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French Kiss 01 ____________________________________
French Kiss 01
I.D. j0051 & dvd_1261, Adult
2003, 2 hrs.
Loaded Gunn Productions
Directed by Jim Gunn


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5-Star Film! [Toy-Free]

Lessa & Alana, Kristina & Pantera.

A Lezlove.com Exclusive! Taking up the challenge from the LezLove community, I decided to combine the best aspects of my professional adult video style with the feel and pacing of an amateur movie to create a new kind of video tailored for the all-girl video connoisseur. I carefully selected each pair of beautiful young girls, to match up models who had an affinity for one another, to get the best scenes possible.

Each scene starts with a kiss, but that is just the beginning as each pair of girls makes passionate love together, without toys of any kind. These four, 100% all-natural-breasted newbies use tongues, fingers and the smooth skin of their bodies to please their partners. The deep kissing continues throughout each of the two, hour-long scenes while the girls lick, finger, 69, and grind together in a bliss of tribadism!

In scene one, eighteen year old blonde Lessa swaps spit with slender brunette Alana (19) in one of the hottest make-out scenes that I have ever had the pleasure of filming! Their soul kissing is sexy enough while they are still dressed in their cute little pajama outfits, but when their clothes come off and they press their naked bodies together for a long sex session the sparks truly fly!

In scene two, precocious youngster Kristina kisses natural-breasted beauty Pantera on a bed. These two naughty schoolgirls soon slip out of their cute little uniforms and are sucking and eating pussy with abandon as they get each other hot & bothered. There's breast fondling, more 69 action and some pussy grinding.

These two long scenes will give you an explicit glimpse of real lesbian passion between some of the cutest young girls I have ever filmed! Enjoy! :-) Jim Gunn.

Please note: this title ships in a plain sleeve. This title is an exclusive release through llv.com and is not commercially available.

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING -- PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, digitally remastered.

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OK, so we have finally taken the wraps off of our little "covert" project here with Jim Gunn, and the results are excellent! Our behind-the-scenes work with Gunn have yielded exactly what we had hoped for – to blend what makes "amateur"-style videos work so well, and add to that a "commercial" production quality and technical level. I have always thought that marrying these two elements would make a great movie. We are happy that Jim was willing to test out the idea for us!

What makes amateur work so well, in simple terms, is the pacing of the action and the length of the scene. Commercial/mainstream almost never works because they are restricted (for some odd reason I have never been able to figure out) to a whole bunch of short scenes. This is some old "formula" that the industry has held onto. For some lame reason, there seems to be a "requirement" to have a minimum of 5 scenes in two hours. But, this simply does not work, because any good love scene, lesbian or otherwise, takes more time than 10 minutes to develop!

The other, obvious, problem is the dreaded toy issue. So the idea here was to have a commercial director shoot scenes in an "amateur"-style format (long scenes, simple set, no music, etc.), lose the toys, and work on finding pairs of girls who have good chemistry together. It’s a simple formula that we wanted to test, and it is just what we have here. After watching this, I do think it is a winning (and simple!) formula. We have basically stripped away all of the distracting elements, and what is left allows you to focus only on the girls and their lovemaking together. This, of course, puts a LOT more emphasis on the chemistry requirement between the girls (since there is nothing else to be distracted by!) and that is where this new blended format will ultimately fail or succeed. For this new movie, I think the chemistry between the first two girls was very good, and between the second pair of girls is was ok but not great.

I want to just say a few words of praise about working with Jim Gunn. Jim is possibly the most berated director in the history of LLV – nobody here has been more harshly criticized and beaten up! This criticism has been, for the most part, well deserved. But I think it’s important to realize that the movies he has been making have been like that because of the companies who have contracted his work, not because he really *wanted* to make movies like that. In our private e-mails, he has expressed many times that he really wants to make movies like this, but up until now he could not find distribution for them that was financially viable for him. He has stayed positive throughout this entire process, was never defensive, and came back with deeds not just words. I think his attitude has been very cool. And when you look back in time, when we first started LLV, I think this kind of dialogue and evolution is all that we really wanted in the first place.

OK so back to the movie: there are parts of this film that make it definite "desert island" material, there are some oral-sex parts that are heart-stopping. This kissing, obviously, is divine. I also really liked the cute outfits the girls wore, and that they stayed in them for a long time before getting undressed. The only area for improvement is to continue to find girls who really love to have sex together, and to get the lovemaking to flow even more naturally. Here it still feels just a little bit scripted at times. If Jim continues to improve this concept, and combine the best of "amateur" and "mainstream" he will get very close to the ultimate movie. But what we have here is a darn good first attempt! I hope everyone enjoys this film.

This film is absolutely gorgeous! Up until now, my favorite film has been "Melanie & Shelby", a definite 5-Star film. But French Kiss easily surpasses "Melanie & Shelby", which is no easy feat.

The girls are hot for each other from the start, and they are so cute and natural! The film quality is excellent, and there's no background music; just the heavy breathing and gasps of the girls.

One caveat is that guys/girls who only like to watch penetration will be impatient with the foreplay. This film may not be the ticket for that kind of viewer. But it definitely is the ticket for those who like to watch real, hot sex unfold naturally between two lovely girls.

This is one of the best films I have seen. I love Trib and it is great. The women are good looking and look like they enjoy what they are doing. Film quality is good also! I am not a pro at this but I just had to say something!

Run, don't walk to get this video. If you're a fan of beautiful women kissing, this is the "Holy Grail." 5-Star?!? This is like 7-Star. A wonderful video - must have!

Lessa and Alana was a great match-up. Both young, with great bodies and small breasts. Just the way I like it. And no toys (hurray!) If Jim Gunn can duplicate this scene on Volume 2, I'll be a happy camper. It's good to know that Jim responded to our posts and e-mails. Yes I sent one describing what I like. This is definitely 5-Star.

No glitz, no glamour. No music or toys. No unnecessary dialogue. It's passionate "no frills" lezlove, and it's beautiful. "French Kiss" has young, natural girls who are very sexy and very much into one another.

I've never seen any of Jim's earlier films, which probably doesn't matter in regards to this video. It is apparently a departure from his previous, more mainstream endeavors. This amazing two hour video (about a full hour for each pairing!) presents the beautifully simple concept of combining the best of amateur and commercial aspects of girl/girl films. It features girls who are passionate for each other and is shot, caringly, by someone who knows how to capture the magic, simply and unobstructed. That is an art form in itself.

The girls engage in long, sensual kissing, and awesome oral sex that is indeed heartstopping. Their lithe bodies entwined, the girls lick, caress and go down on one another until they are wet with passion. There is the standard give and take oral action and exquisite 69 in both sequences.

This film is stripped bare, both literally and figuratively! I love the fact that there's absolutely no musical bed. The soft moans and cries of girlish passions is music enough for me! The sound is great, and you hear practically everything, including the sounds of "wet on wet", as soft tongues lap at wet pussies. There is hardly any talking, just the occasional impassioned comment, here and there.

It doesn't have the absolute best trib I've ever seen. It seems hard to find girls who really want to lock loins and indulge themselves in a long trib session and even harder to find someone who can shoot it extraordinarily well. The trib is of the bump and grind variety. But, the incredible oral sex more than makes up for any shortcoming in the trib department.

Of the two pairings, Lessa and Alana (the first) did seem just a little more completely into one another. My only real complaint, insofar as the cinematography, is a minor one. There are a few times when you have a beautifully framed wide shot that is just begging for that close up! You are seeing the back of a girl's head as she is giving head. The tighter shot usually comes, you only wish it would have come sooner. Still though, even this fits into the leisurely, unrushed flavor of this film. It is slow and sensual, as we are really spending some quality time with these ladies!

"French Kiss" is a gorgeous, untarnished gem and a keepsake! It's proof, yet again, that we are living in the most prolific time for lesbian erotica.

I have not posted in a long time, but I thought that I needed to comment on this "Lesbian Masterpiece"! French kiss #1 is beyond 5-Stars. The two couples are real hot for each other. Plenty of hot, sensual kissing, some oral and some of the Hottest Trib that I have ever seen.

In the first scene Lessa & Alana make love so nice that they have to be gettin' together in their private lives. Alana gets on top of Lessa's pussy and "Tribs" off into the sunset (wow). Great camera shots of that scene.

