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Tori & Callie/Getting Reacquainted Double-Feature ____________________________________
Tori & Callie/Getting Reacquainted Double-Feature
I.D. t0066 & dvd_1107, Adult
1999&2002, 111 min.
Thursday Night Video (TNV)
Directed by G. Hunt

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5-Star Film! 

Tori & Callie, Fawn & Corinna.

A Lezlove.com Exclusive!

TG-16: Tori & Callie Are Cooking!
The girls go all they way! Tori and Callie are amazing in this video! Your favorite fetishes are all rolled into the hottest video ever produced by TNV. Awesome up-skirt views, and an all-out sexual encounter with graphic nudity ... did we miss anything? The girls had never met before the day of the shoot, but they got comfortable almost too fast for our cameras. They start out making banana bread but Tori has a headache. Callie accidentally gives her (and takes) the wrong pill & they pass out. They then wakeup in the bedroom and *really* start cooking!

TG-22: Getting Reacquainted
Fawn and Corinna are amazingly gorgeous blondes who previously met at a video shoot in Austin, Texas. They arrive at the same time for a job in Los Angeles at the home of a voyeur who likes to watch girls via monitor as they make themselves comfortable in another part of his loft apartment. The girls immediately recognize each other and exchange fond greetings, head inside and upstairs where they get reacquainted over a glass of wine. They don’t make a lot of conversation because they are so quickly turned on by the situation and each other; clearly they are mutually impressed with one another’s astonishing looks!

The set-up for this video is minimal because the girls wanted to devour each other the moment the cameras started rolling. A few attempts at stretching out the opening scene failed so we just let them go at it, their hunger and mutual attraction driving every moment for the rest of the video. All of the audio is real, which is kind of hard to believe at times because they make such sexy sounds, but this is an all-natural shoot (TNV style) with 2 girls who were totally excited about being together. Both camera angles work together to capture the intimacy and sexual tension, while also focusing on the best views of their incredible naked bodies. The girls are very creative about their sex, changing into lots of different enticing positions and finding unique ways to pleasure each other. For these reasons, Fawn and Corinna will be a turn-on both to people who are focused on action as well as those who mostly just want to see beautiful nude girls no matter what those girls are doing.

Please note: the screencaps, movie clip, and older reviews on this page are for Tori & Callie. Information on Getting Reacquainted is also available.

Please note: this double-feature special is only available on DVD, and ships in a plain sleeve. We no longer carry either title on VHS.

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING -- PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, digitally remastered.

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This is an exclusive custom edit of this film made only for LezloveVideo.com! The first part of the movie has a lot of "up-skirt" camera shots, just a warning in case you are not into that sort of thing, but the bedroom scene is really amazing. Soft, slow and wonderful.

Also please note that there are no boxcovers on any of the TNV titles, they ship in a plain sleeve.

This is definitely one of my all time favorite videos. The kissing in this video ranks way above a "10". If you like great kissing, this is definitely for you. The premise is two girls awake on a bed. Since they've both been curious about other women, and don't know each other, they agree it's okay to experience it with each other. They're both only wearing panties as it starts, and it's great to see them wrap themselves around each other and eventually get naked.

1) Buildup/Seduction: The immediate setup is a bit odd, but how they decide to have sex and the lead-in to their first kiss is very nice to watch.
Score: 8.

2) Kissing: As stated earlier, some of the best I've ever seen. There's also no noise, so you hear everything.
Score: 10.

3) Attractiveness of Women: Both girls are young and very cute and natural looking.
Score: 9. OVERALL SCORE: 9.

One of the products I recently obtained was "Tori and Callie" (Thursday Night Video) and I have to say, from the 5-star review you gave it, I would add another 5 stars! Wow, this is what I am exactly looking for, softcore, no dildoes or music/background noise, just two girls fully/semi nude making-out in a passionate way ... a definite 10+

I really liked this video because of how real the sex is between the two girls; you can tell that they're very aroused and enjoying each other a lot. The french kissing is highly erotic although I did not care for the pierced tongues. The "looking up the skirts" fetish is Ok, only a bit too long.
Both Tori and Callie are very beautiful, young and fresh, and have magnificent bodies.

Pretty wonderful stuff. The girls are simply breathtaking. Callie in particular is stunning and has near-perfect breasts. Tori's pussy is glorious. The lovemaking is awesome.
All I can say is, when will we see these beauties again?

