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Sandy's Holiday Sex Fantasies #1 (Viv Thomas) ____________________________________
Sandy's Holiday Sex Fantasies #1 (Viv Thomas)
I.D. v0101 & dvd_0803, Unrated
1998, 56 min.
Rolling Images / PRP
Directed by Viv Thomas
VOD *Analog* Source    

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5-Star Film! [Toy-Free]

Sandy, Hannah, Tina & Sophie

A LezloveVideo.com World Exclusive! Club International and Paul Raymond Publications are proud to present Sandy’s Holiday Sex Fantasies – the video. Join Club girl Sandy on location in Spain living out her hottest, dirtiest fantasies. It’s the filthiest 60 minutes of sex-packed action you could wish to see, featuring full-on lesbian action between beautiful girls.

With the help of her horny girlfriends, Sandy makes three of her wildest dreams come true on camera for the first time:

Sandy gets extra-special room service at the hotel when she checks in with gorgeous brunette Hannah

It’s all hands, fingers and tongues on deck as Tina takes sexy Sandy on board her motor-cruiser for the ride of her life

Sandy and Sophie are court in the act as they reach lesbian love-all on the tennis court.

Sandy’s Holiday Sex Fantasies is an erotic trip into the world of girl-on-girl sex, brought to you by Club International, home of the sex-babe.

For further information and screencaps on the scenes in this title, please visit the ELMS Viv Thomas section.

Please note: this is the same edit available in England, which is the BBFC “18” certificate rating. There is no “harder” US version for these movies. Also, the VHS version ships in a plain sleeve.

UK customers please note: we are able to ship this title to the UK.

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, digitally remastered and encoded to broadcast standards, photo gallery & preview trailers. NTSC.

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Thursday Night Video (TNV)

How I came across these videos and passed them on to Lezlove’s attention goes back a while. A couple of years ago, a friend up in Canada expressed an interest in some material we’d been discussing in a discussion group. Talk of a swap started. He knew I had a fondness for kissing, and he suggested these two videos he had ordered through Club magazine. He got them in PAL format, and had them converted to NTSC. At this time, I had never even heard of Sandy, let alone seen her in any videos or pictorials for that matter. I got the two tapes, and was completely floored. I couldn’t believe something so great was so unknown. How could videos like this exist while myself and so many others knew nothing about them?

I eventually got the “Babes Abroad” and “Mayfair” videos in subsequent trades, and was equally, if not more pleased. I will admit that “Babes Abroad” is my overall favorite. A short time later, I was brought into the fold at Lezlove video, becoming a staff reviewer. I also made it my duty to enlighten them to many hard-to-find gems I was aware of. The collection of videos from Viv Thomas was at the top of my list of referrals. Viv proved a hard nut to crack. Numerous emails went unanswered. Finally, rather out of the blue, he responded. A constructive dialogue soon followed, and the rest is history. I take pride in the fact that I brought this collection to Lezlove’s attention. I felt a sense of duty to shed light on such a great product. I am confident that many of you will consider these your favorite videos of all time. Enjoy!

This video has three girl/girl scenes with Sandy, running at about twenty minutes each. As in all of Viv’s videos, much care is given to the settings. Here, we get to see Sandy in action in a hotel bedroom, on a boat, and outdoors on a blanket. My favorite by far is the last one. The heavily circulated photo-shoot made from this scene has made it famous already. After playing tennis, Sandy and her friend cool off sitting at a table next to the tennis courts. They make out heavily, and eventually move to a blanket on the ground nearby. Both girls look gorgeous together on the ground, grinding up against one another in nothing but their tennis shoes.

1) Buildup/Seduction: I loved the segue in the second scene. The girls are on a boat and begin by rubbing lotion on one another. The clothes and swimsuits are subsequently removed.
Score: 8

2) Kissing: As usual, all of the scenes have exceptional kissing. The last scene has the best out of the three.
Score: 9

3) Attractiveness of Women: Sandy gets my vote as, hands down, THE hottest girl to EVER do lesbian sex scenes. Her face and body are in a class all by themselves.
Score: 10

The first tape to kick off the British invasion. This continent won't know what hit it.