Kristina Adams & Pantera were hot for one another too. They love to kiss and lick pussy but the "Trib" scene was simply outstanding.

What makes this video even hotter is that these two couples are also paired up in the new release Strap -on Sally 20. They are hot for one another in that video as well.

Congrats to you Jim Gunn. The camera work and picture quality were excellent. You have always had the female talent in your videos but if you could get Gina Lynn to do a French Kiss video I think that would be off of the charts. She is a kissing machine and I love to see women kiss (just a thought).

Overall this video to me was beyond 5 Stars. No music, no background noise and no toys, just straight up Hot women to women, lip to lip and pussy to pussy lovin'.

Anyone who has badmouthed Jim Gunn in the past can now eat their words. What he has created here is an absolute masterpiece! This had to have been sent down from heaven. If I were a young girl who likes girls, this is the type of sex and lovemaking that I would love to engage in.

The first scene is absolutely perfect! The girls are so adorable, their hunger for each other is unrelenting. They are wearing the cutest outfits. The kissing is phenomenal and very sexy. The foreplay is perfectly paced. The oral and trib are phenomenal. The camerawork and audio are very professional. I especially loved the things they said to each other, "I love your body against mine.", "I want you" and most especially, "Kiss me!" When they said that, I swear I rewinded the tape 12 times! The girls were so into each other, I think they forgot they were even being videotaped. I almost felt like I was right there in the room watching them until I saw a glimpse here and there of the shadows of the cameraman from the lighting in the room. But this was hardly noticeable and very easily dismissed, since I was so drawn in by two of the cutest girls ever to grace the screen of my TV. Their lovemaking seemed to be very spontaneous. It seemed as if Jim Gunn just let them do what they wanted and just sat back and just taped the gates of heaven open gloriously. This scene is above and beyond 5-Stars and the best lesbian sex I have ever seen! I absolutely fell in love with Lessa and Alana.

The second scene may have had its problems and may be tame in comparison to the first scene, but it is still a sexy scene nonetheless. It had mostly everything the other scene had except for a few exceptions:

1) Chemistry: The chemistry between Kristina and Pantera was good, but not great. Lessa and Alana were completely into each other,
2) No dialog: Lessa and Alana said some very sexy things to say to each other. Kristina and Pantera, I don't think, said one single word to each other,
3) Acknowledgment of the camera: Lessa and Alana were so into each other, they were there to please each other and didn't give two shits whether or not there was a camera in the room. As far as the two of them were concerned, they were completely alone. I thought I saw Kristina and two occasions make a split second glance at the camera.
4) Flow of the sex. In the scene between Lessa and Alana the sex seemed to flow very naturally and they got into the positions they wanted to get into. They told each other what they wanted to do to each other and just did it! Kristina and Pantera got into positions without indicating to the other girl what they wanted to do. Either these two girls could read each other's minds, or they were just following the script. I would bet on the latter. I'm not saying Lessa and Alana weren't following the script, but they made it look like it was very spontaneous and what they wanted to do to please each other.

This video has definitely earned its 5-Star status. I sincerely hope that LezloveVideo works with Jim Gunn again very soon to make "French Kiss 02!" As I stated earlier, I fell in love with Lessa and Alana. This is lesbian erotica at its finest!

There is simply too much kissing in this video! But the girls are cute, cute, cute! (You'd expect that) But as I'm watching this, I'm saying to myself, "I don't eat pussy that way!" In fact, I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that men are better at cunnilingus than women! Every time I see a guy muff diving in a porno video, I am impressed with their complete erotic abandon! Whereas, girls in videos are, frequently, awkward, tentative and timid! And when you have to tilt your head to one side so the camera can see what you're doing, for the uninitiated, well, we are in for a long session indeed! The explanation must be that, very often, these girls are not even bisexual, and they are forced by circumstances to fake it, and you can see them hold back.

The spirit of Ed Powers seems to be hovering over this video. Here comes some trib! Nice! Opps! It ended before a climax. Now comes some 69--pretty good! Look, I understand that this is a video and we've got to see what's going on, but most of us know what goes on, and what really turns us on is genuine passion, which we almost never get to see. I'm warming up to this 69 scene, however. (I'm watching as I write).

The 69 is marked by an excessive show of tongues, it seems to me. "Stick your tongue out, Honey, so we can all see it!" And it is very guy oriented, it seems to me, as well. But, hey, I'm a guy! It's either Lessa or Alana with a truly great ass. (She's the one with the kitty-cat, Betty-Boop face) She is always on the verge of betraying a lack of interest in what's going on, or that she remembers that she is supposed to be cooing more, and you can see these little flashes of recollection move across her beautiful face.

Pussy bouncing trib: it must be an attempt at innovation, and in the middle of it, without missing an "Ah!" there is a rotation of bodies, clockwise--off camera--to show off these great crotches to better effect. I've never seen this kind of tribadism. Does this work for women? I get the feeling that I'm watching two hookers fake it for each other, rather than two lovers sharing passion. Is it really necessary to say, either "Ooh!" or "Ah!" every time they exhale? Nature seems to triumph in the end, and in their ends because you can't rub down there for this long without something involuntary happening. But you expect people to lose it when they cum, and I'm not seeing that here. What I am seeing is, "It's 15 minutes! Time for the orgasm!"

Back to kissing, followed by more kissing, in the beginning of the next scene--yawn! I give up! I'm fast-forwarding through this kissing stuff! I am remembering some old "In Joe's Living Room" videos with similar kinds of girl-girl action. Anybody seen those videos with chubby Elizabeth? I think it's the color balance here that is causing the déjŕ vu. I can't seem to get their skins looking natural. There is a persistent orange tint.

This video misses the mark. It lacks the beautiful spontaneity of "Girls on Film." It also lacks the fantastic sexiness of the "Women Seeking Women" series, especially #3 and #5! Something is missing, and what is missing is genuine passion and sexual frenzy. It does, however, satisfy my need to look at the nether parts of young women. Which means, of course, that this video is, mostly, for us voyeuristic dirty old men. If the women around here like it too, that must mean that we share more in common than we are willing to admit! If I had to take either this video or Strap-On Sally #19 to that famous desert island, I would take Strap-On Sally #19. I give it 4-Stars just because it camps on stuff that I like to see, and the girls are just too scrumptious! Did I mention that this video is toyless? Kiss, kiss, kiss!

I have been eagerly awaiting just such a project as this for a very long time. I agree with Jen that something never explored fully was an amateur-style film with a large production budget. Jim Gunn has attempted to fill this gap with ‘French Kiss’. Both pairs of girls featured here have the amateur look; and the action, while seeming a little formulaic for true amateur video, does not look polished, or rehearsed. The production value is certainly better than most amateur films – clear picture, good sound, nice, clean sets, and realistic wardrobe.

The story is nonexistent. The action starts immediately with Leesa and Alana, who open the scene with a marathon kissing sequence that gets your attention quickly. I found it interesting and somewhat twisted that these two girls resemble each other to a noticeable degree. When they lock legs and lips, it’s almost like a mirror image. The position they sit in while they make-out is face to face on a bed, with their arms and legs wrapped around each other, which gives a very intimate feel to the scene. They kiss very deeply, and for long periods, which is something I look for right away in a scene. I have mixed feelings on the passion of the kiss, however. The way they “suck” each other’s mouths seems too exaggerated, too aggressive. I think kissing should also be soft and sensuous, filled with the slow, sticky sounds of their wet mouths moving together in all its titillating detail. This is partially made up for by their youthful good looks, and the duration and frequency of their kisses. After all, the movie is called ‘French Kiss’, but there is also some very good action following the kisses in this movie.

The plan is straightforward. Lots of kissing, some back and forth breast licking, more kissing, some oral (very nice shaved pussies!), more kissing, some very nice trib, more kissing, a little 69 followed by you guessed it even more kissing, some final oral and a long lingering last kiss to close…fine’. Overall, this is a long, excellent scene, which is worth the tape alone.

