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Cyber Heat ____________________________________
Cyber Heat
I.D. w0074, Adult
1998, 52 min.
California Wildcats


Johnni Black & Tori Sinclair.

A Lezlove.com Exclusive! Johnni Black threw down the gauntlet: "I can outkiss, outsuck, and outfuck you -- and I can make you like it!" Tori Sinclair just had to see who was that bold. When the blonde came through the door and joined her in front of the fire this night started smokin'!

From their first torrid kiss, this is a sexfight without equal. Each woman tortures her opponent to the edge of ecstacy and brings her back to toy with her again. Each knows what it takes to be a winner and what it will cost to lose.

And neither woman is willing to lose!

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Hello? trib fans?

Now that I have your attention, you're going to want to check out this video. It's an oldie, featuring Jonni Black in a wild trib-fest that is sure to satisfy. It begins as a chatroom challenge to a sexfight and turns into a really hot loin-locked grinder. From start to finish, this video is an excellent effort - even the acting is tolerable. The girls begin with some kissing (good kissing at that) before they rub their nipples together. After that, they begin to bump their public bones together, but that's just the beginning for the fun to follow.

The last 20 mins of the video begins with the girls scissoring their legs together and rubbing together furiously. The tension grows as they try to overpower each other in intimate combat. I'm not going to give away who wins, because, to be honest, I have no idea. I kept hitting the rewind button all the way through this excellent video.

Sexfighting which is also known as pussyfighting is not really fighting per say but a unique feminine competition to see which woman can dominate the other sexually. For my money no one produces sexfights with quite the level of eroticism as California Wildcats. Prior to the release of "Cyber Heat" CW produced mainly sexy catfighting. However since the release of this video a few years ago they have produced mainly sexfights and trib fans such as myself have been rejoicing ever since.

I have been a "connoisseur" of lesbianism for the better part of twenty years and I have yet to see better tribbing and pussy to pussy grinding than that which takes place in these CalWildcats videos and "Cyber Heat” is no exception.

The woman are all gorgeous and yes, buyer beware, they are all "centerfold types" many have appeared in Penthouse and Playboy and they are all very much into lesbian sex. That is very apparent by the energy level and enthusiasm exhibited as they grind and undulate their pussies, hips and thighs against one another. A must see for trib fans. Thank you California Wildcats!

Another weird but compelling effort from California Wildcats, in which two women square off and challenge each other to, umm...well, make the other cum first, I guess. While I've never seen two real life women do this unscripted, it's sure interesting to watch.

Johnni and Tori do the very predictable CW thing: corny buildup, boasts, stripping down, and then some long drawn out breast mashing and tit whipping. Then, it's pelvis pounding time (I'm telling you, watch two of these, and YOU could write the script), then, to the floor, and some eye popping trib.

Don't get me wrong--these women have dynamite bodies, and watching them mash, grind, and rub them against each other isn't that hard to do. What takes away is that it follows their same theme, and there isn't any hint of spontaneity. In other words, to call it a "sex FIGHT" is a misnomer. There is no fighting involved, only feeble, pretend struggle and some catty looks.

The rest is just, pure, raw, pussy pounding stimulation. Unlike some of their other tapes, this one has NO hand or finger manipulation, and I found that odd. They trib like hell though, and they moan, shriek, whimper, and squeal most appealingly and convincingly. Who makes who cum first? Well, I'll let you find out. But realistically, come on - they must have stopped this thing ten times because of these girls cumming. How long can you take all that naked clit rubbing?

This isn't near as good as the other two CW's I have seen. In the others, there are at least different positions, and more variety of the struggle. As hot looking as Tori Sinclair is down there getting humped by a hot looking blonde, I have to leave it with a tepid 7.0

Sapphic Jedi
I found this tape to be pretty mild. It follows the typical sexfight formula pretty closely and doesn't have any of the intangibles a sexfight scene needs to make it shine.

We've got one of the usual setups, Johnni Black is the resident 'champion' of sexfighting and receives the obligatory challenge from Tori Sinclair through the internet and later a phone call. Acting is about what you would expect and not very long. Tori heads over to Johnni's apartment, they talk some trash, drink some champagne and get to business.

Like most sexfight tapes, this one can be divided into three parts. The first part being when they circle around for awhile talking trash and pulling hair. Part two is when they fall to the floor and engage in a scissors style trib. And lastly, a segment where they abandon the scissors and alternately mount each other using trib to try and 'finish' off their opponent.

Definitely no chemistry here, which is a shame as both girls are veterans of this type of thing and capable of so much more. There's not any kind of struggle for control or anything that you need to have. When they switch positions its just like in mainstream porn in that the girl that is supposed to put up a fight just lets it happen. A real disappointment.

On the technical side however, everything is good. Picture quality, camerawork, sound and setting are all fine. Don't let this tape fool you. Both of these girls have done much better for California Wildcats, try some of their others before giving up on this type of video.

It seems as though California Wildcats will almost always puts out a technically sound film, meaning good lighting, good camera angles and a quality picture. The sexfight genre is rather new to me, so I am still getting accustomed to this type of "sex".

Since I like trib, and HATE dildos or plastic worship, I must admit to being intrigued by what California Wildcats calls their "sexfight". I've never seen a dildo of any kind in any of their films, the women usually end up completely nude, and they always seem to "try" to do a decent amount of trib. For those reasons, I'll always give CW films a look.

This film I found a little lacking. I am a fan of Torri Sinclair, ever since her days as a foot model for FM Concepts. (Yes, I like feet too). She has gained weight though, and she seems to have done lip injections since her earlier modeling days. She looks puffy to me and that's not sexy. She's teamed with a girl, who much like Torri, appears heavy (puffy) to me, not fat, but not slender like what my mind's eye tells me a really beautiful woman should be. Very few women with fake breasts and lip injections will ever take me to the highest levels of interest or desire.

These two go at it in what I am learning is standard procedure for setting up the "fight" in the sexfight encounter. They don't do a very believable job of getting us to think that they are fighting, but it is nice to see two fairly attractive women rubbing their nude bodies together.

After they engage, and finally fall to the bed, they do get into the standard "trib" positions, but somehow they don't quite work for me. When I see trib, I want to see, or at least know, that the two women are making intense sexual contact. These two never did quite pull that off. Either their legs were too thick for them to get their pussies all the way into one another or they just didn't care, but I only saw actual pussy to pussy contact on one or two very brief occasions. The positions were sexy, but they failed to convince me that they were either sexually turned on by one another or physically connected in a sexual way.

I purchase CW tapes mainly because of the trib action, and I always hope to get lucky and see some hot kissing and sensual breast contact as well. This one didn't do it for me. They never convinced me that they were either fighting or having any kind of "real" sex. If they had actually had a "fight" and then wanted to kiss and make up, that would have been good, but they did neither to my satisfaction.

If you like trib positions, and can easily convince yourself that the two participants are really sexually connected, then this might be worth a rent, but if you expect, as I do, to see some heat generated by the girls, especially when their pussies come together, you'll probably be disappointed in this one. For those reasons I can't give it more than two stars.

The last 20 minutes of the video begin with the girls scissoring their legs together and rubbing together furiously. The tension grows as they try to overpower each other in intimate combat. I'm not going to give away who wins, because, to be honest, I have no idea. I kept hitting the rewind button all the way through this excellent video.

Stevie Love
Watching these girls grind into a dozen orgasms drove me and my girlfriend wild. We watched this video and our pussies squirted and squirted ridiculously.

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