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TG-23: Corinna & Erin ____________________________________
TG-23: Corinna & Erin
I.D. t0071 & dvd_1103, Adult
2003, 85 min.
Thursday Night Video (TNV)
Directed by G. Hunt

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5-Star Film! [Toy-Free]

Corinna & Erin.

A Lezlove.com Exclusive!! We’ve been working for what seems like forever to release this TNV masterpiece starring Corinna, the sexy nymphet you saw in TG-22: Getting Reacquainted, and our adorable, edible Erin from TG-21: Pleasing Kinsey. This video is so hot and so visual, mere words sound lame. Lucky for you we have some pictures here, but for those of you who want to know more, here goes...

The girls don’t waste much time with small talk. There’s a little “How you doin? What’s new?” But you can tell the girls did not get together to talk. So Erin offers Corinna a massage. The massage lasts a few minutes before Erin gets Corinna to take off her clothes. But why does Erin need to take hers off? Who cares? She’s got a great body.

Erin has cute little-girl breasts, while Corinna has very full round ones. They’re awesome, and they’re real! Corinna says: “Erin, you’re really good at this!” Hmm, just wait till she finds out what else Erin’s good at.

Erin replies: “I just want to give you pleasure.” And Corinna purrs: “Pleasure me as much as you like!” Which she does! Erin is not one bit awkward as she rubs and licks Corinna. She turns her on her stomach and you get some great shots of her as she dives into Corinna on all fours. Come to think of it the side views aren’t so bad either, as they roll around from position to position. And there’s lots of grinding action as they trib together to bring on their climax.

The views are great all over. Corinna has a magnificent body, and looks so sexy as she gazes at Erin with pure lust. And Erin’s super tongue gives the performance of a lifetime. All in all, Corinna & Erin’s little get-together is a satisfying experience for everyone.

There’s some amazing camera work throughout the video. But the last 10 minutes will knock your socks off (and any other clothing you happen to still be wearing). The close-ups of the girls licking and rubbing each other are stunning and sexy. This may be TNV’s hottest video yet.

For those of you who want girl-on-girl, hot sticky lesbian sex, you won’t be disappointed. 90 minutes of non-stop licking, sucking, kissing, moaning and groaning. With 8 minutes of cute and funny outtakes showing the girls getting dressed and undressed.

Please note: this title ships in a plain sleeve.

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING -- PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, digitally remastered.

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Can there be any doubt - now - that TNV can top any release with one that's even better than their last? This video is, in my opinion, as close to perfect as one is ever going to find. The setting is perfect; the girls are perfect; the action is perfect; and even the camera work is the best I've seen in any production - pro or amateur. Perfect in every way. You must get this video!!!

I just received it today and I've watched it once, but i found myself fast-forwarding and it seemed Corinna wasn't into it as much as Erin. Did anyone else think that or was it just something I ate. I just thought it lacked something on first watch. Not like Erin and Kinsey which had me hooked from the beginning, until Erin left that is. But I’ll watch it again and see if it improves.

I've changed my mind it is quite good after all. :)

Mmmmmm... mmmm.. it's all good.. SOOO good! Definitely worthy of the 5 Stars! Corinna and Erin are as cute and sexy as they've ever been, and they go at it for 90 minutes!

At times playfully sensual, at other times wanton and hungry, it is totally unforgettable and a modern classic, to be sure! This is probably the best TNV title to date. Only available on DVD, and you truly wouldn't want to see it any other way. Shot beautifully, the picture so pristine and perfect you feel like you can reach right out and touch these cuties!

Everything your little imagination can conjure is there to savor, so a play-by-play is kind of pointless. And no toys to be seen!

Roughly the first half takes place in the den area, where the two ease their way into some hot loving, after a little massaging. But it's the second portion, after the girls have showered and moved into the bedroom, where the passion actually grows in intensity. See if you don't agree. By now they seem even more into one another, as they hungrily go at it, soft jazz playing in the background.

There is a beautifully shot 69 on the bed that is unbelievable, and probably the best I've ever seen! Everything shines in this production, especially the oral sex. These girls dine on each other like they mean it, let there be no doubt!

Are you someone who has longed to see sweet, sexy little Erin do some oral pleasuring ever since "Pleasing Kinsey"? Well, here you have it! And she proves that she is definitely skilled in that sensual art!

The editing is superb, with only a few awkward little instances as the girls switch positions. A truly awesome tape, though. And you would be hard pressed to find anything much better. I enjoyed it as much as Lessa and Alana's pairing in "French Kiss 1", and I think that one is about the best I've ever seen.

Anonymous LezWatcher
After the 5 plus star Pleasing Kinsey, what could have possibly topped it? Getting Reacquainted was a double letdown. Thursday Night Video always had the cutest and fully natural girls, but Reacquainted had to ruin a fine series with a girl with fake tits. Corinna and Erin totally erases that. Both are natural and old favorites, especially Erin. I always wondered what happened to her after her amazing scene in Pleasing Kinsey. I would have preferred Kinsey be reunited with Erin. Perhaps this possibility exists in the near future?