The second pairing of Kristin, and Pantera, was not as good. Mainly it’s the kissing, which seems tentative. They act more like they’re nibbling at each other’s mouths rather than kissing in the throes of their passion for one another. It warms up a little throughout this scene, but never reaches a full, scorching make-out session like I love so much, and this video is supposed to highlight this very popular fetish. They are a contrast in appearance to the other girls (one has very red hair), but other than that, the scene progresses exactly like the plan for the first, which is a very good sequence, but the kissing fell short, and that is why my response is also short.


Positives: No toys, more kissing than you can probably take, young, beautiful girls, no fake dialogue, high-quality production, good camera work, extended trib and a very long running time.

Negatives: Shadow of cameraman seen at several points, not enough variety of sets, quality of kissing was inconsistent between scenes.

Congratulations, Jim. This is a very good video - not perfect, but then this your first try at this kind of theme. It is still in my top ten because of its quality and content. It is worth 5-Stars for the intent to cater to our tastes alone. Too much kissing? Oxymoron, if there ever was one. Whoever believes that needs to be shopping someplace else, in my opinion. Take strap-on sally over French Kiss? If you agree with that, you need your head examined by a qualified therapist. If I could only bring one video with me to a deserted island, this video would certainly be a top contender. Reviewers and members of the lezlove group have been crying for a video like this forever. If you're one of them and you haven’t bought 'French Kiss' yet, your pleas are falling on deaf ears. Recommended? Duh...Obviously.

I like the direction Jim Gunn is, hopefully, going into. I must admit that it still needs a bit of work in the "passion" department, but I found this video very erotic. I don't care what some people say but I love all the kissing. Most lesbian videos never have enough. The girls in the first scene are absolutely gorgeous. They start with a lot of deep kissing and gradually get more and more horny. This leads to some pussy eating and trib which are pretty good. I only wish they would have undressed sooner but I won't complain. This scene was really erotic.

Scene number two was not nearly as good. The kissing was not passionate at all. They looked a little uncomfortable together. They basically followed the same routine as scene number one but they definitely missed the mark. When are these directors going to learn ? Going through the motions just doesn't cut it for a sex video. In order for us to really enjoy it and get turned on many times over, the video has to be passionate. The interaction is the most important thing. Two average looking girls getting into it is a lot more appealing than two beauties putting on a fake show. This is still a pretty good video but J. Gunn can do a lot better. It's still not up to par with Abby Winters.

I'm glad I got this video. The girls in the first set are so gosh-darn young and cute, the kissing is great, and the cunnilingus is pretty good too. I would have liked a lot more unrestrained passion, though, like the Japanese girls in the Queer Label videos. However, as long as Jim Gunn is using such young and inexperienced amateur girls, I'm not sure if he could get a performance like that out of them.

The second set is pretty run-of-the-mill. All that close-mouthed, pecky kissing frustrates the heck out of me. Why are so many women willing to lick another woman's pussy on camera, but not to kiss like they mean it?!

A few technical problems -- shadow of cameraman visible several times in the first scene, lighting isn't uniform, and the editing could be a bit smoother. I'm sure French Kiss 2 will be even better than the first!

Mmmm....*sigghhh*....*swooon*...Oh! I'm sorry, is it my turn? I'm still trying to wiggle my way in between Lessa and Alana, those two lovely long-haired lasses who start out this excellent video with those deep, soulful, core-of-the-earth kisses of those. If I could, I would capture one of those long lip-locks, and ride it as far as they do, which is to the absolute heights of amateur lesbian love. As far as I'm concerned, that one pairing (which lasted nearly an hour) would have one this video a "10" hands down. But they added a second segment, with two other girls, and they couldn't come close to the level of breathtaking lovemaking these two girls came to. I'm not sure if you'll find more wondrous kissing anywhere. If these girls aren't in love in real life, then they fell in love during the making of this tape. After a long, LOONNGG sequence of moist, mind-bending smooching and licking, the girls disrobe each other, licking every inch of the way, and end up in a 69. The blonde straightens up after this long event (which, by the way, is adorned with the moist, smacking noises of their lovemaking), and perches atop her lover's mouth, riding it gently as the hungry girl under her devours her pussy.

The camera work is very good, capturing the twinkling of each girl's moisture, and this video also boasts having no silly music, no male interruption or narration, and no long, ridiculous, "hi, I'm Traci, and I..." intros.

There are also no solo scenes, and no toys. The element that pushes this tape over the edge and into greatness is that the carnivorous kissing is followed by raw, primal trib, that goes on long after most trib actresses would have to call timeout and get oxygen (well, there are a couple of cuts, and maybe they did). The trib scene at the end of the first segment is a rollicking, raunchy ride, as the girl on top, bounces, grinds, bucks, and humps her way to one squealing orgasm after another.

The second segment, "Kristina and Pantera" starts the same way -- and on the same bed (shame on you, Gunn) -- and unfortunately follows the same format. I say unfortunately because the first two girls made it an art form, and these two are anti-climactic in their wake. The kissing isn't close to what Lessa and Alana did, and though the girls start out in schoolgirl uniforms (cute), it doesn't take long for that weak attempt at a fantasy scenario to fade: one girl has no panties under her pleaded skirt, and has a clit ring, too. Besides all that, the oral is good, but the 69 is too still and lacks passion. After that, the girls seem to go through the motions: some very light stroking and touching and licking of nipples that has no spark to it, and is almost puzzlingly inappropriate. Then, the trib starts, seeming scripted at first and then blossoming into the pair's first real show of desire.

Despite the second half being a bit of a letdown, this is still a fine tape, and it's because of Lessa and Alana, who in my opinion should go on tour to show people how two women can kiss. They were tens in every respect, and they make the video a 9.5

This movie does live up to its title, there’s lots and lots of French kissing, especially in the first segment. The girls kiss as deeply as can be, sucking away at each other’s faces and tongues, kissing and licking shoulders and necks. I liked the way they sat with their legs around each other, and when they took off their shirts they pressed their beautiful bodies together so they could each feel the others bare breasts against their own. I could tell they liked it. The oral and trib in this video were good but nothing exceptional. I agree with most of the other reviewers, the first scene (all the vidcaps) was more inspired than the second. The girls in the second segment just didn’t seem into each other and the sex was very by the numbers. They were beautiful though.

My biggest problem with this vid was the lack of personality displayed by the girls in both segments, though more so in the second. The girls barely acknowledged each other’s presence as human beings, there was very little conversation or eye contact or smiles. They were just mindless sex machines. I’d also liked to have seen more variety and spontaneity, such as in the Sabina and Anais videos. Things got to be a bit predictable and dull.

Technically everything was very good, the colors were nice and rich, though the lighting was a bit too bright. The cameraman’s shadow was noticeable a couple of times but not that often. Four out of five stars for this vid, it was very good except for the lack of personality and spontaneity.

I guess there is no accounting for taste. I didn't like this much. The whole thing seemed like a performance, something you might pay to see at a strip club. The sex and passion seemed fake. Didn't like the women, either. They were good looking in a strip club or mainstream porn kinda way. I like my women more natural. Check out the ridiculous, overly manicured fingernails. I've discovered that when women in these films have overly manicured fingernails, whatever turns you on, I guess.

The James
In No Man's Land #27, Ashley Renee says to Tiffany Minx "They tried tender affectionate pussy eating in the 70's and it was bor-ing." Unfortunately that's true.

In my opinion, realistic lesbian sex, especially without any setup or premise, and between younger women who don't know how to convey their emotions on camera, is boring. Throughout this feature, it looks as if the two pairs of actresses feel they have to dutifully go through a certain number of minutes of foreplay before they get to the explicit sex but there's no enthusiasm nor joy between them -- it's just not convincing. Even the oral sex is matter of fact and plainly boring -- to me. I'll explain.

Professional porn stars do a performance which is entertainment -- they are actresses, and what is on film is more interesting if it's dynamic. Reality is generally boring, which is why people seek entertainment. It's been said many times that a movie is compressed reality -- life with all the empty spaces taken out. I agree with that observation.

I always will prefer a couple of experienced porn pros who make a scene interesting and erotic with their enjoyment and enthusiasm. Inexperienced players who mechanically follow direction are not entertaining nor fun to watch. To me French Kiss is neither entertaining nor erotic. It's boring. As examples of professional commercial erotica done right, watch:

1) Kelly O'Dell & Mikala from No Man's Land #6 -- Kelly seduces Mikala on a couch. Both girls are very into each other and lesbian sex.

