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Sandy: Babe Abroad, Season 1 ____________________________________
Sandy: Babe Abroad, Season 1
I.D. v0115 & dvd_1623, Unrated
2000, 151 min.
Playboy TV UK
Directed by Viv Thomas

* $24.99 *

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Sandy, Daniella, Sophie, Vera, Suzy, Mary, Jenny, Emma, Samantha & Jenny.

A Lezlove World Exclusive!! These are the softcore broadcast episodes.

[0:00] Episode 1 - HOLIDAY FANTASY
Sandy spots tasty brunette Daniela sunning herself by the pool so she introduces herself and before long the two gorgeous girls are having a short but very, very sweet holiday romance.

[14:57] Episode 2 - TWO FOR TENNIS
Sandy’s playing tennis with Sophie when the irresistible urge to have passionate sex strikes half way through a game so it’s down with the rackets and out with the tits in a love-all game.

[29:54] Episode 3 - JACUZZI FIZZ
Sandy shares a Jacuzzi with her gorgeous brunette girlfriend Vera and the bubbles have a magical effect on the girls. It makes their clothes disappear and their libidos explode.

[43:48] Episode 4 - PICNIC PRANKS
Sandy, Sophie and Vera are on a picnic together but it turns out they’re only hungry for each other so they make the picnic blanket the happiest picnic blanket there ever was.

[59:39] Episode 5 - BLUE MOVIE
It’s a rare rainy day in Sandy’s sunny world so she and Sophie put on a blue movie and soon they’re in the mood to forget the wet weather and enjoy how wet they make each other.

[1:14:34] Episode 6 - BEACH PARTY
Sandy meets busty brunette Suzy on a beach, they get acquainted, have a little fun before heading off to somewhere private to have a whole lot more.

[1:29:32] Episode 7 - SHALL WE DANCE?
Sandy and her friends visit a lap dancing club and Sandy takes a fancy to the girl on the pole. It doesn’t take her long to get in on the action and do a little dancing herself!

[1:45:26] Episode 8 - WONDERFUL INTENTIONS
Sandy and elegant brunette Jenny are in a bar to relax and have a few drinks. But they soon find that, with a lot of nibbling and sucking, there are much better ways to relax.

[2:00:51] Episode 9 - SLEEP OVER!
Emma and Samantha are having a sleep over at Sandy’s. Not that these incredibly gorgeous and horny girls are going to get much sleep.

[2:15:30] Episode 10 - LARGE SAUSAGE
Sandy and her friends Jenny and Sophie are having a barbecue together but it doesn’t take much to take these girls’ minds off food and onto making hot and steamy love on the table instead.

[2:30:24] ----------

For further information and screencaps on the scenes in this title, please visit the ELMS Viv Thomas section.

Please note: this title ships in a plain sleeve. Only this unrated edit is available, no explicit edits were cut in the original footage.

UPDATE! UK customers please note: as of December 22nd, 2003, we are able to ship this title into the UK.

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING -- PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, digitally remastered and encoded to broadcast standards. NTSC.

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This title is the Bomb. I was not familiar with it from the Playboy UK series, so I didn't know what I had been missing out on. When I ordered it with its relatively high price, I was a little apprehensive that it would be an R-softcore feature, but loving Sandy, I took the plunge.

Any fears were unwarranted. There's plenty of good oral action unhidden by hands and thighs. Lots of great kissing, perhaps not as lengthy as some would like, but enough for most viewers. Almost no toys (probably because penetration appears to have been verboten -- and we are the beneficiaries of that prohibition!) Most importantly, Sandy is as gorgeous as ever and her co-stars are enthusiastic and naturally beautiful as well. It is well, well worth the money.

For all of Sandy's fans... get ready for a major overload of your favourite babe. Featuring Viv Thomas' stylish presentation, as well as a parade of the most beautiful women ever seen, this video is an absolute must have. For everyone that bought Pink Velvet and Sandy's Sex Holiday, this video will be an excellent addition to your collection.

Personally, I'm giving this one 5-Stars for being one hot release. And for featuring Sandy. I can't wait for the next addition in the Babe Aboard series.

Just got it today and it's looking good so far. The kissing in the Jacuzzi scene with Vera is amazing. I could do without the annoying music, but at least they turn it down once in a while so we can hear the ladies' moans & sighs.

One could say that this video has it all: Hot beautiful women, great locations, amazing production values, and the hottest lesbian sex around. Okay, so this video was made for the UK market, meaning it's nowhere near hardcore. Well, don't turn away by the prospect of sex scenes that are as tepid as the ones we see on Showtime or Cinemax. In fact, for softcore, these scenes are awesome. What could be better than the sight of naturally beautiful women having lesbian sex?

Each one of these scenes is an inspiration of Sapphic beauty. I can't remember that last time I've been so impressed by lesbian sex scenes. Watching this DVD, it's amazing that Playboy had anything to do with this! Hell, maybe we should let the Limeys run the porn industry in America, because they have a better idea of what works than the industry boneheads State-side. Euro-porn will take over!!

For softcore, this one smokes. Ten scenes, ten beautiful women, great photography, 151 minutes, all for $38.99. What more do you want?

It is softcore but it doesn't take away from anything. The girls are going down on each other and in the second scene you can actually see Sandy getting fingered. Lets not forget about the kissing. Awesome!! Some scenes are better than others but in several scenes the kissing is so good that they smear their lipstick all over their mouths. And if you don't like toys, only one scene has them, scene nine.

I liked 'Sam Gets Her Girl' but now seeing this, Sam was very tame. Viv has improved his technique and made it harder. If this was soft, season 2 should burn red hot.