TNV have been producing softcore solo tapes for some time. However recently they have gained a reputation for producing arguably the finest lesbian erotica around. Tori and Callie was their first attempt at more explicit 2-girl material and it remains virtually unique in its brilliance. What you have here are two exceptionally pretty young girls (aged 18 and 20) making love to each other - touching each other, holding each other, wrapping themselves around each other. Callie is the slightly older girl with a perfect body. Tori has the most adorable face with the cutest freckles. There is no intrusive direction - the girls are allowed to just go with the flow. And these girls LOVE to kiss - slow, deep, tongue-filled kissing that is done throughout the duration of the tape. I've owned this video for over 12 months and have yet to find anything to beat it, not even TNV's other masterpiece "3 Girlfriends", which is as good, but not better. Tori and Callie is a lesson to all those producers who think that "making love" and "having sex" are one and the same thing. It is required viewing. 10/10.

Quite remarkable. Undoubtedly the new crown jewel of my collection. If erotic lesbian filmmaking were taught in college, this would be a mandatory part of the course material. Although the peripheral attributes of any acceptable video aren't too bad here (lighting, sound, etc.), this particular masterpiece resonates above the rest by demonstrating what so many other lesbian erotic films invariably neglect. That is, its ability to effectively capture TWO young and beautiful woman exploring each other in a relatively "un-staged", believable, natural and passionate way. The recipe is actually quite simple, though for a variety of reasons, infrequently achieved. If your tastes lean towards seeing professionals rip through scripted scenes, then beware, since your tastes may likely change once you view and appreciate this work of art.

This was a great movie for its up-the-skirt action in the beginning, for the wonderfully sensuous kissing after the girls "wake up," and for the tender oral sex and tantalizing views of Tori's cute pussy at the end. I've only seen a few movies with really nice up-the-skirt action (another being Barely Legal #2 with a great scene shot up a girl's dress as she rides her bike home from school, the movie also having a great sequence of girl/girl discovery), and it always reminds me of my high school days of trying to wear a mirror on my shoe, or kneeling to tie my laces in hopes of grabbing a quick glance up a girl's dress as she walks by or as she sits with legs uncrossed at a nearby desk. (Thank God they have video cameras now and wonderful movies such as this one.) And with underwear prettier today than it has ever been, the view up a woman's skirt is at an all-time high. Both Tori and Callie (neither of whom are wearing slips, shame on them) have shapely legs, lusciously firm thighs, and cute asses, the cheeks of which are partially exposed and visibly spilling out of their clean white panties, so the view underneath their dresses was first rate, without a doubt! There's something teasingly thrilling about looking underneath a girl's clothing (maybe that's why dresses -- and girls -- were invented), and the action was most exciting when Tori and Callie began to stir the cake mix they were preparing, their hips and hemlines gently sashaying as if they were dancing.

The story line of the movie -- the girls taking the wrong pills (for a headache), falling asleep because of it and miraculously waking up topless together in the bed -- was a little far-fetched. But the director uses the contrived set-up wonderfully by then allowing the girls, in their dialog, to explore their mutual interest in bi-sexual sex. Both girls reveal that their reticence was driven mainly by how their friends would react, but then after realizing that they ran in different circles and since it was unlikely that their friends would find out, their inhibitions subsided enough to allow them to sensuously explore this unknown pleasure, Callie initiating the action by planting the first of a dozen wonderfully long and luscious kisses on Tori's soft lips. The kissing in this movie was fantastic. The girls discover themselves first by smooching and exploring each other's mouths, then by venturing out to kiss nipples, shoulders, and sometimes thighs, but always returning ultimately to the safety of each other's beautiful face. As an amateur production, the sound quality was actually quite good. An occasional dog barking or siren wailing could be heard in the background (which is noticeable sometimes even in major studio productions), but it was deliciously exciting to hear the delightfully soft smacking sound of the girls' lips embracing and releasing as they kissed.

Callie teases Tori's beautifully glistening (and slightly dripping) pussy with her fingers, but Tori, being more bold, goes all the way to oral with Callie, Tori lying gracefully between Callie's outstretched legs, her hair at first acting like a vail and hiding her actions, the camera soon adjusting to give us a nice from-the-head-of-the-bed view of Tori enticingly eating Callie open mouthed and totally encircling her labia, as Callie rolls her head back and quietly moans with pleasure.