2) Sydnee Steele & an unknown player from No Bone Zone #4 (originally from one of the Eager Beaver volumes?) -- the famous scene shot on the couch in the lobby of a resort hotel. The hotel employees carry on as if nothing unusual is happening while the girls are ravishing each other with obvious enjoyment. It's wild.

3) Stephanie Swift and Felicia in a scene by a waterfall in Girls Who Love Girls #1. There's even a male photographer/director drifting in and out of the scene, but it still works, because the girls are so hot for each other and are so obviously enjoying each other's bodies and sex. Stephanie and Felicia have both admitted their fondness for pussy in real life and it shows here.

4) Gwen Summers & Heaven Leigh & Elizabeth X in the first scene from Girl Thing #1. Elizabeth plays a door-to-door sex toy salesgirl. Both girls get down on Gwen who just leaps into orbit while Heaven kisses her and Elizabeth ravishes Gwen's pussy with toys and fingers and tongue.

5) Keri Windsor and Juliet Carelton from No Man's Land #25. They devour each other with an animal lust that is startling. Once again, both admit to lesbian lust off screen.

The key word here is performance. It's why they call them performers. It's why French Kiss, while a noble effort in deference to fans who want "realistic lesbian sex", will not in my opinion ever have great sales figures with guy fans of girl-girl action. Most guys will probably conclude like me, if they even manage to watch the entire two hours, that there's a lot of lying around and extended scenes of mechanical oral sex but no excitement.

I hate unfeeling, all-toys, ridiculous-position commercial porn as much as anyone, and that's just as boring to me as amateur grinding. That's why I mentioned five specific scenes which prove commercial girl-on-girl can be done right.

Look, the erotic charge in any girl-girl scene is in direct proportion to how much the actresses are genuinely enjoying what they are doing and how obviously and convincingly they can show it. There's really none of that here. In the end, it has all the excitement of an instructional sex video. I guess there's a market for this stuff, but I will never be a part of it.

WOW! That's what I have to say about this DVD. I agree with above posters that the first scene is absolutely amazing. I found that in the first scene, the girls talked a lot more to one another, which is contrary to what one above reviewer said. The first scene was very real, and definitely passion-filled. The second scene, though, was toned down quite a bit. The girl with the pierced clit just did not seem into it. But, it was still an okay scene. A great first attempt by Jim Gunn. I give it 8 out of 10. Now, wouldn't it be nice if Jim did a SEXFIGHT video? ;-)

This movie is amazing, the first scene is perfect, long deep kisses incredible pussy eating, the girls are gorgeous and really into each other. What I like about this movie is that there is no music and no toys, the only sound you hear is the sound of their lovemaking. I hope Jim does part 2 very soon.

"Ditto", with all due respect... the above reviewers are accurate. This one’s a keeper folks. Just wanted to note that if you enjoyed seeing "Leesa and Alana", they're also seen in "Strap-on Sally 20" (see my recent review). They have a couple of scenes together whereas the French kissing saga continues...

MartyM (pussynvy)
If I were a young woman learning to enjoy the pleasures of lesbian love (as I’ve imagined myself doing on many occasions), this is the movie I’d definitely want to watch. The first scene is outstanding. The girls are young and wearing pajamas, as if becoming passionate during a sleepover; and they spend what seems like hours deliciously exploring each other’s mouths and faces as they embrace one another warmly on the bed. Their kissing skills are phenomenal as they let their tongues roam freely over their lips, across their teeth, and down their necks. I’ve never wanted to kiss another girl more – while being one –than when I enjoyed this truly heavenly scene.

When the girls eventually strip to expose their petite breasts, nickel-size areolas, and flawless skin, the litheness of their young bodies (and their lack of hesitation) only served to reinforce the innocence – and sincerity – of their discovery even more.

One girl lies over the other (while kissing her, of course) to show off her gorgeous ass. There’s some nice lick-my-clit-while-you-fuck-me-with-your-finger pussy eating, followed by some outstanding sixty-nines. The girl with the gorgeous ass is on top, and her friend’s beautiful face is buried hungrily at the bisection of her shapely thighs. Jim (the director) spends a lot of time focused on the girl’s mouth as she enjoys the rapturous view – and intoxicating flavor – of her friend’s delicious slit. Jim also gives us some nice peeks from the other end as the girl up above reaches downwards with her face to lick and nibble on her lover’s florid labia.

There’s some lengthy clit and hip grinding trib. And the scene marvelously concludes just as it had begun with the girls embracing and giving each a loving “thank you” kiss at the end.

One reviewer wrote that the up-front kissing was too long. I’d have to agree, but only because I wasn’t able to contain myself during the moments leading up to the more heated portions of the scene. I’ve since watched these two over-and-over again, each time enjoying their interlude with varying, and usually inadequate, levels of self-control.

The babes in the second vignette weren’t as orally skillful (either kissing or eating pussy) as the lovelies in the first. But they both had wonderful tans – and one girl had a luscious set of tits – so their scene was enjoyable for reasons different from the first.

As a beautiful depiction of two girls enjoying each other -- just for the sheer pleasure of it(!), Jim Gunn’s French Kiss #1 is an absolute masterpiece. I can’t wait to see his next release.

French Kiss 01 was my first purchase from Lezlove, and was by far the most erotic video I have ever had the pleasure of watching in my limited experience. Lessa and Alana were absolutely adorable and very passionate in their initial kissing scene. They were obviously very much into each other. Kristina and Pantera were also good, but not on the same level as the first scene.

I particularly appreciated that the girls were very soft, feminine and natural-breasted. They looked more like "real" young girls than most actresses I've seen in other erotic films. The absence of an overpowering sound track and the realism of hearing the girls licking, slurping, etc. was a nice touch, too. I also appreciated the absence of a preoccupation with toys. I think they can be very erotic when included in the right way, but most films overdo it.

Despite the above positives, I do have some critiques: Even though Lessa and Alana were very into each other, and did exchange a few words, neither of the scenes came off to me like two girls who were truly in love and making love to each other. There should have been more talking sweetly between each other, guiding each other, calling one another's name rather than just moaning. More hugging, holding and caressing each other between heavier action, along with the passionate kissing. More overall passion, emotional intensity and chemistry between them. After a while both scenes got a bit tedious and looked more like acting. All this would be enhanced by some build-up, a basis for identifying with the characters and the emotions of the scene, along with some tender, playful after play. I might add that I frankly could not tell if or when any of the girls had an orgasm, which in and of itself detracts from the quality of the film.

Minor points: Lose the tongue and clit piercings, they are both disturbing and distracting. Soft music played periodically might enhance the romance and passionate aspect. The scenes could have stood to be a little shorter.

Overall, kudos to Jim Gunn, but a suggestion to keep moving in the right direction he has clearly started on. I think with the right tweaking and supplementing as per some of the suggestions above, you could have erotic videos which would even attract a mainstream audience.

I can hardly wait for #2, this is a fantastic piece of lesbian viewing. This isn't perfect (none of them are), but the prolonged, sensual, passionate love-making was terrific!! I can dream about others to follow - same type of girls (NO piercings, tattoos, augmentations, shoes, dildos/vibrators, interrupting directors, background music, etc…) AND completely natural girls with pubic hair. I would watch until I was bleary eyed.

Frank Lee
5 Stars . . . yes! But a suggestion, change the location and setup between the first and second "stories". Both scenes in this DVD began in exactly the same manner and in the same setting.

Love the length of the scenes; they were long and wonderful. I felt like I got my money's worth! Mr. Gunn, I'm looking forward to your next "French Kiss!"

I agree with most what the majority above said. The first section with Jessa and Alana is wonderful, one of the best girl/girl I ever saw, but it could be even better:1. Alana had in the beginning a heavy tongue piercing, very anti-erotic for me, but fortunately after a few minutes it could not be seen anymore (or it disappeared?). However, her artificial nails remained...how ugly! 2. I liked very much their outfits and the way they were sitting at the start. I hoped for a long finger-play within their pajamas: unfortunately, only Jessa made a nice attempt (which was not well filmed and could be hardly seen), but Alana disrobed Jessa's pajama pants without any playful teasing of Jessa's pussy or butt inside her pants. American directors have to learn from the Japanese how this teasing adds enormously to the eroticism of the film! Only TNV understands this sometimes.

