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Lesbian Strap-On Bosses 03 ____________________________________
Lesbian Strap-On Bosses 03
I.D. dvd_9001, Adult
2018, XX minutes
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Dana Vespoli

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Casey Calvert, Mona Wales, Sovereign Syre, Brenna Sparks, Kendra Spade, Jill Kassidy, Kira Noir, Lyra Law

In this newest edition of Sweetheart’s popular strap-on series, gorgeous lesbians exert power through sensual, assertive strap-on sex. Women’s studies professor Mona Wales must contend with conservative student Casey Calvert after Casey accuses Mona of being a man-hating lesbian. Mona shows Casey that women don’t need men to feel satisfied…Kira Noir and Brenna Sparks have an awkward first date until Kira shows Brenna that there’s no reason to be afraid of a silicone dildo…

Sovereign Syre is convinced that girlfriend Kendra Spade is cheating on her. When Kendra tells Sovereign that they need to expand their horizons, Sovereign takes matters into her own hands…Finally, housekeeper Lyra Law has had enough of bratty Jill Kassidy’s attitude and sloppiness, and exacts revenge in the sexiest way possible.

Anon in Bama
I knew in advance that director/writer Dana Vespoli was probably going to do a half-assed job in scripting erotic intros for this one, so I cannot say that I was shocked at how needlessly BLAND the final product turned out. I am guessing that Dana has been adversely affected by the Harvey Weinstein case from earlier this year, and so will NO LONGER show younger women being sexually dominated by their older bosses, lesbian or otherwise, and so this approach is now the ''new normal'' for this series.

1) Mona Wales & Casey Calvert - This video starts-out on a positive note, with these two lovely DVD covergirls portraying an older blonde lesbian college professor and her beautiful dark-haired student (Casey is wearing these short-short white shorts that look GREAT on her!) Mona asks her pretty student to remain after class, saying that she is concerned over the girl spouting her conservative values during class discussions, and so she now intends to "educate" Casey with some preachy lesbian sex. Sadly, this will also take place in the cold classroom atop uncomfortable, hard desks. And I also disliked how Mona is seducing the pretty girl NOT because she is physically attracted to her hot little body, but because she is trying to TEACH her about accepting diversity. Mona goes down on Casey, and then Casey returns the favor. And then, almost as an afterthought, Mona pulls a strap-on from out of her purse to do the girl frontally & doggy-style. Mona is NOT great in the dominant role, and so what follows was not particularly exciting to watch.

set-up: B-, casting: B+, sex: C+

2) Sovereign Syre & Kendra Spade - These two women are already in an older/younger lesbian relationship when Sovereign discovers that her beautiful young lover has an interest in rough-sex after discovering a strap-on in the book-bag of the girl, along with some incriminating cell-phone texts. When she confronts Kendra, the girl confesses that their sex needs spicing-up, and so after some preachy dialogue about rejecting the male patriarchy Sovereign roughly pulls the clothing off of her pretty lover. There is a GREAT moment when the older woman then lovingly kisses Kendra on her luscious little butt, but then things quickly go downhill. And when Sovereign eventually dons the strap-on to do Kendra FRONTALLY-ONLY, her heart is clearly NOT into it, as she even admits as much at the very end of their scene. "I do not think I can be this person for you!"

set-up: C+, casting: A-, sex: B-

3) Lyra Law & Jill Kassidy - Blonde Lyra is a maid upset with spoiled young Jill for leaving her room a mess for her to have to clean-up. And when she discovers a strap-on lying on the bathroom floor, that proves to be the last straw, as Lyra decides that lesbian PUNISHMENT-SEX is now in order. She quickly puts on the strap-on before then informing the giggling girl than she will now be fucking her. As she strips Jill completely nude, the girl requests to be taken doggy-style, and so Lyra obliges. What follows was kind of hot, but any potential sub/dom element quickly dissipates, despite the fact that Lyra remains mostly in charge for the remainder of this scene. They close with scissor-tribbing & 69-ing.

set-up: C+, casting:B+, sex: B

4) Kira Noir & Brenna Sparks - These two young women open their scene together kissing as they slowly walk to their hotel room. They are CLEARLY both already lesbian lovers. Asian girl Brenna is shocked to discover a strap-on waiting on their bed upon arrival, but black girl Kira assures her that they will not use it if she dislikes the idea. The two then get undressed and have everyday lezzie-sex, with neither girl calling the shots. They go down on one another, along with scissor-tribbing & loud moaning. Eventually, Brenna decides to allow Kira to use the strap-on on her, which she does, frontally and doggy-style (which was nice!) But then Brenna dons the strap-on to use on the black girl, which was just dumb and completely unnecessary.

set-up: D, casting: B, sex: B

This was not an entirely terrible video, but NOR was it in any way about lesbian strap-on bosses sexually dominating their pretty female employees, which is what the title implies. If the folks at Sweetheart Video are serious about showing lesbian strap-on bosses doing their thing, then they really need to find a director/writer who shares that vision, as Dana Vespoli clearly has other ideas in mind. My overall grade for this one: B-

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