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Babes Abroad (Viv Thomas) ____________________________________
Babes Abroad (Viv Thomas)
I.D. v0104 & dvd_0806, Unrated
1999, 93 min.
Rolling Images / PRP
Directed by Viv Thomas
VOD *Analog* Source    

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5-Star Film! [Toy-Free]

Rebekah Parmar-Teasdale, Emma, Adele Stevens, Natasha Vale & Laura Hawkins.

A LezloveVideo.com World Exclusive! Men Only Magazine and Paul Raymond Publications proudly present Babes Abroad – the fantasy sex lives of five horny MO Models off the leash and looking for sex! When a bunch of girls take off for a holiday in the sun, they have nothing on their minds but pure pleasure, and if the men won’t play, the girls will – in full-on hole-poking, tit-sucking lesbian action! It’s the dirtiest 90 minutes of sex-packed fun you’ll see this side of a cross-eyed bishop up a rat. You’ll see them cavorting in the sun, frolicking nude in the surf, stripping naked for sex and exploring each other’s healthy young bodies with fingers, tongues and mouths. It’s the hottest tape we’ve ever produced, a collector’s classic that you won’t be able to put down.

Please Note: this title ships in a plain sleeve.

For further information and screencaps on the scenes in this title, please visit the ELMS Viv Thomas section.

Please note: this is the same edit available in England, which is the BBFC “18” certificate rating. There is no “harder” US version for these movies.

UK customers please note: we are able to ship this title to the UK.

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING -- PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, digitally remastered and encoded to broadcast standards, photo gallery & preview trailers. NTSC.

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How I came across these videos and passed them on to Lezlove's attention goes back a while. A couple of years ago, a friend up in Canada expressed an interest in some material we'd been discussing in a discussion group. Talk of a swap started. He knew I had a fondness for kissing, and he suggested these two videos he had ordered through Club magazine. He got them in PAL format, and had them converted to NTSC. At this time, I had never even heard of Sandy, let alone seen her in any videos or pictorials for that matter. I got the two tapes, and was completely floored. I couldn't believe something so great was so unknown. How could videos like this exist while myself and so many others know nothing about them? I eventually got the "Babes Abroad" and "Mayfair" videos in subsequent trades, and was equally, if not more pleased.

I will admit that "Babes Abroad" is my overall favorite. A short time later, I was brought into the fold at Lezlove video, becoming a staff reviewer. I also made it my duty to enlighten them to many hard-to-find gems I was aware of. The collection of videos from Viv Thomas was at the top of my list of referrals. Viv proved a hard nut to crack. Numerous emails went unanswered. Finally, rather out of the blue, he responded. A constructive dialogue soon followed, and the rest is history. I take pride in the fact that I brought this collection to Lezlove's attention. I felt a sense of duty to shed light on such a great product. I am confident that many of you will consider these your favorite videos of all time. Enjoy!

Okay, this one is, by far, my favorite of all five of the Viv Thomas videos. A big part of that is Natasha Vale. Natasha is so obviously so into women, and it shines through in each one of her scenes. There are three main scenes here, with plenty of shorter stuff in between, too. Total girl/girl footage clocks in at around 45 minutes. I could go on and on about this video, so I'll only talk about two scenes.

The second main scene has Natasha lying own on bed talking with a brunette. Their accents add to the "adorable" factor considerably. Their conversation is very cute, too. When the kissing starts, the camera zooms in and catches everything. I especially like the brief pauses followed by both girls smiling at each other. They return to some very nice kissing throughout the scene, too. Finally, the last scene in the video is between Emma and Laura. These girls get into kissing in major way. It starts with one of them seated and the other girl behind her. They make out for two full minutes. After a full scene in this location, the girls move to a shower. Here, they continue to make out heavily as they massage and stroke one another. Just awesome. I liked the little random parts in between the scenes a lot, too. It's a lot more spur of the moment. You get to see the girls jumping in and out of a pool, getting naked in the pool, and more kissing there, too. Great video!