The schoolgirls' uniform in the second section is ridiculous: those girls look definitely in their twenties! They are much below the level of Jessa and Alana. But all in all, I liked this DVD for its first section with those very beautiful girls with small, natural breasts. And no toys!

Thumbs up. Scene 1: Very good kissing. Good pussy licking. Good passion/chemistry but not great. Scene 2: Poor kissing. Poor passion/chemistry. Good pussy licking at times. Overall, recommended based on Scene 1.

I have to agree with the reviewers who wrote that this movie is mechanical. From the glowing reviews I had expected more passion and interest in each other than what was in this. I've come to the conclusion that for a lot of (mostly male) viewers, any cute girls naked will do. As a lesbian myself, I can spot the girls who are going through the motions. These girls are cute, young but know little about passion. Don't waste your time or money on this one.

If all the reviewers that gave this film 5 Stars is any indication of what's to come, then as a "Lezlover" I'm doomed! All I can say is "ditto" with all the reviewers that DIDN'T like it. Yes, it has a few moments, but not enough. I'll give it a four out of ten. I mean COME-ON! In the second scene, one of the women does the old "cunnilingus over the leg (not between the legs) so the camera can get a better shot" trick. That's simply unforgivable. Even when a sex video has some good moments, a directorial "faux paux" like that, ruins the entire work. Directors need think about what they're doing, for crying-out-loud!

I'm still waiting for real lesbian passion to be shown in new videos. Where the viewer (that's me) doesn't feel like there is ANY directing going on! Being a person who has made love to a beautiful women more than once, I just don't understand what the problem is! Women need to be made love to sensually. They need to have their bodies kissed and licked ALL over. Not just the LIPS-TITS and PUSSY...LIPS-TITS and PUSSY...LIPS-TITS and PUSSY (and occasionally the ass)! What about the eyes, the ears, the neck, the shoulders, the back of the neck, the fingers, the arms, behind the elbow, the underarm, the back, behind the knee, the feet, the toes, everywhere! Goddammit, I wish I could direct a film.

This one could be classed as being half a loaf, which is better than no loaf at all. I can see that Jim Gunn has tried to assemble something that maybe more to the liking of an under-served segment of the lesbian porn buying public, and the results are not bad. I find that the first segment is more entertaining than the second one, which I found to be so boring I stopped watching it. But, if he is going to compete with the likes of TNV, Abby Winters, and Viv Thomas, he had better serious re-think his whole approach, because, in spite of all its promise, this series could sink like a rock without so much as a ripple. It's still not bad - and not great either.

This DVD was utter rubbish and a complete waste of time viewing - the girls were butt ugly and sucked - Jim Gunn better answer for this horrid DVD and release French Kiss 02 SOON to compensate for this piece of crap!

OKAY - enough BS - this is one of the best lesbian erotica videos I've ever seen - it kills any of those 'professional' fuck-fests that are characterized by the silicone parts, the dildos, the fuck-me language, the contrived attempts to please the masses of those who would choose such childs play over what Lessa and Alana so beautifully performed - soft lesbian erotica to the core - tender, long kisses, the works.

My favorite DVD next to the Abby Winters works (Girls in Love was awesome - if Jim could combine the raw eroticism of his girls with the genuine love portrayal as set forth in GIL, it would give true lesbian erotica fans a heart attack)

Please tell us you're releasing a sophomore effort to this series YESTERDAY, Mr. Gunn. (the 'bad' review above was bait to get Jim to let us know when we can expect to see his follow-up title). You're the man, Jim - you get them to kiss like no other production I've seen thus far.

Anon in 'Bama
I will agree with the other reviewers that Jim Gunn has made a much better video than usual with this effort. The girls are pretty, there's lots of passionate kissing, and there's no porn-speak or toy usage.

But on the negative side, there are no set-ups whatsoever as both encounters begin with the girls already going at it. There's no seductions and little dialogue. Also, the actual sex is standard I-do-you-then-you-do-me. Maybe because of all the great reviews here I expected something more. Still, I guess we should applaud improvement whenever we find it, so I'll limit my criticisms to those two.

The Truth
All in all this is a pretty good tape. The first scene I agree is the best on the tape. The chemistry between the girls is better than between the girls in the second scene.

The Girls: They range from really cute to really hot. The two girls in the first scene are tiiight. The girls in the second scene are hot as well but they didn't UTILIZE their hotness...peep this.

The Sex: The first scene is worth the tape hands down. They start out kissing and do a hell of a good job. Next comes some oral and a nice 69. I don't know maybe I am being way too picky but I wanted more from the girls. Like they were laying down on this bed but the way they were positioned it was difficult for them to pleasure each other to the full extent. Plus I wanted more close-ups and longer shots. But that’s just being a bastard on my part. The 69 is nice which is probably why it got a 5 star rating cuz Ms. Editor loves 69. Oh yeah, the Trib...there is a thin line between crappy fake trib (thigh on pussy, no real contact, etc.) and good clit on clit fucking! This video sort of walks on that thin line. The trib in the first scene has a little bit of crappy and good trib in it, ending with good. But I would have liked more close-ups during their romp.

The Second scene is barely worth mentioning after seeing the first scene, two brunettes get it on, one of them has this ridiculous looking hair-do which was distracting. (That hair ain’t whatcha’ want!) And again some more of the fake crappy trib. But not before some pussy eating of the "I'll lick your pussy from 20 feet away" style.

My Two Cents: If you want to dish out the cash for some pretty good trib between two hot blondes go ahead. But if you want more passionate/nastier lesbo lovin, this ain’t whatcha want.

I don't think there's really anything I can add that the other reviewers haven't already said. This is one freaking awesome film!!! Worth every one of its 5 Stars.

Just a couple of words of caution, however. If you buy DVDs for all the extras that they tend to come with, you'll be disappointed with this one. Its got two scenes only and they're both about 50 minutes long. No extras whatsoever.

Scene 1 is by far the winner. Both girls are extremely cute and very much into each other. I also really liked that they gave each other some feedback throughout. Scene 2 was a little more disappointing. The girls were still pretty hot, but there just wasn't the same chemistry between them.

After so many reviews, I am not sure one more is needed. But....Overall, I side with those who did not like the film. The girls were cute, but without any sense of attraction and intimacy. They clearly did not listen to each other's words or breathing to find out what the other liked. After awhile I lost interest and could not tell them apart.

The shaved pussies were another turn off. Again, I wonder why this has become just a standard aspect of all porn even in "natural" videos as this is apparently meant to be. Praise to Abby Winters for at least including some women with hair. I like women who look like women, not little girls. Some good things should be mentioned too: no music (Amen) and no toys (Amen again).

I must be jaded!! I'm with Basementchild and The Truth on this one. When women lock loins for pleasure, they should make contact with something other than their thighs. They should have watched Jenna Jameson and Felicia or Katie Gold and Nakita Cash in the I Love Lesbians series to get some lessons. They would have enjoyed it more and so would we.

First scene gets passionate toward the end. Has a high fast-forward factor though. No real tenderness to speak of. Lots of sexy talk worked well. Has a couple of very cute girls who seem to dig one another from the beginning. Actual tender caresses here and there. It's a good sign when they tell one another what makes them each feel good and they listen and do it. Kissing was a bit too hard for my taste. The tongue hardware was distracting. Exciting sex overall!

Second scene, well they worked hard for the money, but it was just a day at the office. Not one that will require multiple viewings.

A friend of a friend was over, and the subject turned to porn. She admitted that she likes to watch lesbian porn, because it's something she doesn't do. I offered (we were drunk) to go down on her while she watched lesbian porn. I put on French Kiss. It took her a LONG time to cum (TY, Alyssa and Alana!), and I couldn't talk the next day, but I'd do it again (haven't heard from her since).

I just watched this again and realized that I haven't added my 2 cents worth. Lots of positive comments and I am among those too. Jim Gunn just hit one completely out of the park!! I loved the slow (agonizing if you are anxious for REAL sex - gratefully it comes in a bit) kissing and NATURAL sounds. Gorgeous girls (the fingernails didn't even occur to me but I would have loved natural pubic hair) who were interested - maybe not quite enough - in slow love-making.

