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Sandy's Holiday Sex Fantasies #2 (Viv Thomas) ____________________________________
Sandy's Holiday Sex Fantasies #2 (Viv Thomas)
I.D. v0102 & dvd_0804, Unrated
1999, 86 min.
Rolling Images / PRP
Directed by Viv Thomas

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5-Star Film! 

Sandy, Cindy, Patricia, Casey & Greta.

A LezloveVideo.com World Exclusive! The sexiest sequel ever! Club International and Paul Raymond Publications proudly present Sandy’s Fantasies II: Sex On Location. Oh yes, she’s back, and this time she means business. Sandy, the nation’s favourite bi-girl, lives out six of her sauciest fantasies whilst on the set of a Club International porn shoot. It’s 90 minutes of non-stop sex action as Sandy has her wicked way with some of the world’s hottest models. If you liked the first video then you’ll love Sandy’s Fantasies II – it’s the hardest lesbian video available in the UK!

Watch as Sandy satisfies herself spying on other girls as they pose for the camera.

Lazy days by the pool turn into warm dips with the pick of the babes.

Early nights and high spirits and playful pillow fights turn into serious pillow biting.

Plus much, much, munching more!

For further information and screencaps on the scenes in this title, please visit the ELMS Viv Thomas section.

Please note: this is the same edit available in England, which is the BBFC “18” certificate rating. There is no “harder” US version for these movies.

UK customers please note: we are able to ship this title to the UK.

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING -- PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, digitally remastered and encoded to broadcast standards, photo gallery & preview trailers. NTSC.

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After I saw Sandy’s Sex Fantasies, I couldn’t wait to see Sandy’s Sex Fantasies #2: Sex on Location. Just one look at the box cover artwork was enough to get me going. I found Sex Fantasies #2 to be an entirely different video from Sex Fantasies #1, and, in many ways, it’s a much better show at that.

The premise is simple: Sandy and four models go to a villa in Spain to shoot a series of layouts for Viv Thomas. Sandy, being the randy girl she is, can’t wait to get at all these gorgeous models. For the next 90 minutes, the viewer is treated to a sex romp that can only be called thrilling.

In the first scene, Sandy’s sitting on a balcony watching Thomas finish up a shoot with the striking Cindy. Sandy watches the Cindy and plots a way to ‘get into her panties’. If there’s the will, Sandy will find a way, and she does. The scene is strikingly beautiful to watch as the girls slowly seduce each other. Sandy begins by teasing Cindy with an ice cube and begins a scene filled with plenty of kissing, oral, and masturbation. This is a stunning scene and an excellent start to this amazing video.

In the next scene, Sandy and three of the models are sunbathing and waiting for their shoots to begin. Casey and Cindy are called away, leaving Sandy alone with the minx Greta. Sandy begins by spreading lotion on Greta and giving her a massage. Slowly, Sandy works her way between Greta’s legs. The result is a scene that is not only great to look at, but a fantastic display of Greta and Sandy’s stunning bodies. Their legs are wondrous to look at. It’s a slow and amazing scene, and keeps the heat going on this video.

The next scene follows the girls’ night on the town, during which Sandy becomes fond of Patricia. Later, she takes Patricia poolside to show she the joys of Sapphic love. The scene is a bit of a letdown in that it’s darkly lit, but the sight of Sandy writhing under Patricia’s tongue is enough to keep this viewer happy.

Next, Sandy and Greta are at it again. Seems they are sharing a room, so why shouldn’t the girls have some fun? The scene is well-lit and actually quite tender, with Sandy covering Greta with kisses over her body. The scene moves along at a nice slow pace features plenty of masturbation, body-rubbing, and oral. A good scene!

The next scene is, for me, the high point of this video. Sandy is doing her photoshoot with the unbelievably cute Cassey, but she has designs on this girl. Posing seductively together the tension builds the scene long before the girls even make their first kiss. And when they kiss, it’s something to see. Sandy and Cassey have excellent chemistry and it shows. The scene features kissing, oral, masturbation, and (wait for it fans) trib! Yes, Sandy mounts Cassey and they lock loins. The close-up of Cassey’s grinding into Sandy’s mound was wild, but the longer shot of their hips moving and their abdominal muscles flexing as they rubbed nearly knocked me out. (Keep the rewind button handy for this part.) And the scene continues, with Cassey going down on her orally. Sandy goes down on Cassey one more time before the garden shower is turned on. But the scene continues with more kissing and humping. A classic scene if there ever was one.

The final scene leaves Sandy as a voyeur (the girl needs a break) to watch Patricia and Greta play with some sex toys. It’s a great scene, with Sandy masturbating to all of Greta and Patricia’s fun and games.

All and all, this is an excellent film that didn’t let up once. This video will be a favorite of mine for years to come.

10 out of five stars – I consider it to be that good!

