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Dirty Britches ____________________________________
Dirty Britches
I.D. dvd_8903, Adult
2018, 2 hr 22 min
Directed by Director

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Penny Pax Marley Brinx   Gia Paige Lyra Law  Anna De Ville   Jayden Cole  Serena Blair   "

English rider Serena Blair perks up when she notices a gorgeous stranger at the horseback riding stables. The statuesque blonde pops over to borrow a tack and calls herself Lyra Law. The moment she tosses her long blond hair, conservative Serena falls madly in love. As the two get to talking, it's obvious that Lyra is a wild one. Maybe she's even a tad crazy. Lyra steals a kiss and Serena melts, no match for the flirtatious creature.

Lyra keeps coming on strong but Serena is worried they're going to get caught. Lyra couldn't care less about rules and demonstrates by pulling her top off. Serena is excited by the sight of her tits. She lets her pull down her britches and touch her pussy. Then Lyra shows off her ass wiggling out of her jeans and makes Serena wear her riding boots. She lays her down naked in the middle of the stall and licks her pussy to orgasm. It's Serena's first lesbian experience.

She kisses Serena with cum on her mouth, then gets up to straddle her face. Then she leans Serena against the barn wall and rims her ass from behind. She sucks on her clit from underneath and makes her cum. Serena eats pussy for the very first time till Lyra explodes in her mouth. Then the lesbians 69 in a frenzy, cumming all over each other!

Three out four of these toy free scenes are very good. I think the title refers to the tight jeans LYRA LAW wore in her scene with SERENA BLAIR. Lyra looked great in this! A beautiful blonde with a smokin' hot body. Tanned and topless in tight blue jeans and ready to do lesbianism was a great selling point. This scene takes a little time to find it's footing because of Serena''s apprehension. This made no sense! We know from the very beginning that Serena is attracted to Lyra. Lyra noticing this starts kissing and coming on to Serena who is playing it shy. Only when Serena comes out of her shell does this scene finally take off. This is dirty in more ways than one as the sex is filmed in a riding stable. Ultimately the scene works and wound up being very hot!

I was surprised by this next scene with JAYDEN COLE & PENNY PAX. I wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as I did but it actually turned out to be quite good. Jayden truly loves women and looked great in this wearing black stilettos with purple bra and panties. Penny plays it quiet but when the sex is on she is a wildcat! The set-up was good, although it ran a little longer than necessary. Mainly the casting was just perfect! An aggressive lesbian babysitter played by Jayden and a shy wife and mother played by Penny are roles that fit these actresses to a tee. Also both of these ladies are excellent lesbian performers! I could have a done with a little less of Chris Cock who makes a few cameos in the scene looking for his wife Penny. The poor guy must be blind as a bat since she was having sex with Jayden practically right in front of him and he didn't even notice. He does add an element of danger to the scene as these two women make passionate love to each other in the living room fearful of being caught.

MARLEY BRINX tells her sister/roommate Gia about her sexual encounter at the tattoo parlor with artist ANNA DE VILLE. Sometimes I'm into movies from companies like Burning Angel or Filly Films. They hire many actresses that have lots of piercings and tattoos so it was kind of cool seeing Girlsway go this route for a change. Mostly the scene works because the girls are both young, attractive and very into each other. I thought it was a great start to the sex as Anna wanted to kiss Marley at the same time she was tattooing her hip. Too many tattoos and piercings can look gross and be overdone but both of these girls looked just right. This was Girlsway gone gothic and a terrific lesbian sex scene!

Unfortunately, the scene between GIA PAIGE & ANNA DE VILLE never had the opportunity to get off the ground. This can be attributed to bad directing and editing and also a lack of chemistry between the two performers. The sex acts were fine! You've got your kissing, your oral, your analingus, your tribbing and both girls look hot. However, that's all it was without any real mutual desire. It was very difficult to enjoy this awkward scene! Anna clearly was not into Gia, not even close to the same way she was into Marley. Marley's constantly interrupting the sex didn't help the scene either. You just never knew when Marley was going to intrude screaming like a silly child for her cell phone charger. So erotic!! Why directors do this annoying shit sometimes I'll just never know? The sex ended abruptly too and Gia basically threw Anna out. I guess Gia wasn't that into it either. So sad. This scene should have been so much better than it was.

Two scenes to review in this HOT video:
1. Penny Pax/Jayden Cole. Penny's man wants them to go upstairs but her friend is staying the night. Jayden wants NOTHING but to steal Penny and seduce her. IF you love two redheads, this is your scene Grade: B
2. Lyra Law/Serena Blair. Two horse riding babes need a break and are shocked to learn they enjoy lesbian Sex! Alone in the barn means HOT SEX. Love this: Grade A-

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