Erin finally does what she didn't do in Pleasing Kinsey, she does oral sex. She eats Corinna's pussy like a real pro, she's simply amazing at it. Enough nice kissing and lots of oral. They look really nice together. Thankfully no toys! They do take a shower together at one point but it is never shown. There's some nice breast sucking, but a more generous and longer time spend on it would have been appreciated. Thursday Night Video never over-stays or under-stays his welcome, it's perfect. Highly recommended! This complements Pleasing Kinsey very well. Let's hope Erin gets to be reunited with Kinsey in the next Thursday Night video.

FF Fanatic
As Walt Whitman once described Edgar Allan Poe: "the electric light ... brilliant and dazzling, but with no heat." Neither Corinna nor Erin is Poe (and thank God for that!), but the same description applies: all dazzling but no heat.

There is no question that the two girls are absolutely gorgeous. Corinna is very beautiful (who is also blessed with a fantastic body). Erin, on the other hand, is just so cute it hurts. To see these two nude and on the same bed alone is sufficient cause for celebration. Except. Except I was expecting more -- something like real passion, real sex. This I did not get. Not even playfulness. Not even close. In the lezlove discussion group I remember someone mentioning that this video is quite "porny" -- and regrettably I must agree. The two girls just really didn't care much for each other. There's no distaste, but no real desire either.

First there is the foreplay/seduction, which most porno skip over altogether since nothing exposes the lack of real heat between the girls like bad foreplay. This video doesn't skip it, and pays the price. There is actually a very nice (albeit brief) butt massage given by Erin to Corinna. But other than that it was just not working: you can just see the two girls are not in sync at all. Erin would ask something intended to be provocative ("do you want to turn over so I can massage your front" or something like that); this is clearly intended to be seduction, so Corinna would try to pause for a few seconds to build some suspense; but before you can say one-thousand-and-one, Erin has already flipped poor Corinna over. Sometimes it gets so bad that Erin would get so impatient that she would interrupt Corinna, when the latter was trying to play the aroused-yet-uncertain friend by hesitating. Don't get me wrong -- there's nothing better than the sort of can't-wait-to-rip-her-panties-off fiery passion -- but this is clearly not it; this is a situation where the two actresses are not on the same page: Corinna was trying to play into the seduction scenario, whereas Erin had a flight to catch after this video shoot. Sometimes Corinna would try to make some suggestive comments -- but boy did she get hung out high and dry when Erin kept throwing back those mono-syllable answers! Had Erin had better acting skills, it would have been more convincing -- but since sex is such an intimate act, there is really no substitute for genuine desire. And the unfortunate fact is that there is little between these two. The only difference is that Corinna tried to act as if she's interested, while Erin didn't really even try.

Then there is the sex. Again, lacking real desire, there is only the ol' you-do-me-then-I-do-you script, with fake moans, too many close-ups, repeated interruption during cunnilingus to push back one's hair, and pre-determined times for switching positions. There's plenty of oral sex, but neither was excited by her partner's efforts. Orgasm? You must be joking. At least there's no toy use.

All in all, 50 bucks is just not worth it. It is, after all, excellent porn (what with the ultra-cute girls, no talking camera guy, no toys, excellent lighting and camera work, plenty of hot kissing, and a hot butt massage). So it should be priced like other porn in the $20-$30 range. For 50, I was expecting to see real desire, real foreplay, real sex, and real fun. In other words, I was expecting the complete opposite of porn. And I didn't get it.

P.S.: again with the long, polished, and sharp nails! Both girls had them -- now what self-respecting lesbian, or even active bi girl can wave those weapons of mass destruction around and expect regular action?

FF Fanatic said it just about right. All the elements are there for a great vid - beautiful, natural women, a company with a track record of great vids, but, somewhere they've lost their way. No heat, no sparks, a totally scripted feel to it, porn-like. You get the feeling someone is standing with a stopwatch every step of the way. Message to TNV George: revisit 3 Girlfriends, Pleasing Kinsey, Miranda & Denise, and recapture the magic that made you guys so special.

It already looks like this video is already generating differing opinions. I got this video entirely because of the caps. (And because I've seen a few of TNV's videos before - so I felt I couldn't go wrong). For the most part, I'm really pleased with this one.

If one if looking for one long video of a totally awesome love scene, this video may not fit the bill because - Hey - it's a porno, right? But I can say that there ARE some amazing bits and pieces of this video that are awesome. Watching these girls get it on is awesome. And the trib... if you want to see it done right, this video has it. Watching Corrina and Erin lock their pussies into a perfect fit and grind away was just mind-blowing! And oral that Eriin gave Corrina must be seen to be believed; she just swallowed that girl right up! If you ever wondered what a XXX version of the scene from When Night Is Falling would look like, this one gives you a pretty good idea of how good it could be.