Thank you Jim Gunn for no music, dildos, vibrators, ugly tattoos, pumped-up tits, piercings everywhere (the tongue stud gratefully disappeared). We can all look forward to #2 with same approach but how about asking the girls not to shave and feature more close-up, lots of close-ups of licking and sucking in several positions?

Starts of slowly with some nice tongue jousting, builds to a heart stopping climax, Wow! Both scenes are hot, all the girls are hot, they all seem to enjoy a good girl/girl snog. I find the raspberry snog noises a bit grating, sometimes it sounds like somebody doing a dubbed hicky. The rest of the audio is unmolested with good smooches, wet noises and groans, when the girls trib in the finale the audio is terrific. Earns its five star spurs, well worth watching.

It is me again, just one more comment on this video, it is just great and I hope "GUNN" makes another of the same type with some other good looking ladies as these. The trib is the best!!!!!

All I can say is my girlfriend and I only got a chance to watch the first couple on this one before we were ready to indulge. I love this one! (so far).

Hmmm... Can a scene be both relaxed and stiff? Yes. This disc presents two long scenes, in similar format: two girls on a bed, with no background music, are given an hour to make out. This, in theory, gets two thumbs up from me, but, alas, it is soooooo sllloooowwww. After ten minutes, they are still sitting, face to face, kissing. After fifteen minutes, they are still sitting, face to face, kissing; all they do is kiss. The result does not live up to the promise of the concept: the girls are somehow too stiff, and too unimaginative; I wanted them to move around and touch each other properly (or, at the very least, indulge in a bit of necking), not just kiss for fifteen minutes - in the end they don't give a real impression of either affection or lust.

The girls are quite cute; They have real bodies, which is a win, but some of them are also fitted out with weapons of mass destruction for fingernails. The first pair is better than the second, but not really, memorably good; just better.

Note to director: relaxed is not the same as slow motion. A creditable attempt, but not quite there. Maybe French Kiss 2 will show progress, if the title not taken so literally; i.e. if the girls are allowed (are encouraged) to loosen up a bit more, to touch each other properly and to neck some.

Lesbian Always
Rating from 1-5 which 1 is the worst and 5 is excellent. I would rate this as 1. Very fake! Fake in kissing (supposedly French kissing, but not). I dunno if Jim Gunn and his fellow actresses know what French Kissing means, and fake in lovemaking as well. This is just for men's entertainment and their fantasies. I made a mistake in buying this DVD. It made me sleepy, instead of feeling excited. Jim Gunn's actresses need to learn how to have sex with another woman from the REAL lesbians. Get some tips!

I've purchased several DVD's from this site, and plan to continue to do so, but I've never reviewed a film here yet, so this will be a first for me. I hate to start off on the wrong foot here, but I have to say this; I guess I've spent more than $300 on DVD's here based solely on the reviews I've read from all you regular reviewers. With every film save for Pink Velvet and Jo's college diaries, the reviews have lead me down the wrong path. It now seems like a lot of reviews here are "planted". I'm not saying that they are, they just seem to be because some of the reviews that claim "This is the BEST!", turn out to be anything but. It isn't fair to customers who are about to spend $40 on a DVD to lead them astray.

French Kiss is one of those films of which I speak. Most of you here type your reviews as if this were the holy grail of lez vids, clearly trying to talk potential buyers into purchasing it. But the truth is not nearly as good as you say, nor as bad as some others say, it's just not worth the money.

The first couple are extremely cute, no doubt. And they appear to at least enjoy what they are doing, but the fingernails and the tongue spike made the whole illusion of being natural girls seem like a fake. It's easy to make an attractive woman innocently cute, but to overlook the simple things means not enough care was taken in the making of the film.

This film was made by community. And that's not a bad thing. Lots of ideas were thrown out there, and most of the ideas were good ones. Long passionate kissing, good oral, great trib, etc... but, like the above reviewer says, 15 minutes into the film and they are still sitting there smooching? Come on now. Also, as someone with a bi-sexual girlfriend, I know something about how real lesbians and bi-curious girls make love, and this film barely touches on it. No anal-play, no deep fingers (pussy or ass), no real grinding, and no "abandon" fucking makes this film very unrealistic. I've been "invited" to join in on many girl/girl love sessions and there is always a point at which they completely let go and do things even they might be embarrassed about afterwards. Especially with ass licking, most every bi or gay woman (even most straight women) love this and in French Kiss it was completely skipped over.

The first set of girls made this a great first attempt to get it right, the second was a complete waste of time. Professional Porn/strippers trying to act like innocent lesbians - come on, no one was fooled in the least. It was complete "filler". You would have been better off to use the same girls in the first and second sessions. It would have made a better film all around.

Bottom line; many people, including myself, look to reviews on this site on what to buy. You have to be honest, not just praise the work because you got hot. People are about to spend real money on it, tell them what to expect, and what not to expect. This site will keep a lot more customers if the reviews reflect what the films are really about. If any new customer here wants to start their collection of great lez films then your first purchase should be Pink Velvet, then judge all other potential "buys" on how it would stack up against Pink Velvet.

Bi bi love
This isn't perfect, but it is definitely in my top five because of the chemistry of the first couple. The second couple is fairly lame fast-forward fare. But I can barely control myself watching the first girls kissing, kissing, and kissing; much less seeing them peel out of their cute pajamas, licking, & grinding to their hearts content. Oh my! This one's a pleaser.

Wow, Mr. Jim, I guess you just can't please all the people even some of the time, and that's a shame, 'cause this is a damn good film, and easily, EASILY the best US mainstream girl-girl effort ever. Let's separate fact from opinion, for a moment, if we can...

I've viewed, and reviewed many films on this site over quite some time, and I assure you, I am not planted. I believe that the majority of buyers visiting this site are looking for something better, different, unexpected, physically beautiful, and dare we dream, realistically erotic.

It seems the opinion of the majority of the group, that things like over-use of toys, fake breasts, poor kissing, lack of body contact, quick removal of clothing, absence of foreplay, and unattractive, or over-painted slut types are exactly what we are tired of in the mainstream trash available at the local rental shop. So here's a mainstream porn producer who actually listens to what a group wants, delivers admirably on every detail, and still some people pick it to shreds. I don't get it. It delivers exactly on what the group has specifically asked for:

Kissing - slow, passionate, lingering, repeated, and again, the best I've seen from an American Director.

Beautiful, young girls - say that slowly... beautiful...young...girls. Faces, bodies, smiles, eyes, hair, asses, tummies, legs, feet... Really, if the physical beauty alone of any one of the four girls featured doesn't please you on some level, something's wrong, whether you be man or woman, gay, or straight.

Long lovemaking sessions, well-paced, well photographed, and you can hear them, they actually TALK to one another, occasionally. How often do we get that?

Anyway, that's the facts, well mostly. As for my opinion, I thought both scenes were excellent, with a good contrast of girls cast, and a genuine desire for each partner in both scenes. No toys, wonderful breast play, body kissing, and sweet and nasty trib in both scenes all combine to make this viewer believe that all the girls featured like girls in their personal lives, and have for some time.

Yeah, I guess these girls are getting paid to have sex, but I'd bet a silver dollar, no make that a Susan B. Anthony for the feminists out there, that all of these girls had a nice day at work. Waiting for the sequel, thank you very much. This is what I like to call Viagra in the VCR!

With all of the talk in the press nowadays about high school girls discovering their bisexual side, I’d like to recommend this video as a “how to” for any young woman who’d like to learn how to kiss her friend, and deliciously eat her pussy.

The opening scene is the better of the two. And the girls, with their delicate chins, look as though they could easily be seniors in high school or young co-eds. The kissing is long and luscious, so the instructional value of this video is exceptionally high.

I wish I had had this film when I was discovering my own bisexual side years ago. The lengthy oral sex and sixty-nines might be a little intense for the uninitiated. But the romanticism will easily convince you that there’s no reason to miss out! Thank you, Jim Gunn, for making bisexual sex as visually satisfying as I’ve found it to be in real life! Peace out!

