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Spa Confessions ____________________________________
Spa Confessions
I.D. dvd_8977, Adult
2018, 2 hr 30 min
Fantasy Massage
Directed by Stills by Alan

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Angela White, Darcie Dolce, Georgia Jones, Gina Valentina, Natalia Starr, Tiffany Watson, Uma Jolie, Violet Monroe

Client Georgia Jones is seeing her masseuse Natalia Starr today, and it's filling her with nervous excitement. When Natalia asks her to turn over so she can reach the problem area, Georgia spreads her legs wide open, Natalia laughingly praises her for not being shy. When athlete Tiffany Watson comes in for a massage after some hardcore ab training, masseuse Violet Monroe offers her tickle treatment, because it really works the core. Then she tickles her most sensitive spot, between her legs, rubbing her clitoris, working her core.

Convinced her husbandís been ordering hookers, Gina furiously books a full body contact massage at midnight for revenge. But, when Darcie's jeans are digging into her soft skin, she agrees to remove them. Uma Jolie treats herself to a pampering birthday massage. Her gorgeous masseuse is Angela White who decides to have some fun with the birthday girl and blows softly on her dainty feet.

Humble Opinion
In my opinion, girl/girl massage movies tend to depend more on the chemistry between the performers than other types of girl/girl. Like gonzo girl/girl scenes though, if the performers are especially attractive then the scene can work beautifully. If not, though, gonzo and massage scenes tend to fall flat.

This movie, I thought had 3 scenes where there was some serious chemistry between the performers, they seemed genuinely turned-on by each other. And one scene that worked well, because the girls were mouthwateringly gorgeous.

Angela White plays a brassy lesbian who is practically salivating at the sight of Uma Jolie''s hot, tanned, slim body. (For my money, Uma Jolie may well be the hottest girl in adult films today, both in body and in performance).

Uma beautifully plays the young innocent who doesn''t know what to expect from her first massage, and is a little nervous that it is an openly lesbian masseuse giving it. Once the sex begins, these two performers are awesome together. One highlight has to be near the end, where Angela has Uma resting against her body, and she is reaching over Uma to finger her. Angela is going furious, and while Uma is gasping she nonetheless places her hand on Angela's arm to slow her down. We see Angela comply, and shortly after that we see white juice oozing out of Uma's pussy!

Georgia Jones has been getting massages for some time from Natalia Starr, and is really crushing on her. Natalia has always been totally professional, which Georgia respects but wants desperately to break through to have intimate sex with Natalia.

Watching Natalia begin to "catch on" to Georgia is asking for, and sweetly acquiescing because she's been wanting the same thing, is fun and beautiful to watch. Once again, when the sex begins in earnest these two beauties are electric together.

Violet Monroe is offering newbie client Tiffany Watson a new type of massage, called "tickling massage". Tiffany is skeptical but accepts. The highlight of this scene, and where the chemistry really starts to show itself, is once Violet has Tiffany practically squirming off the massage table with her skimming fingers that keep exploring. Once the sex starts, these two girls are clearly hungry to take it to the next level, and almost seem oblivious to the camera.

The Gina Valentina/Darcie Dolce scene is playful, with Gina basically telling masseuse Darcie that she wants a "happy ending massage" and Darcie grimacing and telling Gina that she doesn't do such things.

Gina, of course, soon convinces Darcie otherwise, by pushing her down on the couch and having her way with her. While I found the chemistry between these two a little dubious, the bodies on these two as they crawl over each other made this scene a winner for me. Gina Valentina in particular looked awesome in this scene. And Darcie Dolce's exotic looks always are a turn-on for me.

I found this to be an especially good girl/girl massage movie.

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