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Mommy Games ____________________________________
Mommy Games
I.D. dvd_8945, Adult
2018, 2 hr 30 min
Directed by Stills by Alan

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Brandi Love, Uma Jolie, Mindi Mink, Rebel Lynn, Mona Wales, Piper Perri, Mercedes Carrera, Alexis Fawx, Lexi Belle

Uma Jolie is busy playing video games when she's interrupted by her step-mother Brandi Love reminding her that she must make it on time for school. Uma pays no mind and continues her day online. Mindi Mink is texting her stepdaughter, Rebel Lynn, before bedtime. When she sends her a sexy pic in hot black lingerie, her daughter wonders if it was meant for her.

Despite their busy lives it looks like Mona Wales and Mercedes Carrera are finally going to be parents. Social services called approving their request for a foster child Piper Perri. Lexi Belle doesn't do her chores and acts inappropriately. Alexis Fawx is fed up with her stepdaughter's behavior and confronts her dad about it. He's off to work and doesn't have time to deal with this now the girls are going to have to figure this out on their own.

Cowboy Bob
This left practically nothing to be desired in acting, plot lead ins and sex performances.

Scene 1-This was a toss up with scene 3 for the best overall of the flick. Brandi Loveís sexual fondling of Uma Jolie was a fun and clever way to end her video game playing session AND obsession. The lead in was cleverly crafted and the sex action was the best one-on-one in the film. After their sex, Brandi told Uma that she was grounded and forbidden to play video games. Right after that, Uma picked up the controller and started back playing. Brandi, why didnít you slap the controller out of her hand as soon as she picked it up? Brandi said that Umaís still being obsessed with video game playing after their sex was ďunbelievable.Ē This great ending showed two women with very different priorities.

Scene 2-This was the best overall plot lead in. Mindi Minkís waking up next to her husband in bed naked and horny was a nice erotic touch. Her sexting her stepdaughter, Rebel Lynn, as a proposition to sex was a steamy building up to the action. Albeit a little short, the sex action was high caliber. The element of sneaking to screw while Mindiís husband was in the shower was very creative. However, if Mindi invaded Rebelís room to seduce her, without the risk of the husband finding out as easily, this would have allowed for a longer period of sex between them. Nevertheless, the sex in this did not disappoint at all.

Scene 3-The lead in here was very good and the sex action was excellent. One typical problem with threesome scenes is that the sex is often not evenly reciprocated between all three people. Furthermore, one of the three performers tends to become bored while waiting for his or her turn to screw. This threesome between Mercedes Carrera, Mona Wales and Piper Perri overcame this problem by all three people being constantly engaged in either sex or sex support throughout the entire scene. Sex support in this was both physical and verbal (tit licking or grabbing, fingering or cheerleading/coaching). The sex action here was well paced and reciprocated with an expert blend of intensity and equally shared participation between the three performers. It was also fun how Mona and Mercedes left Piper on her own while they screwed. What did they expect Piper to do in her room on her own the first day as their adopted daughter, twiddle her thumbs and whistle while waiting alone in her room for their return?

Scene 4-The lead in here was very good and a nice switch up from the MILFs seducing the teens. Lexi Belle seduced Alexis Fawx very well in a solid piece of acting for both performers. Alexisí grabbing Lexiís head and putting it to her vajay-jay was an entertaining way of calling her bluff. Although the sex was not as intense or strong as that in the other three scenes, it was still very up to par.

As a whole, the only minor shortcoming in this was that subtitles were needed in scene 2 so that the audience could follow the text part of the sexting between Mindi Mink and Rebel Lynn. However, even if the audience wanted the option to follow the text of their sexting correspondence, it was not a significant factor. Therefore, it did not affect the overall quality of this flawless flick. Still by Alan, you and the team did an unbeatable job here!!!!!!!

5 out of 5 stars.

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