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Girlcore Part 2 ____________________________________
Girlcore Part 2
I.D. dvd_9065, Adult
2018, 2 hrs
Adult Time
Directed by Bree Mills

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Alexis Fawx, April O'Neil, Chanel Preston, Jenna Sativa, Kristen Scott, Shyla Jennings, Tommy Gunn

The latest lesbian series from award winning producers of pure taboo, and girlsway is finally here. Written and directed by Bree Mills, GIRLCORE pays homage to the great lesbian pulp stories of yesterday. The most premium project by Gamma Films to date, GIRLCORE's vivid anthology brings you thrilling sights in high definition, and ultra modern cinematography that will make you homesick for the 80s.

Girlcore is a premium binge watching experience, with a first season of 6 episodes. Each episode is a standalone story, and features the music of Anthony Scott Burns AKA Pilotpriest. With favorite Lesbian Predators (Abigail Mac, Carter Cruise, Ryan Keely, Alexis Fawx, Kristen Scott, Casey Calvert, Sarah Vandella, Angela White, Emily Willis, Aidra Fox and Kenna James) on the hunt for innocent women (Scarlett Sage, April O'Neil, Jenna Sativa, Shyla Jennings, Whitney Wright, and Georgia Jones, and Cherie DeVille), GIRLCORE is sure to excite your senses and trigger your hunger for the chase.

We're all girls here, toting a range of Erotic stereotypes sure to feed your fantasies. GIRLCORE offers an overdose of nostalgia from a time when lesbians lurked in the shadows.

Anon in Bama
I genuinely like this series, as Bree Mills is a talented & creative director/writer who seriously cares about producing quality lesbian-erotica on video. That is not to say that this series is flawless, but nobody can call it mindless XXX-garbage-porn, either. It leans heavily upon trying to re-create the nineteen-eighties, what with the inclusion of typewriters, VHS tapes, eighties-clothing/hairstyles, & even Jiffy-Pop popcorn, but overall I am truly enjoying it!

1) "The Third Way" - Alexis Fawx & April O-Neil - This scene is about a dominant lesbian boss who goes about seducing her beautiful young secretary, which is ALWAYS an awesome intro-idea! So WHY is Dana Vespoli at Sweetheart Video so consistently bad at understanding this simple concept? Bree Mills gets it! Pretty young secretary April is awakened at around midnight with a phone call from her dominant female boss (Alexis), ordering her to come to work. For some reason we see April in bed with her boyfriend as she takes the call. Anyway, she puts on some sweats and arrives at the office, only to be chastised by boss-lady Alexis for not dressing professionally.

One negative about Alexis: while she is a beautiful blonde, she is ALSO one of those older women who is far more interested in flaunting her own hot body than in focusing entirely on the pretty younger women she is cast together with. When we see her, her white jacket is open all-the-way down to her belly-button, which I thought appeared needlessly-porny. Anyway, she insists on April stripping out of her sweats so that she can put the girl in a dress. April appears very uncomfortable as Alexis ogles her nude body. Alexis soon after paints the toenails of the younger woman.

Eventually Alexis gets around to nuzzling the neck of the pretty girl, softly kissing her and then going down on her while she types. I especially liked how Alexis was CLEARLY in charge the entire time. On the negative side, she removes her own clothing before stripping April completely nude. Soon after, I really enjoyed how she bends April over her desk to slap the ass of the pretty girl, briefly kissing it, as well! Another negative is that everything takes place atop the hard office furniture, which just looks uncomfortable. There is fingering, some foot-rubbing, and breast-kissing towards the very end. An overall enjoyable scene to watch!

set-up: A, casting: B, sex: B

2) "Lesbian Twins" - Kristen Scott, Shyla Jennings, & Jenna Sativa - A more accurate title for this scene would be "Miranda seduces the twins," as the twin-girls are NOT exactly lesbians as this scene opens. Miranda (Kristen Scott) is the DVD cover-girl with the eighties-hairstyle. Her father (Tommy Gunn) is driving his spoiled, sulky teenaged daughter over to the house of his girlfriend (Chanel Preston) so that Miranda can meet his new girlfriend and her two adopted twin-daughters, Vicki & Becki (played by Shyla & Jenna). I thought that the twins had this creepy "children of the corn" vibe going, but apparently they are supposed to be innocent. Miranda notices the two holding hands at the dinner table, but again, it is all innocent. They are NOT lesbians.

After dinner, everybody goes into the television/family-room to watch a movie. The two twins are now both wearing their sleeper-jumpers (with nothing on underneath), and Miranda has decided that she wants to be alone with them, and so she talks her father into taking his girlfriend out on a date. Once the adults have left the house, Miranda pulls out a XXX-rated copy of "Ginger & Spice" and loads it into the VHS tape machine and pushes "play." She then squeezes in between the twins on the couch as they are treated to some garbage-lezzie-porn. The twins appear uncomfortable at first, but Miranda begins softy caressing, stroking, and kissing them! I LOVED it when she later gets them both out of their jumpers and begins licking/fondling them all over, including their gorgeous derrieres! Miranda remains in charge the entire time, even briefly keeping her bluejeans on after stripping both Shyla & Jenna completely nude! I LOVED it!

Miranda is the aggressive, dominant lezzie in this scene, with Shyla & Jenna playing the two innocent younger girls she has decided to seduce and play with! I really loved how she kissed their luscious rear-ends without it immediately becoming mechanical analingus, as so often happens when you have less-talented people working behind the camera! Later, both of the twins go down on Miranda. This was a hot, well-done threesome, as it never devolves into everybody doing everybody (also a sign of weak writing & directing). This was an all-around quality erotic video-production!

set-up: B, casting: B+, sex: A

I thought that this one was an improvement over volume-one, as it shows what a creative & imaginative director/writer can do when she (or he) makes the necessary EFFORT! I have definitely enjoyed watching this series, and look forward to seeing what happens in installment #3. My grade for THIS one: B+

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