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Viv Thomas Presents: Coming Home To Her ____________________________________
Viv Thomas Presents: Coming Home To Her
I.D. dvd_8987, Adult
2018, 72 min
Viv Thomas
Directed by Alis Locanta

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Julia Roca Briana Banderas Alyssia Kent Aruna Aghora Lara West

Sometimes, you just can't wait to go home to feel the touch of your partner's body. These ladies have been longing for their partner's touch and they are infor an amazing session of uncontrolled pleasure. Watch them come home to incredible sex and romance.

CRAVING: Brianna Banderas & Julia Roca
STIRRING: Brianna Banderas & Lara West
CONTROL: Alyssa Kent & Aruna Aghora
CARNAL: Julia Roca & Lara West

Humble Opinion
Viv Thomas movies can be very hit or miss these days. I found this to be a good DVD.

My favorite scene is between Aruna Aghora (a tall, imperious looking brunette) and Alyssia Kent (an exotic, very sexy looking brunette).

The set-up, such as it is (none of the scenes have hardly any dialog) is that Alyssia appears to be coming back to a fairly well-to-do, older Aruna. Aruna is cool to Alyssia, to put it mildly.

In the house, Aruna silently hands Alyssia a half-tee shirt and panties that Alyssia will wear to bed. Aruna sits, looking away, as Alyssia struggles, standing to remove her clothes and obediently put on the shirt and panties.

When she''s done, Alyssia stands silent and awkward. Aruna quietly looks over, stands and approaches Alyssia, face to face. Staring at each other for a moment, Aruna's mood suddenly warms, and she kisses Alyssia softly. From then on, Aruna will gloriously, and wordlessly worship young Alyssia's heavenly body, as Alyssia leans against the wall, moaningly accepting the worship. Later Alyssia will return the attention.

Briana Banderas (a sweet looking, long haired brunette with an awesome body) is excitedly awaiting the arrival of Julia Roca, scampering, her robe barely covering her naked body, to her second floor window to check if Julia is there yet. Briana strips robe off, and puts on her bra and panties and looks again out the window, and sure enough, there is Julia waving at her!

In her bra and panties, Briana greets Julia at the door, and begins excitedly kissing her in the doorway. Finally stumbling into the apartment and the bedroom, Briana simply begins overcoming Julia. Julia Roca (a sexy sleek brunette) looks sensational, gasping and twisting on Briana''s face, as Briana devours her. After quite a spell, Julia Roca, with equal excitement, does the same for Briana.

Lara West (a cute, sexy looking light brown haired girl) is lying on her bed, missing the feel of her lover. Briana Banderas shows up in the doorway, and silently strips off her clothes, and climbs, naked, into the bed, to surprise Lara. The appreciative Lara hugs and buries her face into Briana''s body, and Briana takes that face in her hands and begins to steadily, and beautifully, undress and make love to Lara. A very sexy and beautiful scene.

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