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Cherie & Falon ____________________________________
Cherie & Falon
I.D. p0115 & dvd_1016, Adult
2003, 59 min.
VOD *Analog* Source    

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5-Star Film! [Toy-Free]

Cherie & Falon.

A Lezlove.com Exclusive! A sweet, teenage girl-crush overwhelms beautiful blonde Falon (34B-23-34) and her brunette girlfriend Cherie (36B-24-35). Daddy’s not home, so this pair of 18-year-olds has the opportunity to explore their lusty curiosity. They share tender kisses. Their innocent relationship takes a passionate turn. Falon undoes Cherie’s lacy top and suckles her teen breasts. Soon their clothes are cast aside and their natural, young bodies are nude! Moving to the bed, Cherie feasts on Falon’s shaved pussy. Cherie sucks Falon’s toes as their bodies grind together and they climax together in a screaming frenzy!

Later, on the couch, Cherie climbs on top of Falon, kisses her and manaully stimulates her. Then with Falon on all fours, she buries her tongue into her friend. While being devoured, Falon gives in to an intense orgasm! Not to be outdone, Falon spreads Cherie’s thighs and dines on her. Cherie shudders uncontrollably and cums on her friend’s probing tongue!

Please note: this title ships in a plain sleeve, and is only available on DVD at this time.

Note: due to a customer tip (thx "P_rv_rt_d B_st_rd"!), we've found that the current print of this disc always hangs at the 34:31 mark. It plays normally when scanned past this point. We apologize for any inconvenience.

DVD Features

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This is one surprisingly good video. Promotions videos are usually hit and miss as far as their work goes. This video is definitely one of their hits. Beginning as a playful video about two girls home alone, the video moves into some pretty scorching scenes, featuring excellent oral sex and hot humping trib. (Twice!) It's not as slick as a Viv Thomas production, but it ranks just as well.

This technically excellent DVD features two very attractive and enthusiastic young girls engaging in better than average “porn sex”. While friendly with each other there’s not a lot of tenderness displayed as these two cuties energetically pleasure each other. There’s a good amount of kissing but it often seems awkward, as if each girl has a style of kissing that doesn’t work with the other’s, they just don’t get into a good kissing groove. What they are good at is sucking breasts and oral sex, activities they do a lot of and both seem to enjoy, whether giving or receiving.

With its beautiful girls, excellent camera work, superior video quality, and attractive location I’d call this a well made crotch movie, if you like hardcore raw pussy eating action you’ll like this toy-free vid. I prefer a sweeter style of lovemaking with more foreplay and fewer crotch shots, so I can give it only three stars because it’s a fairly raunchy movie with some very good moments here and there.

Yes sir, this is THE ONE, look no further! If you are looking for some super-hot girl/girl sex, you just found it. These two adorable girls put on a lesbian show from the beginning to the end.

There is no fast-forwarding here, you'll enjoy every minute. They do it all, flirting, teasing, kissing, fondling, 69, trib, and very heavy oral action. This is the good stuff, oh yes! You don't get one of these every week, nope. Get this one, it's a keeper.

This is an excellent film. The girls are cute, there's a full variety of sexy action that never really stops: kissing, breast sucking, fingers, pussy licking, trib and a bit of ass tonguing. Good camera angles where you just want to hit pause and linger over some hot images.

This film has a few raunchy elements. No toys were used, but there were instances of spitting which I hate. The girls start off acting innocent and shy, talking about having a crush on each other and never doing anything with a girls before. However, it doesn't take long for any trace of innocence to fall away. They talk about each other's pussies and clits and at one point one of them says, "Give me some head." If you can overlook the hard edges, Cherie and Falon is worthwhile. This is less romantic and languid than TNV, but I was happy to watch these two cuties go after each other tirelessly in a nicely shot production.

This is a fun girl/girl video to have and watch more than a couple of times. The girls are pretty and appear to enjoy each other in spite of the camera which also doesn't get in the way. There is a good deal of oral and tribbing but short on passionate kissing.

This is an awesome movie I just wish that it was longer. The only other problem with this movie was the kissing, but other than that it had what I like the most: dialog and trib.

FF Fanatic
I agree with all the previous reviews: this is a very good video. Since this is a late review, I'll keep it short.

Several things make this video really good. One is that it's toy-free -- this is pretty much self-explanatory. Second is the playfulness of the girls: they are constantly laughing and giggling. Overall this contributes to a very light and fun atmosphere. Another is the very, very energetic oral sex. =) There's nothing dainty here -- we are seeing two very enthusiastic girls here.

