, casting: A, sex: C-

4) Ryan Keely & Gina Valentina - Older, short-blonde-haired, & slightly butchy-looking Ryan is the piano instructor teaching pretty, dark-haired Gina how to play. Gina has a crush on her teacher and so she goes into the bathroom to masturbate. When she comes out, she just begins kissing Ryan and instant lesbianism ensues. On the positive side, I liked how Gina was wearing these tiny bluejean cut-off shorts, and I also liked the way that Ryan at least TRIED to act somewhat dominant. But, as in the other scenes, the excellent older/younger potential was completely RUINED by weak direction & non-existent erotic writing. These two had excellent older/younger, butch/femme, and larger/smaller size-contrasts, but nobody with any talent working behind the camera.

set-up: F, casting: A, sex: C

The folks at ''Digital Sin'' have not cared all that much about creating quality-lesbian-erotica in the past, so I should not have been as disappointed as I was. If they are content with churning-out XXX-garbage-porn then I suppose that Eddie Powell is the perfect fit for that company. My grade for this poorly slapped together piece of sh*t: D+

Humble Opinion
Mercedes Carerra does a wonderful job playing a tired woman who has been on her feet all day, and has no thoughts about sex until her daughter's cute friend boldly "comes-on" to her. Mercedes is marvelous to watch transforming from weary, to aroused, to hungry, as she responds to Ivy Wolfe's advances.

Ryan Keely is an elegantly dressed and poised piano teacher, and Gina Valentina is her young, infatuated student. Gina can't stop thinking about kissing her elegant home tutor. When Gina finally gets up the nerve to impetuously give Ryan a quick kiss on the lips, Ryan is wonderful to watch, staring briefly before leaning in to kiss Gina full mouthed on the lips, leading to a terrifically sexy encounter between the two lovelies.

Reagan Foxx has recently hired Carolina Sweets as her personal assistant at her home/office. At the end of a long first day, Reagan comes up behind her cute young worker, and massages her back. Turning Carolina around to face her, Reagan kisses the recently married lesbian, who softly gives in to her gorgeous boss's advances.

Dana DeArmond runs a Bed & Breakfast out of her home, and finds luscious Abella Danger to be her guest for 3 days. At the end of the 3 days, Abella hugs Dana tightly as she says goodbye, and both ladies realize that they have "unfinished business" to attend to in Dana's bedroom.

This was an excellent production with some very good role playing going on with all of the performers.

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