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Lesbian Truth or Dare 01 ____________________________________
Lesbian Truth or Dare 01
I.D. dvd_3175, Adult
2008, 129 min.
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Nica Noelle
* $22.99 *

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Randi James & Michelle Lay, Mia Presley & Nica Noelle, Jana Cova & Heather Silk, Randi James & Mia Presley.

It's not quite the game you remember, when a group of lusty lesbians get together to play. Randi struggles with her bi-curious desires when Mia gets a dare, leaving Michelle to comfort her embarrassed friend. Heather has no choice but to confess a scandalous sleep-over with beautiful Jana, while Nica's "truth" involves an unsuspecting Mia. If you've ever wondered what sexy girls do for fun when they get behind closed doors, Truth or Dare is for you. Written and Directed by Nica Noelle.

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, photo gallery.

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I LOVE the two scenes with Mia Presley in this release- one with Randi James and the finale with Nica Noelle. The buildup and kissing are great, and I love the physical contrast in each pairing. If I have one letdown, it’s with the overall premise. With a title like “Truth or Dare”, I would have liked to have seen more physical interaction during the game itself. I suppose it may have felt silly to attempt with a somewhat older cast. Still, the scenes are more than strong enough to stand on their own.

1) Buildup/Seduction: There’s a bit of buildup to each scene, and I found the acting very believable and grounded. I only missed more game play.

2) Kissing: Awesome kissing, especially with Mia!

3) Attractiveness of Women: These are all attractive Sweetheart regulars, including Nica herself.


Move over Viv Thomas, Sweetheart Video has just taken the girl/girl film to a new level.

The premise is simple: four women gather for a game of truth or dare. What follows is a celebration of feminine friendship. It is obvious they take deep pleasure in each other's company, whether or not they are making love.

From the premise, every scene flows realistically. They are all great, but the one that truly stands out is the one between Randi James and Michelle Lay. I have never seen Michelle driven to such a state of sexual frenzy.

Finally, she clamps her knees together and exclaims, laughing, "I can't cum anymore!" What follows is a rarity in girl/girl films, an explosion of pure joy. It is the joy of two women who have wrapped each other in their sexuality and revel in it.

One final comment. "Cosmo" once described small breasts as "luscious littles". I'm sure they had Mia Presley in mind.

Humble Opinion
Two scenes in this movie make it a truly excellent DVD, and not coincidentally, both scenes star Randi James.

The best phrase that comes to mind to describe Randi James is: "A Force of Nature". Whether it is in scenes for Girlfriends Films or here in a Sweetheart production, Randi James is one of the most naturalistic and explosive performers in lesbian films today.

Mia Presley is in one of the special scenes with Randi. They couldn't be more different physically. Randi is a thirtysomething voluptuous woman with a firm body. Mia, meanwhile, is young, tall, and lean.

Mia, throughout the scene, is forever finding ways to rub herself across Randi's magnificent body. For Randi's part, she seems transfixed by Mia's beauty, at one point kneading and squeezing Mia's small breasts while staring into Mia's seductive eyes.

One of the highlights of Mia and Randi's scene is when Mia is first kissing and sucking on Randi's pussy. "Does it feel good?" Mia asks as she looks up at Randi. Randi manages to moan, "You know it does." After Mia makes Randi cum in her explosive way, Randi pushes and pins Mia against the headboard of the bed frame, and then licks, sucks and fingers beautiful Mia to her own fierce orgasm. All of this is just in the beginning of their incredible scene together.

The other amazing Randi James scene is with the ever-wonderful Michelle Lay. Randi James does the best "older/older" lesbian love scenes of anyone I have ever seen. With Girlfriends, I have seen Randi work with with Nica Noelle, Nicole Moore, and Kayla Synz, and each of those scenes were among the most passionately real scenes I have ever witnessed.