It ain't perfect, but there's enough good stuff in this one to make up for any misses. Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to watch this one again.

Although clearly better than the dreadful "Getting Reacquainted" (dreadful being a relative term due to lofty expectations caused by TNV's earlier work), "Corinna and Erin" is the latest exhibit of a promising producer that has lost its way.

The extended foreplay/seduction sequence is what really sinks this film -- never allowing it to get momentum to build on. But it didn't have to be that way. An extended foreplay in this type of video, is a good idea. However, the execution was poor.

Unlike the moronic set-up for "Getting Reacquainted" this story is plausible and potentially effective. However, to make this work, there needs to be a seduction. For a seduction to work, there needs to be a seducer and unfortunately, both of these women are, for lack of a better term, seducees. If both women are not aggressive and not naturally into women, this is the result: a disposable movie that is tantalizing at first but ultimately unrewarding.

The good news for TNV is that the solution is "easy" -- find women who like being with other women! This has been the cornerstone of Viv Thomas' recent success. But, if finding two beautiful women in Austin who like each other is too tall of an order, do the next best thing: find one. Pairing a true bisexual or lesbian with Corinna or Erin would have been a potentially classic video.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Everybody else (almost) seems to love these TNV movies but they just don’t do it for me. They’re not bad but none of the three I’ve seen so far are really on my favorites list. I think one major problem is that the girls are just too young. They seem barely out of their teens, if that. Also some of these vids, including this one, have way too many close-ups of the girl’s buttholes. I just don’t dig that.

As for this particular effort, it’s not great but it has some strong points, some of which are; young but very attractive girls, lots and lots of kissing, quite a bit of cuddling, nice camera work (despite the buttholes), good image quality, and no toys. I agree with those that say the action didn’t seem natural enough. The girls seemed to like each other but there wasn’t any real sexual energy or real affection, they seemed more like friendly co-workers. Though there was a lot of kissing after a while it just seemed mechanical. It was almost all mouth to mouth kissing, there were just a couple of instances of neck nibbling, which in part helped to point out what was missing. Other than some trib the sex was almost entirely oral, though done skillfully it also became mechanical after a while.

Those that like other TNV videos will no doubt like this, I can see why it received five stars. As for me, it’s just not my cup of tea, so I can give it only three.

I have never seen a girl-girl video from TNV I didn't like, and this is no exception. This is a match made in heaven. I have long wanted to see Erin again, after "Pleasing Kinsey", and Corinna took my breath away with her nubile cuteness in "Getting Reacquainted". The chemistry is somewhat lacking here, but I don't think it’s for reasons stated here by other reviewers.

They are trying to appear like two ordinary teenage girls chatting about shopping, bodies, and girl stuff in general, and this comes off fairly convincing. What goes wrong is the transition from chatting to the seduction creates a tension that is not acted out very well, or resolved in their dialogue.

Ex: Erin, "Is it okay if I kiss you?" Corinna, "I guess." Corinna should have either been more unsure at this sudden change, or very willing. The ambivalent approach ruins the atmosphere created by Erin's suggestive manner. That said, this did not ruin the video for me. You don't buy an amateur lesbian video for the plot and dialogue! How many times do I have to say it?

Here's what's important: They are both extremely cute, with different body types and look great together. When they kiss, it looks even better, and they do it often. Nice cinematography, although I'm not a big fan of the "asscam" either. Good closeups on the kissing. Wow. Very hot. The trib is actually pretty rare for TNV, so count yourselves lucky that you get to see these two cuties lock legs and hump each other for our mutual pleasure. Great sound. You hear every kiss, lick, moan, and slurp. Very cool. One of their strong points in my book. Good lighting, nice set, reasonable costumes. Typical high-quality amateur stuff that they do so well.

I don't see what everybody is complaining about. Based on what this company produces, this video was every bit as good as I expected it to be. They don't have the high-quality production (actresses, dialogue, sets, etc) that Viv Thomas has, but as far as amateur companies go here, they are definitely dependable in their quality, and a leader in their market, just like he is.

Recommended? Absolutely. Don't listen to the biased rationalizations presented here. Judge it for yourself. If you like TNV, you'll like Corinna & Erin.

There is no doubt that TNV has great looking girls. This video has two very pretty blondes in a wonderful setting. They start off talking a little bit, which seems a little forced, but it's cute. Erin begins to give Corinna a massage and things start heating up.

Unfortunately, Erin is much more at ease than Corinna. Erin tries to initiate deep tongue filled kissing but Corinna seems a little hesitant. Erin is much more into the sex, as well. This video has some nice moments but it is not convincing enough. Like I said for this video and other TNV titles, they are very well produced but they are not "torrid" enough for my taste.