This video is very similar to Sandy’s Holiday Sex Fantasies #1, and #2. Just like them, the setup is our beloved Sandy seduces friends, strangers, and basically every beautiful woman in sight.

The formula: Each scene starts out with them clothed, they start kissing, slowly undress, more kissing always including a close-up on their mouths, a little breast play, more undressing, Sandy performs cunningulus on her willing victim, they move to 69, Sandy’s partner returns the oral favor on her breasts and pussy, maybe a simulated trib, and then wham! we’re off to the next scene.

Standout scene(s): The third one, titled “Jacuzzi Fizz”, features a very hot partner for Sandy, as they make out in the Jacuzzi. I love the way Viv’s cinematographer shoots kissing scenes. They always start out with a medium shot; we can see both of the girl’s lovely bodies, colorful costumes, perfect hair, etc. Then, they move in for a close-up on just their faces, and finally only their mouths joining in a beautiful lip-lock, with tongues twirling together and lips glistening with moisture. In a way, I’m glad Viv doesn’t add sound to his stuff – if he did, I doubt I would ever want to watch anything else! Seriously, the girls are so good looking, and kiss so passionately, that I could be satisfied with almost nothing more. Anyway, they make out in the Jacuzzi for a very long time in swimsuits (one of my favorite costume choices) and then follow a variation on the formula above. What stood out was the chemistry between them. Sometimes, Sandy’s partners don’t exactly match her enthusiasm, but here she’s into it just as much as Sandy is and that makes for a really great scene.

Recommended? Yes, if you like Viv, or lesbian eye-candy, you won’t be disappointed. Grade: B+

At first I was just as delighted as all the other reviewers so far. Sandy is indeed cute as hell and truly seems to enjoy her job. Eventually, though, the scenes began to seem so formulaic (I guess cause they're from a TV show?) and routine.

Then, after watching "Three Girlfriends" and "Girls in Love", Sandy Babe just didn't do it for me anymore. The contrast between witnessing actual sexual arousal versus pretending, regardless of the beauty of the women, was just too striking. For fake sex, though, this is really very good stuff. It is too bad about the herky-jerky music, though, and listening to the dumb porn speak come out of Sandy's lovely mouth adds a sordid edge that is disconcerting given how nice most of the presentation is.

This was my first jaunt into the world of Viv Thomas. Needless to say, I was excited due to the overwhelming number of positive reviews he garners here. First, the good points. The women are incredible. Sandy is breathtakingly beautiful as are the rest of the women, especially each of the brunettes. Yum. The scenes are beautiful, too, full of color and crisp. Also, these women seem to love the ass. I noticed that they tended to begin their downtown oral forays at the bum, and we're talking right at the hole. The camera never gets close enough to show it or even pan around to it, but you know it's happening.

Now for the bad points. Like most other lezlovers here, what I most covet is the beauty of the sapphic kiss and the raw, non-formulaic lovemaking not found in 'normal' pornography. For all its beauty, decent kissing coverage, and anal proclivities, this title still does not stray far enough away from the norm to merit a thumbs up. The scenes seem scripted and follow the same pattern from one to the next. The music is a sure sign of obsoletism. Though Sandy is hot, the camera looks she gives just adds to the "I'm doing this for a paycheck" vibe (though I'm certain she truly digs girls). The passion is nonexistent. For the most part, the kissing seems to be either begun by an "action!" or desired by one girl more than the other. Though there are exceptions. The kissing close-ups do a decent job of making up for it. But please, for the love of Jehovah, stop the lips-apart tongue twirling nonsense! When faces come closer for a passionate kiss, I'd rather gasp with pleasure than sigh with "man, there goes that twirling crap again."

If the passion ain't there, then unless my brain is working overtime to fantasize it into existence, I ain't there. Viv obviously has a big following, though. I can't speak for his other films, but after this one, I'm not so sure I want to, especially since I've been bitten by the Thursday Night Video bug. For me, 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Yes, this movie can be by-the-numbers at times, but overall I believe it's a winner. The passion Sandy gives to the other women and the perfect beauty of Sandy should more than make up for any faults there might be in this. In addition, Sandy really loves women and it shows. My favorite scenes:

1) Holiday Fantasy- Sandy/Daniella: This was a good scene. The kissing, oral, and fondling were great.

2) Two for Tennis- Sandy/Sophie: My heart ceases to beat whenever I see the two of these goddesses getting it on! Words will never describe how much I love watching them have sex.

3) Jacuzzi Fix- Sandy/Vera: The kissing was excellent in this scene. Sandy and Vera are beautiful together.

4) Picnic Pranks- Sandy/Sophie/Vera: The same applies for what I said about the previous two episodes. I normally don't like threesomes, but these three were excellent together.

5) Beach Party- Sandy/Suzi: The kissing, oral, and fondling were great here. It's always a pleasure to see Sandy get eaten to oblivion.

6) Shall We Dance?- Sandy/Mary: I liked the concept here more than the actual scene. I would love to be in a strip club watching a sexy girl dancing and then watch another beautiful girl like Sandy make a move on her and have sex with her in front of everyone.

7) Wonderful Intentions- Sandy/Jenny: I loved watching Sandy kiss and lick Jenny.

You may have noticed I listed 7 out of the 10 scenes. It's not like I didn't enjoy the other scenes, but those 7 scenes really stand out. Sandy is a lesbian vixen and no one should miss out on watching her devour other girls. Highly recommended, buy it now!

I like the scenes, as they are beautifully shot and extremely well-lit. The beauty of the women is unsurpassed.

My favorite scene (and it could have been done a lot better, theme-wise, nonetheless) is Blue Movie. The movie in the background IS hot - does anyone know what movie they are watching in the beginning? I'm dying to get it.

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