Critic: Now, the Brits evidently know how to put together a piece of erotica. Unlike Playboy videos which try and create these convoluted scenarios around their vignettes, this one is straightforward: they're nothing more than one woman's sexual fantasies (or at least the fantasies that were written for her). Just thinly veiled excuses for Sandy to get frisky with the girls of her choice, and that's exactly how they're presented. I like that; it doesn't insult my intelligence.

Rating: B+

Lover: Well, considering the fact that Sandy seems to go from woman to woman as readily as she changes outfits, we're not shooting for any sense of commitment here. What this tape does offer is passion, and lots of it. There's no emotional depth, but there is a wild and uninhibited abandon, along with a sense of genuine desire, and those are very attractive qualities in a love scene, which this video is chock full of.

Rating: A-

Voyeur: Oh, I am going to enjoy this series. Where do I begin? The girls are all European models, top-of-the-line, flawless natural beauties (but natural does not mean sparsely endowed. Oh no, these girls possess just the right sets of curves, believe me). But then, I've seen beautiful women before, in scenes that turned out to be little more than two-girl stripteases with all of the passion of a ham sandwich on rye. So what about this video? Playboy video this is NOT. These girls have no hesitation when it comes to touching each other, savoring each other's delicious bodies, going to the absolute limits of passion together. The kissing is indescribable, the lovemaking unabashed and intense. The girls really seem to be enjoying what they're doing, and they lose themselves completely into lustful satisfaction.

Rating: A

I really don't know where to begin. This tape along with its cousin Mayfair are desert island material, and I've never applied that expression to any other erotic piece. I was completely floored when I saw them. The softcore style of erotica has never had much appeal to me because the girls aren't allowed to be seen going all the way together -- so most often they don't, and merely (and painfully obviously) "go through the motions". While watching Viv's tapes (or certain specific scenes from them), you realize that the girls *are* into each other, completely, and it's only the limitation of the camera style that keeps you the viewer from seeing everything.

I'd go so far as to argue, however, that it's the non-explicitness of these scenes that *makes* them so hot. They would lose something if they were fully hardcore, because, as they are, they leave just, just, *just* enough to the imagination. There's no doubt -- none, at all -- that the girls are going all the way with each other, even though the camera doesn't capture everything there is to be seen. It's that very restraint, that infinite suggestiveness, that makes everything so much sexier than an explicit hardcore piece could be.

Viv's movies are the missing link between softcore and triple-X, and I can't recommend them highly enough.

Sandy is arguably the hottest woman to ever appear in all-girl erotica, and here she's featured in all three of this tape's scenes. The first two are decent enough, but they're basically foreplay for the last one. I've thought long and hard before daring to make this declaration, but I'm saying, right now, that the Tennis Scene from Sandy's Holiday Sex Fantasies #1 is the single hottest piece of erotica I've ever seen in over ten years of collecting and viewing all-girl erotica. As soon as you get past the unfortunate and thankfully brief opening voiceover dialogue (an affliction of the other two scenes, too), the following twenty minutes are simply perfect. The slow pace with which they shed their clothing; the constant touching, rubbing, licking, and the other small intimacies Sandy and her partner Sophie share; the music which rises and falls in intensity as the scene progresses; the inexorable buildups and releases of sexual energy -- these are all part of what makes the scene truly unforgettable.

I normally hesitate to recommend tapes this short that come with a high price tag, as cost-effectiveness is a factor in what I favor, but this tape and Mayfair are exceptional exceptions to that. They will be at the forefront of my collection for years.

When I first found the Sandy's "Sex Fantasies" and "Sex Holiday" videos, I really didn't know what I was in for. I've been a fan of Sandy ever since I saw her first photoshoot in Club International magazine, where she has been a popular feature for a few years now. I swear, that girl is perfect in every way. And her butt ... I'd follow that butt off a cliff. Among the photoshoots she has appeared in, and among my favorites, is the "Hotel Room" and "Tennis Court" sets.