Some of these film makers should take some pointers from the Brazilians and Japanese. They take kissing to new levels! Abby Winters is on top of the game, as well. TNV has the means, just get those girls to pour it on more. Beauty is nice but chemistry is more important.

Thumbs down. Erin was good but Corinna wasn't into it. Kissing: Erin tried but it takes two to make it happen -- fair. Chemistry/passion: fair based on you know who. Pussy licking: Erin did well but not the other. Recommend as a lower-priced purchase or as a good rental.

Okay, a quick and straight-forward review...Negatives first:

1. Some sound issues. Half of the "outtakes" portion has no sound. During the main feature, the sound was scratchy and annoying a couple of times.

2. Dialogue. The dialogue was a bit moronic and awkward. If you're looking for erotic and seductive banter forget it.

3. A bit repetitive. Erin spent quite a bit of time "down there".

4. Finger nails, tatoos, and various body piercings. I could have done without the nail polish and manicured nails but that's just nit-picking. The tats and piercings were okay but it kinda took away from the "innocence" of the characters the girls played.


I have watched a large number of lez videos and I have to say that this video blows every one of them away. I was very reluctant about purchasing this video because of the price and some of the negative reviews but I am so glad I did it anyways. Now for the reasons:

(1) The girls. Corinna (with her cute braces) is flat out stunning. Erin is cute too.

(2) The pace. The video doesn't follow the pattern of most porn movies. The pace wasn't hurried and you didn't feel like the girls were rushing through a series of positions and acts to finish and get their paychecks.

(3) No stupid music or toys. I can't say it enough...NO STUPID MUSIC AND TOYS.

(4) The chemistry. Yes, I agree that Corinna could have been more into it but this is more "real-life" and much more of a turn-on for me than two porn actresses jumping on each other like rabid monkeys (although sometimes that could be great as well). The kissing is so cute and tender. The "trib" scenes were a bit short but the moaning and real "grinding" made them incredible. The hugging and snuggling were great.

Finally, I have to say that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I can't believe anyone wouldn't want this movie in their collection. It's hard to really describe how great this movie is until you watch it. Every studio should take a cue from these guys and change the way they make their lez videos. I am going to ask my local video store to stock the other titles so I don't have to pay the steep price but this movie was worth every penny for me. If the TNV staff eliminates the negatives they would have the perfect porn video. There is nothing more erotic than two young women in love.

This is such a one-sided DVD, in that Erin spends much of the time pleasuring Corinna while appearing to receive very little in return. I couldn't decide whether Corinna was trying to play the sweet innocent seducee or whether she was genuinely not that interested.

There are a few outstanding moments - some intense kissing and a fabulous 69 being among them. And then there is the oral. Lots and lots of oral. Watching Erin perform oral is great but there is only so much of it you can take before shouting at the screen for Corinna to reciprocate in some way. Erin clearly has tremendous oral technique but I had to fast-forward the disc after a while as nothing much else was happening.

This is still a great release, despite the criticism. Both girls look truly awesome - Corinna's perfect curves never fail to disappoint and Erin has somehow become even cuter since Pleasing Kinsey. The camera work is excellent and the whole presentation has a semi-pro quality to it. But the fact that Erin was doing all the running left me a little disappointed. Perhaps she could be paired with another of TNV's more willing models - Denise would be ideal - then we might see a more evenly matched encounter.

You know the LezLove audience is getting spoiled when there's this much nit-picking about a video as great as "Corinna and Erin." I think first of all we all owe a debt of thanks to George for creating these films in the first place; there is so much to love about all the TNV releases, and I for one hope he continues the good work.

I don't have a lot to add to what others have said. Just a few thoughts: the side-by-side 69 on the bed is truly stunning, as is the (all too short) segment when Erin eats Corinna from behind. Too bad there wasn't more of that! In fact, my one criticism of the editing in "Corinna and Erin" is that we don't get to see what's going on down there during that moment; Erin clearly repeatedly moves up to lick Corinna's ass (a move which elicits a deliciously surprised moan of pleasure from Corinna), but the action is concealed due to a preponderance of angles that focus on a rear view of Erin, instead.

But everything else is just perfect. The dreamy, unhurried pacing; the kissing; and especially the professionalism and naturalism of the production. I even like the lopsided sexual dynamic. As everyone seems to have noted, Corinna is definitely more timid than Erin, and most of her attempts to reciprocate for the lavish oral attention Erin pays her end up aborted. Nowhere is the disparity in passions more transparent than the segment where Corinna attempts to eat Erin from behind, and ends up just sort of fidgeting for a few awkward moments before succumbing to the wildly hot, aforementioned 69. Anyone who doubts Erin is into this scene, though, needs to have their head examined, as Erin so obviously delights in Corinna's body.

Regardless, this is one of the finest amateur lesbian productions I've ever seen, and worth every penny. I would pay twice the price just to help TNV keep producing these top-shelf efforts.

The more I see this video, the more I like it. I think everything is perfect in this movie. I just have to say THANKS to TNV for the great work they do. Please, I want many more videos like this one!