1) Buildup/Seduction: From Natasha's squirt gun fight outdoors leading to a bubble bath, to her cute verbal flirtation in her second scene, this video is a real pleaser.
Score: 8

2) Kissing: I would argue this is the best in the series for this item. Top notch all the way.
Score: 10

3) Attractiveness of Women: The best looking women as usual. Thank you Mr. Thomas!
Score: 10

So, what happens when you get five UK babes together? There's a lot of girl-talk about their many exploits and other things. But what else do girls do?

Viv Thomas lets us in on his version of the goods in Men Only: Babes Abroad. Featuring an assortment of famous UK Page Three girls, among them Adele Stevens, Rebekah Teasdale, and Natasha Vale, this video is loaded with eye candy. The video is a healthy mix of solo girl, lesbian, and candid footage which never stops being entertaining.

The buxom Adele Stevens gets us started with her stunning solo portion, before we move into three of the girls playing on a beach. Before long, Natasha Vale (remember that name, because it will come up again and again) and Adele Stevens are rolling on the sand and getting more than a little frisky. Lots of kissing in this scene before one of the girls breaks them up.

After another solo girl portion, the girls take us out on the town, and then to an impromptu pool party. At the pool party, which is shot like a home video, we see three of the girls (one of them Natasha) playing with and fondling another girl. Everyone is really giddy during this part of the video. The scene closes with Natasha and that girl kissing - really good and hot kissing. There isn't much doubt that the girls like each other and, shut in by a day long rainfall, the next scene unfolds. Natasha and that girl are lying on a bed and talking about their first sexual experiences. Natasha springs the question and asks if that girl has ever been with a girl. The girl says there have been opportunities, but she hasn't been with a girl. Natasha admits to having been with "a few girls" (Judging by Natasha's obvious lustiness for the other girls, how MANY is a FEW?) and offers to introduce her to the 'other way'. What unfolds is a truly marvelous scene that covers varying degrees of tenderness and raw lust. The amount of French kissing is extraordinary, and the girl clearly appreciates Natasha's charms. This is an excellent scene that you're going to want to see again and again.

The next scene I will mention is a solo scene featuring Rebekah Teasdale. I really like Rebekah and I'll say she is as close to perfect as you're ever going to find. (Other than Sandy's videos, of course.) Her scene takes place in Thomas' BMW Cabriolet, and Rebekah looks especially great on those leather seats. Moving right along takes us to the final scene on a tennis court, where "love" can be two things.

The girls are fresh-faced and cute and their tennis match soon becomes a match of another kind. They finish their game and take a break, but there's no resting going on as these girls dive into each other. Again, another excellent scene for all you kissing fans out their.

The video closes with all the girls in a midnight frolic in the surf, popping open a bottle of champagne, pouring it on and sucking off of each other's bodies. Great close to this super video.

I can strongly recommend this video because...

Adele Stevens, Rebekah Teasdale, and (the amazingly girl-friendly) Natasha Vale. Natasha Vale is an amazing find, and I hope Thomas decides to produce a few videos around her.

This video is different from Thomas' other videos in that the music doesn't overpower the sounds the girls make during their scenes.

Overall, this video is full of fun and many really sexy scenes. It ranks well with all the other Viv Thomas videos. Five out of five stars - definitely!

I bought this video instead of "Babes from Budapest" because of the above reviews. I'm glad I did! I have 3 other Vivs, and this one is definitely a cut above the rest.

Clion sings the praises of Natasha Vale, and she's definitely a cutie, but my favorite is Emma. She's even cuter than Sophie from "Sandy 1" and "Mayfair" and Greta from "Sandy 2." All fresh-faced, wide-eyed innocence, sweet smiles, and blissful expressions of pleasure.

