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My Amazon Step-Mom ____________________________________
My Amazon Step-Mom
I.D. dvd_8989, Adult
2018, 2 hr 23 min
Directed by Stills by Alan

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Brandi Love Alexis Fawx Gina Valentina Ariella Ferrera Kristen Scott (II) Carolina Sweets Kenzie Reeves Mindi Mink

What Kristen Scott really missed the most being away at college was her mom. Unpacking her things in her room, she can't help but think if this is where they're gonna fuck next, Brandi Love tries to get to work but Gina Valentina stops her again and again. She insists that they get to know each other and that she can worry about cleaning later. Ariella is so tall, Kenzie can't believe it. Noticing that she's being a bit awkward she presses her to tell her what's wrong, she asks Kenzie if it's because of her height. Entering Carolina Sweet's room Alexis Fawx wastes no time changing into stepmother from hell. It's clear that she's fed up with her stepdaughter and doesn't care who knows it!

I enjoyed most of this! I prefer younger/younger scenes to older/younger but the sex in this was pretty darn good. The running theme in this DVD has to do with tall step-mothers versus short step-daughters. Except in the case of ALEXIS FAWX who is not very tall. The last two scenes were kind of lousy but the tribbing was very good in both so I forgave their bad attributes.

MINDI MINK & KRISTEN SCOTT: I've never been all that turned on by Mindi. Although, she looked really good in this! She and Kristen both delivered a very hot high energy performance. I like it when the younger one is the aggressor seducing the older one into sex. In this premise, Mindi & Kristen are having a lesbian affair which I found to be completely believable. Mindi wants to get out of the affair over guilt feelings of cheating on her husband with his daughter. Kristen doesn't want the affair to end and with a lot of coaxing eventually seduces her step-mother. Their sex encounter was so good that Mindi decides to keep her lesbian love affair going with Kristen.

BRANDI LOVE & GINA VALENTINA: I''m surprised that Brandi & Gina didn't make the cover of this DVD because their scene happens to be the best of the lot. Maybe it''s because contrary to what the title says there is no mother/daughter relationship between them. In this story, Gina mistakes her father's new cleaning woman played by Brandi, for her new step-mom whom she has never met. I liked the freshness of this idea even though in an age of texting, smartphones and social media it was utterly absurd. Yes, it's a dumb idea but the sex between these two was so good that who really cares. Gina was the aggressor here for which she is a total natural. Plus, Gina is so smokin' hot! I loved seeing her perform with beautiful big breasted Brandi who demonstrated to Gina that she also knows how to clean with her tongue.

ARIELLA FERRERA & KENZIE REEVES: This scene stunk and I hated it! I was all set to not even talk about it. However, once I saw these two ladies do such a good job of tribbing I did a 180 degrees and then I loved it. This scene really is bad though on just about every other level. I am such a sucker for good trib and in spite of the rest of this garbage somehow that got accomplished. All is forgiven but it would have been nice if the bar could have been raised even a little bit higher with everything else in this scene.

ALEXIS FAWX & CAROLINA SWEETS: Although much better than the previous one, this scene wasn't all that special either. Alexis plays the mean step-mom who gains control over her meek step-daughter's allowance as a way to extort sex from her. Clearly the director was going for a sub/dom element here which I'm just not a big fan of. I really can't wrap my head around someone treating somebody so badly one minute and then having sex with them the next. It was necessary for Alexis to take charge here however. I''ve never seen Carolina before so I'm guessing she's a newbie. When it comes to oral sex it seemed like Alexis had to show her how its done, unless maybe Carolina was just acting. The pussy eating from both ladies turned out to be ok but once again it was the tribbing that really won me over. Unfortunately, not much kissing here but at least in this scene as with the other three this was toy free.

Cowboy Bob
While not a 5-star film, this was another strong effort by the best lesbian plot director in the business.

Scene 1-This was the best overall scene of the flick. The situation of the mother-daughter relationship between Mindi Mink and Kristen Scott was very well set up with the background at the beginning. The best part of the lead in was when the father took a phone call from his office and Mindi encouraged him to stay while Kristen encouraged him to go. Mindi’s facial expression was one of a helpless victim of Kristen’s seduction. The sex following this was very on point—the best of the flick.

Scene 2-This was a pretty good scene in both plot lead in and sex. It was funny the way that Brandi Love nonchalantly played along with Gina Valentina’s strong acts of seduction. It feels better to be viewed as the stepmom rather than the cleaning lady—a higher status involved. However, the nonchalant nature of Brandi Love’s character made the sex a bit less intense and passionate than if she was more into it either way, enthusiastic acceptance or rejection.

Scene 3-Just like scene 2, this was also a good, not great or excellent, scene. The lead in was quite charming and cute in the way that Ariella Ferrera picked up and played with Kenzie Reeves as if she were a cute and petite little doll. There was a nice contrast made in the scene between these two women in their body sizes. However, despite the fact that the sex was well set up for Kenzie to gradually relent to more intense sex acts, the sex in this scene was too short and lacked intensity.

Scene 4-This was the second best scene. The plot lead in was arguably the very best of the flick. Alexis Fawx gave a stellar performance as a stepmother fed up with catering to daddy’s little princess. “You are no longer daddy’s little princess you are now my bitch,” were her strongest words in which she sufficiently showed the proper anger and passion with them which carried over into the sex. Carolina Sweets would look much better without so much mascara around her eyes. Alexis’ face sit on Carolina elevated this to a top notch sexual performance on another level.

Either scene 1 or 4 should have been the poster scene for this flick. Nevertheless, all four scenes related quite well to the overall theme of the film. Nice job!!!!

4 out of 5 stars.

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