I was a bit disappointed by the first part of Pleasing Kinsey, because I thought Erin was very cute, but acted so oddly. She kept leaping up to adjust her panties every time they looked like slipping and exposing her. A weird sort of modesty, considering that, in-between panty-adjusting leaps, Kinsey's hand was down the front of said panties, masturbating her to orgasm. Another problem with Pleasing Kinsey, as with Three Girlfriends (see review there for definition) was 'timelocked chastity belt panties'.

Neither Erin's Pleasing Kinsey weirdness, nor any impression of chastity belt panties, are in evidence here (though it must be said that some of her nerviness is). Quite the contrary, Erin is all over Corinna immediately, has her nude inside ten minutes (following with herself nude a minute later), and her mouth buried between her legs inside twenty. Hey, Erin, why the modesty in PK? Especially since, on the evidence here, immodesty becomes you extremely well.

This is a very nice disc. Both girls are very pretty and there is lots of nice kissing, touching, oral, trib, and general affectionate playing around; they do not look to be in love, but they certainly look to be enjoying themselves. What more could you want? Some reviews have implied that the girls don't seem to be into it, but I saw no evidence of that; quite the contrary - they don't exhibitionistically devour each other, but that is not the same thing, and there is lots of deep kissing and general evidence of good vibes (particularly on show in the outtakes).

Quibbles: at the beginning there is far too much nervy leaping around and position changing, especially by Erin, who is very much in charge (things are not helped by the fact that the two of them are lying on a duvet which makes a lot of background noise), but the two of them relax as the disc runs, and it gets better and better. The initial dialogue could also have used some work (quite a lot of work, actually).

Pretty much as good as they get: this is my favourite of the three TNV discs I have. I look forward to more of either Corinna or Erin, or, preferably, the rematch.

By picking holes in 'Corinna and Erin' it just shows how far we have come in recent times with G/G porn. We have come to expect perfection from every TNV video and you know what we damn near get it, this is a fantastic piece work. The girls are stunning, Corinna the pure American cheesecake and Erin is too cute for words.

There's so much mass produced girl/girl junk food out there I'm surprised that when TNV produce a three course meal and decent bottle of wine some people still complain.

I have bought all the lesbian releases from TNV and I have to say this is the best so far. Sometimes this company can be very inconsistent. TG-11 and TG-16 are both ok with some very nice kissing scenes but luckily the last three releases from TNV, TG-21, TG-22 and this latest one are excellent with high production values, gorgeous women and real unhurried scenes with PLENTY of kissing.

The reason TG-23 is the best of the lot is in the pairing of CORINNA and ERIN. These two are stunning together, there is real passion between them, they clearly enjoy one another and lots and lots of kissing takes place at their own pace. I hope TNV sticks to the recent high standards of their last few releases and roll on TG-24.

WOW !!! This is good, really-really good. In my opinion (it is only my opinion, I'm not God) this movie is the best amateur DVD or video that LLV has to offer.

Erin gives a lesson of lesbian sex in front of a camera. Nobody will convince me that she's not into girls, you can sense immediately that she's enjoying being with Corinna, it is all over your TV screen. Erin does it all on this movie, she throws the book (lesbian book) at Corinna, who by the way is no angel either, this adorable blondie girl also goes on Erin like there is no tomorrow.

I loved it 100% which I normally never do, but this one really blows my brain away. As a TNV trademark the camera work and the picture quality are super. Highly recommended despite the expensive price.

I agree with an earlier comment that if we cant enjoy this film we are indeed spoiled, and that is not a bad thing at all.....I want more spoiling! The girls are definitely cute and FUN to watch.....perhaps with greater enthusiasm and hunger/lust, but nonetheless very good.

NO dildos/vibrators/strap-ons and that is a PLUS! Could have been even better...wonderful!...if they DID NOT SHAVE & more time side-by-side 69 with close, close, close-ups. But, this has so many more pluses than minuses that it is kinda hard to quibble; however, I do hope that TNV reads these and incorporates into latest releases. I just love the kissing and natural wet sounds.

Memo to TNV: keep 'em comin'! The girls are cute and sexy and the sex is terrific. I could watch two girls having sex for hours and still want more, and that is precisely what I thought about this film. Find more girls like these in Austin, put them together in a bedroom, point the camera and turn up the sound. I hope they are totally natural (nothing fake, pierced nor shaved) and love to have the camera capture close-ups of kissing & licking for a couple of hours.

First time to comment but I have to now. This is the best that I have watched for some time. The girls are gorgeous and believable, not fake nor made-up for camera. They seem to really get into each other and one in particular really likes to eat pussy.

The close-ups could have been better and longer. However, the sex was very good and fun to watch. I would like to see more of this type video. Also, I agree with an earlier reviewer that leaving the hair would be a real plus.