The up-close view of the girls' lower bodies as they embrace on the bed was fantastic, the light bouncing between them to soften the texture of their skin and to give Tori's pussy a nice apricot colored glow. The camera continues to give us an up-the-skirt view of Tori's twat (but this time sans skirt), my only disappointment being that Tori, who's pussy received only the attention of Callie's fingers, and just briefly, may have been left a little unfulfilled. It would've been nice to see Callie's pretty face juxtaposed and buried within Tori's tanned and clean shaven slit, but this was the only disappointment I had with this otherwise sensuously exquisite film.

The pacing of the movie, even for me (as someone who really enjoys leisurely love scenes between really gorgeous women), seemed a little slow at times. But taken as a whole, this was a wonderfully satisfying movie between two lovely young (18 and 20-year-old) actresses who affectionately satisfy their bisexual urges when the opportunity miraculously arises.

TNV's Tori & Callie and Three Girlfriends have easily become two of my personal favorites.

Oh-la-la....sort of sums it up.

Basically, in my opinion, this one is quite "juicy"...literally speaking. Seeing two beautiful women kissing and fondling each other and while witnessing both of them getting really excited was exciting enough for me.

Like the others, at times the pace was a bit slow and I kind of wanted them to move along much quicker but anticipation can be a wonderful thing if you trust being patient. I enjoyed this one too because it's another fine product from TNV.

A great movie! The cooking scene at the start is a little over-long, but the whole feel of the movie is of a realistic, not staged, encounter between two young women who want to experience making love to another girl. The kissing is simply delicious, and the pace is slow and sensuous - it takes them ages to get to each other's pussy. I would liked to have seen Callie go down on Tori, but there's enough here to make this one of the best movies I've ever seen.

This is "softercore". Half of tape length is "looking under skirts". The other half is a close-up on one of the girls ugly asshole. What a scam!

If you've seen other videos from TNV, then you know their tapes are in a league of their own. On that basis, I find this to be more of a rehearsal for latter, hotter tapes like "3 Girlfriends" & "Pleasing Kinsley". If you have those and not this your probably VERY curious about this video. I say go for it. For those who haven’t seen any TNV’s stuff, I recommend you start with the other titles I just mentioned. But be warned. This stuff is addictive!!! Highly recommended.

Definitely one of my new favorites, “Tori and Callie” should have a warning on the box: Handle this video with care! May cause burns due to intense lesbian sex!!!

I know, that's a little cheesy, but it sums up the feeling I was left with after watching this amazing tape.

Lets skip the plot. Nothing doing there, and not really a very subtle vehicle to lead to the action anyway.

All of the sex takes place on the bed, which has its ups and downs (sorry for the bad pun). The good side is, its all very intense lesbian action. They cuddle and caress each other's smooth bodies with open abandon, suck passionately on each others breasts, perform cunningulus with full mouth on pussy contact (very rare for TNV), and wow do they kiss alot! Despite some poor camera angles, I was overwhelmed by the passion and realism of their long, deep, wet kissing complete with lots of tongue activity. It doesn’t get any better than this! These girls loved kissing each other!!! That is a dream come true for kiss lovers like me.

Now the down side. You have to get through all the upskirt, and straight up the ass camera angles, to get to the action. I guess that's the fetish here, although there are many other lesbian themes they could have chosen to better effect. I would have preferred some seduction, and maybe a little warm-up with their clothes on at first with some better closeups of their kissing from the side. Also could've used another setting. Maybe a shower scene, or something. Besides these minor details, the video was PERFECT.

Don't miss this one. TNV rules the amateur lesbian scene with their cute young girls, and self-directed approach. If you've never tried amateur, take a chance on Tori and Callie. You won't be disappointed. If you already love amateur, then this will surely become one of your favorites.

Of course this is great! I'm not going to compare it to most of the other slush out there. Comparing it to 3 Girlfriends and Pleasing Kinsley, however, it doesn't quite measure up. Should you get it anyway? Of course! This is TNV!!

The first part does tend to get a little boring. Girls making banana bread? Zzzzzz. I like set ups but I think TNV could have come up with something better. But the second half delivers the way one expects TNV to deliver. This video, by the way, is actually an edited version of a longer tape. The original tape runs some 18 minutes longer and deals with a guy coming in and "feeling up" the unconscious girls. I guess better off left on the cutting room floor.

Also a strange little note. When the girls start getting hot and heavy with each other you can hear a bunch of sirens outside. It gets so loud that I think the house next door was burning down!! Or maybe it's the heat generated by Tori & Callie!! A must have!!!

