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Road Queen 04 ____________________________________
Road Queen 04
I.D. dvd_3489, Adult
2008, 115 min.
Girlfriends Films

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Lonestar Angel, Deauzma, Anna Belle Lee, Porche Lynn, Elexis Monroe & Heather Silk.

She's looking for a few good women!

DVD Features
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DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. This and Women in White 5 are the WORST GFF I have seen. Deauxma hooks up with Porsche Lynn (OLD lady Road Queen?), and in her other "threesome" she doesn't even take her clothes off. Deauxma is a hottie, and I don't know why GFF aren't using all their good-looking girls. They need to change director, set designer, cameraperson, and storywriter. They are losing the SEXY/SENSUAL seduction they once had.

Strap on Expert
I was about to give up on this one too, but after seeing the last scene, I upgraded this one to a C+.

The strap on performed by Lonestar had its merits. She was aggressive, and was an expert with the fake cock. There was no hand-holding-cock action. She performed well with great penetration moves, just like a man! You could tell she has had lots of experience.

The only problem was the composition of the frame work by the cameraman. When Lonestar had Elxis in the doggy position (and doing a great job I may say), the cameraman kept cutting off the top half of Lonestar. You could not see her upper torso let alone her nice small tits. To appreciate the action of both ladies, the cameraman needs to "back-up" and put both ladies in the entire frame. Pretty basic stuff. I blame the director for letting this happen which prevented a pretty hot scene from getting hotter for the viewers.

Definitely want to see more strap on action with Lonestar but with some better camera work.

This release is a mixed bag. However, while the Road Queen series is somewhat inconsistent in its offerings, this is more than made up for with one or two amazing scenes which add an insane amount of value to it. In this release, there are two scenes, featuring the amazing Elexis, that stand out head and shoulders above any scene on any other release.

The scene with Elexis and Anna Belle Lee is as strong as any scene can be. It's very patient and sensual in its pacing, featuring two very enthusiastic performances.

The final scene with Elexis, however, is truly the money-shot. Paired with Lone Star, Elexis gets the best strapon treatment ever seen -- anywhere. Lone Star puts on her cock and gives Elexis a fucking that can only be called legendary. She literally grips Elexis' body and hammers her into the mattress. Their hips gyrate together and Elexis draws Lone Star ever deeper. Turning Elexis onto her stomach, Lone Star rides her with all the sweaty fury she can muster. This scene is exhausting to watch.

Anon in 'Bama
This Road Queen series has gotten somewhat better over time. It's basically about Deauxma driving around Texas in her big car, with lesbian encounters happening in her wake. Here's my take on the four scenes:

1) Deauxma & Porsche Lynn --- Deauxma's first stop is at Lonestar Angel's place, where the younger girl tells Deauxma about her new job at the Double-D Ranch, owned by Porsche Lynn. While they're talking there's a knock on the door, and it's Porsche!

Well, it turns out that Porsche and Doe-MAY are old friends from way back and Doe-MAY wants to get re-acquainted. She tells Lonestar to go see a movie or something, and the younger woman obeys, leaving the two older woman home alone by themselves.

Porsche is more hesitant, leaving Deauxma in the role of the aggressor. They kiss and caress for a while before taking it into the bedroom. There, they take turns going down on one another and have overall so-so sex. Grade: C+

2) Deauxma, Heather Silk, and Lonestar Angel --- Lonestar opens this scene bitching at Deauxma about the sheets on her bed being changed, which I suppose means she suspects that Deauxma and her new boss had sex on it. At that point, Heather Silk shows up, saying she had to get away from Elexis, who apparently wants to talk about her dreams.

Anyway, Heather says she wants to have some fun, so Deauxma produces a pair of "sex dice" and says she'll roll them and the two younger girls will have to do whatever they say. Heather and Lonestar quickly agree to these rules. Deauxma rolls "pinch nipples," "tongue clit," and "lick ass," and Lonestar & Heather proceed to do each of these things to one another. Then Deauxma puts away the dice and the three go into the bedroom.

Deauxma remains in charge, sort of directing the girls while she caresses their pretty bodies. I liked the way Deauxma kind of dominated the action without actually taking part. At one point Lonestar does Heather from behind with a strap-on. Grade: B+

3) Anna Belle Lee & Elexis Monroe --- Back at the motel Anna Belle Lee is still in bed when Elexis enters the room and begins running her hand up and down Anna Belle's leg. She then tells Anna Belle all about how Deauxma has a thing for pretty young girls, something Anna Belle apparently knows nothing about. Then Elexis says that she, too, likes girls, and proceeds to start kissing and caressing the pretty redhead. Anna Belle submits to Elexis, allowing the other woman to sort of grind her from behind and then go down on her. She then goes down on Elexis. Not a bad scene. Grade: B-

4) Elexis Monroe & Lonestar Angel --- This was my favorite scene on this video. Elexis is in bed, and suddenly Lonestar bursts into her room all hot and angry because, she says, Elexis has been making fun of her. Lonestar is dressed in this very skimpy outfit. Elexis looks confused, but not unduly alarmed. Then Lonestar informs her that she's "going to f*ck her hard" and proceeds to do exactly that. She puts on a strap-on and takes Elexis missionary and doggy-style. Kind of a weird scene, but I liked it! Grade: A-

Watching this series is kind of like watching a lesbian soap opera where I really don't know what's going on half the time. But the sex scenes are pretty hot nonetheless! Overall grade: B

I know everyone has different likes and dislikes, but this little southern belle Lonestar is quite a natural talent I think. She looks at first to be your typical up-and-coming softcore teeny star, but this girl excels in the dominant role. "Iím going to make you quiver," she insists while donning the strap on, and that she does indeed do. She can use it so naturally you will forget the thing is just a toy. Although small the girl is quite powerful, she has no problem ripping off her partnerís clothes and moving her around the bed for optimal positioning.

5-star scenes featuring Elexis! 'Nuff said.

I thought the wardrobe choices were weak in this episode of Road Queen. Deauxma always needs to be in blue jeans. Of course, the boots worked great for Porsche.

I didn't think the scene with Porsche and Deauxma had any heat, but maybe I was expecting too much. (I might have heard it wrong, but I thought that Porsche said the name of her ranch was the double G, not double D.)

Heather and Lonestar more than made up for the weak first scene. Very, very hot together. Lonestar makes very deep grunting sounds of pleasure and seemed to enjoy riding Heather's strap-on. Deauxma was also in this scene and both Lonestar and Heather seemed to really enjoy her fingers.

Elexis and Anna Bell was also a very hot scene. Elexis can heat up just about any scene.

Lonestar and Elexis in the final scene makes this DVD worth buying. This scene captures female aggression without losing eroticism. So many times the attempt to portray female aggression ends up being clumsy or too staged to actually communicate any eroticism. Personally, I would always choose sexual hunger over sexual aggression, but in the context of this scene the director did an excellent job and Elexis and Lonestar deserve gold stars for their performance.

I really like Lonestar and hope to see a lot more of her.

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