It was some time late in 1999 that I found an advertisement for Sandy's first video. What caught my eye instantly was that this movie featured video depictions of my favorite of Sandy's photoshoots. I suspected that the video might depict not much more than a video taping of the photoshoots. Yet, being as big a fan of Sandy as I am, I couldn't resist owning one of her videos. When the video finally arrived from England, and after I got it converted to NTSC video format, I was more than surprised at what I found.

Here's a bit of background ... Viv Thomas is the director and producer of this video, as well as being the main photographer for the UK magazines Club International, Mayfair, and Men's Only. I have been a long time admirer of Thomas' work because not only does he have great taste in models, but he also has a keen eye for the setting. That along with Thomas' emphasis on strong use of brilliant colors makes him, in my opinion, one of the best photographers out there.

When I first popped the Sandy video into my VCR, I was expecting something along the lines of a video taped photoshoot. But what jumped out from the TV - and I do mean jumped out - was more than I expected. The Sandy video was a great find. First off, the “Hotel Room” and “Tennis Court” photoshoots are on the video, as well as another Sandy shoot that I wasn't aware of (the Boat Scene). I was immediately impressed by the strong and brilliant colors that Thomas emphasizes, which makes each scene that much more seductive. As well, each scene seems to have this dreamy quality about it that makes the video that much more fun to watch. Yet, apart from the composition, what struck me about these scenes was that they were far more than mere video taped photoshoots. Thomas actually shot each of these scenes as recreations of Sandy's sex fantasies, complete with lots of kissing, oral and trib. Thomas even throws in lots of leg and foot worship. Now, that's what I call a video stacked with action!

Each fantasy begins with Sandy, lounging by a swimming pool, and sharing her thoughts with the viewer. It seems she has the hots for three women in her life, and she spares no detail in her descriptions of what she would do to these women if she ever got them alone. From there, we are lead into Sandy's daydream world of wild lesbian sex. The Hotel Room scene begins with Sandy pulling up in her BMW Cabriolet and swaggering up to the desk clerk. Sandy's wet for this girl, and as soon as they get behind a closed door, the viewer is in for a treat. What follows is an erotic ballet. Everything, from the way the girls moved together, to the music, (the music makes the scenes that much better!) to the action, (lots of kissing, sucking on nipples, and trib) to the setting made the whole scene a delight to watch. I thought the video was off to a great start.

Next, the “Boat Scene” starts off okay, with Sandy offering to put some lotion on her girl friend. It lags a bit at that point, but the sight of Sandy teasing her girl friend's nipples got the scene going full tilt. Sandy and her friend girl get into some heavy all-girl action, featuring plenty of kissing, leg worship, butt teasing, (I swear this girl's butt was as good as Sandy's - I was in heaven!) some hot oral, and a great 69. What struck me, being a Sandy fan, was that the other girl was almost a ringer for Sandy, (talk about getting everything you've ever wanted in a twins fantasy!) and that just made the scene that much stronger.

Finally, the “Tennis Court Scene” is definitely the high point of this video. Sandy gets a tennis lesson from Sophie and, before you know it, she's giving lessons in all-girl love. The girls lay out a blanket underneath a tree and get into some great action, with lots of kissing, nipple teasing, lots of oral (the last oral scene is the best), before the girls scissor their bodies and get into some slow trib.

Though the video is soft core, it's different from a lot of similar videos out there in that it concentrates on all the stuff they rarely show in those videos, like lots of kissing and long body shots of oral and trib. Thomas may come across as a low-budget Andrew Blake at first, but he has a far better eye for a scene and the action. I was so impressed with this video, that I mentioned it to Phathead. I told him, "Want to see a video that will blow your mind?" Phathead's pretty jaded when it comes to lesbian scenes, but he was willing to see the video. I sent him a copy and he emailed me to say, "This video is ridiculous!" I know when you can get Phathead to jump up and down over a video, it's a good sign. Phathead was so impressed that he showed the video to the good people at Lezlove Video, who liked it a lot. They liked it so much, they contacted Viv Thomas and acquired the rights to distribute it worldwide on NTSC format. (Yeah! It's about time).