Last but not least, the girls themselves: both girls have very pretty "soft" bodies, not at all like the typical "hard" looking porn girls. The proverbial "baby fat?" Could be. Regardless, I find them to be very attractive.

I really enjoyed this movie. The girls were gorgeous, the chemistry was great, the production was crisp, the girls playful, the trib was hot, and the oral was phenomenal.

I only have one nitpick, the door closing making them think Falon's dad came home. Who closed the door? I really don't think it was the dog! It seemed like a lame way to end a scene. Nevertheless, I liked this movie. I don't think it's even left my 5-changer yet.

Let me begin by saying that I love this video. That being said, let me get a few minor quibbles out of the way. This film is touted as an "amateur" production, so I realize that it wasn't directed by Stanley Kubrick (RIP). Still, it's a little disconcerting to see the cameraman a few times. He makes a rather jarring appearance right at the beginning, as Cherie is ringing the doorbell (you can see him reflected in the glass door), and later on you can clearly see him in the bedroom mirror. Another thing is that several times the girls glance directly at the camera. (Suspension of disbelief is important, dontcha’ know!) Again, these are minor quibbles, and for all I know these slight dings on the surface may contribute to the film's charm.

And quite charming it is! The storyline is pretty straightforward: Falon is visited by her friend Cherie, and begins to give her a tour of her dad's house (I get the impression that they're well-off). When they reach the bedroom, Falon confesses to Cherie that she has a crush on her, and Cherie admits to similar feelings about Falon. They begin to kiss, tentatively, and before long they're undressing and sucking each other's breasts. The action heats up, they move to the bed, and there's some pretty good oral sex and "pussy-grinding" until a door slams somewhere, making the girls think that Falon's dad is home. (Turns out to be nothing. Falon' guesses that the dog closed a door, which is a bit hard to swallow; I had a dog for 16 years, and not one slammed a door, ever).

Cut to the girls outside by the pool in lounge chairs; they have a nice chat about what just happened. Falon suggests that they go back inside, and they actually make it as far as the living room, before they're at it again. Again, the oral sex and trib is pretty awesome. Sadly, reality intrudes and Cherie has to leave before Falon's dad gets home. Cherie's final line is intriguing: "Maybe next time we'll have toys." Dare we hope for a sequel?

Cherie and Falon are gorgeous young women, and the chemistry between them is amazing. They seem to be extremely comfortable with each other and with performing in front of the camera. The awkward steps that turn a casual visit into a steamy sexual encounter are done very convincingly. (How casual a visit is open to question; I assume Falon invited Cherie to her home half-intending to seduce her).

Again, the actresses help. Another reviewer mentioned that the girls don't look like the conventional, been-through-the-mill porn actresses. They look like 18 or 19-year-old girls, baby fat and all, and that helps things greatly in terms of believability. They seem to be having a blast, and there's a lot of giggling. (Cherie most of all; in fact more than once when things heat up, Falon asks her to stop laughing).

It's been pointed out that the kissing is rather awkward, and it's true that they never get into a groove where this is concerned. But I think the sex is great and believable. The orgasms (especially Cherie's) are great, and for all I know, one or two of them may have been real. But, most of all, the dialogue throughout the film is natural and believable. ("If my Dad walks in? Oh, my God, I'm going to boot camp!") The rapport between these two young ladies is quite special.

To make a long story short, I highly recommend this video. I definitely will watch this one again and again. Special kudos to the location and even the cameraman! The girls are lovely, natural and extremely good-natured, the sex is great, and the whole thing left a pleasant afterglow. (Sorry if I rambled on a bit; this is my first film review, and Pauline Kael I'm not!)

Wow this is the best Lezlove of them all yes yes yes! The Brown-haired girl nearly came to her climax twice yes. I have been stunned by this woman so close in the movies. Wow, very sexy lovemaking in this movie. Only one I don't like spitting in movies no, no one must ever spit onto a woman’s Ecstasy no not at al. Yes love-bud kissing and tribbing too yes very scrumptious and yummy movie. See youuuuu everyone :)

Man of Tomorrow
Okay, I'll give you the good news first: The oral sex in this video is excellent, there are no toys and there's no music.

Now for the bad news. The kissing is incredibly lackluster, but I can let that slide. What I can't get past is the fact that the girls spit throughout the video, and I think it's disgusting. Shouldn't they be wet enough not to have to spit? And who gets off on that kind of thing anyway? I didn't realize lesbian porn was supposed to be an outlet for phlegm fetishists.

