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Confessions of the Make-Up Artist (Viv Thomas) ____________________________________
Confessions of the Make-Up Artist (Viv Thomas)
I.D. v0128 & dvd_2106, Adult
2004, 161 min.
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Viv Thomas

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5-Star Film! 

Vera, Zora Banx, Jo, Stella Stevens & Cayenne.

A Lezlove World Exclusive!! Zora Banx stars as a dominant woman having her way on the set of an all-girl porn movie. Vera co-stars as her rival make-up artist, Lil'' Dana. Together they compete for the attention of 18 year old virgin, Cayenne, and blonde beauty Stella Stevens. A high-art movie crafted with style, Confessions... is a highly erotic and hardcore film containing graphic scenes of sex, slow teasing and deep kissing. All the girls had genuine orgasms on film and were closely involved in the production of the movie. These beautiful girls had fun making this, and it shows. Seven scenes of sensuous lesbian love making, frantic fucking, anal playing and lessons in expert pussy-licking. This movie is a serious must for fans of all-girl hardcore. An erotic masterpiece.

For further information and screencaps on the scenes in this title, please visit the ELMS Viv Thomas section.

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Super nice video - one of Viv's best ever. So good, in fact, that when I saw it I couldn't help thinking that Viv was crazy, releasing this as the first of the year. It sets an intimidating bar for everything else to come, including PV3. In fact, it even sets and then resets the bar several times for itself. You think that the Stella/Zora scene is as good as it can get, then at the end there is the Vera/Zora scene, which is something else.

The idea of having the girls use their native language (Hungarian) is inspired - they are much more relaxed. Alas, the subtitling is not able to keep up with the chat, but you can't have everything I suppose. PV3 (which is also Hungarian) has a lot to live up to.

Viv's movies just got better. I didn't think I would rate a Viv Thomas effort more than his last few releases - Six Days With Vera and Pussy In Paradise but this is. Huge lengthy scenes of deep kissing, stunning girls and all this at 3 hours.

Some of the scenes here are mind-blowing. I loved the playful interaction between Stella and Zora; Stella is desperate to get into Zora's bed and sneaks around at night trying to achieve this. Eventually Zora lets her join her and the two of them engage in some seriously hot kissing.

I loved the scene where the shy Cayenne is nervous before a shoot with Jo, so Jo suggests they practice kissing with one another. It’s safe to say after this Cayenne warms to Jo a bit more.

Then to cap it all Zora and Vera in the last scene, they literally launch into each other - huge kisses, legs wrapped around each other, even the subtitles are forgotten at this point, it’s so wild.

Having just seen Our Movie lately with the main star Stella I can safely say Viv's high standard continues, the man is on a roll and the news keeps getting better. Viv's next release is Pink Velvet 3. Confessions is a must for any lover of lesbian erotica, and with more Viv gems to come there's no sign of this run ending. Terrific.

Fan In The UK
If this is the world of lesbian porn after Pink Velvet 3, that world is in good hands. I would say that even productions as mighty as PV3 are going to have trouble topping this one. Stunning women (Stella and Vera are again standouts) and a storyline that makes this one seem like a real movie, and not some thrown together porn shoot.

Spoken in Hungarian (with English subtitles) this one has a really natural feel to it. The women, being more comfortable speaking their language, actually turn in some pretty good performances. And the sex scenes are playful and intensely erotic. Nothing appears to be awkward or contrived anywhere. Another brilliant effort from Viv Thomas Productions.

I couldn't wait for it, so I sent to the UK for it. Pricey? Hell, yes! After the dollar-to-euro conversion, I wondered what I got myself into. But, after the exchange rate shock, I found myself seeing far more in this title than its price tag.

First off, the sex scenes are truly amazing. I mean perfect in every way. Setup, lighting, pacing, action, etc. I don't think Viv Thomas Productions missed a beat. And the number of new faces made this one a real treat. Jo and Vera are in the mix, giving their respective scenes sweet innocence (in the case of Jo) and soft, curvy feminine sensuality (for Vera). But the really nice additions of Dora, Zora, and Cayenne made this DVD an even stronger effort.

Dora is fast becoming a favourite of mine: she's beautiful, athletic, lean, and is playful in her scenes. The sight of her squirming with delight as Zora licked her pussy was a sight rarely seen (even in most Viv Thomas productions). All I can say is, “I want more Dora!”

Zora offers the same as Vera, but in a more mature package. Her body is beautifully curvy and a delight to look at. Her scene with Vera (these two gorgeous women together!!) is a showstopper. I want to see these two together again and often.

Cayenne is like Jo: sweet innocence. But even angelic Jo can't help but show her how to find the lesbian within her (Jo is quite the teacher!).