All the scenes great, but the two featuring Emma are the reason to buy this tape. They are achingly beautiful and tender. They make your heart skip beats and melt at the same time. They make your head buzz. They make you go all warm and fuzzy and gooey inside. This is what professionally-shot softcore lesbian fantasy vignettes should be all about, folks. The scenes have style, but the style doesn't trump the substance. The women aren't posing together, they are looking into each others eyes and really seeing each other, connecting, bonding, MAKING LOVE.

(What follows is pretty descriptive, so you should stop reading if you don't like spoilers.) The Natasha/Emma scene is slightly marred by the fact that the girls look at the camera a few times, and Emma even addresses the camera at one point. Also, Emma is more or less the passive recipient of Natasha's ministrations throughout, and the scene ends too soon. But none of this is true for the Emma/Laura Hawkins scene. For them, the camera doesn't exist, and the scene comes to a close only after both girls have reached orgasm.

Just about any point in this scene can make you lose it (and I don't mean your lunch), but one really stands out--Laura puts her finger into Emma from behind, sniffs deeply as she wipes it slowly across her nostrils, then puts it in her mouth and sucks off the juices. Mind-blowing.

If you're only going to get one Viv, and you're not obsessed with Sandy, this is the one to get. Trust me.

Let me say first that Viv Thomas has created a whole new caliber of lesbian erotica with the videos offered here at Lezlovevideo. His style is typified by exotic locations, vivid color use, stunning women with model-like good looks, playful atmosphere, and scorching lesbian action which pushes the limits of sensuality without becoming hardcore. I have absolutely loved every Viv movie I've seen, and with the exception of Mayfair, this is the best to date.

There are already some good reviews here detailing each scene, so I won't waste our time repeating them. I'm just gonna add my view on a few high points. First, since I'm coming back to some of the same elements which are important to me in each review, I'm going to introduce a couple of new ideas for my format.

First is the kiss thermometer. Readings are frigid (absolute zero-19), icy (20-32), cold (33-50), cool (51-60), lukewarm (61-79), hot (80-90), scorching (91-100), and blistering (100 and above). This measures the heat generated by the girls in the mouth-to-mouth action, in my expert opinion. Levels are rated in terms of length of kiss, depth of contact, tongue play, and enthusiasm/enjoyment of the girls involved.

Next is the so-called "chemistry" everyone is always talking about. I'll judge whether I think the girls were "into each other", or not, and in general how they looked together. Not a scoring or rating system, just some comments/complaints.

Last is the intimacy score. This is based on the location, whether or not the cameraman is giving instructions, and if we can hear the lovemaking or just some background music.

Well, lets get on to the review.

Adele & Natasha - Chemistry: Nice contrast here. Adele is a well-endowed woman to be sure, with long flowing blonde hair, while Natasha is more petite with short-cropped blonde hair and a very cute smile. Look very good together. Definitely into each other, displaying passionate lovemaking, devouring each others beautiful bodies to our delight. Very good chemistry here. Looked like they were definitely enjoying each other in this sequence. Nothing looked posed.

Intimacy Score: Set outside (on the beach, in a lawn chair), so not real private, but not lacking in intimacy given the location. Background music is present, but not overwhelming. Score 6 out of 10

Kiss thermometer reads about 85 degrees, pretty hot in my opinion. Won't disappoint you kiss-lovers.

Natasha & Emma - Chemistry: There's no doubt these two girls look good together, Emma is verrrrrry cute, and is paired with Natasha from the previous scene. The only problem is Natasha way outdoes Emma in terms of intensity. Emma seems somewhat reserved in this scene. Could've been better.

Intimacy score: Always love the bedroom scenes, and again the music is subdued. Score 7 out of 10

Kiss thermometer reads about 70. Kinda lame. Emma doesn’t seem to want to kiss Natasha back for some reason, maybe she needs a breath mint. *LOL*

Emma & Laura - Chemistry: Very nice. These two obviously hit it off well. They look fantastic together, and seem to enjoy ravishing each other throughout the scene. No complaints.

