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Taxi Girl, The ____________________________________
Taxi Girl, The
I.D. dvd_9047, Adult
2018, 1 hr 20 min
Fantasy Massage
Directed by Barrett Blade

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Jessa Rhodes, Val Dodds, Angela White, Elle Alexandra, Karlie Montana, Lena Paul

Whoever came up with the stereotype that redheads get excited easily were clearly referring to Elle Alexandra and Karlie Montana. When the sun turns out to be too strong for them, they know that a shower is the only relief, so Elle and Karlie get in the shower to clean themselves off.

Undercover reporter Angela White is going to expose a neighborhood spa for offering sexual services. But first, she needs proof. When she shows up for her appointment with masseuse Lena Paul, Angela's cameraman is barred from entry, and that's just the beginning.

Jessa has been cabbing people around all day, and just as she thought she was done with her day, her last client Val Dodds doesn't have the resources to reward her taxi girl. Jessa is fed up, when Val tries slipping her an IOU, sending Jessa into ultimate freak out mode. How will Val calm her down?

Anon in Bama
Okay, I ONLY purchased this one because I saw that it was directed by a guy named Barrett Blade, and I felt that I owed him an opportunity to show me what he could do, and whether or not he possessed any degree of talent and/or creativity beyond what this company usually settles for with its directors/writers. And no, he apparently does not.

1) RED ON RED - Elle Alexandra & Karlie Montana - These two pretty red-haired girls open this video lying side by side in the sunshine, wearing skimpy bikinis. One of the two suggests that they shower before going out tonight, and so that is what they do. They enter the shower together and right away begin making-out, because both are already lesbians and already in a relationship with one another. Off come the bikinis as they go at it. On the POSITIVE side, there is a very nice moment where one of the two begins lovingly smooching her partner on her gorgeous butt, which I enjoyed very much!

After completing their shower, they retreat to an air mattress where they begin sensually massaging one another with oil, which was also nice. There is a considerable amount of fondling & caressing before the fingering begins, followed by some 69-ing and tribbing. These two pretty girls had a decent chemistry together despite the non-existent erotic-intro to their scene.

set-up: F, casting: A, sex: B

2) UNDERCOVER EXPOSURE - Angela White & Lena Paul - Dark-haired, full-bodied Angela works for a television newsroom, and she is busy doing an investigative report on massage parlors. Blonde masseuse Lena will not allow her male cameraman to come inside with his videocamera, and so Angela secretly places her cellphone camera in a potted plant to record what happens next. Lena then proceeds to give the female reporter a very clinical massage while Angela asks her probing questions. Lena never even bothers to squeeze or caress the butt of the newswoman. In fact, there is no indication whatsoever that either of these two women is into girls!

But then Lena has Angela turn over onto her back, and begins rubbing her big boobs. This quickly leads to fondling & kissing, as full-blown lezzie-sex suddenly erupts without warning, eventually including ass-fingering, instant-analingus, 69-ing, and also some scissor-tribbing. Lena even yells rather loudly to let us know that it is hotter than it looks, which is probably for the best because it looks really stupid and un-erotic.

set-up: D, casting: B-, sex: C-

3) THE TAXI GIRL - Jessa Rhodes & Val Dodds - These are the two pretty blonde DVD covergirls. Masseuse Val does not have any money to pay cab-driver Jessa for her fare, and so she offers her a free massage instead, which Jessa reluctantly accepts. Val says that first they both need to get naked and take a shower together, at which point Jessa complains that: "I am not a lesbian!" But she strips and joins Val in the shower, with Val washing both Jessa and herself. I liked watching her soaping the curvy derriere of Jessa!

After the shower, they both get into a bathtub together, with Val then softly beginning to kiss the shoulders and neck of the other girl, who immediately accepts it like no big deal. Lezzie sex soon follows, with Val then oiling up the body of the pretty taxi girl as she reclines on an air mattress. Both of these girls came across to me as being the passive, submissive types, which meant that the sex that follows was somewhat mechanical & formulaic, as neither seemed to be really into girls. Val goes down on Jessa, followed by 69-ing and tribbing. It was two pretty blonde girls pretty much working without a director.

set-up: D, casting: A, sex: B-

I am guessing that Barrett Blade is one of those young director/writers who sees NO NEED to include quality erotic writing with his videos, and so this one contains none of that. I had high hopes that perhaps he would be an improvement over the un-talented people who currently permeate this business, but I was mistaken. My grade for this one: C

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