After reading the comments by Arayanna, I could only visually imagine watching high school girls truly enjoying kissing and eating pussy, as I wish I had when I was 18 or 19 years old. I would LOVE to see such videos with intense fun-loving with girls of that vintage. I was way beyond that before I discovered what I wanted most but the thought of it is orgasmic.

Lessa and Alana, in Scene 1 of “French Kiss,” kiss like they mean it, with lips, tongues, and mouths that roam. There’s nothing static about it. They hug, press, and touch each other like girls who kiss for the pleasure of it, not simply because it’s expected of them. Scene 2 girls Kristina and Pantera, though prettier, look much more as though they’ve been directed to kiss: their hands are mostly still and their kisses shallower. This is a shame, but even here Jim Gunn comes out ahead of most of his competition: the lingering view of Kristina in her white top and plaid skirt, panties showing, is as delightful as it is rare in porn.

But then this is a new kind of porn - made-to-order. Oh, it’s just as rule-bound as mainstream porn, but the rules are definitely different. Lots of kissing, 69, trib, and, of course, no toys. Don’t be too quick to embrace this formula, though, no matter how appealing it may be; it’s still a formula. I think, for instance, that both couples could have more profitably spent their time on almost anything other than trib; neither couple looks terribly comfortable with it. No small criticism, this, since both scenes end with trib, and an awkward climax is, well, anticlimactic, to say the least.

The first scene is the obvious crowd-pleaser, as shown by previous reviews. Lessa and Alana are into it and into each other. I’ve seen more exciting sex, but theirs is good sex done well. Where I may part company with some other reviewers is in my appreciation of Kristina and Pantera’s performance. Evidently, if you give Pantera a pair of breasts to work on, you’re going to get video gold. And maybe because these two weren’t quite as comfortable as their Scene 1 sisters, I liked the way Kristina strokes Pantera’s head during cunnilingus and the longing looks she gives her.

And it simply has to be noted that what separates this film from amateur efforts along the same lines is the director. Jim Gunn shows here why he is one of the best girl/girl videographers in the business. These hour-long scenes don’t drag the way so many others do because Gunn knows how to mix his shots. He understands the value of a reaction shot and uses his close-ups for effect. And he keeps everything in lovely perspective with generous two-shots.

It’s a two-shot that allows us such a wonderful view of Kristina at the beginning of Scene 2. And it’s funny: I don’t remember that being one of the “rules” for this movie. I think Gunn gave us that on his own. So next time, Jim, a little less formula, please, and go with your gut.

The Original Lezlover
Can you give 5 Stars to just one half of a video? Well, that's what I'm going to do here. First scene works like gangbusters because of nice chemistry between the ladies. Hot stuff.

The second scene is one of those curious failures. Pretty girls, lots of kissing, nice camera angles - everything seems to be handled just right. But the scene just doesn’t work. The ladies have no chemistry.

Still, I like the format of this potential series, although I'd like to see even just a little bit of a set up for the scenes. Perhaps next time? Speaking of a next time, what ever happened to "French Kiss 2"?!

Overall, not what I hoped it would be. After reading many positive reviews about this title I was looking forward to seeing it. Now I have I can say that it is an average video, made relatively cheaply, but looks glossy and soft.

The girls are average, perhaps cute. They make an effort to provide the sense that the viewer is getting something different, something for the true erotica fan, but in my opinion the heart of erotica is eroticism, which is lacking in this video. There is no heat of any kind in this video, the action feels staged, the protracted kissing more a contractual duty than a wish, the pussy eating nothing special, and the trib at times laughable. In one scene the girls were in a trib position their pussies 2 feet apart and they were grinding hips and moaning as if contact were being made. To be fair there are sporadic moments of pussy to pussy contact but they are extremely brief, the majority of the so-called trib is pussy to thigh.

This film seems to me to be a marketing experiment, and I have no doubt that it will be successful in the bringing of profit to it contributors. Many viewers out of a true desire for something more sensual and erotic will no doubt be drawn to this title. In conclusion I will say that this movie contains what a hundred others do, it’s just that some parts are more protracted, and other parts have been done better, if your looking for something that appears truly erotic - look on.

You would think in a movie called French kiss they'd at least get some girls with pretty mouths/lips. Overall the girls were average at best and their mouths... yuck! Not pretty at all. I read the review and was looking forward to some good trib, but the trib was totally fake and it was obvious. VERY DISAPPOINTING.

The Gorn
I've been an all-girl porn fan a long time. The 1st scene is absolutely incredible. Truly the best this viewer has ever seen. OMG! OMG! How can anyone find fault in it? Stick to straight porn if you think this isn't awesome.

A great trib vid. I actually liked the second scene better (I think it has something to do with the redheads' gorgeous butt). The problem for me is it's pretty obvious Jim is following a pretty rigid formula here. Both scenes are almost identical as far as the "sex acts" performed and in the exact same order. Having said that, I hope all of you anti dildites who are constantly bitching for this type of video support this effort by buying a copy. We won't see "French Kiss 2" unless there's a profit to be made. I'll take this over "Strap on Sally" any day!

What a frustrating flic! Four very cute girls, each clearly into her partner and not shy about showing it. Superlative kissing, great trib, no toys. Good camera work, nice settings, no obtrusive director or other male presence, no dopey music or hint of mainstream porno sleaze. Fine erotic viewing in every way, except . . . no one gets off! They just go on and on, and on and on and on: more and more excited, building up and up, never quite getting there. Or, if they do, it’s indiscernible, which for the viewer comes to the same thing. In the end, everyone, viewer included, is exhausted without being satisfied.

One can probably attribute this to the fact that the girls are so young and obviously not professionals. Hard to climax if you’re not relaxed, and sex in front of a camera for public consumption surely takes getting used to. If there had been just one orgasm this would have been a terrific product. As it is, an air of desperation takes over, and ultimately disappointment. Both scenes made me want to cry out loud: “Please, get off! Do whatever it takes; you have to!” No luck.

Still, I’m glad I bought this one. Cute girls having hot sex is always enjoyable. Who, moreover, could fault them for not achieving complete success at something most of us would never dare try? They deserve our support, and perhaps everyone involved will do better the next time around.

A very enjoyable film, especially the first scene. The two girls in the first scene DEFINITELY were into each other! Very nice trib, which is my favorite thing to watch two women do. Both scenes were obviously the same formula, with the girls in the second scene going through the motions. They looked like they were kissing a relative. Peck, peck, peck. When they start to trib, their pussies aren't even making contact, pretty obvious their not into each other, just making a paycheck... I do miss music. Some nice raunchy Blues would be very nice. I've always liked "The Blues" when I have sex. All the girls bodies are terrific, maybe you could find some girls for your next movie with bigger breasts. Natural of course, just bigger. Overall, I give this a five star rating, continued success.

I thought long and hard on which movie to purchase and based on the many excellent reviews posted here I decided to go for this one. I must say I'm pretty disappointed. I can't believe so many folks enjoyed this movie??

I couldn’t have said it better than Basementchild. Not enough genuine lust and passion here. A lot of fake kissing, and ooohs and ahhhs with every exhale. What a disappointment!

The red-haired girl in scene 2 was the only one who seemed totally turned on and really going all out to enjoy the experience. Unfortunately all her partner seemed interested in was the paycheck she would receive upon finishing.

The girls were hot but that only goes so far. I don’t see myself watching this again and again. I’m probably going to sell it to be honest. Where are the genuine movies with real orgasms? Wet pussies, body shudders, deep sighs and all the other quirky sounds and movements we ladies make when we come??? Why is that so hard to create and for us consumers difficult to find?

Praises to Jim Gunn for making such a WONDERFUL film!!! I loved the fact that he didn't add any toys, no background music, and best of all, no anal. The kissing in the first scene was so hot, i loved the tongue ring, the natural breasts, the shaved pussies, everything. Only thing i wish that would have happened was a little more caressing of their bodies, and a few bone chilling orgasms. It seemed like they tried so hard to get there...but...it just didn’t happen that amazingly.

Overall, this moves into my top 5, #1 to be exact. I loved it all, a magnificent film Jim! I can't wait until French Kiss 2!