Intimacy score: When they move to the shower, it gets really passionate and intimate. Shower settings are among my favorite for sure. Score 9 out of 10

Kiss thermometer reads about 300! Whew, these two girls were really into making out. I can't think of a better kissing sequence. Their mouths lock in a perfect seal, and you wonder how they can breathe given the length and depth of the kiss. They kiss over and over again. Par excellence.

Also of note is some kissing interludes in the pool in between scenes. These were really hot, and very natural. An incredible movie here folks. If you've never seen Viv Thomas' work, or if you're already familiar with it, but haven’t seen this one yet; Definitely get Babes Abroad. This video deserves all 5 stars. If there are any new lesbian film-maker-wannabes out there, here is your inspiration, and guide to success.

This video is a disappointment. Lesbian love means two or more woman making love, not almost 40 minutes of solo posing you could get from Penthouse or Playboy. Almost half this video could be heterosexual women playing with themselves, not lesbian love. I feel I've been snookered by those glowing reviews of beautiful women with other gorgeous women, not individual posing you could get by buying a glossy magazine.

With so much already having been written about this title, I’d just like to make the following observation as it is one that has so far gone unmentioned. While other reviewers have described their favorite scenes and performers, I’d like to take a wider view. As I see it, the best thing about “Babes Abroad” is that it keeps getting better. It’s not the “full-on hole-poking, tit-sucking action” it claims to be - it more nearly exists in a realm between NC-17 and XXX - yet Thomas finds a way to make that limitation work to his advantage, by starting slowly and becoming increasingly more explicit. It’s an approach that, like sex itself, builds gradually to climax, and which makes the film most satisfying when seen from beginning to end.

Lou, in his brief review above, correctly states that the film’s solo masturbation scenes aren’t significantly different from what “Playboy” and “Penthouse” have to offer. But I think there’s a larger picture here. Where “Playboy” and “Penthouse,” educated in American porn, shoot their load, so to speak, with their first scenes, leaving themselves nowhere new to go, Viv Thomas arranges his solo efforts such that they build upon each other. Adele Stevens’ opening segment is, therefore, the most “Playboy”-like of the bunch. Emma’s scene, which follows, takes the masturbatory element a bit more seriously, and Rebekah’s concluding effort in a BMW goes still further, with the help of a vibrator.

The same holds true for the girl/girl couplings in the film, starting with the light sex shared by Adele and Natasha and ending with the film’s only penetration scene, starring Emma and Laura. (The middle scene provides an excellent transition, especially since the scene is transitional for Emma, as well, who says she’s never been with a girl before.)

Now, whether this arrangement of scenes was truly intentional or merely a happy coincidence, I can’t say, not having seen anything more of Thomas’ work. But either way, it gives “Babes Abroad” a distinctive and unusual appeal.

Yet another top quality production from Viv Thomas that features three stunning, and all very unique, lovemaking scenes. I’ll give them a run down as follows:

Adele Stevens and Natasha Vale: A superb scene from start to finish. We see Adele and Natasha making out on a beach, with another girl looking on. After a while, the girl realizes that three’s a crowd and leaves Adele and Natasha passionately kissing. We then see Adele and Natasha squirting each other with water guns before heading inside to a hot tub. This is a truly wonderful scene. Adele is a goddess and has one of the best bodies you’re likely to see. It’s obvious that Natasha is hot for Adele, as they passionately make out for a while before going down on each other. Plenty of great kissing throughout the scene and Adele is simply stunning.

Natasha Vale and Emma: A very intriguing scene which begins with Natasha questioning the inexperienced Emma about her sexual encounters with women. For great buildup, this is textbook stuff. Natasha asks if Emma has ever kissed a girl, to which she replies “No, I’ve never had the chance.” Natasha then leans in and tenderly kisses Emma. The only letdown of this scene is that Emma doesn’t seem to grow in confidence and fails to replicate Natasha’s obvious passion. In saying that, this is still a very nice scene, and Natasha shines through.