Master Yoda
Vastly overrated. Very dated if compared with 3 Girlfriends and Pleasing Kinsey. The latest two have improved camera work. A big chunk of the film has skirt shots which is fine but annoying when after a long period of time. The kissing is really nice. But I was turned off by the fact that both girls have pierced tongues. Save your money and get 3 Girlfriends and Pleasing Kinsey. They are worth every penny.

I disagree with most other reviewers. MUCH BETTER than Three Girlfriends. I like seduction/first time scenes, and this one was a B or B+. One gorgeous girl, another very cute.

My only disappointment was the oral. Only one takes the plunge, and it is brief and hard to see. Well worth the investment though if you like long buildups before the action and hot young girls.

TNV could not have picked two better looking honey blondes as Tori & Callie for this nice video. Being an Ass, Leg and Foot man myself these girls scored a 10 in all categories. I knew TNV from their previous "up-skirt" voyeur videos so I was not unaware of the heavy dose of upskirt shots during the first 40 minutes of the video. Actually I thought the kitchen scene served as a great lead-in & build-up for things to come and I certainly enjoyed the leg and foot shots of the girls as they dosed of to sleep on the couch.

The chit chat between the girls as they woke up together in bed was as natural as you’re going to hear between two girls anticipating the possibilities of a bi-sexual encounter. The kissing was great, however I was a little taken aback by the pierced tongues but I guess that serves as a bi-sexual signal to other girls. I only wish that the intensity level of the sex could have been cranked-up a bit between the girls - it was a little slow in spots unfortunately , and what a wonderful sight it would have been if these two could have "locked-up" in a nice pussy rub but that may have been asking too much from TNV. Overall a good video well worth viewing.

This is very hot. Better than "Pleasing Kinsey" but a bit below the immortal "Three Girlfriends."

While this tape does have some good things going for it I can’t join in all the wild praise. The first half hour consists of the girls cooking while making not very interesting conversation as the camera peeks at their undies. I thought it was dull and a bit weird. I kept thinking about the fact that some guy was lying there on the kitchen floor pointing a camera up their skirts.

When they get into the bedroom things improve. The girls are very pretty in a wholesome sort of way and they make love gently and sensuously. There’s some great kissing and other foreplay and some nice slow, deep, oral. Unfortunately someone thought it would be a good idea to edit this video so a shot of the girls kissing deeply and tenderly would abruptly cut to a close-up of one of the girl’s assholes. This was done several times and really spoiled the mood. I’ve seen few movies that don’t have words such as butt, rearend, anal, etcetera in the title that had so many shots of an anus. I didn’t like that.

The camera work, image quality, and sound were all good and the editing, other than the anal fixation, was also good. The only other TNV movie I’ve seen is “Denise and Miranda/April and Elaine are Kissing” which I thought was better than this vid. While Tori and Callie does have some great moments, between the up the skirt stuff and the anal close-ups they’re few and far between. Three out of five stars.

I have watched this video twice to make sure I did not miss anything. I cannot agree with the ratings given to this. My taste in these types of videos might be too critical or perhaps a lack of understanding but I don't think this gives near any credit to women either in general or in specific. Women making love together is the ultimate and greatest sensual and erotic experience one could ever hope to see or be involved in. This video did not create the passion and beauty of that type of lovemaking at least not for me. I would not say not to buy it but it would definitely say it is over-rated and over priced.

I recently purchased “Tori& Calli are Cooking” and I would have to say being a fan of true amateur lesbian porn, I was very disappointed. For one, the intro scene is waaaay to long, and once they finally make it to the bedroom, the action is undeniably hot, but you wouldn't know it from the terrible and I mean terrible camera work, these two ladies were given a great injustice by their cameraman, if more shots were taken of the action at hand rather than behind shots than you would have an awesome video indeed. Even the great oral action, and I mean great only because you could hear it, was totally obscured by the young lady's hair.

No offense to the folks who gave this video a favorable review, but I have seen much, much better amateur videos than this one, I have rambled on long enough so I won't list my all time favorites at this time but would be glad to upon request, and yes most all of them are to be had at Lezlovevideo.com, of course.

Somewhat of a disappointment. The tongue piercings turned me off, and the camera angles were often poor. On several occasions, what may have been fantastic breast sucking was blocked by elbows and arms!!! Maybe since I'm a huge breast sucking fan, I'm making too big a deal of it, but come on!

The best part was the orgasm of one of the girls from pretty cool, deep oral by the other one, but that was the highlight. The kissing is awesome, I will admit, but for some reason, I didn't see it rising to the passion of say, TNV Denise and Miranda, Sabina and Anais, Lena and Sierra (WSW #3), or many others.