MartyM (pussynvy)
Corinna & Erin is an absolutely marvelous film with so much kissing and pussy eating, that it will leave you with your head spinning – and the rest of you so exhausted that you won’t be able to walk for days! Erin invites Corinna over for an afternoon together, and after a massage, they spend the day using their tongues to explore inside their mouths, around their nipples, and deeply between each other’s legs. There’s also pair of fun sixty-nines (one-on-top-of-the-other and then on their sides) and some fun clit-to-clit humping.

Erin is definitely the more skillful of the two; and Corinna has the more gorgeous chest. If I were to come back in my next life as a woman, I’d definitely want to be Corinna and have Erin make love to me. This movie was great also because there’s no embarrassment or hesitation, and none of that “Maybe we shouldn’t be doing this,” stuff we’d see in prior years. In my favorite view of the future, girls are free to express their bisexuality with each other as a stage in life as natural as wearing a bra for the very first time. And that’s just how this movie feels. There’s no block-out-the-sun romance which drives them to overcome their inhibitions. Just the simple desire to spend some time together – because it’s so enjoyable! What could be nicer than that?

I agree with a few earlier comments to TNV "please bring more, more"! There are a few trifling things that could be improved upon, for example: the camera could have focused really close to the actual licking, tongue play up very close instead of being somewhat behind the girl's head focusing completely on the receiver's facial expression, which is good but mix with up-close mouth watering licking too.

And, I agree with another comment that it would be absolutely fantastic if they weren’t shaved. But all in all this is a very good and generously long treat of two young girls enjoying sex together.

Sandra & Karin
Having read the pro's and contra's about this movie, I like to add the opinion of a close girlfriend of mine and my own about this excellent production. We were completely blown away by this film. It was the most natural lesbian sex we ever saw and the atmosphere, the gentle kissing, the soft touching, stroking through each others hair, holding a neck while kissing, this all made us WET!

May be that the interaction between the girls was not 100% genuine, that one girl enjoyed the sex and presence of the other more but let's face it: the sex was from another star!

I happen to know a lot of European porners and in real life shooting a porno is everything but erotic. The girls hardly know each other and the crew has a deadline. This means that there is no time to get to know each other and absolutely no time for some gentle stuff. Everyone has to follow a very tight schedule. Filmmaking is very expensive and time is money! The most surprising thing about the highly erotic quality of this film: Yes ladies (and gentlemen) you are watching a film. Not a home video made by two girls in love but a professional movie shot with a real camera (wo)(man) and an entire film crew who film two ladies that are new to each other.

This film deserves 5 Stars and a big thumbs up for the girls and camera team.

What is taking TNV so long to send us a sequel!? This is absolutely at the top of the list among videos offered by Lezlove. If anyone that enjoys lesbian lovemaking cannot find this appealing is puzzling to me. It has young, very cute, fun-loving girls who enjoy lots of open mouth, French kissing, oral & oral & oral, side-by-side 69, tribbing and natural sound (slight amount of background music earlier) and NOT A SINGLE DILDO OR VIBRATOR!!! In the current vernacular "Bring it on!" More, more, more!!

I personally think some of the reviewers had to be searching for negatives to find much fault with this video. Granted, the foreplay was a bit long, but the subsequent scenes compensated and even if they didn't get overly aroused sexually they were superior to most all alternatives. I would love to see them again together or with other girls.

This isn't commercially raunchy; no exaggerated moans and screams; no "Oh, baby, it feels soooooo good"; no blown-up titties; no rings or bars stuck thru eyebrows, lips, nipples, navels, clits, etc, etc; no sit-on apparatus, tools, dildos, vibrators, etc, etc. Just two beautiful young women who appear to enjoy each other and seductive enough to rate a 5-Star and an invitation to please make more for our pleasure.

TNV hit a grand slam with this match-up and the love-making was playful and sensuous, but I wish that they would have been even more carried away with each other. Perhaps TNV will feature them again (yeah!). And, NO dildos (only that imbecile Ed Powers thinks that is an additive. That is one reason that I don’t buy that fool's films). Okay, TNV this is one customer awaiting others like this one!

Definitely a 5 Star film. I thought it to be about as good as Pink Velvet was. At times though it was like spying on two gorgeous girls getting it on, whereas P.V. was set in a girls boarding house giving it an open, less intimate setting. I was blown away by both. Wow, nice job!

This is a topnotch film. The interplay between the girls is good, especially as Erin starts to seduce Corinna. I like how Corinna says she kind of guessed why Erin invited her over and then that she didn't expect so much when she came over. Later, as Erin is really working her over, Corinna says something like “you really know what you're doing”. Both girls look great with their positions, and the camerawork shows them off beautifully.

There's no shortage of sexy action in this film: lots of deep kissing, caressing, and plenty of oral sex in different positions. There are just enough close-ups without having the film become too hardcore.

