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Who's The Boss ____________________________________
Who's The Boss
I.D. dvd_8946, Adult
2018, 2 hr 22 min
Directed by Stills by Alan

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Sinn Sage, Georgia Jones, Shyla Jennings, Jenna Sativa, Samantha Hayes, Aaliyah Love, Kissa Sins, Chanell Heart

Georgia Jones starts her new job at Allen Enterprises. She's working for top executive Sinn Sage, and she is married to the company's owner. Jenna Sativa and Samantha Hayes are in bed sleeping. When Jenna's alarm goes off, she panics realizing how lat she is for work. When she gets to work, her boss, Shyla Jennings, yells at her. Jenna apologizes but Shyla tells her that this is the last time she's going to tolerate any of this nonsense.

Aaliyah Love has been planning for weeks for a company retreat, the time has for her big day, but soon after a dreaded call ends, Kissa shows up early for the retreat, giving them plenty of time to take an intense lesbian fuck before everyone shows up. The last thing they expect is for Chanell Heart to show up.

Anon in Bama
I have said it before and I repeat it now: Stills-by-Alan is HORRIBLE when it comes to writing erotic intros. Yes, I knew that before I purchased this DVD, but I thought - or at least I HOPED - that the subject matter of this video - Lesbian Bosses - would overcome his complete inability to script something even remotely erotic. I was wrong. He simply cannot do it. He does not know how.

1) "Who''s the Boss?" - Sinn Sage & Georgia Jones - Sinn is the boss of Georgia. How simple is that? But in a LAME effort to show that he can write, Stills-by-Alan proceeds to slap together an overly convoluted piece of shit wherein Georgia is married to the CEO of the company, and he tells his pretty wife on the phone that there is an office pool predicting that Georgia will not last a month on the job, and Sinn finds out, and for some stupid-ass reason she decides that she should now have sex with Georgia on the hard office furniture, with Georgia appearing completely uncomfortable the entire time. Again, director/writer Stills-by-Alan simply lacks the TALENT and good sense to leave well-enough alone. He takes an initially hot idea and then removes any-and-all eroticism from it! "If my husband divorces me I will get nothing!" Who even cares? Sinn is a natural domme, but even she cannot overcome directing & writing this atrociously bad.

set-up: D, casting: B+, sex: C

2) "While the Boss is Away" - Jenna Sativa, Samantha Hayes, & Shyla Jennings - This is yet ANOTHER overly-convoluted, un-erotic script by untalented director/writer Stills-by-Alan. Jenna & Samantha are already lesbian lovers as they open this scene in bed together. Jenna works for Shyla, but she has told Samantha that she is the boss of Shyla. First, we watch as Shyla scolds Jenna for coming in late again, and then Shyla leaves for lunch. Samantha then shows up unexpectedly at the office, and urges Jenna to join her in the conference room where she proceeds to get naked, giving Jenna a brief-but-sexy lap dance. Of course, Shyla then returns from lunch and catches the two girls going at it, and tells Jenna that she is fired. But then Samantha suggests that Shyla join them both in a three-way, and in a really poorly-scripted scene (such as this is) that kind of un-erotic crap always works. I-do-you-then-you-do-me-sex follows on the hard table-top in the conference room. A real waste of three beautiful young women!

set-up: F, casting: B+, sex: C

3) "Two is company, three is allowed - part one" - Aaliyah Love & Kissa Sins - On the positive side, at least these final scenes/scene take place in a bed instead of atop uncomfortable-looking office furniture. Pretty blonde Aaliyah arrives at a luxurious house where her company retreat is to take place. Dark-haired Kissa then arrives at her room and the two girls just begin going at it for no reason, because the director/writer is an untalented buffoon who has no idea how to script anything erotic. Neither girl takes charge because they are both already lovers simply going through the motions, just like they have done countless times before. Such a waste!

set-up: F, casting: B, sex: C-

4) "Two is company, three is allowed - part two" - Aaliyah Love, Kissa Sins, & Chanell Heart - While Aailyah & Kissa are still going at it, black girl Chanell arrives at the room, and immediately joins them on the bed. Chanell apologizes for interrupting, before proceeding to join them in a bland lezzie three-way. It is every bit as stupid & unimaginative as it sounds. Basically, these three young women are simply going at it because the director does not have a clue what to do next, and the people running Girlsway do not care that he is content with churning-out poorly-written, mindless garbage porn.

set-up: F, casting: B, sex: C

How do you mess up an idea like pairing pretty young submissive women with their predatory lesbian bosses? Answer: You give it to a director/writer who has no idea as to what is erotic and what is not - and that director/writer is Stills-by-Alan. He is just terrible. My grade for this disappointing piece of excrement: C-

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