Sandy's Sex Holiday is an absolutely excellent video. It's a must have for all fans of soft core lesbian action - that and much more. It gets a strong vote of five stars from me. And if you think I liked this video, wait until you read my review for Sandy's Sex Fantasies #2 when it's available. That video is even better!

I go with the same views as Clion. This is spectacular viewing. I was fortunate enough to see and record all these episodes off the Adult Channel [England]. I hope Viv decides to release the prequel to Sandy which was the "Sam Gets Her Girl" Series. Another absolute mindblower.

lez fan
I have mixed thoughts about this edition of the Viv Thomas line. First, let me state what I thought were the plusses:

- I second Phathead's evaluation of Sandy. There is no doubt that she is probably THE most beautiful female to ever do a girl/girl scene, hard or soft core. This is no small feat when you consider how many gorgeous women have done girl/girl. I swear, there isn't a single flaw on either her face or her body, just pure perfection.

- I agree with the above reviewers, there was a nice mix of action that you normally don't see in this genre (i.e., Playboy, yikes). Some of the kissing scenes were very nice, passionate and wet (you won't see THAT in Playboy, LOL). The Viv Thomas line most definitely pushes the boundary of "soft-core" girl/girl scenes. While not utilizing the extreme gyno closeup of hardcore girl/girl videos, on some far away shots you can definitely see the women genuinely pleasuring each other orally.

- The rest of the cast was also very beautiful.

- The "shot on video" quality was excellent and crisp. The filmmakers did a fantastic job on the lighting and scenery.

Now the minuses:

- Before each Sandy lesbian vignette, there is a brief teaser as Sandy strips by the pool. Unfortunately, these teaser scenes are way too brief, a shame considering how gorgeous Sandy is! More extended time should have been spent on Sandy showing off her hot body, with closeups of her pleasuring herself (as the models do in the "Mayfair" video).

- Some of the scenes, in my own personal opinion, seemed to be lacking in heat. I know, I know, I'm sorry if my views differ from the above, but I want to be honest. The boat sequences, outside of the kissing and brief scene where Sandy is being orally pleasured, is an example. Sandy seemed to be putting on the typical "exaggerated pleasure" reactions typical of Playboy girl/girl videos (where the lovemaking is simulated).

- Some of the film angles were frustrating. Yes, I know this is not X-rated hardcore, but it was hard to see in some scenes if the women were really pleasuring each other, and the Viv Thomas line does push the envelope when it comes to this genre (gorgeous Playboy types in girl/girl scenes).

But as you can see the pluses outweigh the minuses. Sandy alone merits buying this tape, and some of the scenes are very nice. Loyal customers such as myself who have been openly disdainful of Playboy now have reason to rejoice. The Viv Thomas line of videos ensures that woman as beautiful as any in Playboy magazine will push the envelope when it comes to drop dead gorgeous model type of women doing girl/girl scenes. I rate this tape a B minus.

Anon in 'Bama
I'll try and keep this short. Excellent production values, beautiful women, and lots of creativity and originality in each scene! Also, all of these girls have beautiful derrieres, and I was pleased to see them not ignoring eachother's gorgeous rear ends! One of the other reviewers said he wanted more Sandy by herself --- I WHOLEHEARTEDLY DISAGREE!!! The girl-girl scenes are what makes this tape so hot! Leave the solo stuff for Playboy!

My only negative regarding this one is the "porn-speak" narration leading into each and every scene. It's so fake and not sensual or erotic. I'd have rather heard her talk like a normal girl. But this is only a very minor criticism. Overall, this one is HOT!!!

Oh my gosh, this is one of the most awesome series you'll see at Lezlove. They really went to the extreme folks. It's a great blessing being able to see beautiful European women together. Something about the way they were filmed enhances the eroticism or passion they shared. The footage is well produced. Quality is surpassed.

What I enjoyed the most is how the women kiss each other. Their lips are so succulent when it meets each other, one can only imagine the feel or texture. Truly fantastic.

Like all reviewers, there is something for everyone's taste, I'm sure you'll agree.