Anon in 'Bama
I'd have to disagree with Clion's glowing review (see above). While I really liked the FIRST Sandy movie, this one left me more than a little disappointed. On the positive side, Sandy and her friends are gorgeous as usual. No problem there. Now onto the multitude of negatives... Perhaps the one thing I really DISLIKED about the first Sandy movie was the liberal use of "porn-speak" by the narrator. You know what I mean: phrases like "I'd really like to suck her clit" and other really fake lines that are supposed to turn the viewers on. Well, this second Sandy movie is full of them and they're both stupid and annoying. Of course, I could be wrong about the rest of you in that maybe you don't mind. But I do.

Moving on... they added these little "pop-up-video" things with phrases like "Sandy's favorite sex-position is to be taken from behind doggy-style with a strap-on" etc. etc. etc. Now THAT I'd have liked to see! Except that it never happens in this video, so I guess they thought just writing it on the screen was enough. Again, I thought it was just stupid.

As for the actual sex scenes, I found most of them bland and unexciting. The FIRST video had MUCH more eroticism! Take the first scene from this video, for example. Sandy's watching another girl sunbathe in the nude. Now that in itself can be erotic --- having one woman secretly eyeing a nude girl. But THIS one had to have both women gyrating excessively all the while doing do, and then BANG, here comes the sex! Some of you may think no problem, but I found it lame and uninteresting. Also, almost every time a woman would begin kissing another woman's sexy derriere, the woman being kissed would put her hands back there for no particular reason. Why? I don't know, but if I was directing I'd have told them to knock it off. It's annoying.

One other scene I'd like to mention, with Sandy and her roommate in the hotel. The girl steps behind Sandy, and places her hands on Sandy's sexy rear end, slowly lifting Sandy's shirt exposing Sandy's gorgeous "bum" (her words). I'm thinking a good scene at last --- but then she starts brushing Sandy's hair!?? What's THAT all about? Again, beautiful women, some exciting moments, but overall a DUD --- not worth 5-stars, at least not in my opinion.

This video is the bomb! Excuse my slang, but that's my opinion. It comes pretty close to being perfect. There are only a few flaws, and hardly a dull moment in the entire video!

First, let me say that this second installment has more of the feel of the other Viv work (i.e. Mayfair, Babes Abroad). We've got the girls out on the town, talking in groups, playing around with each other, etc. A more natural feel than part 1. Clion did a pretty good job detailing each scene, so I won't waste time repeating this. I'll just fill in a few blanks.

The pool scene with Patricia was actually very good. I loved the buildup to it, where they're all sitting in some restaurant and Sandy starts stroking Patricia’s incredibly sexy legs, and then gives her a nice kiss in front of all the locals. Yeah, the lighting is a little dark, but not enough to bother me. The way they kiss, and hold each other was soooo sensuous. My brain (and other parts...) are still reeling from sensory overload. All in all, this scene has it all - except for trib.

My favorite scene was the fashion shoot with Cassey. These girls are so petite, and look so good together, it's really hard to find good enough adjectives to describe it to you. When they kissed, it was like pure rapture. And they do some brief, but still very erotic trib action, which is rare for Viv.

Just a few flaws. Pop-up boxes with pornspeak- very cheesy, marketed towards sex-magazine readers obviously. Background music instead of the natural sounds of lovemaking-disappointing. But that's all I could find.

High points. Too many to count. Sandy is so vivacious, and irrepressibly sexy. She has no equal, in the professional adult business - in my opinion. She doesn’t make love to these girls. She devours their bodies! If this video had sound instead of background music, there would be nothing out there that was better. Definitely do not miss this one. I really hope there's a part 3, or at least something else with the incomparable team of Sandy and Viv Thomas.

Yawn. I dunno, this was just too staged for my tastes, and the cable-TV editing provided a constant reminder that it was a commercial endeavor. Lots of attractive women, but I never even watched it all the way through. A matter of taste to be sure, but it just seemed too contrived to interest me.

Just got the DVD and watched it... a very hot video, I must say. The first Viv Thomas video I have ever seen, and I was happy with it. I love Viv's lesbian photo shoots, because they actually capture the women in the instant of pleasuring one another, not 'posing' about to do so.

This video was extremely entertaining, however I have one or two negative thoughts on it. First, you don't get to hear any of the moans of pleasure from the women... instead you are treated to obnoxious 80's elevator music, while any voices are non-existent. However, the passion and beauty of the women makes up for that. The only other complaint I had was that sometimes the positions tended to jump too quickly, for example in scene 4 i think, Sandy and another girl engage in some very nice trib... for about three seconds. It is the bathing suit modeling scene. There is actually a photo of this awesome trib position to the right on this page, and yes it was amazing but like I said, it only lasts a few seconds. I was really looking forward to at least a minute or two of this but alas, no go.

Other than those few picky things, I thoroughly enjoyed this video, and I'm sure I will watch it again many times.

This video is my favorite from Viv Thomas! I actually liked this one a lot more than I did "Sandy #1". All the scenes are scorching hot and I loved every one. It has that special "Viv formula" for success, used this time to near perfection! You've got the achingly beautiful girls, great locales, exquisitely crisp photography, and incredible lesbian sex.