Emma and Laura Hawkins: My favourite scene of the tape. At first, I thought Emma’s inclusion would be a disappointment and I would much rather have seen Adele in her place. How wrong I was! This scene starts with the girls playing tennis before packing up and heading home. They begin kissing very passionately and Emma is holding nothing back, unlike in her scene with Natasha. The kissing is out of this world... deep, slow and extremely passionate. The girls then make love and are clearly hungry for each other. The scene ends with the girls heavily making out as they stand in an outdoor shower. Seeing their beautiful bodies pressed against each other, kissing as the water cascades off their backs, is sheer perfection.

This video is 5-Stars all the way. Three lovemaking scenes close to perfect, all with gorgeous women enjoying each other. There were also a number of solo scenes, that usually I don’t care much for, but one stood out on this occasion. Adele Stevens! This girl has to be seen to be believed. Her figure is simply mesmerizing and watching her showcase her wonderful body is a sight I won’t forget in a hurry. Kissing fans are rewarded with amazing efforts, in particular, from Emma and Laura Hawkins. These girls know how to make out! All in all, a brilliant tape and one that should be added to everyone’s collection.

This title was so erotic and the models are superb! I am a big Adelle fan, her body is something else. If this title had just a little more spice (scenes of oral, finger contact), it would be more real. Aside from that, the passion, photography and models are all top notch. I am new to these, and would like to see more of the top models from the U.K. I am from the US and I'm a big fan of some of the women from the U.K. Remember Kirsten Imre?

Unfortunately, I can't join in on the raving reviews bandwagon for this installment in the Viv Thomas collection. I got the impression from this video that I was actually watching the playful antics of a bunch of fashion models carousing with one another between photo shoots, we get a good amount of lighthearted playfulness but not much by way of hot and heavy lesbian lust. I guess that was the intent of this video after all, lighthearted antics between the babes sort of like a vacation video sent back home by a bunch of great looking (emphasis on great!) sorority babes - not really lesbian or bisexual but they can fake it for fun.

My problem with the Viv Thomas formula as I have seen it so far (just two videos) is the technique of 'fabrication' that is to deceive the viewer that what you are actually watching - an exhibition in lesbian sex - is not really taking place, you're actually seeing the real deal which of course you are not. Instead what we are actually seeing is a display or posing between two lovely babes giving the impression that they are making love to one another. The one slight variance to this formula although not completely so, was the Emma/Laura hook up on the veranda. Both gals appeared to have some strong feelings for one another as displayed in a nice prolonged kissing sequence that was both tender yet hungry. They seemed to be genuinely in to the scene and did not noticeably play to the camera as we had in other scenes.

Don't get me completely wrong here, there is much to like about the Viv Thomas productions' fantastic looking UK or East Euro babes, great production values and luscious scenery and locales just don't expect any hot and heavy lesbian lust (which is what I am always searching for) you won't find any save perhaps for some very brief moments.

It is my understanding that Viv Thomas has taken a favorable turn with some of his more recent productions, I certainly hope so because there is much to build on with what he brings to the table - add a strong dose of actual lesbian lust and for certain we would have something that could not be topped. Like everyone else I will patiently wait in line for my copies and hope for the best.

One big let down, not a film to watch expecting shades of an early Pink Velvet. Emma is the star of this flick, all the girls seem to get on well with her and she’s so loveable and natural. I bought this mainly for the rare appearance on film by Rebekah, her masturbation scene wasn't very hot, even if she is.

I wish the harder cut of this was in circulation, as the 18 level camera cuts and editing spoils what could have been a worthwhile film. It sounded better when Viv described the movie shoot than what happens in the actual film. Worth buying for the quality of the girls but the sex doesn't reach the sweet spot for me.

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