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Make Her Submit 05 ____________________________________
Make Her Submit 05
I.D. dvd_8979, Adult
2018, TBD
Team Skeet
Directed by Director

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Sadie Pop, Tia Cyrus, Caroline Sweet, Jennifer Jacobs, Jayden Cole, Natasha Blu, Silvia Sage, Blaten Lee


Anon in Bama
I mostly like this series, as it clearly involves an obvious sub/dom element, complete with older lesbian women forcing pretty younger girls to submit their hot little bodies to them. But I am sorry to say that Team Skeet clearly dropped-the-ball with this particular release, for the reasons that I will now relate.

1) Blaten Lee & Caroline Sweets - Blaten is an older blonde woman who is shocked to discover that her husband is cheating on her with his young blonde assistant. Basically, she finds pictures of them both embracing on his cellphone. First, she goes about trying to get the phone number of the girl (WHY even show this, Team Skeet?) And then, she invites the girl over to her place, saying that she has an anniversary present that she wants her husband to have before leaving for an upcoming business trip. Anyway, the pretty young assistant is Caroline, and once she arrives, Blaten makes her an offer: "I will pay you to do with me what you do with my husband!" That is just LAME.

The sex that follows starts out looking a bit like angry-punishment-sex, but all-too-quickly morphs into everyday I-do-you-then-you-do-me lesbianism. There is a brief moment where Blaten forcibly slaps the pretty girl on her shapely behind before then kissing it, although the camerawork was noticeably POOR when this occurs. Blaten remains mostly in charge as the two strip down to black lingerie, and they wrap-it-up with some 69-ing & tribbing. This scene should have been so much better than it was!

set-up: B-, casting: A-, sex: B-

2) Jayden Cole & Jennifer Jacobs - Stepmom Jayden has had it with her insolent young stepdaughter Jennifer, and so she goes into her bedroom and creates a VOO-DOO DOLL of the pretty girl using a toy Barbie-doll & black magic! Then, using her voo-doo powers, she forces Jennifer to clean-up her room, followed by making the girl undress and touch herself. On the NEGATIVE side, Jayden shows no interest WHATSOEVER in the gorgeous body of the pretty girl now under her complete control! Instead, she forces Jennifer to go down on her, along with some mechanical/formulaic instant-analingus. It was all just so NEEDLESSLY PORNY, complete with a considerable amount of loud porn-speak. The director turned an initially highly-creative hot idea into UN-EROTIC & tired-looking everyday porn.

set-up: B, casting: B+, sex: C-

3) Silvia Sage & Natasha Blu - If you''d care to read my review of Silvia and her encounter with Natasha, go to "Make Her Submit 04" and read it there, as this is the EXACT SAME SCENE that opens that DVD! Yes, the people in charge over there at Team Skeet are either: 1) incredibly LAZY, or 2) incredibly DISHONEST - take your pick! How do you throw in the exact same scene on back-to-back videos? No matter HOW you look at it, Team Skeet is ripping-off its customers. I paid for FOUR new scenes, but ended up getting only THREE! I should be refunded 25% of the cost for this one!

set-up: F, casting: F, sex: F

4) Tia Cyrus & Sadie Pop - These are the two attractive DVD covergirls. Tia is tutoring pretty younger Sadie in algebra, but Sadie is NOT taking her studies seriously. After the girl disappears for a long time on a bathroom break, Tia discovers her loudly masturbating upstairs in her bedroom. This whole scene was NEEDLESSLY PORNY and all-around poorly slapped together. Of course, instant lesbianism occurs, despite neither woman indicating the slightest physical attraction for the other. Tia mechanically slaps the beautiful ass of the younger girl, followed by lots of un-erotic ass-fingering. There was NO CHEMISTRY whatsoever between these two. Even some late doggy-style strap-on sex was not enough to save it. A waste of two pretty girls!

set-up: C+, casting: B, sex: C-

When the folks at Team Skeet make the effort, they are capable of putting together some really hot girl/girl encounters, but they did NOT make much of an effort here. This one was a sloppy & poorly slapped together mess. My overall grade: C

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