Niclas (NCB)
Sandy has to be one of the most beautiful women who has ever participated in lesbian semi-explicit erotic videos. She's drop-dead gorgeous and sexier than anyone else. The best thing about her though is that it's very obvious she loves women! She always takes control in the scenes, she kisses the other models with great passion and the way she performs oral-sex on them is simply astonishing and beautiful to watch.

In this first scene, she steps out of her car in front of a small hotel. She walks in and has already decided to seduce the hotel-reception girl Hannah. She puts her hand on Hannah's when she's about to register. She asks Hannah to show her to her room and as Hannah is unlocking her hotel-room door, Sandy raises Hannah's skirt and strokes her butt on top of her panties. Once inside the room, they eventually start kissing each other and from there on, Sandy takes full control and pleasures Hannah in every way.

Sandy has always wanted to make love to Tina, a friend of hers. She decides to make her fantasy come true when the two of them are out on a boat-trip, or as Sandy puts it: "What better place to seduce her than somewhere where she can't escape?!"
As soon as the boat leaves the harbor, Sandy makes her move and Tina is very willing right from the start. They take off their blouses after which Tina massages Sandy's shoulders. Things heat up considerably later when Tina is sitting in front of Sandy and Sandy starts to caress Tina between the legs on top of her panties. They eventually remove all of their clothes and walk over to an area back on the boat where Sandy goes down on Tina. It sure is a beautiful sight! Afterwards, they get into the 69-position and at the end of the scene you can see them kissing each other as the sun goes down.

Scene 3:
Well, how am I gonna describe this phenomenal scene? It's virtually impossible. It has to be seen! This scene will completely blow your mind! If someone would ask me how a perfect lesbian love scene would look like, I would say it has already been done. It's the "Tennis-court" scene from "Sandy's Holiday Sex Fantasies #1". It has everything you could ever want. It has a build-up to it, it's long, it shows genuine passion between two absolutely beautiful and natural looking women, it has superb photo quality and it's hotter than anything else, yet never crosses the border into hardcore.
All I can say is, every single admirer of lesbian erotica should have this scene in his or her collection. It's the scene of all scenes!

It doesn't get much better than this. (excuse me while I wring out my panties. Wow!) To begin with, the women are sumptuous knockouts, and the quality of the cinematography-as slick and professional as any you'll see--only enhances their beauty. Top that off with slow-burning, rich lesbian passion, and you have a video that is very hard to beat.

The sensuality and the kissing in this production is downright pulse-pounding, and the sexual tension in each scene is brought to a fever pitch by the camera's wonderfully creative angles and ideas: close-up panty shots, from underneath, for example, add to the excitement as the girls engage in heavy, heartfelt foreplay. Their attention to erotic detail is a plus too--rather than just pull of a partner's panties and toss them aside as is seen in so many films, Sandy and her delicious friends make a titillating ceremony out of de-pantying each other, and it's a feast for the eyes.

Most of the film is soft core -- don't look for direct, mouth-on-pussy scenes (though the tennis court scene comes closest) but in some shots this only adds to the eroticism. Make no mistake, their really doing it, but sometimes hair hides the heavy duty action.

I loved this film. My only complaint is that the scenes were accompanied in full by music that completely obscured any breathing, kissing, or sounds of passion the girls may have been making. Adding some of that would have boosted this one to a perfect "10" but it still rates a 9.5.

While this is probably the best sex vid I've seen in my limited experience, I have to say that a few things caught me off guard even though some of the previous reviewers do mention them. For example, I REALLY didn't like the voice-over and the music track - there was no natural sound. The film was considerably improved by hitting the mute button. I was also kinda turned off by Sandy's posing and "head sweeping". Ok. End of gripe - compared to other tapes this one ROCKS because:

1. All the girls are cute and, as has been pointed out, they have fantastic and NATURAL bodies.

2. There is plenty of body worship - I love it when a decent amount of attention is paid to kissing, necks, breasts, etc rather than, as Monty Python puts it, "diving straight for the clitoris".

3. The photography was pretty good. I didn't find it distracting and I didn't find myself wishing anything had been shot differently. That's a first!