Oral Fixation
Let's cut to the chase: easily THE BEST purchase I've made from this site! All of the better lesbian elements are here: girls who love to kiss/make out, girls who love sex, and girls who love each other (at least in the first scene).

The second scene isn't as bad as many reviewers have made it out to be, though. Sure, there isn't as much fire, but the fact that they're prettier and they mix in a lot more closed-mouthed smooching is a nice contrast.

My only real complaint is that there was only ONE real makeout session per scene. I so yearned for these girls to hearken back to more kissing and neck licking (and truthfully a little liberation of the saliva down the chin wouldn't have hurt things).

All-in-all, I reiterate: the BEST THING I've obtained from this site. 9.5 out of 10! I know Jim can outdo it on "French Kiss 2.” Girls, keep kissing.:)

JJ from MA
This DVD started out great with Lessa Lust and her partner, but the other scene featuring Pantera really brings the overall rating down. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give French Kiss 01 a 7, only because of the scene with Ms. Lust. These two women do some tremendous, sensuous kissing. What makes it even better is they do it frequently throughout the scene.

A previous reviewer made a reference to the girls’ mouths being ugly. Well, the girls in this DVD may not have full lips that are beautiful, but who cares? Ms. Lust and her partner really clicked, and they both had really cute, natural bodies. Nothing fake. Having said that, I reiterate that scene two brought this DVD down a few notches. These two girls seemed tentative with each other, and they obviously were not into kissing. Nonetheless, I hope Mr. Gunn comes out with French Kiss 02 soon. I look forward to it.

Let Me Drive
Wow; is this the most reviewed movie or what? Congrats to Jim Gunn for a very good movie. Cute girls playing with each other, lots of kissing. While I agree with Lotus that he should continue to search for girls who are truly into each other, that is a small step compared to what Jim has done here and where he has come from. Please keep it up JG. Make one like "Secret Garden.”

I bought this DVD because of the reviews and the enticing photo of the gorgeous women kissing. The passion was very disappointing and that’s what killed it for me. The scenes were boring and lasted way too long for the money. Just not worth the money.

Julia loves Stephanie
I liked the kissing and the tribbing, but where was the arse licking? Think about your female audience, Mr. Gunn, please. Thank you!

I am in complete agreement with Lisa's review (see above). This is just a standard g/g video - cute girls, but nothing extra. There are a lot better videos out there.

Anne Sophie
I agree with Julia and Stephanie. There was no analingus in this film. It's becoming normal (and necessary) to see analingus in many all-girl adult films. If you saw Abby Winters' "Girls Get Busy," you would know what I am talking about! But I think everyone should look for inspiration from Viv Thomas when it comes to analingus! Many Brazilian adult films have analingus in all-girl films too. I hope to see it more in the all-girl films I'll buy in the future. Remember not to forget all the great kissing too. French Kiss!

Lesley love
Some suggestions and comments:

1. Keep the cameraman's shadow out of the scene. It spoils the illusion.
2. Ditto the constant brushing the hair out of the face for the camera shot. Pin it back or something.
3. Get a real room. The bed with the sheet on the wall as a backdrop doesn't do it.
4. If the girls are climaxing, let us know. It wasn't clear when this happened, or if ever.
5. The obvious stretch lines on the girl in scene two were a turn-off.
6. Good kissing in scene one.

Two absolutely hot women! Now, I like some good kissing as much as the next guy, but come on. The kissing goes on, and on, and on.......and on.

The initial pairing worked great together; both are into it, there's lots of deep, sensuous kissing, breast sucking, and some juicy oral action that looks considerably authentic.

In my opinion, the only thing wrong with this title is Kristina (second scene, on the left). To me, she seems uninterested, mostly interacts with her mouth half-closed, and appears to be just going through the motions; overall, she contributes very little to the scene itself, which is a shame, because her partner really seems into it and thankfully saves this scene from being a complete flop.

I’m not one to criticize if there is an absence of buildup – as long the lovemaking is enticing and passionate, then the production is decent, in my view – thus, overall, I highly recommend this movie, particularly for the first scene.


I'm only commenting on scene one for reasons already described above. Kissing was fine, but the sitting-up part in the beginning was too long. Not the kissing in the beginning, just their position. (Heck, I wouldn't have minded if ALL they did was kiss.) And then, at the end, when they're lying in each others arms and the real passionate post-orgasm kissing starts, THE FUCKING CAMERA FADES OUT! THE WHOLE REASON I SPENT THE $40! THAT WAS THE COVER PICTURE, FOR CHRIST’S SAKE! IT WAS ABOUT 45 SECONDS! ... Sorry, but that's as loud as my keyboard can yell.

P.S. - It's been said already, but lose the tongue piercings!

Stevie Love
OMG! How hot do you want it? This girl got on top and rode the other girl's pussy until she came and juices flowed. I came too.

Recently watched this one again after a year or so and found it better than my first review would suggest. I was wrong to say that the scenes go on too long and that no one gets off. With young girls, or those who aren't used to having sex in front of a camera crew, you just have to be more patient and more attentive. You can't expect the confident, uninhibited sort of sex that professionals, or simply more experienced girls, can show you. A touch of initial shyness can have its own charm.

In any case, tenderness does not keep either scene from feeling intensely, genuinely passionate. I still think that the first is hotter, but no sense that in the second anyone is simply going through the motions. Good camerawork and the absence of music enhanced the obvious intimacy, something I appreciated more this time around.

Somewhat of a disappointment. The kissing was very nice in the first scene. But I wish the scenes started with the girls getting together. Also some talking. There's better movies out there than this one.

Still love this video just as much as when I first watched it. I’m glad it was mastered to DVD because the quality is obviously much better than the VHS. I wish it had offered some special features but this is a dynamite video if you love young girls kissing. Oh yea, anyone who is complaining about this probably would be better suited with more hardcore action of which there is plenty on this site. For those of us who love kissing, there is NEVER too much.

Dear Jim Gunn:
When are you making part 2???

Grade: A++
Recommended? Oh yessss. One of my all-time favorites. See my review above.

It’s the youth of the girls in scene one, 18 and 19. Lessa has a wonderful feminine quality. She’s such a girly girl, while Alana has a hard, sculptured body. It’s a nice combination.

I have seen a lot of all-girl videos in my life but this one is a true masterpiece. The first scene with Lessa and Alana was the best scene I have ever seen. I really felt the passion between the two girls. The kissing was top notch and the overall connection was really believable. The second part of it was all right until the tribbing, intense.

Lessa and Alana: 10/10
Kristina and Pantera: 7/10

Definitely a must-see.

Sapphic Addiction
This is in regards to the first scene with Lessa and Alana. Sorry Pantera, not even your hotness could save the second scene. Scene one isn’t perfect by any means, but it’s not the girls’ fault. Jim Gunn could have made this even better with a little more "this is want I want” direction. But it’s okay Jim, you still did well, only because you got to video record one of the most gloriously beautiful girls ever created. Lessa is the most feminine, soft, gentle, sweetest girl I’ve ever seen in this form of adult entertainment. Every move she makes is wonderfully feminine, everything she says is in a soft whisper (even though some is a little contrived, i.e. scripted), but that can be overlooked easily. Lessa’s vagina is so beautiful, even with its cute little shaving scar. She looks so tight, almost virgin-like, and nice and pink. And as far as I know, this was her final scene. Both of these girls disappeared after this.

Speaking of both these girls... Alana has one of the hottest bodies ever. She’s muscular, but not overly so. She’s perfectly buff, has perfect petite, breasts, and seems to totally enjoy being with one of the most lovely girls ever created (yes, I’m a bit biased ). The contrast between the two is nice: Lessa’s semi-pale, slender body with Alana’s tanned, smaller, hard-framed body. With all that said, this production is going on ten years old now. This was made in 2002, and still the reviews keep coming in. Oh where is Lessa Lust now? I hope she is well and happy. Every time I order material from here, I include another copy of French Kiss, just to express my thanks to Lessa. Hopefully it puts a couple extra bucks in her money purse. This is the most perfect, imperfect Sapphic love scene ever made. Just one man’s opinion.

This is Hall of Fame, here. If you’re in a hurry, though, look elsewhere. My only complaint is that the two "encounters" go pretty much by the same numbers. But they’re very nice numbers!

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