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Lesbian Adventures: Strap-On Specialists 13 ____________________________________
Lesbian Adventures: Strap-On Specialists 13
I.D. dvd_8900, Adult
2018, 90 min
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Dana Vespoli

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Abella Danger, Mindi Mink, Sarah Vandella, Dana DeArmond, Cherie DeVille, Britney Light, Dolly Leigh, Sofi Ryan

The lesbian strap-on adventures are back in this exciting new volume of scintillating stories. Stepmom Mindi Mink has her hands full with promiscuous stepdaughter Abella Danger. When Abella comes to her in the middle of the night, things take a dark and sexy turn. Stepmom Dana DeArmond has had enough of spoiled stepdaughter Sofi Ryan, and confronts the girl after finding a strap-on. Sofi runs out of excuses and Dana shows Sofi what happens to little liars.

Professor Cherie DeVille confronts sorority pledge Britney Light after finding out that Britney and her sorority sisters were behind a vicious prank at the school. Britney goes out of her way to show Cherie how sorry she really is. Shoplifter Dolly Leigh has a lot of explaining to do after security officer Sarah Vandella drags her into the security office. When everything else fails, Dolly relies on her cuteness and charm, but will it be enough?

Anon in Bama
There''s a psychological, sub-domme factor involved in strap-on lesbian sex that always makes it ESPECIALLY EROTIC for me to watch, especially when you''ve got a dominant older woman wielding the strap-on with a beautiful-younger-submissive girl on the receiving end with whom the older woman ardently desires to possess. Sadly, not all directors get this, including Dana Vespoli. For some strange reason, Dana DISLIKES scenes where older lesbians seduce pretty younger girls. So WHY is she even writing & directing strap-on videos?

1) Mindi Mink & Abella Danger - This video opens with older female business partners Mindi & Dana Vespoli looking at furniture designs together on their lap-top. Suddenly, beautiful young Abella enters the room wearing a skimpy bikini. The girl immediately begins flirting with Dana, making both of the older women very uncomfortable. Abella is apparently the stepdaughter of Mindi. It is already painfully obvious that the younger girl is going to be the aggressor in the scene that follows.

That night, Abella shows up in the bedroom of her stepmom, again wearing some sexy sleepwear that shows off her hot young body, but Mindi is uninterested, and just looks uncomfortable. The pretty girl asks: "When was the last time my daddy made you cum?" Seriously, Dana? THAT''S your idea of erotic writing? Of course, older woman Mindi quickly gives in, with BOTH of them eventually donning the strap-on that Abella has brought with her. At one point Abella sucks on the feet of the older woman. There is NO doggy-style action included. I thought that this was a poorly written & directed scene.

set-up: D, casting: B, sex: C-

2) Dana DeArmond & Sofi Ryan - Dana is the stepmother of Sofi. She arrives home from grocery shopping, and discovers a strap-on dildo in the trunk with her bag of groceries. When she confronts Sofi about it, the girl laughs it off as a sorority prank. Dana then decides to show the pretty girl how it works, which means that there will be NO EROTIC INTRO for this scene. Dana DeArmond is USUALLY really good in the dominant role, but as the director made NO EFFORT WHATSOEVER here to make it work, all we end up watching is some mechanical strap-on action with both women merely going through the motions. Dana never even takes Sofi doggy-style. Everybody looks bored, like they just want to get it over with as quickly as possible.

set-up: D, casting: B, sex: C-

3) Cherie DeVille & Britney Light - College professor Cherie keeps pretty blonde student Britney after class. Apparently, the pretty girl was caught on a security camera putting a strap-on dildo on the doorstep of the professor. It was just a sorority prank says Britney. The older woman lectures her. They hug, kiss, and have classroom sex. SERIOUSLY, Dana Vespoli? THAT is the best you could do with this otherwise hot scenario idea? Granted, Cherie is NOT very good in the dominant older woman role, but whose fault is that? Why not cast Dana DeArmond as the college professor instead? The classroom sex that ensues looks awkward as they go at it on a desk. And when Cherie FINALLY gets around to taking the pretty blonde from behind with the strap-on, the end-result is a mechanical, uncomfortable-looking mess. This was WEAK, unimaginative directing all around!

set-up: B, casting: C+, sex: C-

4) Sarah Vandella & Dolly Leigh - Store detective Sarah has caught Dolly shoplifting a strap-on dildo. REALLY, Dana Vespoli? Apparently, it was just a prank. Dolly is a spoiled, wealthy young woman, which sets-up a GREAT opportunity for Sarah to strip the pretty girl completely nude before then doing her doggy-style, right? WRONG. Sarah merely tells Dolly to act responsibly, and allows her to leave. Dolly responds by offering the detective some bland, everyday I-do-you-then-you-do-me lezzie-sex that will eventually include the strap-on, which Sarah almost reluctantly accepts. Dolly yells REALLY LOUDLY so that we know it is hotter than it looks. Once again, a GREAT initial idea ruined by lame, uninterested direction.

set-up: B, casting: B, sex: D

WHY do the people running Sweetheart Video not notice when the director/writer in charge of a project SHOWS NO INTEREST in making it work? Do they not screen these things in advance? Dana Vespoli clearly does NOT care about lesbian strap-on sex, just as she deeply dislikes showing older lesbian woman dominating pretty younger girls! My grade for this disappointing flop: C

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