I'm going to disagree with everyone that Sandy is the hottest girl on this tape - the hottest girl is Sandy's tennis (3rd) partner. She is the girl on this tape, I feel, who seems most interested in kissing and caressing her partner. And she is unbelievably cute.

Sigma Kappa girl
First Impression:
Interesting twist having the same girl in each scene. If it was anyone but Sandy, I'd be complaining.

Strengths: Sandy, Sandy, Sandy! Is there anyone to compare to you? The combination of her incredible sexual energy and Scandinavian beauty make her something to behold indeed. That mischievous smile and turn of her head gets me every time. This girl obviously really enjoys lesbian scenes, and you can see it in her performance. She ravishes these girls bodies with complete abandon. Writhing, caressing, licking, sucking and kissing her partners to my amazement and joy. Since the kissing is the high point for me, the last scene (the famous “tennis scene”) is the one to mention. Sandy and Sophie kiss each other several times. Each time its very erotic and for a nice, long sequence. Plenty of tongue play and full lip kissing to my delight and complete satisfaction. The tribadism between these two was also a pleasant surprise and is very sexy. The other scenes didn’t do much for me personally. Not Viv Thomas' best, but still head and shoulders above the rest.

Weaknesses: My pet peeve-background music instead of the natural sounds of lovemaking. In my opinion, it kind of cheapens the quality a bit. This is not another standard sex video, so why should it have the standard sex video background music?

No dialogue between the girls whatsoever, just the overdubbed pornspeak to prelude each scene.

With the exception of the last scene, the kissing is not real. They kind of rub lips together, but no full lip kissing and at one point in the first scene, Hannah won't even kiss Sandy back. Come on Viv. How did that make it past editing? These other girls can't match Sandy’s' enthusiasm it would seem.

Overall opinion: When you've got Sandy having sex with beautiful girls, albeit, a little faked at times, its hard to complain. Overall very satisfying and worth the time.

Final grade: B+

Ok, the girls are nice. Big deal. I think I watched the whole video in fast forward. Compared to this video, Playboy's Centerfold video is XXX material and it's not even in the XXX section at my video rental store!

I've said pretty much the same thing in reviewing the Mayfair video. I agree with most everybody in that the girls are very attractive and the locations appealing. The kissing is pretty good and the passion is pretty good.

I have one bone of contention with this. The girls do not go all the way. I don't know if it's because the girls really are not bi-sexual or there is some policy of the photographer or director that prevents this. What I mean by not going all the way is you never see any true pussy eating. Pussy eating is inferred rather than shown. You never see any shots of it actually happening.

Through lighting, camera angles, and creative blocking by hands, legs, hair, and other body parts, it may look like there is oral sex, but it really isn't happening. Or, as it's about to happen, they cut away from the scene and show the face of the girl being "eaten" rather than the face of the girl doing the "eating". This disturbs me. I wish the video were more explicit.

As for the over-dubbing rather than hearing the girls themselves speak, I think it's because Sandy is not really English but Hungarian or Czechoslovakian. The director probably didn't want to have a thick Eastern European accent being spoken. Grade: B

The James
This is a short and light R-rated trilogy of vignettes showcasing the model who calls herself just Sandy, along with three equally attractive young women, in a series of simulated girl/girl encounters. Each scene begins with an over-the-top sexually explicit narration (“I can’t wait until she is licking my wet pussy!” Sandy intones seductively), designed to arouse and titillate its intended audience, the 18-30-year-old male readers of the monthly girlie mag, Club International. This utilizes a very powerful device, which is that anonymous women together are not nearly as arousing as women together who testify up front to their sexual appetite for other women’s bodies. If she can make you believe she’s as eager for pussy as you are, that’s the turn on.

While the girls do ultimately get naked, there is no explicit sex here, only a great deal of hugging, kissing, and petting. The foreplay is very extended, in fact, that’s what this tape is, almost entirely an exhibition of prolonged foreplay. Although the girls are not shown actually having sex with each other, the scenes do carry a high erotic charge. The women are gorgeous, their faces, bodies, figures and skin perfect, and the erotic ballets they perform with each other while rubbing lips, fingers, arms and legs together can’t help but arouse any normal male, the majority of whom are naturally turned on by the sight of two women together, especially women as beautiful and sexy as these models are. Though the kissing stops short of actual osculation, just the fact that two women have their mouths that close to each other’s public and private body areas makes it very hot.