Another problem is Falon, when she's eating Cherie, barking at her to "stop laughing," which she promptly does. The giggling didn't bother me, but the on-camera direction did. I can't stand it when a guy off-camera gives direction, but for one of the girls on the screen to direct the other with something other than "harder," "faster," or "don't stop" is just too much.

Overall, this video is okay. But if you like spit, you'll have a field day.

Yes the girls were very aggressive toward each other, but the sex seemed contrived. Also I didn't find either of the girls particularly attractive. They were average, but hey this is amateur right? Yeah the spitting did get excessive, a little bit is fine and can actually be a turn on, but it was done too much in this video.

Basically this video looks good on paper, but it is missing all the intangibles. If you want intangibles look at Viv Thomas. The fact that the girls weren't that attractive didn't help either. Not a 5-Star in my opinion.

What a video has to have to pass my test is a feel of realistic sex between hot amateur girls. This video passes with flying sapphic appeal.

These girls look like high school seniors or college girls passing an afternoon at Falon's father’s house when the kissing and licking breaks out. Falon is such a hot little blonde, and Cherie has a great time licking and kissing this sweet little hottie. The trib is great, with, again, Cherie being the more dominant of the two and grinding her blonde lover to great climax.

While Daddy's away, little Falon has a friend over for great lesbian sex; what a way to spend a quiet Saturday in suburbia. Two enthusiastic thumbs up, and pass the bottled water and Junior Mints.

Let Me Drive
As usual, Lotus’ critique of this picture is spot on. Her description is 100% accurate. However, I am a big fan of vigorous and intense oral, and that is what this picture has in great abundance. That is exactly what you expect from teens: raw passion. And the women are very attractive and into each other. IMHO, it is one of the hottest oral lesbian movies you can buy. Yes, it could have done with a bit more romance and tenderness, but it's still a 4 1/2 star hottie. Enjoy!

So this is a 5-star video? If so, it would be in the same class as Pink Velvet and Here Cums the Bride. I don't think so. It's an ok vid, but nothing new or close to it. Too much spitting for me. The blonde girl is good looking, and has a great bod, but otherwise a pass. 3 stars, max.

P_rv_rt_d B_st_rd
“Cherie and Falon” is a great American effort, comparable to the best works of TNV (I actually mistook this for a George Hunt production for awhile). Matter of fact, I think that the chemistry between the young women here is something like that between Corinna and Erin from their little movie. Cherie (dark-brown hair) visits her friend Falon (who is, apparently, a bit well-off, if not filthy-stinking rich), and it isn’t too long before the two are confessing to having crushes on one another and beginning to kiss.

Once again, I have to praise the chemistry on display here. Like “Corinna and Erin”, when it comes down to talking and the actual love-making/sex, there is a naturalness that I’ve otherwise only seen in some Viv Thomas or George Hunt productions.

I won’t get into details about the bits of conversation that take place, but I will say that the love-making/sex is some of the best I’ve ever seen. The kissing in general turns me on the most. Some people here said (or should I say “wrote”) differently, but I think it's wonderful—my only negative being that it sometimes doesn’t last long in the first half of the first scene, before they part lips and then go at it again, laughing and talking a little in between each kiss.

The second scene I had to turn down the volume for a few times so as not to arouse outside attention as the two hollered in pleasure, eating each other’s pussies and grinding them together before hearing a door slam shut below them and deciding to take themselves outside the home to rest awhile.

As for the third scene, well, because of a defective DVD that had to be shipped back at once, I wasn’t able to enjoy much of it, but the little bit I did see looked to be leading to a worthy finale. Assuming that it is (I really wish I’d been able to see it!), I give this bad boy a 5/5.

Reviewer’s Note: As stated, I ended up with a defective copy of this film, and was informed that the manufacturer may not make properly-working copies for a while, so you potential customers may want to watch out before ordering this one.

This is NOT that good of a movie at all. Very fake and amateur in every regard. They get into some good oral after a drawn out sequence of "get hair out of way", "spread partner's pussy just absolutely so", "flick hair out of way two or three more times", finally move tongue to pussy and start what could be something great....then stop for no apparent reason to pull back, look at everything, then start the "sequence" of getting back to business all over again?! Very frustrating to watch, let alone have any sense of realism to "orgasm" on I'm sure! Not recommended by me...sorry.

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