Duck as I swing my megaphone wildly impassioned:

Sometimes I read comments in the forum and wonder, "Why would this person even be in this group?" In the end, after the personal preferences are noted, pet peeves displayed, quirks, kinks, and fetishes have all been played, the ultimate goal is to see two females who want to be together erotically.

Maybe sometimes love is erotic, maybe sometimes sex is erotic. Maybe erotic is its own dimension where excitement, passion, adventure, and tenderness can all waft freely together or one by one. It would be interesting to see an edition of "Erotica for Dummies: DIRECTORS’ EDITION” passed through the ranks for anyone even thinking about picking up a camera and aiming it toward a female.

At the end of the scene, if the two actresses are smiling at one another and looking into each other's eyes, you've probably just watched something magical. The jaded will say, "Yeah, they just made money." The naive will say, "Aww, they fell in love." You might not have noticed it, you might not have wanted to see it, but if you watch Tori and Callie and don't see "it," then you're not really into girl/girl erotica.

Sure, there are a lot of “ifs.” - “If only the camera would have been here, if only it had lasted longer.” The moment those two girls are on the bed to the moment the camera fades, you are watching female/female erotica. I'm not saying this is the greatest scene ever (it is great though), but it's an excellent litmus test to see if you really enjoy two females getting erotic with one another.

I know some people will say, “it's boring, it sucks, hey they're NOT lesbians, well that's not the way I make love, etc. etc. etc…” But I loved this one!

When will producers of erotica finally get it? For me, there is absolutely nothing more sexually arousing than seeing a woman who is sexually aroused. In Torie and Callie, the arousal is liquid... I could almost taste it. Wonderfully done.

Boy, do we all have differing wishes and tastes in videos. I thought that Tori and Callie left it before they really got underway for us the viewers. I love it when the camera person lets us see the wet, glistening moisture on the girl's pussy caused by excitement in multiple close-ups, and the heaving pleasure of one of the girls who was being pleased by sapphic hunger, but we didn't get to see ANY of it because the camera person shot the pictures with the girls head covering the action. ALL of the action, and even from behind with NOTHING to share, and all we finally got from this encounter was a few sounds and moans.

This reminded me of the decades ago videos or even those today in hotel "soft porn" that always obstructed the actual action by a full head of hair in the way or something else of similar blockage. The girls are indeed gorgeous and worth watching, but you only get to imagine because if you're into explicit sharing of the fun you're in for a disappointment.

Let Me Drive
This was an okay movie. Warm, soft, and sensual, but with flaws. I agree most with Lotus, and would add that the nice soft passion gets hidden a lot in a veil of hair in the first scene, which is like those softcore vids on late night Cinemax where they hide the private areas to avoid X ratings. The second scene is much better. But if you want to see really hot, passionate lovemaking, try Erin and Jolie.

I agree with the reviewer "cc," but I would go much further - FIRE THE CAMERA PERSON! And, if the director can’t see the difference, then FIRE THE DIRECTOR! Two beautiful blondes really into oral sex, and all is lost because of stupidity. Show the wet pussy, sure, then move to the girls devouring each other… beautiful. However, the fool becomes totally one-dimensional and remains completely focused on the asshole the entire time of the film while the girls are smacking loudly, hunching, breathing heavily and great oral sex is going on. BUT WE THE VIEWER CANT TELL, because we are still watching the closely focused asshole.

We have greatly enjoyed TNV films - Erin and Corrina, Summer Counseling, Pleasing Kinsey, etc. - and this, too, could have been there if not for clueless camera people. Memo to TNV: Get these two beautiful girls together again, let them go after each other with passion, but please get it on film!

As for the second sequence with Corrina, we were disappointed to say the least.

The girls are very hot and appear really horny. ;) Far from it, the cameraman's work is very disappointing, with many improper points of view, making the film's temperament look bad.

Don't buy, very boring. The movie was made by a 15 year-old. Looking up skirts? Give me a break. The other scene was a sleeper too.

Breisis' Lover
I won’t even comment on the first half of the film. Useless use of two beautiful women.

The second half, with Fawn and Corrina, is very unusual. Two women who obviously know how downright sexy they are, toy with each other’s bodies without passion but with great enjoyment. One could almost imagine this at a Roman dinner party where sated guests still want to enjoy wanton behavior. Rather unusual and probably unsatisfying for people who want to see simulated love and passion. Take it for what it is and it is good viewing, if not stimulating viewing.

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