After watching this one, I'm not sure what to expect from PV3. Will it be better than Confessions? Will it be the same? If it's either one of these, I have no doubt these will be the best DVDs of the year from a very prolific production house. And when PV3 comes out, I think I will endure exchange shock again.

The kissing in this video is SO HOT! I can't wait to see The Art of Kissing. I like how they're letting the girls speak their native language - it's SOOOO sexy! I think we should get the option to have subtitles or not, because personally I'd rather NOT have them. There's nothing sexier than the unknown!

I enjoyed all the girls in this video, but I'm in love with Vera (she's the epitome of sex-crack!) and I have a soft spot for her and Jo's scenes! I'd like to see them paired at least once in every film. Maybe they could randomly seduce women together? ;-) I hadn't seen Stella before this and she's -- WOW! Would love to see more of her as well! And what ever happened to Lisa? I miss that raunchy bizkit! Lisa & Vera... Mmmmmm!

Ok... I just finished watching this movie, and I have to say this is the best lesbian movie I've seen so far - simply majestic. I don't know how Viv Thomas manages such high quality and highly erotic productions; this guy must be a genius, period. I can't wait for PV3 to come out. If it is anything like Confessions of a Make-Up Artist, I think we should give this man a Nobel Prize, and I am not kidding. Even the oral sex in this movie was amazing, and most feature movies tend to come up short when it comes to oral sex. Every scene was beautiful, and the girls were excellent actors who were hungry for each other. Whoever is reading this review, please order this movie immediately.

Anonymous Lez
My god! This is film really rocks. Cayenne for me was the real highlight. She's young, sweet, and natural. I like how her character is inexperienced, how she makes out with other girls. Jo and Cayenne and make-up for a shoot was out of this world. I want to see more of Cayenne; too bad she's not scheduled for any yet. Speaking in Hungarian added a nice touch - the girls were more at ease. For those of you wondering if this can be topped, I saw Pink Velvet 3, and PV3 is indeed the ultimate Viv or even Lez film. There's a near-perfect scene with Jo and Lisa that concludes the film.

For some reason, I didn't think this was as good as some of Viv's other films. Zora Banx and Cayenne just don't do it for me. The story line was good, but something was just off.

Two things I didn't like: the way Cayenne kissed and the way Zora made love to the models. To me, it seemed like Cayenne's tongue was just out there the entire time; there was no movement or licking when she was kissing. The scenes with Zora weren't my favorites either; they seemed less sensual and gentle than usual. It felt as if they were rushed.

On the bright side, Jo, Vera (Dana), and Stella Stevens (Dora) have never looked better. Vera looks especially exquisite in white in the last scene, and when Stella sneaks off to Zora's room and we see her walking from behind... that's a sight for sore eyes. And of course, Jo looks gorgeous as always, and I loved her hair in this movie. Also, two points to Viv for the Hungarian language used in the film.

The final scene is very much a Grand Finale, a half-hour of joyful lovemaking between two beautiful, zesty women - all soppy kisses, giggling, and lots of bottom smacking. Zora Banx is a marvel - confident and naughty, with ebullient, jiggling tits and a gorgeous Slavic smile. Vera, natural and lovely, with the softest bum, has a ball with her. Her wonderful eyes don’t lie for a second.

The rest of the film is a little disappointing, despite the great scenario and the women speaking in their native Hungarian. Repetition is often the result of a winning formula - scene after scene, movie after movie in suburban bedrooms. Mixing it up a little would be a real treat.

Pink Velvet 3 was slightly disappointing also, yet the softcore “Sam Gets Her Girl” series is wonderful, despite the short episodes and lower production values, with lots of different ladies in different scenarios - gyms, saunas, gardens, picnics, park benches etc - all having great sex and lots of fun, proving that hardcore close-ups aren’t conducive to supreme erotica.

Plus there’s nothing wrong with the occasional threesome or orgy. (Although the one in “Searching for Sylvia” is pretty poor) Hopefully, sooner rather than later, we’ll see some of these beauties leave the bedroom, perhaps emerging nude, hand in hand, from the clear blue of the Mediterranean, and making love in the sand…

Everyone knows it’s better than the overwhelming majority of the trash that’s available, that there’s some respect here, and feeling, and craft, but the final scene is the only one I’d watch over and again. It’s worth it for that. How beautiful does Vera look when she steps out of her knickers? It’s joyous!

I really enjoyed this movie. I've been a fan of lesbian erotica for a very long time, and this was a very satisying purchase. As there is in every movie I've seen thus far, there were things I could do without, such as the foot-fetish stuff from Zora. The two scenes I liked the best were the pairings of Zora/Stella and Zora/Vera.

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