I agree with other reviewers that Erin is a real star when it comes to kissing and pussy eating. However, I don't quite agree with other reviewers who were critical of Corinna in this regard. In the first part of the film (by the fireplace), it's true that Erin carried the action to Corinna (in keeping with the seduction premise). It's also true that when Corinna did lick Erin's pussy, she was a bit tentative. However, Corinna made up for lost time in the second scene after they supposedly took a shower and moved to the bedroom. Corinna ate Erin nicely, using her tongue to probe Erin's pussy. This was different from the more restrained and superficial licking she displayed in Elaine's Crush even though she was the seducer in that film.

As for passion, I feel it was there in the way the girls went about their lovemaking. However, for all of the time they spent playing with each other, grinding their pussies together, and having oral sex, one might have expected more evidence of orgasms. A few times they showed that they were excited and might be comming, but there weren't any gut-wrenching, nothing touching the bed except head and heels type of orgasms.

Finally, I think Erin and Corinna is best watched in two parts. By the time they moved to the bedroom, I had experienced so much sensory overload that I might have done well to start over in a separate viewing session. I suppose this is a further testimony to a terrific movie. By the way, the outtakes at the end did little for me. It takes a little away from the intimacy of the film to have Corinna saying to a cameraman, "Okay guys are we rolling yet?".

I just watched this again and will continue to consider it among the best of the best. Recently, Lezlove replied to my inquiry about perhaps getting footage of Sapphic Erotica on DVDs to buy here, and that will be fantastic. I just hope that what they offer will compare to this winner.

Frank Lee
Bring on Corinna & Erin 2, the reunion!!! These two beauties need to grace our screens again!

I'm a little late to the party but I just want to add my 2 cents. I think Erin is just adorable! I loved her in PLEASING KINSEY and she's terrific here! It was a dream come true to see her go all the way! She even appears to get some genuine reactions from the usually distant Corinna.

This is solid TNV but not quite the cream of the crop for me. Pair Erin with Kinsey or Camille (from 3 GIRLFRIENDS) and I'll be in Lesbo heaven!!

I really loved this movie - just delicious!

Anon in ' Bama
I have a very high opinion of Thursday Night Video, and "Corinna & Erin" certainly lived up to that very high reputation. This is an excellent video. Both girls are beautiful, and I was especially pleased that Erin didn't ignore Corinna's beautiful behind!

A couple of the above criticisms ring true, however. Jenny thought Corinna too ambivalent. Smat thought the initial dialogue could have used some work. I agree. I also thought that Erin at times seemed in a bit of a hurry to get it over with. Having said that, I really liked Erin's taking charge of Corrina early on and seeing her wanting to caress and fondle Corinna's beautiful nude body was very erotic and enjoyable to behold. A better effort at her seducing Corinna would have been nice, but as they other reviewers have already noted this is a VERY GOOD VIDEO as is!

I also thought this was really good. The initial dialogue is horrible, but once the clothes come off, you forget all about it. The girls are just gorgeous, and there's tons of kissing and necking. I also thought Corinna was less into it than Erin, but that didn't take that much away from it for me.

The caps don't show it above, but if you hate big ugly tattoos (and Erin has a huge nasty one) you won't like this video. Otherwise, I'd generally agree with the positive reviews above.

A very good offering from TNV - Corinna is so beautiful and has a perfect body. I am not into tattoos, so the one downer for me was a very large tattoo across Erin's lower back! But the set-up was great (massage), and Erin is an absolute pussy hound! She really ate Corinna's pussy like the Energizer Bunny - over and over again. If you listen really closely, about 40 minutes into the film, Erin leans into Corinna's ear and asks her "Did you come yet?" Corinna smiles and says softly, "Not yet," whereupon Erin dutifully moves back down and begins licking and sucking Corinna yet again!

Not enough breast play for me, but there hardly ever is to satisfy me. Disappointing, because Corinna's breasts are awesome! Overall, very nice!

This was hot as hell, but (as I don't have to go through the details because this movie has been picked and prodded by the above reviews) where was the ORGASM? I was left feeling slightly swindled with all the hot action and no orgasm. I have a feeling if the director didn't make them shift so much, somebody would have come (probably Corrina), but now I guess that's wishful thinking. People should still buy it, though; no one should miss this movie.

I just bought this DVD, and consider it among best ever. I like Viv Thomas somewhat, but with this and Summer Counseling, TNV has moved ahead to the equal of Abby Winters. I agree with earlier comments to bring these girls back together, completely natural.

I've had this video a while, I think I watched it twice. There is no passion, no orgasms, just two girls that aren't into each other.

P_rv_rt_d B_st_rd
"Corinna and Erin" is a lovely film. Whenever I watch this, I have the feeling that I’m truly watching a couple of young women who haven’t seen each other in a good while and simply want to catch up on good ol’ times—by making love, nonetheless (after a bit of talking, that is, as is natural for people who’ve been apart for awhile). This baby really pulls me in, and I like that a lot about it.