The action here is stylized and choreographed. The scenes unfold the way they might in someone’s sexual fantasy -- a rhythmic, lyrical, idealistic erotic dance. When the girls are near each other, they will not pause at a kiss or touch, for example, but continue to move, their heads and bodies swaying to and fro in a graceful, non-stop fashion. That’s why I say they are dancing, rather than making love, with each other. In other words, these are very much performances - skillful and convincing performances, but a universe away from what is found in, for example, a No Man’s Land video, where the actresses go deep on each other’s pussies with mouths, tongues, fingers and toys. You won’t find any of that here. Sandy's Holiday Sex Fantasies could easily pass muster for late night premium cable TV viewing.

That said, the make-out sessions are realistic in the way the girls kiss, pet, and slowly undress each other. Plus, the models are not at all inhibited or uptight with each other in any way. Their performances are relaxed, energetic, and enthusiastic, as far as they go, which is all the way to the limits of an R rating. The best scene here is the last between Sandy and Sophie. I loved the way Sophie devoured Sandy’s breasts with her mouth and tongue. The shots of breast sucking and fingers rubbing up the center of panty crotches are quite explicit. It’s just actual sexual contact which is omitted here. A virtue of the direction and editing is that the action varies enough so that it never becomes repetitive nor boring, the bane of many mainstream porn films.

A very hot premise I imagined while viewing this is an X-rated “Backstage at Sandy’s Holiday Sex Fantasies” feature, which shows what happens when the actresses, who get so turned on and frustrated during the making of the main video shoots where they can’t go all the way, finally explode in blistering hard-core lesbian sex with each other after hours in their trailers. Show us Sophie, her smiling face slick with Sandy’s pussy juices, as she lifts her head up from Sandy’s pussy, while Sandy writhes spread-eagle on a big soft mattress, moaning and delirious in the throes of her massive orgasmic release. After the teasing build-up of this video, that would be something to see! Video Team? What say, guys? Want to have a go?

Well, I have to agree with the last reviewer's comments. The girls are beautiful and the bodies terrific, but sex is almost non-existent, suggestive and up to your own imagination and fantasy but little else. I now know not to order these if I'm in the mood for anything that resembles real sex, unless I want to see what beautiful girls do while pretending and acting.

It can be argued that a video featuring the beautiful Sandy in a solo performance would be well worth the price of this video alone. Sandy doing any number of every day mundane things like shopping, driving her car, reading a book or even just taking a nap would certainly be a pleasurable viewing experience (I wouldn't necessarily buy it however). She's that 'drop dead gorgeous', the quintessential blonde '10'.

Now add in East Euro gal pals Hannah, Tina & Sophie for some nice lesbian sex and you have a can't miss video, right? Well not exactly, you see they kind of faked it. The vignette scenarios were nicely done (especially the first scene), the scenery was very beautiful some nice lead-in material. However the sex between the gals was rather tame almost simulated. These babes kind of performed as if they were doing a men's magazine photo spread, you know - 'lets pose for the camera as if were really into it - face the camera with that turned-on look - hold it wait for cameras to click and be done with it.

The one slight exception would be the third scene and final vignette with Sophie on the tennis courts. Both babes at times gave the distinct impression that they were really into one another! They kissed at times with some real emotion and passion and it was certainly nice to see them bump pussy - Sandy doing Sophie doggie style. I wish some of these elements could have been present in the first two scenes and this video could have been a winner. As it is I give a slight recommend mostly due to the presence of the lovely Sandy.

This was a decent effort overall. I'm not sure whether or not I would give the entire video 5-Stars, but I would definitely give the tennis scene 5-Stars. Most of my review is going to center around that tennis scene.