Early in the scene with Michelle Lay, Michelle makes Randi cum by first bathing Randi's clit with the flat of her tongue and later rubbing Randi's clit fiercely with the palm of her hand. Randi squirts hard into Michelle's hand, and that only makes Michelle rub harder. Then Michelle announces excitedly, "Oh my God, I've gotta rub my pussy all over yours," and Michelle frantically pulls off her panties. Randi ends up gushing into Michelle's pussy as they are tribbing, and Michelle goes wild.

Soon after, Randi has Michelle on her back with her legs up, and Randi proceeds to rub Michelle's clit with just the tips of her fingers. "It feels good, doesn't it?" Randi asks Michelle, matter of factly. But Michelle is already too far gone to answer. After Michelle has her own screaming orgasm, Randi puts her hands on Michelle's stomach to calm her down, and she says, "It's a different kind of cum, isn't it?" This moment comes early in the scene, there are plenty more delicious moments to enjoy.

Being a big fan of Jana Cova as well as Heather, and after watching Jana's excellent performances on Triangle and Girlfriends Films, I decided to get this one mainly for the scene with Jana and Heather alone, the two girls on the cover box.

Unfortunately, I think that these two girls were having a bad day, and so did the director and the camera operator. This scene is really poor at all levels: very weak intro, very brief and superficial foreplay, almost no kissing, short and poorly captured oral action, and of course lots of fingering. It is a very short segment, only 26 minutes. A big disappointment.

The rest of the DVD is pretty much as weak, and with some serious technical limitations like poor lighting, shaky camera and bad shooting angles.

I feel very disappointed with Lesbian Truth or Dare.

I really enjoyed this release. The plot is very simple and it works well. Five friends are playing a game of truth or dare, and when a dare is called the game turns naughty! All fifteen ladies look incredibly sexy in this video, especially Mia Presley who is at her best.

Michelle Lay & Randi James: Randi James is a very sexy, fresh, mature face in the adult industry. I thought her scene with Alana Leigh was hot but this scene is a scorcher! Randi James is embarrassed and upset because she has never been with a girl (one of the girls licked her wonderful breasts on a dare). Michelle goes to comfort her and then seduces her saying “I won’t tell if you won’t.” The scene that follows begins at a slow pace, but the heat quickly picks up as Michelle does what she does best: bring out the sexual energy in her partner. Loved how wet these pussies were too, as you can literally hear the juices sloshing around as they make love! Definitely an A+.

Heather Silk & Jana Cova: This story is a spinoff of a truth question issued by Nica. Two of the sexiest women in the world are on a camping trip together. Their tent gets a hole in it and they get rained on, forcing them to go to a hotel. What hotel has nude artwork hanging on the walls? Anyway, Heather becomes turned on watching Jana change out of her wet clothes (who wouldn’t as gorgeous as she is, right?). She seduces Jana, once again saying it will be a secret between the two. What follows is a fairly hot scene. I feel there was way too much fingering in their encounter. I really enjoyed the trib as these two lovelies get very intimate while slamming their pussies together . B+ (Could have been hotter)

Mia Presley & Randi James: Heather and Nica dare Mia to share the contents of her diary and her most intimate secret. She confesses she fantasizes about Randi, and then Michelle and Randi finally return from cleaning up. They then dare Mia to admit her desires for Randi. The two ladies discuss Mia’s fantasies and then they began to kiss. Once again, the scene that follows is fairly hot yet leaves much to be desired. The oral is awesome but once again there is lots and lots of fingering and a little foot fetishism towards the end. Really sexy watching Mia smack Randi’s ass and pussy as she fingers her from behind. C

Mia Presley & Nica Noelle: Randi and Michelle ask Nica whom she would sleep with out of the group. Nica wittingly snaps “Not you!” towards Michelle (somehow I find that hard to believe). She then picks Mia, and they go into the bedroom where a scene similar to the previous one unfolds. Awesome oral, lots of fingering and pussy slapping, and possibly the deepest, wettest kisses of the entire film. C

I would recommend renting this video first to see how you like it, and then purchase if you like. I for one was pleased with this release.

Overall Grade: B-

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