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Talk Derby To Me ____________________________________
Talk Derby To Me
I.D. dvd_8950, Adult
2018, XX minutes
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Ricky Greenwood

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Stoya, Joanna Angel, Gia Paige, Elsa Jean, Katarina Jade, Carmen Caliente, Sovereign Syre, Arabelle Raphael.

Sweetheart Video presents Talk Derby To Me, starring Joanna Angel & Stoya. Allison Decker (Joanna Angel) and Suzy Weston (Stoya), known as infernal duo BRUISER & CRUSHER, used to rule the track dominating the roller derby world, until their relationship ended with Suzy’s injury and Allison moving to New York. Years later, Suzy is the coach of the Los Angeles Pussy Posse and Allison has just reappeared, hoping Suzy will forgive her and let her return where everything started, in LA with the Pussy Posse. Follow the private lives, dramas, and quirky personalities of the ladies of the Los Angeles Pussy Posse as they battle jealousy, competition and the need for some serious action on and off the track. Written & directed by Ricky Greenwood.

Humble Opinion
For those folks who have been asking for a full length connected lesbian story DVD, "Talk Derby to Me" should be something you check out. Like Sweetheart Video's Dana Vespoli's "Lefty", this is a female sports movie. "Lefty" revolved around female boxing, while "Derby" revolves around female roller derby.

I would say that "Talk Derby to Me" has more of a cohesive plot than "Lefty", with the 4 sex scenes being better blended into the overall plot (but not with as compelling and complex a plot and characters as Dana Vespoli's Evil Angel full length adult feature some years back, "She's Come Undone").

One word of caution, though, is in order. If viewers have a problem with girls having tattoos, they will want to avoid this movie. Several of the ladies sport large tattoos, not the least of which being Joanna Angel (for all practical purposes the star of this picture, even though top billing goes to Stoya).

It is a surprisingly sweet story featuring several flawed characters, such as Joanna Angel's 37 year old former Derby star looking for a comeback that coach Stoya questions the wisdom and practicality of. Cute young blond Elsa Jean plays a shy skater, with a speech impediment (she stutters badly) who has talent but no confidence.

My favorite sex scene is the last one with Joanna Angel/Elsa Jean, which is a nice mixture of sweet and heated. Elsa, who has been crushing on former star Joanna, brings over a six pack of beer to Joanna's motel room, to celebrate a hard one victory, and we see that Elsa while shy is not unaware that she is a hot chick, and she gamely seduces the older, slightly taken aback Joanna.

Joanna Angel also has a passionate scene with Stoya, (Stoya''s only sex scene) which takes place in the gym's shower. It is a good scene, with Stoya mostly being the aggressor, hungrily making Joanna, who looks gorgeous standing and writhing against wall of the shower.

There is a 3 way scene between Gia Paige, Katrina Jade, and Carmen Caliente that, I found, especially well staged. Carmen is a newbie skater, who enters the locker room of the gym to find Gia and Katrina making out boldly, not seeming to care that Carmen is staring at them in stunned silence. The two bring slightly aroused but nervous Carmen into the mix, which later becomes a heated threesome.

Sovereign Syre and Arabelle Raphael are teammates who are also married to each other. They learn that Arabelle is pregnant, and at home we watch them in a glorious, funny, and passionate way make celebratory love to each other.

All of the sex scenes, like the movie itself, have a subdued tenderness go themeven the 3 girl scenewhich doesn't, imo, take away at all any of the heat and arousal of the scenes. Instead, it gives the sex and the characterseven the bitchy girlsa humanity that makes the scenes come alive and feel real, not porny.

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