This finished product may show simulated oral sex, but I truly believe the original photoshoots were hardcore! The tennis scene (which is a beautiful scene with two of the most beautiful women with perfect bodies I have ever seen) I am positive at one time was hardcore. (Don't bother asking me where) I have stumbled upon many pics of that tennis scene all over the Internet. Some of those pics not only show things that were never included in SHSF #1, but also some pics where the oral is definitely not faked! Those pics showed direct mouth to pussy contact, plus tongue to pussy contact. At one point in time, Sandy and Sophie were definitely licking each other.

Another thing is for certain to me and that is Sandy and Sophie are definitely into each other. I've seen the two of them together on 3 occasions. (I'm sure they have been together far more than that. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if the 2 of them were lovers.) 1) The tennis court scene (plus the pics of the same scene on the Internet I described above), 2) Sex and Games (The pool table scene in Sandy Does Hardcore), 3) The workout room scene (More pics of Sandy and Sophie together that I also stumbled upon across the Internet. They are working out on a workbench and eventually get naked and get it on. These pics are also hardcore where the oral sex is definitely not faked.)

Sandy and Sophie together are very sexy. The sight of those two touching each other, kissing each other, devouring each other is just too wonderful for words. If there are any other pics or videos of the two of them, I will definitely pay top dollar to get them. If they were ever to surface, I'm sure LezloveVideo would be one of the first to obtain them.

The scene was almost perfect. I say almost because there were a few problems with it. The music overdubbed the sound. The scene was way too short. Plus I would have liked to have scene the oral fully. Otherwise everything else was perfect. The scenery was beautiful, the video was flawless, a nice buildup to the foreplay, the kissing was delicious, the touching erotic and heartfelt, the oral was amazing (however if it had fully shown the oral it would have been even more amazing), even the brief trib was sexy. If that wasn't enough to make the scene sexy, the perfect bodies of Sandy and Sophie would have filled the void quite nicely.

If I were to compile a "10 most beautiful women" list I think I would put Sandy in the top 5. However, in my opinion, I find Sophie just as, if not more beautiful than Sandy. I love Sandy, but I am totally infatuated with Sophie. I wish she was in other videos besides SHSF #1, Sandy Does Hardcore and Mayfair. I would definitely love to see her again, especially seeing that sexy body of hers being devoured by another beautiful girl. I've also stumbled upon pics on the Internet of Sophie with a different hot looking blonde (also hardcore pics). But other than that, I have tried very hard (but unsuccessfully) to find anything else with Sophie.

Now to review the rest of the video. As I stated earlier, the locations are beautiful, the video flawless, the buildup to the sex is nice, the women are all beautiful. I found the first scene erotic for the most part. I didn't get into the second scene as much as the other two, but it wasn't disappointing either. I hate to be monotonous, but the only real flaws of this production was the overdubbed music and the lack of explicit oral sex. But since it was supposed to be softcore, I guess I can forgive that. I would rate the video as a whole 3 to 4-stars. I rate the tennis scene 5-Stars all the way!

two crows
I think that in any good story there’s a beginning, a middle, and an end. In this movie there was a little middle and the end was flat. These women were just playing for the camera and were not much interested in each other, except for the last scene where they’re playing tennis. There actually was a beginning and an end but the women were still playing for the camera. Run, don’t walk from this video.

So many have reviewed this title that another would be somewhat redundant. However, since it's the first disc I've actually bought through LLV, I felt I should add my two cents.

Overall, it's good. Anyone who buys this disc should keep the following in mind:

(1) Beginning-to-end Sandy. You need to like Sandy to like this video. I was honestly a little tired of her by the end.

(2) In a nutshell: Scene one is good. Scene two is mediocre. Scene three is very good. Segues involving Sandy touching herself by the pool are uninspired. Sneak previews of other films by Viv are excellent.

(3) There is some good kissing in scenes one and particularly in three. Two has hardly any.

(4) These girls are definitely posing for the cameras. There is barely even lip service paid to the idea that these are spontaneous encounters. This is not a story - it's just lesbian sex.

(5) There are minute-long sequences where all you see is Sandy's ass. Granted, she has a cute ass, but that's a bit much.

(6) No dialogue, no real sound. Just music, and it’s not even very good music.

Most highly recommended to big-time Sandy fans, but probably not a vital addition to anyone else's collection.

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