The lovemaking—which actually comes after the somewhat-sensual front/back massage given to Corinna by Erin—is incredibly natural. The kissing isn’t awkward at all, and I feel as if there is genuine passion between the two, whether they’re doing this, going down on one another, or simply brushing back each other’s hair (among other little things)—although it isn’t always such a smooth transition when they switch from one position to another. Otherwise, the chemistry is there for me.

To end this review, here on LezloveVideo, it seems that faith in American producers "Playboy" and "Penthouse’s" ability to make quality lesbian films that your typical customer here (someone who doesn’t like toys, but loves genuine/believable lust between two women) can and will enjoy has all but faded into nothingness (if it was ever here to begin with). It’s this piece of fact (well, maybe it’s not fact, but I’ve seen enough reviews going against the two companies to make an assumption, at the very least) that makes me wonder: have we lost hope in the American market altogether? If so, this may be one of the few films produced here in the States (besides some other TNV efforts, maybe) to revive faith in the doubtful; a 5 out of 5.

Before I purchased “Corinna and Erin” I read most of the reviews on this site. Okay, why didn’t anyone mention that Erin is essentially some sort of snatch-eating idiot savant? With ADHD? And asthma?

Don’t get me wrong, both girls are SUPER cute and sexy, and this is a REALLY GREAT video. But every time I watch it, I can’t help but think that Erin was locked away in a dungeon as a child and totally deprived of all human contact, her mission being to eat her way to freedom, if you know what I mean.

Erin is nothing if not technically proficient, but much of the weirdness and “lack of chemistry” so many reviewers complained of has to do with her inability to treat Corinna like more than an inanimate object-like obstacle to be conquered and overcome. No pun intended. Erin’s tone of voice throughout most of the video is as matter-of-fact as if she were in math class, and she is so fidgety and adjusts positions so often that I couldn’t help but think that maybe she forgot to take her Ritalin that morning. And then there was her heavy breathing (ha, ha, ha – it was either Erin or the cameraman).

But, although I noticed those “imperfections” in Erin’s performance (and, yes, there were imperfections is Corinna’s performance too), I found all of that stuff to be totally endearing. I like to look at Erin’s “rushing” as her being so excited to have Corinna there that she wants to touch her everywhere and do everything she can in that one meeting, just in case she never has the opportunity again. Most of the other imperfections I chalked up to the general awkwardness and lack of familiarity that exists when you hook up with someone for the first time.

Again, let me reiterate: this video is AWESOME! I, for one, like a little laughter with my sex. And if you’re like me and think that laughter is a nice complement to an orgasm, pay special attention to:

When Corinna says: “So I guess this is the full body massage?”
When Erin says: “Does my face look wet enough?”
How Erin tosses Corinna around like a rag doll.
How heavy Erin breathes.
How Corinna speaks and Erin just ignores her.
The weird “Music” song playing during the side-by-side 69 (bedroom).

Too funny. Too cute. So worth the price of admission.

I cant completely agree with the prior comments, but I understand the basis for such. All considered, however, this is an exceptional girl/girl video and I truly wish that TNV would make some more this good. Erin was not timid about enjoying oral sex and that was terrific, particularly compared to most of the crap that is available with pretentious strippers faking enjoyment and orgasms that mostly is a complete turn-off.

So I hadn’t seen this in a while and recently watched it again...

I never realized this before, but all of you out there who say Corinna isn’t into it or she’s not enjoying herself, I really think it’s Erin’s fault. Erin keeps jumping around getting Corinna close, but she can’t wait to get onto the next position....

Corinna LOVES trib. LOVES it. Erin gets her so close every time they trib but never finishes the job. Corinna actually starts to breathe heavily when they trib. And look at how tightly she grabs Erin to make her rub harder... Corinna also thrusts her hips SO hard when they trib. It takes Erin a long, long time to realize that if you want to make Corinna cum, keep tribbing!

Yeah, there are awkward moments, but Corinna is stunning. Erin has a VERY enthusiastic tongue and is no doubt skilled, but look at your partner’s reactions. During those moments of trib, Corinna looks so disappointed when Erin just stops but is too polite to make a fuss.

Their last trib scene focuses on Corinna’s face. At about 48 minutes look how intense her expression is, and then she cums and starts to smile because she gets her release after almost 50 minutes of build-up. If her expression alone isn’t enough to convince you that she cums, listen really, really closely at 49 minutes, right before Erin starts laughing. She asks Corinna "did you cum?", and all Corinna can muster is "uh hm", then Erin starts laughing in enjoyment. They have to fade the movie out because after that sweet release they definitely broke character. You can hear Corinna’s "whoo" sigh of relief that she was actually allowed to cum. Now you can say that the "did you cum?" was scripted, but the vigor Corinna showed in the other trib parts, the expression of relief and the fact that they had to cut right after she came, has got to make you think she actually did.

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