At first glance, this video looks like a glossy Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition photo shoot... until the hardcore girl/girl sex gets underway! It's just too sweet for words! As we all know, it's what makes these videos so special: the sharp, filmic look with triple X action! The very first time you see a Viv Thomas production is really priceless. You just about fall out of your seat, as you are expecting to see beautifully filmed "softcore" material. When the supermodel caliber women start devouring each other explicitly, you simply can't believe it! And as I said, I think that this video pushed it a little further and is the sexiest Viv product, to date.

He has really caught lightning in a bottle. I really loved all the scenes with equal fervor and thought that the kissing was especially sexy throughout. But I LOVED the "bikini photoshoot" with Sandy and Cassey MOST of all! It is one of my ALL TIME favorite lesbian sequences now (definitely in the top 5, I'd say)! The aforementioned trib scene is so incredibly sexy and erotic beyond words! I've never seen trib like that and it sent me soaring! And when the girls make out while showered with crystal clear water, it is one hell of a capper to the scene!

There were a few instances throughout the video when things got a little "posey", and the "pop ups" were really lame (thank God there were only a few in the beginning of each scene)! If a perfectly beautiful lesbian scene were marred by "Pop Up Video" schtick, I think that I would be forced to shoot out the TV (like Elvis used to do when Bob Goulet popped up)! I really hope that there's a "Sandy 3", if the videos in this line continue to get hotter and hotter!

For the connoisseurs, scene 3 has Greta caressing Sandy's derriere with her gorgeous breasts: short but absolutely delicious!

Well, overall a disappointment. Much too "staged" with annoying "glitter porn" things like the pop-up comments and silly narration. I have to agree with "Anon in Bama," mainly because I also love delicious asses, and yes, they were largely taken for granted, which is frustrating, because they are all exquisite in this video. Last complaint: every scene except part of the outdoor shower scene near the end had loud music - please!

On the positive side, the women are all too-die-for gorgeous. The best scenes for me were Sandy rubbing tanning oil another girl's beautiful butt by the pool, and outdoor shower scene where you just hear the water hitting the girl's stunning bodies as Sandy orally ravishes her partner's body, ending with a deep kiss as the water soaks them! Nice.........!!!

What a great disc! This is what Penthouse, or even Andrew Blake should be like, but almost never are: top of the range eye candy where the girls actually demonstrate some sort of affection for each other. An easy five stars.

Plusses (big ones): very pretty girls with beautiful bodies (and, it struck me in particular, beautiful, completely un-enhanced breasts - it says something that this should be remarkable); lots of kissing and caressing; high production values; a nice relaxed atmosphere; no cheap high-heels. The scenes range from good to wonderful.

I really liked the little bit in the restaurant, not where Sandy kisses Patricia, but when one of the other girls lets you see (by allowing Sandy to smear it) that what looks like her bikini top is just painted on, and that she is really topless. Why is this sexy? Because it is totally gratuitous and thus was surely done in a spirit of fun.

At the end we are treated to a slightly odd scene of two girls playing with toys. I always thought that toys were usually deployed to add visual interest to a scene which otherwise lacks enthusiasm on the part of the girls. But here, of course, toys can't add that sort of visual interest since they cannot show any of the usual things you do with them (e.g. is Patricia really putting that vibrator into Greta? I don't think so, though I'm not sure). It is actually quite a nice scene (but I like Greta in particular anyway - her scene with Sandy is super).

Minuses (small ones, and not really fair) I wish the action could have been just a tiny bit more explicit (usually I wish it could be quite a bit less explicit, and concentrate on other things): too often - though not by any means always - you can see that tongues are not really making contact with what they should be doing (this is an artifact of the official British film censorship - sorry certification - regime, alas). You could even easily argue that the fact that they were not able to go down on one another on camera meant they had to resort to other things, like, you know, caressing and kissing. I also wish the girls did not writhe quite so much, they would be more plausible.

Minuses, bigger ones: the naff Essex girl voice over - Sandy has a really nice accent, why couldn't we hear that; the - ultra naff - little signs that appear, telling us about Sandy's favourite position, etc. (I hope Viv has lived to regret this idea - though it is consistent with the Paul Raymond house style); the rotten dubbed-over Casiotone soundtrack, which simply gets in the way of the sound of the girls (a repeated failing of Viv's, it even appears in Pink Velvet a little bit) - not as bad as the catastrophe that is the soundtrack of the Kelle Marie/Jo scene in Teenage Seduction, but still not good.

Nevertheless, the plusses far outweigh the minuses. I would love to see an outtakes and behind the scenes disc for this, if such existed, or even just a version that had not been submitted to the BBFC.

I was left wondering first, if the girls really were sleeping with one another off camera, and second, how the British Board of Film Censors (sorry Certification) decides what is acceptable and what is not for an 18 cert. Sometimes the girls were clearly minding the legally required gap, but other times, hmmm...

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